4 Tips to Make Windows 7 Boot Faster


By Miguel Leiva-Gomez for

If you’re a hobbyist that runs a home server, or even a regular computer user that wants to get things done quickly, you will know how important it is to start Windows quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to restart a server and have your visitors tolerate 3 minutes of downtime. Add another 5 minutes of slow loading times until the computer’s fully loaded. When time is money, you really can’t be wasting any of it waiting for a computer to load.

1. Use MSConfig

If you haven’t heard of MSConfig, get familiar with it. This tool is absolutely essential in managing many aspects of your computer’s behavior during its boot time. If you don’t know how to get to it, use the following process:

1. Press “Win + R” on your keyboard. The “Win” key is next to each “Alt” key, away from the space bar. This brings up a dialog that looks like this:

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