Techlicious: How Facebook is Embarrassing You

By Suzanne Kantra for Techlicious

How Facebook is Embarrassing You

I have some Facebook friends I’d rather not offend—editors, co-workers and well, friends. You probably do, too.

To keep away from alienating these important people, I stay away from posting about controversial subjects. You won’t find me bashing the president or ranting about Mitt Romney because I know full well that some of my contacts are supporters and I don’t feel the need to “get into it” with anyone about politics or anything, really.

So you can imagine my displeasure at learning that Facebook is automatically publishing posts under people’s names and placing them at the top of the News feed for friends to see. Sometimes these posts involve controversial political content that I wouldn’t ever post on my own.

facebook embarrassing you

According to ZDNet, in the last two weeks Facebook has been sending out these automatic posts according to things users have liked. For instance, people who “liked” Planned Parenthood at some time in their Facebook history might have sent out a message from the organization asking people to sign a petition about the Health Care Reform Act. Or those who ever liked the conservative group ForAmerica might have sent out messages asking people to “like” the message “ObamaCare must go!”

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This excerpt appears with permission from Techlicious.

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43 thoughts on “Techlicious: How Facebook is Embarrassing You”

  1. Richard Przybylski

    There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to Google. Whether you search or have a gmail account everyone who buys information from Google can know whatever they want about you. Facebook everyone know is open and provides the opportunity for an https account which I have today. We all know this and are or should be prepared by now. I never use Google for search anymore and facebook is limited to playing one game and messaging one or two people now and then. We should all be doing the same.

  2. I know an easy fix for this: stop using social networking sites and talk to human beings on the phone or face to face. Might sound crazy, but people seemed to get by just fine that way 10 years ago.

  3. This sounds more like the obama admin going after our freedom of speech, by trying to embarass any one who critisizes the libs and there agenda on Facebook.But according to the 1st admendent, I can and will exercise my freedom of speech, If they don't like it TOUGH.

  4. Fb & Google have sold out your privacy to the corporate owned government & its agencies. I have tried to delete my account 3 or 4 times & I can’t get it done. Many got rich by selling out Americans privacy & you can bet they are using it to track you & what you do dalily on the net, smart phones & even land lines, because I get calls from on my home phone from people I have nerver had any dealing with & alot of calls to ask me political ?’s! FB SUCKS!

  5. What is Facebook? I have never used it nor have I used Twitter. It is too easy to lose your identity and privacy on sites like those.

  6. IMO, we are all missing the point. If that happens then it is simply fraudulent and actionable in law.
    At the very least it is identity theft.

    1. @Peter:
      I now noticed the post below mentioning that people must give application permission to do that. Quite correct. Who is crazy enough to allow that?

  7. Facebook has been screwing around with people from it's inception. As for the people themselves.. if they had a brain they would be dangerous. I'm just sick and tired of stupid people.

  8. I received e-mails from Facebook that certain family members who have supposedly posted comments this week. Interesting, since they have not been able to access their accounts in over two months. We tried to contact Facebook to have them explain this but apparently you can’t contact them. All we get is the run around. It seems if you have a problem you have to go to a blog. Facebook needs to be held accountable and be accessible.

  9. Harriet Browder

    So stop "LIKING" products and companies. Double check all your PRIVACY settings and stop broadcasting yourself for the world to see how easily you're are fooled.

    1. @Harriet Browder: Yeah, and also simply click the bipdebop opt-out that Facebook kindly keeps hidden so you don’t have to worry about it or know about it until it’s too late, and also go forward in time to opt-out of the stuff they’re going to do with your privacy later. Yes maam, it’s so simple to deal with that harmless lil’ ol’ Facebook company. Anyone with half a brain would agree with that. Of course the folks with more than half a brain would not agree. They’re starting to realize what Facebook really is–an organization run by sociopaths who belong in jail, and what they really do, immoral, unethical activities that will be outlawed in about 10 years, when the congress finally figures it out. In the meantime, watch your valuables around them–and I do mean every fact about your life, including your opinions.

    1. Boy…REALLY!! You can't actually BELIEVE this hogwash??? Why don't you do some serious thought provocative in depth investigation of the Bible of King James 1611. All This…all of it, was prophesied long ago.
      Bah…people look to the absolute irrefutable truth and research it or bury yourself in indulgent hedonistic fallacy.

  10. it happens because when you go to a page, and like that page, or accept the app…you give it express permission to post to your friends, feed, wall whatever that particular app wants. people are to quick to accept without reading. it'stheir own fault this happens to them. not "Facebook' doing it to them.

    1. It's not the app/page that's posting to your friends' feeds, it's Facebook itself as part of their "Facebook content" program. You can get more details in the story on Techlicious and the follow-up comments.

  11. David Eckhardt

    I guess I am different. I really don’t care if people get something I liked cause I only like things I am committed to. If they don’t like it they can unfriend me–no big deal either way.

    1. Horus Thelemite

      You cannot delete your account. Try it, it will still be there as all the data is owned by Facebook now not YOU! Go on delete your account and then log back in.

      Facebook has been a bad idea from the start, I have an account but only because people send me stuff (that I don't usually want) via Facebook. I have to open another browser every time to view FB, so that I can check the links/files/pictures for viral software and not get tracked by FB for the rest of the day.


    2. Horus Thelemite Actually you can delete your account, what you are refering too is Deactivating your account. a simple google search will provide you with all the information needed in which to delete our account. I have done it, it can be done.

    3. Ct Clickety Click Hooker

      You can delete it, I did mine, you just have to make sure you don't sign in to it, from anywhere, or 'like' anything in your FB user name, for a couple of weeks.

      1. @Keith Roehm: Try 9 months and it still logs you in and no data has been lost. FB is not going to let you delete your account. IT IS THERE FOR HOWEVER LONG FB IS.

        FB are not in this for you and your “friends”, they are in it for MONEY! Why would they remove your account that is making them money? Honestly people read up on what FB stands for and will do to you with the data they were handed by YOU! and your “Friends”.

    4. Horus Thelemite

      You cannot delete it, try. The data is not yours, it's owned by FB. They are not going to delete data that brings in money from their data harvesting. You deactivate but NOT delete, FB will not let you, Google does Delete your G+ account with everything else and you lose EVERYTHING!

      I don't want to see people sticking up for FB, they are only stealing from you, yet you keep the doors and windows open for them to rape your data 24/7. I will say it again YOU CANNOT DELETE YOUR FB ACCOUNT, you can only deactivate it (just like never logging back in).

    5. So many and myself included have become dependent on FB For Biz purposes. I do wish there were a way to pierce some of their horrible policies. The friendship one is the worst. Example. I am a Radio show host. On occasion I will get a recommendation from one of my listeners to add a friend. So I send the friendship request. The person doesn't really know me personally so they stat that in the little idiot questionnaire that FB puts out. The end result is that I get shut down from friendship request for 30 days. It has happened twice in the last 35 days. Eventually they will close my account. There is nobody to complain to get a resolution. Even if I send an email I get no response back. The only way to cause any substantial change is for a mass boycott. Then maybe they would listen. I am sure that I am not the only one getting picked on.

      1. @Roseann Sayoc Gapusan: You don’t know if this article is “legit”? People like yourself are how viruses, malware, and the Facebook privacy scams continue to thrive. Yet you have the gall to state you don’t know if a well respected (Suzanne Kantra, is the Founder and CEO of Techlicious) Computer Technician is “legit” yet you obviously never read the privacy policies on your “likes”. They clearly spell out exactly what they can now do with your information. You seem to collect “likes” as a child collects charms for bracelets, it’s time to wake up or shut up.
        “Likes” were set up to make it easy for Facebook to collect data for its Open Graph, not for your benefit. Like most of this type of crap, the companies try to create ways to track people’s behavior while allowing consumers to feel like they are for instance,creating lists of interests, and interacting with friends. But the best thing for a company to have happen is have someone post about them in their timeline! (again, read your privacy policies!)

        READ POLICIES ON EVERYTHING YOU SIGN UP FOR, INCLUDING FACEBOOK, YAHOO GROUPS AND EVERY “LIKE” THAT IS COMMERCIAL IN NATURE! AND FOR IGNORANT PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF: Learn what Facebook’s Graph API, Permission Marketing, and all of your commercial “likes” company’s News Feeds are about. THEN, if you still feel like this is not legit, then post it here.

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