How Windows 8 Is Changing Our Habits

By Windows Talk

How Windows 8 Is Changing Our Habits

With the recent introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft has taken many of the popular features found in tablets and smartphones and put them onto our laptops and desktops. Even the terminology has been updated to reflect similarities — for example Windows 8 runs “apps,” not “programs.” And, just like downloading apps onto your tablet or smartphone is a breeze, the same is true for Windows 8.

So, with this in mind — how has Windows 8 changed our lives? Essentially, just as tablets and smartphones have changed some of our habits, Windows 8 is now allowing computer users to do the same. From shopping for used cars and sharing photos of our kids to conducting online research and even cooking, Windows 8 is changing the way we use computers.

Rent Cars For Less

For example, let’s say you’re planning a vacation to Texas and you need a car. Rather than renting from an agency at the airport, you want to find a car dealership that offers the same service. You’ve heard through the grapevine that dealerships offer better deals on car rentals than the bigger agencies, so you want to do some research to see if this is true. Using your Windows 8 computer, you do a search for “Toyota of Dallas rent a car,” and find out almost immediately that the dealership does, in fact, rent cars for less than a traditional rental car agency.

Many of these can be customized to match the interests of the Windows 8 user.

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