Important Message for PC Matic Users – Enable Super Shield

Most people that purchase PC Matic did so to make their computers faster and more reliable. Behind the scenes, we have been working to make PC Matic and its real time protection the absolute best in the industry. We believe we have accomplished that goal. PC Matic with Super Shield blocks many threats that no other security blocks including the latest ransomware called KryptoLocker. Super Shield also blocks a lot of adware.

Roughly 1/2 of PC Matic users never enable Super Shield. Please do so now.

1. Log in to PC Matic >
2. Click on the Gear icon (not protected) >
3. Click the Red Install Button >
4. Wait for Super Shield to install
5. Confirm Installation by noting Gear icon is now (protected) and Super Shield icon now appears in your system tray.

Video: Step by step instructions for how to install and enable Super Shield.

If you are using another security product, then we recommend you disable that product and enable Super Shield. Super Shield is able to block far more threats without sacrificing performance or blocking legitimate programs.

If you have activated Super Shield, please make sure that the Super Shield logo is present on the task bar, and it is green. This means you are ready to go.


This is the first thing that I do every morning, it just gives me a certain amount of confidence that I am protected against all the latest threats including KryptoLocker.

If you have additional questions or concerns – please contact our customer support team through this link.

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26 thoughts on “Important Message for PC Matic Users – Enable Super Shield”

  1. 1. Does Super Shield continue protection off-line?

    2. Win8.1 maintenance/security center message — check antivirus/spware apps — when I check it says windows defender AND Super Shield are turned off. status does not change when I click to turn Super Shield on. Have green shield in taskbar with Super Shield checkmarked. Also says Computer is protected in Super Shield portion of PC Matic dashboard. IS MY COMPUTER PROTECTED ? Not yelling, just emphasizing question. Thank you.

    Is there a fix? Am using up-to-date SS.

    1. Hi Ginger, Super Shield does protect the computer while it is not connected to the internet. For your second question, with Super Shield green in the taskbar you are protected. Sometimes that may not be communicated by Windows correctly in the security center. If you contact our support team at they may have some fixes for security center to display correctly.

    1. PC Matic does not work on iOS devices. The software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 and Android devices.

  2. I’ve looked for an answer to my question and can’t find one.

    Once I start Super Shield, does it continue running when I exit out of PC Matic (run in the back ground) or do I need to leave PC Matic open and running to get the protection?

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      It runs in the background. If you look at your task bar, by your clock in the lower, right corner–you will see the Super Shield icon.

    2. Kayla Thrailkill

      It runs in the background. To confirm it is working, you will see the Super Shield icon in your task bar by your clock.

  3. PCMatic blocks the very ads that I run on my website from How would you like it if PCMatic blocked PCpitstop ads? ads are legitimate and non-invasive.

  4. I am trying to take super shield off my computer, but it will NOT go away. PCMatic super shield does not show up in all programs, but does in programs and features. It makes my computer give error messages of “not responding” I want it gone, please help.

  5. When will the windows ten Super Shield be ready. I can not play none of my games since I upgraded from Win 8 to Win 10. I have disabled Super Shield but it still will not let me into the games.

  6. Had PCMatic running on my Windows 7 laptop and liked it. Loaded the free upgrade to Windows 10 and have lost all the MS games my wife loves to play. I loaded the Solitaire package for Windows 10 and installed it but Super Shield will not let me run any of the games even though I’ve turned SuperShield off!! What gives?

  7. I recently upgraded to 8.1 from 7 and am not happy with it at all. Not only do I have to buy a new scanner to use with it, but new software. But now I’m stuck. Do not uninstall nortons for pc matic. My husband’s computer is XP and I thought about using pc matic for xp support, but until I know it is actually supporting it, I won’t get it. I use 4 different virus/spyware – Norton’s, Webroot (both are way better than pc matic), malwarebytes and spybot. Norton’s and Webroot will try and get you to uninstall each other but ignore. They work well together and catch different things. malware and spybot are free and also catch different things, although I have my doubts about spybot being all that good. To me, like PC Matic, it will make you think you have a lot of bad stuff so that you will buy it, when in reality, you don’t. That is what these companies do. Go with companies that have been around forever, like Nortons (not mcafee) and webroot. They work with all of the windows updates.

  8. I can’t access a program I downloaded. I get a message that supershield is blocking it. It is a legitimate program. How do I get access?

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