Evil Versions of Popular Open Source Software

Evil Versions of Popular Open Source Software on the Loose

Security researchers have identified a malware packed version of the popular FTP app FileZilla that is causing problems and prompting reminders to only download open source software from trusted sources.

Cybercrooks have put together a malicious version of popular FTP app FileZilla which works just like the real thing but surreptitiously passes login information to a hacker-controlled server.

The evil twin version has the same look and feel as the genuine programme and is clearly designed to mask its suspicious activities, such as phoning home with compromised data and changes system files.

Trojan-laden FileZilla clone slurps data, sends it to the UNKNOWN By John Leyden, 29th January 2014

…recent news about a Trojan in a popular File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program is a potential cause for concern.

What’s important to note here, though, is the fact that it is not the official version of FileZilla that is at risk. Bogus versions of FileZilla are at risk.

Do a simple search on Google for FileZilla, and you’ll find several sites with downloads for the program. Open-source software, by definition, is freely redistributable, so having FileZilla available from multiple locations is not a surprise or anything new.

…The larger question here is whether the same type of issue could potentially exist with other open-source software. It can, and that is why it’s important that users only download software from the “right” place.

FileZilla, Other Open-Source Software From ‘Right’ Sources Is Safe By Sean Michael Kerner

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11 thoughts on “Evil Versions of Popular Open Source Software”

  1. I opened an email from HMRC_doc_FD43A243B3 and it shut down my anti virus(norton) and windows defender.Is this a known computer attack.

  2. I am afraid I have something bad in my computer.
    I run PC Matic and my computer chugs on it for 12 or more hours and then crashes before finishing. I have not had it finish in two months.
    I even downloaded the free version trying to get a complete run and it is crashing after a long long run too.
    I also have been unable to run any video for more than 5 minutes with out a dead crash shut off of the system.

    1. @Holland Simms:
      Seems like you may need a reinstall of your OS. Back up all your data and get your tekkie or yourself to reload your windows. Sounds like you have a mess in your pc and the quickest way would be to reformat and reinstall to doublecheck whether it’s a hardware or software issue… I’m confident it’s probably software.

  3. I was attempting to download the Auglostics upgrade and could not figure out what was going on. Then I saw posts stating there was some type of CRAP in it…..So now no more Auglostics for me

  4. So, how do I know if I can trust a download site to get software that is not full of viruses? And will my Norton antivirus' filesafe feature tell me if my download is infected?

  5. Afraid you're right, David, and it's getting to the point where any "free" software must be treated with extreme caution. Malware Bytes failed to get rid of unwanted shit, ( Adaware online did ) so take care folks. Maybe it's better to pay a reasonable price.

  6. I know that Adobe Flash Player has loads of options, as does DAP… Download Acceleration Plus. DAP really put the hooks in…

  7. I've noticed lately a lot of free software downloads contain tons of adware embedded in them. You see a lot of popup windows as it downloads and you allegedly get opportunities to decline add ons embedded with the software you want but I suspect strongly it doesn't matter if you accept them or not. I recently did a major clean up in my computer of a half dozen programs I didn't recognize that would flood my screen with adware popups. Keep track of the dates you download new software and go through by date and check to see if you got a load of unwanted stuff with the one you thought you were only getting. Uninstall them immediately.

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