Computer Security Tips Everyone Should Know

By Windows Talk

Computer Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Everyone should know the following security essentials before going online. Unfortunately, few people do and online theft and fraud are rampant. But you can help put a stop to it by learning the following techniques:

#1: Don’t Download

Don’t download files or programs from an untrustworthy site no matter how great the offer. Hackers often create fake versions of real programs to get you to download and install viruses on your computer. Also there is no doubt that not all free software comes from a reputable company.

Once the virus is installed on your computer, it can access all of your files as well as use your computer to scam other users or to share illicit material such as child pornography.

It is important to protect your computer from viruses, but sometimes people simply let them in themselves.

#2: Don’t Enter Your Info

Never give any site your personal information unless you’re sure it’s the site it’s claiming to be. For example, if somebody sends you a link to a Facebook page which asks you to log in, make sure it’s actually Facebook you’re using.

The best way to ensure a site’s authenticity is to type in its Web address directly. For example, instead of clicking the link to Facebook, open up your Web browser and type in directly.

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