Our Favorite Tips: 77 Windows 7 Tips

77 windows 7 tips

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77 Windows 7 Tips. From Microsoft TechNet.

At a glance:

■ Make Windows 7 faster
■ Get more done with Windows 7
■ The best Windows 7 shortcuts
■ Securing Windows 7

1. Pick Your Edition. Most business users do not need the more expensive Ultimate Edition; stick with Professional unless you specifically need BitLocker.

2. Upgrading? Go 64-bit. As the second major Windows release to fully support 64-bit, the x64 architecture has definitely arrived on the desktop. Don’t buy new 32-bit hardware unless it’s a netbook.

3. Use Windows XP Mode. Yes, it’s only an embedded Virtual PC with a full copy of WinXP—but it’s an embedded Virtual PC with a full copy of Windows XP! This is the first profoundly intelligent use of desktop virtualization we’ve seen—and a great way to move to Windows 7 without giving up full Windows XP compatibility.

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1 thought on “Our Favorite Tips: 77 Windows 7 Tips”

  1. This looks like a “reprint” of material first published in 2009.
    Not good enough!
    Win7 has become the de-facto OS since then & whilst the tips may remain applicable, they should not be presented as new material, something PC pitstop does too often.

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