The 100 Most Popular Freeware Downloads

The 100 Most Popular Freeware Downloads

Free Software Popularity (Based on PC Prevalence Percent)

The popularity percentage displayed in the freeware popularity ranking below represents the percentage of all PCs (which ran the PC Pitstop diagnostics scans last month) that had the particular freeware title installed. The Rank value is just a numerical representation of where the particular software falls in the overall list.


Do you use any of these applications? Any applications you are surprised didn’t make the list? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “The 100 Most Popular Freeware Downloads”

  1. I see you have links to download the software, SO I am guessing these download sites or downloads are free from adware, malware, virus etc.? Am I correct?

  2. To quote The Lego Movie, Everything is awesome.
    By that I mean the search tool at #82. Fast and flexible, use it every day. Blows Windows Search out of the water.
    80% of the list, as others have said, are at best a waste of disk space.

  3. Some of these are good tools. Some are things to positively avoid. Keeping this brief, because Karl already covered it fairly well, although a bit exaggeratedly.

  4. Karl hit the nail right on the head there. As stated this is just a list of software found by people who had scanned their pc with your software. People who were no doubt attempting to clean up some of this crapware and restore some pep back to there machines.
    It should also be noted that most of the machines I see have these set to run at startup creating more drag.
    I would also like to say it seems the entire reason for your website is to sell pcmatic which as far as I can tell doesn’t do anything more or better than just having ccleaner and malwarebytes.
    You certainly don’t need another tool for defragging as windows does that in the background automatically and newer SS hd’s never need defragged.

  5. Hello,

    This is not a list of most popular software, so much as it is a list of insidious software installations. At least 40% (and that is being very generous!) of the popular programs listed here are either:

    Additional components or extras from other installations in this list (Skype/Skype Toolbars, Google Chrome/Google Desktop)

    Bloatware/crapware (Bing Bar, Yahoo Toolbar)

    Applications/plugins needed to display run valid applications (Itunes/Quicktime) or display web pages correctly (Web Browser/Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave)

    Programs that simply invite themselves into your computer with software that a user deliberately installs (Google Chrome, Yahoo Widgets, Ask Toolbar),

    or Forced downloads through Windows Updates (Microsoft Silverlight)

    When asked, most of my customers can’t tell me why they have 4 web browsers or 5 toolbars installed, when (or why) another web browser insinuated itself as the system default browser.

    Unfortunately in order to get their share of notoriety many software vendors have resorted to getting into bed with other vendors unfortunately the only one being screwed is the unwitting PC user.

    I spend a great deal of time cleaning PC’s for my customers and trying to educate them into running custom installations. Run Custom instal on all software/application installs. If you change nothing you still get the default installation BUT you get to see what crapware you are about to get shafted with!

    The only real solution is education, but this is an uphill battle against vendors who’s reach seems limitless.

    Karl Edwards
    Dragonstar Total Computing

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