Put Your PowerPoint on AutoPilot

By Ellen Finkelstein

Put Your PowerPoint on AutoPilot

We usually think of PowerPoint as being used by a live presenter who stands in front of a live audience. But PowerPoint can be used in other ways:

  • PowerPoint is often used an an elearning tool. In this situation, the learner controls the presentation.
  • PowerPoint is also used as a marketing tool to give to potential clients. In this situation, the presentation often runs itself.
  • How do you create a presentation that others will run or control?

    Add narration

    Usually, this type of presentation is narrated. You can use PowerPoint’s narration feature (see “Secrets for successfully narrating a presentation“) or insert audio files that you recorded separately on each slide. (Choose Insert> Audio or Sound from File.)

    • If you want the presentation to advance automatically from slide to slide, typical of a marketing presentation that you send to others, add slide timing. For specific instructions, see “Create a video effect.”
    • If you want the viewer to control when the slides change, you can just let the person click or add hyperlinks for navigation. You can use the provided Action buttons because they have Next and Previous buttons that most people instantly understand.

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    This post is excerpted with the permission of PowerPoint Tips.

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