Chris Pirillo: Should You Quit Facebook?

How Private is Facebook?

About Chris:

Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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34 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Should You Quit Facebook?”

  1. To Carol P. I’m quite sure that you would have to log in before deleting your account. Otherwise, anyone could delete your account.

  2. Well Facebook is smarter than we are since both web addresses given to us so that we can DELETE our account only lead to their log in page. Like some others, I’d like to DELETE my account.

  3. The quality of the video and the introduction took so long, I could not watch it. Try getting to the point, instead of going on and on about nothing. I was really interested in the topic.

    Thank you

  4. Chris, I totally agree that we need to be careful with what we say, type, record, etc…. online, just like we need to be careful of what we say in a bar, public transportation, etc.

    At this time, a prank online can continue creating problems for years (and a lot of middle school and college kids shoud really worry about this)…

    Of course, Chris, a lot of people hate the idea of being responsible for themselves… and, quoting you “it’s just the way it is”.

  5. Holy crud – fewer words dude! I haven’t been more irritated by a human being since… can’t remember when.

  6. Chris, you are wise beyond your years!
    I am 60 years old and agree with you 100% people must learn to be responsible for their actions. You control you! Keep up the good fight the young can relate to you coming from me they’ll just flip me off with “yeah right old man”

  7. I have been watching Chris since the Call for Help days, years ago.
    Don’t be fooled, he is one hardworking, smart and computer savvy guy.
    And one heck of an entrepreneur and entertainer.

  8. For sure Pirillo knows a lot about the subject in discussion.

    He is online since many if not most of you were toddlers.

  9. Its not just the privacy issue you have to contend with.
    Facebook does not monitor thier advertisers and consequently just going to Facebook opens you to virus attacks from so called ads that you dont even have to click on!
    I have had to clean a number of client machines where all they did was log into their Facebook accounts.

  10. This guy is hilarious. I agree with him on this point: don’t put anything out there you don’t want the whole world to see. However, I disagree with his stand on defending Facebook that they are not obligated to protect our privacy. They should be accountable for disclosing previously protected (hidden) information being made public without our consent. I deleted all my personal information, and quit using Facebook; however, the damage had already been done. Just go to “peekyou dot com” and you will probably find all your Facebook info there. I think there are other similar sites out there with your info, too.

  11. On a second note. You whinned for almost 13 min. and said nothing to help anyone. Why do you have a blog? I have lost a lot of respect for Pc-Pitstop.

  12. I agree with Jim and Chris. Don’t put it out there if you don’t want it known. Take responsibility for yourself.

  13. Up front…I’m an old geezer.I was always taught to look out for me and mine..About the last 25 yrs these generations have been fead that all is cool and safe and with the internet and phones all is ok and safe.They seem to have been lulled into a false sence of security by the advertisement media and the nanny state.No,No,No!Don’t say or do anything in public I.E. internet or the phones that you would’nt say or do to your own mother.And for gods sake never give out your address or even general location,or phone number.On the internet….Geeeze wise up America!!

  14. what a load of rubbish this guy needs to go to a mental instution.I watch 2 minutes of it and he need to go to anger managment course as well

  15. Back to pooint at hand – should you quit Facebook? Why? Chris is perfectly right. Don’t put something out on the internet – anywhere – that you don’t want someone to see it. What’s sad about this? People don’t think of this themselves.

  16. I can’t hear the freakin audio! get that mic closer or something! i had to turn my audio up half way just to hear it, and yes, i watched it to 2:55, then i stopped!

  17. I could not hear 1/2 of what he said (especially when the fan came on on my laptop)….it’s like he talks under-his-breath when he’s saying something important, then talk LOUD when he’s talking rubbish!
    What a waist of 12 & 1/2 min!

    Is he mentally ill?

  18. Where is the DELETE link? I’ve been trying to find it for a while now with no luck. I tried deactivating, but want to delete. Thanks.

  19. I lasted on Facebook for about 3 months a year ago to see some family photos and quickly saw exactly where it is heading. I’m all set with it.

    Word to the wise, it’s not easy to find the link to DELETE your account. It’s easy to Deactivate it, but that’s not flushing it away. That alone ought to make you wary of joining in the first place.

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