Rob Cheng – Inventor Spotlight

Rob Cheng – Inventor Spotlight

PC Pitstop CEO Rob Cheng was recently featured on uShopTV’s Inventor Spotlight.

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5 thoughts on “Rob Cheng – Inventor Spotlight”

  1. me and my husband was trying to download PCmatic we got to a part when we needed help so we called 800-265-7259 customer support had a very strong accent so I asked if he had someone that did not have such a strong accent, then he hung up on me I really had a question for him and then he hung up twice on my husband so I don’t know if I even want to keep it, everyone was very nice on commercial…. I thought it was an American company not saying the person on the other line was not but he did not sound like, I could have worked with him but he hung up!

    1. Kayla Elliott

      Hi Robin, PC Matic does not offer phone based support. The person you spoke with is in no way, affiliated with PC Matic. For technical support, please fill out a helpdesk ticket at — our support team will be able to assist you further from there. Thank you!

  2. I really like the new pcmatic ad with the group playing a catchy tune…….

    Its pleasant seeing smiling folks tappin out a great message……

    Rob, K E E P IT UP…

  3. Dr. Eugene Elander

    Your TV ads are incredibly annoying, as well as being misleading and inaccurate. Do you really think that a bunch of your staffers and other directly-involved people pushing your products/services has any credibility? Rob Cheng’s old commercial was bad enough, but now the new one is even worse. Your firm needs professional help with its PR.

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