Windows Talk: 3 Reasons to Encrypt Your Laptop

3 reasons to encrypt your laptop

3 Reasons to Encrypt Your Laptop

By Windows Talk

Laptop security has become increasingly essential for fighting the potential damages caused by the theft or leaking of personal and corporate information. Theft of laptops can result in unsecured information being used by a third party to gain access to bank accounts, mobile phones and other sensitive areas. At the same, a stolen or hijacked company laptop can become a security risk if it contains confidential information or passwords for a closed network. Pursuing laptop encryption consequently becomes a valuable way to reduce these risks, while ensuring that information can not be easily retrieved. The more specific benefits of laptop encryption can be found below:

1 – Securing Personal Data
A laptop may contain links to your bank account, as well as records of passwords and security questions. Having a password saved on your desktop or elsewhere on a laptop can be particularly problematic if the same password is used for multiple Internet sites. A laptop that contains detailed records of financial transactions, qualifications and personal history also becomes attractive to thieves if they can use that information to imitate your identity.
The financial losses incurred by this identity theft can be difficult to fully recover, and can be hard to claim back if you have not followed basic encryption protocols. At the same time, an unencrypted laptop might contain personal family photographs and other items that could be used against you in the event of a theft.

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