Download Older Versions of Software

When used carefully, an older version of software may be the solution for your issue. Check out these software archives.–PC Pitstop.

Download Older Versions of Software

By Damien for MakeTechEasier

Have you ever wondered how an older version of a program compares to the latest release? Perhaps you have wondered in frustration if downgrading your web browser would work to avoid glitches or bugs?

Luckily, the Internet has a few archives of older software if you really want to give it a go. While some programs may prove compatible, update those that connect to the Internet to quash any bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Old Apps

Old Apps breaks options down into categories, such as web browsers and media players. Everything is easily found as a result, and the site is one of the most popular. As a result, it’s comprehensive and can lead to discoveries of programs you have not seen before.

Old Version

Old Version maintains a similar collection of older software releases to Old Apps but with a larger number of filters for finding the most popular versions and most popular software to “roll back.”

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