Windows Talk: How to Recover From Windows Blue Screen Error?

windows blue screen

By Mitz for Windows Talk

How drastic will it be for you if you are doing some work on your system suddenly a bright blue screen with some text on it appears and then makes your system to reboot? This is Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Blue screen of death is an error displayed by Microsoft Windows when it encounters a system error critical in nature. It can be due to corrupt registry, bad memory, antagonistic DLLs. Depending upon the reason it has different ways of recovery.
Blue screen sometimes can be handled easily and sometimes may lead you to fresh installation of your windows. Here are the basic steps you should perform when you encounter a BSOD on your system. These may help you solve your problem.


Blue screen of death or officially known as Stop Error can be very deadly sometimes. (may be a bit over exaggerated) If after encountering this error, you are not able to access your data, i.e. you are not getting to your desktop; you are likely to lose all your data. This is exactly why we talk about backing up your files all the time!
Last Known Good Configuration

To avoid this mishap, try your best to get to your desktop. If windows do not start in the normal mode, opt for starting in safe mode. In this mode, try for ‘Last Known Good Configuration’. This will roll back your system to this configuration and undo all the changes, including those which lead to BSOD. You can try this by hitting F8 key before the Windows loads. If your timing is correct, Windows Advanced Options menu appears. From here you can select any of the option from Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking or Last Known Good Configuration.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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