3 Great Ways to Use Windows Search

Since the advent of Windows Vista, Microsoft put in a new feature, Windows Search. More so than previous search in prior versions of Windows, the Windows search is powerful and easy to use. Just hit Start, and immediately above the start button is the simple yet powerful search. Here are three great ways to save time using Windows Search.


Find important personal information quickly. Store important information using notepad and then save the file using an easy to remember name. For example, I saved my Marriott Rewards Number, as in the file “Marriott Rewards Numbers.txt”. Then when I am searching for the number, I just type MAR (the first three letters), and Windows shows me the file containing my Marriott Rewards number. I have found dozens of uses making lots of important information quickly available through Windows Search.


Find your most recently created files. Windows Search makes it really easy to find recently created files. If I can’t remember what I called my latest PowerPoint presentation, nor where I stored it, it is no problem. Just open up Windows Search, and then type ‘ppt” for PowerPoint, and Search shows in less than a second your latest PowerPoint presentation.


Windows Search is also the easiest and fastest way to run an application. Normally, Windows will try to guess and make available your most frequently used programs. In the event, Windows does not guess what you want, just type in the first few letters off the name of the application, and Windows Search finds its. For example, type in WOR for Microsoft Word or FIL for Filezilla, and so on. No longer do you have to search through a series of menus to find the program you want to run.

How do you use Windows Search? Let us know below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Great Ways to Use Windows Search”

  1. XP Pro. I hit the Start button and… above the Start button I see All Programs. Over on the right (and up a bit) I see ‘Search’ between ‘Help and Support’ and ‘Run’. That’s not Windows Search… or is it?

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