Issues Remain after TrendMicro’s Emergency Update?

Did TrendMicro Fix All Security Holes With Most Recent Update?

The week of January 4, 2016, Google researcher, Travis Ormandy found serious security holes within TrendMicro’s security software. He reported vulnerabilities that included the ability to obtain passwords from the program’s Password Manager, as well as the ability for hackers to execute malicious code.

On January 11, 2016 TrendMicro reported conducting a mandatory emergency update to fix both of the issues Ormandy found while directing his research the week prior. However, concerns remain that the security holes are not completely resolved. According to ArsTechnica, Ormandy “remained concerned that the password manager continues to expose more than 70 potentially dangerous programming interfaces to the open Internet”.

So what is next for TrendMicro in light of the continued concerns? The company is confident in reporting all of the vulnerabilities have been fixed. Ultimately for their consumers’ sake, we hope they’re right.



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4 thoughts on “Issues Remain after TrendMicro’s Emergency Update?”

  1. Had Trend Micro installed but found it a little too much for the memory and went back to Microsoft Security Essentials. During the Security Essentials scan it picked up a virus which Trend hadn't detected. Bye Bye Trend.

  2. that’s why i’m glad i never typed my passwords into the password manager when it first came out years back. i was afraid of this very thing happening-and it did.

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