8 Signs Your Browser Has Been Hijacked

8 Signs Your Browser Has Been Hijacked

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

Have you noticed anything odd about the way your IE, Chrome or Firefox browser is functioning? Check out these 8 signs your browser may have been hijacked.–PC Pitstop

Browser Hijacks appear to be increasing at an alarming rate globally, and it can be a real nuisance, and at times dangerous too. In this post we will have a look at Browser Hijacking and how to prevent and remove Browser Hijacking in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers for Windows, natively or by using free Browser Hijacker Removal tools and software.

What is Browser Hijacking

Browser hijacking occurs when you find that your web browsers settings have been changed without your permission. This could happen when you are installing new software, and during installation, your settings get changed; or it could occur if some malicious software takes control of your computer including the browser and changes its settings, without your knowledge.

Speaking specifically, when your browser is hijacked, the following could happen:

1. Home page is changed
2. Default search engine is changed
3. You can’t navigate to certain web pages like home pages of security software
4. You get re-directed to pages you never intended to visit
5. You see ads or ad pops up on your screen. not served by the website
6. You see new toolbars added
7. You see new Bookmarks or Favorites added.
8. Your web browser starts running sluggishly.

If you are facing any of these issues, your web browser may well have been hijacked!

Browser Hijack Prevention–Article Continued Here

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14 thoughts on “8 Signs Your Browser Has Been Hijacked”

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  2. When I get to the point of frustration I just reinstall my Windows system disk and start over again. I also go in and get rid of the older installation.

  3. I downloaded an app that I thought I could trust. During the download, the checkbox appeared for my acceptance of a change of browser. It was already checked yes, so I “unchecked” it, reread everything and checked submit. Just as I did – It quickly rechecked and box and downloaded and screwed up my browsers. I can’t get them all off and reset my computer. Everything mentioned in the article is happening to me now. So, I have to learn howto remove them (they are not so easily removed) or buy another product or call on my local expert. This annoys me. And I am a hardheaded old woman. Guess who’s products I will not buy and will diss at every chance. Thanks for letting me let off the steam…..

  4. It happened to me. My browser home page changed to a “Google” like search page mysteriously. Atempts were futile to change back to my desired home page until I did a Deep Scan offered by Norton Anti-virus. It found the Adware and removed it.

  5. That’s what you get using an os that pays hackers and highjackers to mess with your os.
    If you read the fine print in the E.L.U. you will find that microsoft assumes no responsibility for what you as the end user created.
    If you are highjacked and you stay with widows , your asking for all the problems.
    Try using another os like apple or linux , there more stable and are NOT prone to the stuff that windows gets . The other nice thing about using another os , is no one is watching you . Try shutting all the back doors in the windows os and see how long your os stays running , that might make you tthink about going to another os .

    1. @roaming gnome:

      The problem is “more stable” isn’t properly stable. Macs and Linux get viruses, windows is just the more popular operating system but as more have moved so have the virus developers.

      It’s usually rather easy to stay safe even on a Windows PC you just have to think about what you are doing

    2. @roaming gnome:

      The contraction for “you are” is spelled “you’re”, not “your.” Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Windows are proper nouns, spelled with initial capitals. Is E.L.U. an alternative abbreviation for End User License Agreement?

    3. @roaming gnome:
      Grow up kid and don’t make yourself believe that ANYBODY gives any credence to your flaming of Microsoft’s Windows opsys’. If you read the fine print of anybody’s Eula, you’ll find that they ALL disavow anything and everything that may or may not happen that may or may not cause damage to your system; they also don’t state that they also state that their software may or may not work at all. The good thing about the Eulas is that developers don’t follow their own edicts. You get refunds, repairs, new products and more, because everybody knows that without good customer service a business will shrivel up and die.

      I never have seen what could give someone any enjoyment just to flame someone or some company, just for the heck of it. It only shows everyone that your ignorant. cu

    4. @roaming gnome: I suppose some other browser assumes responsibility for hacking?? IE is the finest browser on the market, bar none! It can be hardened with EMET from MSFT. Stay away from the free b’s and porn sites!
      IE hasa tools that warn you of unsafe sites!!!! YA’ll here?

    5. @roaming gnome: roaring gnome- think you are a tad off. businesses stay with Windows as do individuals because changing os is very expensive and often thee are not easy or suitable os for software the business or person uses. Also the user ought not to be blamed for amlisious software just like a woman should not be blamed for being attacked and raped. so you’re comment is very far off base.

      Moeover there is no clear or clean line between legit and illegit. Some companies like google make their own hacks so even when you establesh you pages with another search engine google forces you to use thier services. Google is very adapt at it. There’s really nothing more inufriating than Google or microsoft forcing starnage language on you simply becaue their websites and tools read that you are form nonEnglish-speaking world and they do this constantly. In fact most big companies including sony do this. Legitimate companies like adobe are constantly trying to janm 3dparty software down the user’s browser without permission.

      So you can be as self-righteous as you wish and blame the user, but it’s seriously off-base. I use 5 browsers and were I not so savvy, certainly I’d have more problems. Even legitimate AV companies will try to exploit users. Comodo is very dirty, but a legitimate company.

      So basically stuff it. people use their computers and os with legitimate reason and you’re just sadly off base.

      Nobody can trash their computer or their systems so easily.Walk into any business office and tell them what you wrote above– 1. you haven’t the guts 2. you;d be put out the door quickly 3.it’s terribly expensive to change systems. It’s about like yelling at a Canon user that he has to move over to Nikon. Fine what about the massive losses?

      It’s expensive. You’re just roaring for sake of hearing own voice.

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