More of Steve Bass’s Time Wasters – April 2011


By Steve Bass

* A penguin takes a leap of faith(and for a
penguin, it’s a big leap). (Thanks, Judy.)


* Somebody got into the kitty cat treats. Who’s guilty


* Do you have a cat? Have problems dating? This video
might shed some light on the problem: Single White
(Warning: Adult theme.)


* Some Amazon reviewers are witty and insightful, and
their work needs exposure. Start with a quick look at
the product,
[a book called How to Draw 101 Animals].
Then read
[the review by Noni]. If
you liked it,
[here are the rest of his (or perhaps her)
]. I especially like
[the one about the wheeled
] — as well as
[the commentsl] about the
review. (Thanks to Shield Anderson.)


* Blueprint

[] is
simple (you’ve heard that before, and in this case, I’m
lying). Move the assorted objects in such a way as to
get the ball to hit the target.

Blueprint is a lot tougher than it looks

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