Windows Guides: Restoring Deleted Files

restoring deleted files

By Rich Robinson for Windows Guides

Restoring Deleted Files Using “Previous Version”

We have all done it, from time to time; accidentally deleted a file we thought we didn’t need, or a file that ended up as collateral damage in a file deleting frenzy. The good news when you delete a file is that it is not actually lost forever, it’s just marked as “over-write-able”. And even if Windows should happen to overwrite your file it may be recovered.

There are literally hundreds of programs out there, promising to UNdelete or recover your lost files, some of which actually work. Usually its the ones you have to buy that gets it right. There is however a free option if you are using Windows 7 (and Vista).

Previous Version Tool

Windows is set by default to make System Restore Points to protect system files making it possible to revert your windows to an earlier working version. This functionality can also be used to create backups of other files and documents as well. The good news is that in Windows 7 this feature is set as default. It’s called: Previous Version.

The way Previous Version works is to choose a file that has become corrupted or somewhat distorted, and restore that particular file using the System Restore Point.

That sounds fine, but how does this help me if I accidentally deleted a file ??

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8 thoughts on “Windows Guides: Restoring Deleted Files”

  1. You have to make sure your system protection is on in the system properties. File path: Start menu/ right click with mouse on “my computer/ select “options”/ select “system protection” (upper left side of window)/Select the “system protection”/ In “protection settings highlight the drive and hit the configure tab/ Select one of the options “restore system settings and previous versions, only restore previous version, or turn of system protection/ click apply. You can also select the amount of disk space usage you want this to take up on your hard drive.

  2. So , …… you are not sure how to use it either.
    You don’t even know if it works or the skill level needed.
    Hey we MUST HAVE MORE of these great tips & How to’s.

    1. I don’t even see it in Win7 either. I think, but not sure, the author is talking about doing a restore to an earlier time to recover a lost file. I clicked on the link above and it brought me to a site to BUY a program to search for a certain file. Nothing free here, and I really didn’t think there was one anyway.

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