4 Great Windows 7 Tips That You Never Know Existed


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For a normal Windows 7 users, most of the time, you will just accept the default setting of the operating system and not change too much of its internal settings so as to reduce the chances of breaking the system. However, there are some of us who love to tweak the settings to make our workflow more productive and effective. Below are 4 great Windows 7 tips that are seldom covered and should get your productivity up.

1. Reduce time to display thumbnails in the taskbar

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to preview the current state of a program without switching to it. Windows 7 has a great little thumbnail feature, whereby if you hover over a program tab in the taskbar, it displays a thumbnail. However, the wait to display the thumbnail is a little on the long side. It’s possible to modify this so the thumbnail displays more quickly.

Note: Please create a restore point before modifying the registry as you could break something!

1. Click the Windows button and type “regedit” in the search box. Hit Enter.

2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelMouse as per the image below:

3. Double click on MouseHoverTime. The default value is 400 – change it to around 150. This is the time in miliseconds until a thumbnail is displayed. Click OK and exit the registry editor. The change will take effect once you’ve restarted.

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