Technologizer: Windows XP Users Speak Out


By Harry McCracken

Maybe Windows XP users, on the whole, aren’t hidebound old luddites who stick with an eight-year-old operating system because they fear change. Maybe most of them are smart people who continue to use Windows XP because it does what they need it to do–but who will upgrade to a new version of Windows when they’re impressed by one and are confident it’s ready for prime time.

At least that’s what I’m thinking as I peruse what what nearly 5,000 Windows XP users have to say about their current operating system of choice, why they haven’t moved to Windows Vista, and what they think about Windows 7. They may remain immune to Vista’s, um, charms, but most of them have an open mind about Windows 7–and most of those who have tried 7 really like it.

As part of our research for upcoming coverage of Windows 7. my friends at PC World and I partnered to conduct a survey of Windows XP users. We promoted the survey at PC World, at Technologizer, and via our respective Twitterfeeds, 4994 people took it. We didn’t screen them other than to ask them to confirm that they use Windows XP as their primary operating system. So what they said may or may not reflect the sentiments of the Windows-using world at large–but it’s interesting nonetheless. Here’s a full report.

So why are so many people still using Windows XP? We asked our respondents (letting them select multiple reasons) and the number-one reason is simply that they’re comfortable with it. Number two: the related reason that they don’t see anything in Windows Vista that makes upgrading worthwhile.



[This post is excerpted with Harry’s permission from his Technologizer blog.]

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158 thoughts on “Technologizer: Windows XP Users Speak Out”

  1. I believe diferrent because my friends and family use another trade name.It’s comfortable and i love it’s very much.But next 3D Products Let me consider this 3D stuffs that you just present.Appreciate!!!

  2. XP came installed in 2007 on this duo-core Dell. I upgraded to Vista and went back to XP. I ordered 7 and sent it back after using it on my grandsons xputer. I see very few wortwhile improvements since XP except they have changed some names and moved many things around. Why waste oney for a face lift?

  3. XP disks are consistently selling for $65(or more) on eBay. Why?

    Five year old Pavillion laptops running XP bring
    $150 to 200$ despite the fact Staples had new Compaq laptop for $350 in February. I just picked up mint condition 2005 ZE2000 (with recovery disks) for $145 total cost delivered. It’s identical to the ze2000 purchased in 2006 for $750.

    I don’t plan on “upgrading” anytime in the near future obviously.

  4. i use windows xp and windows 7 and in my opinion both versions have advantages and disadvantages. from what i read the other day xp will continue to get security updates until 2014. this will mean that if you installed xp in 2013 you will be spending a fair amount of time installing updates. at the moment my sp3 version needs to have around 100 updates applied after a fresh install. even on a 10mb broadband connection this task takes the best part of an evening. sp4 is a desperately needed update for xp. it should also include optional updates which would also reduce updates that need to be applied. a good idea around early 2014 just before support ends is to make a iso disc image available for download. this disc/s would contain all updates from when sp3 was introduced. it should also include sp3 as a standalone update if required. it is after all still possible to buy a mini laptop with xp installed although windows 7 has recently started to become the defacto standard for these little buggers. LONG LIVE XP

  5. I am a great fan of XP myself. I have four computers – 2 desktop, both with XP, a laptop with Vista and a netbook with XP. I do not like Vista at all but I find XP suits my requirements and is extremely user friendly, unlike Vista. I have no knowledge of Windows 7 but from the various write-ups it sounds ok.

  6. I have been a Tech and worked on all versions of Windows back to Windows 3. I had some problems with the first 98 and ME versions, but NOTHING compares to the problems with VISTA!
    I have heard some good things about 7, but I know from experience with all the other OS’s it is best to wait for at least a year after release to try it out.
    So, the way I look at it. If it’s working good now, it will work even better a year from now.

  7. I am no expert on computers,but I seem to be the guy everyone brings their computers to to get fixed in this very rural area of eastern Canada….
    In the past two and a half years it seems I have done nothing except take brand new (or nearly so) computers that people have purchased and wiped Vista and re-installed XP Pro
    I have installed Vista on my own computer and after two months I just couldn’t stand it any longer…so it was back to the old tried and trusted. (along with at least forty locals…)
    Microsoft must stop the strutting arrogance and realise it is the consumer (US!)that is going to make or break any product,and trying to force a Yugo on a bunch of happy Honda Civic drivers is not going to work,regardless of the claims made or threats thrown at us…
    If the end user don’t like it,forget it,Ok Mr Gates!

  8. My XP is good enough BUT my laptop takes 7 – 8 minutes to boot up to Mail. I defrag. regularly but what else can I do to really “speed up” this process ?

  9. Live & Let Live !

    Vista and W7 versus XP Better stated as;
    New versus Old.
    Now here’s a thing. “The ‘New’ isn’t necessarily better than the ‘Old’. If it turns out to be so, then it isn’t because it’s ‘New’ but because ‘it is’ actually better.

    Why is it then, even the face of proven experience that people routinely go for the new when the “old” isn’t really old at all, and the ‘new’ isn’t really all that better either?

    For example; when it comes to buying houses, we’re a pretty mixed bunch. Some of us are determined we have to have a ‘New’ house; whereas, may of us would much rather live in a tried and trusted older one with much more character and nostalgic appeal. Who’s right then?

    The same applies to many other items we have on offer. Cars for example. New models appearing every month from somewhere in the world many of which will be faster than the ones we currently own, has Satellite Navigation and Bluetooth technology built in etc., etc; but do we all rush out and buy a new car just on that basis? No we don’t. For the most part, the majority of us can’t afford to do that, and the ‘Older’ car we currently have still works pretty much okay.

    My observations of those who have contributed to this topic clearly show a lot of emotion is involved. Let’s not forget regardless of our personal experience that what we all really have to offer here is just our ‘opinions’, and opinions are like armpits; and we’ve all got them too, but some of them really stink.

    If you are so ‘New orientated’, you may well have lost your ‘Old’ sense of smell, in which case you’ll end up smack in the middle of a bunch of smelly armpits pretty much like your own. Where’s the change for the ‘New’ there?

    Will all the technological marvels around us and equipment that can measure and sense infinitesimally small amounts of pollutants in the atmosphere or parts per million of this or that in the blood, have we forgotten to use our natural senses wisely?

    We hear a lot about the 5 senses, even the apparent 6th sense gets a fair mention, and then there’s nonsense and lastly common-sense. Strange is it not that the least common of all those in use today is; ‘common-sense’? 3 cheers for all the ‘Old’ codgers governed more by their common-sense than the desperate desire to be on the cutting edge of technology. When all these ‘New’ guys run up against an ‘Old’ problem, guess who they’ll turn to, to fix it?

    If you really must be ‘New’ in your thinking, then learn this; “learn to value the ‘Old’. It’s what got us this far. John Clee stated that his Grandmother told him never to touch a new operating system until it had been out and in use for five years! Here, here! One could debate the 5 year wait, but anyway, my ‘Old’ Grandmother told me this;
    “Keep life ‘Awfully Simple’ son, otherwise
    it’ll become Simply Awful”. There you have the epitome of ‘Common-sense’.

  10. I have never had a problem with windows vista! I also like it and i am looking forward to the new windows 7. Its possible that i just plain like change. But, I do not like compatibility issues! I am keeping my fingers crossed “for good luck, of course”

  11. this is @ George. do you really know anything about computers??
    AMD does NOT have a P4 line.
    windows xp will NOT run on a machine with 1MB of memory
    windows xp install is much larger than 320MB.

    how did you get windows 7 beta and rc builds with out real knowledge of computers? build 7077 was never publicly released. sounds to me as if you had pirated windows 7.

  12. I have to agree with Dave. I’d rather see the starving children get food then farther pad the corporate pocket. My money won’t be going into those pockets any time soon. I have a pc with XP & a lap top with vista. I much prefer XP. As the old saying goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

  13. Does anyone remember that old 80’s term “conspicuous consumerism?” It seems to me that most everyone who is thinking about switching to Windows 7 are doing it pretty much because they want a new toy, not because they have a need for it. I use XP, and purchased it because I needed (yes, needed(!), not wanted) to use a program that wouldn’t work on the OS I was using at the time. It was a justifiable expense. I later put Vista on a laptop because I needed to test a product I was developing to make sure it would work on that OS. I’ll probably get Windows 7 for the same reason. But I feel that I have been held hostage by the Gates Corporation and coerced into spending money that I really have better use for elsewhere.

    To switch to Windows 7 simply because it’s there doesn’t make sense. What’s the real cost of a new operating system? It’s not just the initial purchase–we wind up spending hours and days trying to get it working (strangely, I believe that my time has value), and we then have to spend more cash to upgrade hardware and programs that won’t work on the new OS.

    We should all remember that Microsoft and other software companies are corporations whose only purpose is to make money. They don’t develop new platforms to serve mankind, or to make it easy on their customer base. We wind up being forced to buy their product in order to continue to make a living–and our hard-earned money goes into the corporate pocket!

    My recommendation is for everyone to forget about the marketing hype, and use what you have until it doesn’t do what you need it to do. Buy a new program or OS only when you need it–not because it’s cool and gives you something to brag about. Take the money you save and invest it (woops, scratch that idea!) or get a tune-up for your car. Better yet, contribute to an organization that puts food into the mouths of starving children. There are sooo many better ways to use your dollars!

  14. New hardware, old hardware, new features, sticking with old hardware, buying new hardware, trying to run software when the hardware won’t handle it are all personal preferences. The fact is this, when the new operating system comes out, it’s looks like a re-write without a history. Things are moved and changed when they don’t need to be moved or changed. This may be due to their new internal software development approach model. Upgrading to a new version should be an enhancement of the old. Changing software and hardware should not require I start from ground zero with everything. Computer systems are setup by individuals with their own personal preferences in look and feel and applications. The individual should be given a choice of what new features they wish to use and not have to seach for days trying to find out how to disable or enable a new feature. When I look at the marketing of this software I have a problem determining just who is the Vendor and who is the Customer. You can take leaps in technology without having to blow away what you’ve done previously.

  15. As a gamer, I’ve personally been using Vista 64x Ultimate for the past 2 yrs. Prior to this, I had XP Professional installed for a good 6 yrs(Beta-tested it back in the day).

    Oddly enough, everyone I find that I know personally, who’s tried Vista, and says it’s not worth the upgrade, generally runs it on a bare-min-requirement system. ie the guy up above who has 2GB of RAM, and a P4. He doesn’t mention his video card, but I’d be willing to bet it’s an aging one, at best. Vista does require newer hardware to run efficiently. Generally, the crowd that does word-processing and e-mails, or MMO-type games won’t be the crowd that upgrades their hardware much, and as a result, are also the crowd that don’t see the need to upgrade. While most current FPS games will run on an XP system prefectly well, the XP operating system does not allow for or take advantage of things like the newer DirectX functions, nor the ability to actually add more system RAM. XP Pro only takes advantage of roughly 2.75GB if you install a full 3. The rest is put into background process, or simply wasted. Vista will take advantage of the full 8GB I have installed, and actually recognize it within the operating system, another feat that XP won’t manage to pull off, ever. 😉

    Now, that all being said, what one does with their computer really negates the need to upgrade or not, as, your personal requirements are likely not the same as mine, or as others who post here.

    Don’t just post with regards to “your antiquated coal-burning system is incapable of running Vista because you refuse to upgrade the hardware” Post a bit more fact, in that YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO SPEND THE MONEY TO UPGRADE, and as such, in true-fact, are stuck running XP, but also don’t require an upgrade, since you’re doing mostly text-based or non-graphical based applications, and your needs are DIFFERENT than one who does.

    I’ll personally be at the front of the line, when it comes to Windows 7, which I’ve also beta-tested, and am looking forward to the fact that it supports 32GB of system RAM. And yes, I’ll be upgrading accordingly, to meet the demand on my personal end of things, not the demand others feel is fine for them. Oh yeah, and for you DELL ppl? You do have a choice….. So many google links out there on “how to build your own computer”, I’d suggest it, so you can buy a reasonably priced PC, within a budget, and get more for your buck. All it takes is a phillips screw-driver, and the willingness to read a bit. Any decent tower, now, offers mostly tool-less addition of parts, and the few things like the motherboard that require actual screws are not hard to install, reading reviews, doing a bit of research online can offer you an amazing world into building a budget-based PC that would actually blow your mind, when it comes to getting more performance than the Dell’s and HP’s of this world can offer.

  16. With the progress in Linux constantly developing, why would you still entertain the thought of proprietary Microsoft and Apple for that matter!

  17. AS I flightsimulator junkie I hate Microsoft for closing new development down> I upgraded each time they increased the requirements and finally have everyting working and have 270 aircraft on my XP computer. I will wait until someone shows me 7 will allow me to keep my fleet.

  18. Sorry to disagree Todd, but there’s nothing “old” about XP that makes it incompatible with newer hardware. XP runs fine on Dell’s peer competitors’ hardware, made from the same parts as the m1330. The reason XP won’t run on a Dell XPS m1330 has nothing to do with inherent hardware or software state-of-advancement: it is a purely marketing decision on MS’s part, and their resolve to force all their business partners, like Dell, to stand up and salute as well. Dell and their vendors didn’t decide not to provide XP drivers for their new hardware because they can’t design and code working software. They adopted that strategy because MS forced them to.

  19. I see no mention by anybody that Windows 7 (which I have tried) will not upgrade from XP, therefore requiring a complete clean install. You should note that you can only upgrade from VISTA. I believe this is deliberate on MS’s part as the programers have not forgiven us for not buying Vista. I personally hope that sooner or later UBUNTU or some other flavor of LINUX can take over Windows domination of the market as I am tired of putting money into the pockets of Microsoft’s stockholders.

  20. I too am one of the Geezers… worked in main frame computer operations for over 40 years, now retired. My first computer was a Sinclair, then, an Imsai8080 built from a kit, with an ASR-33 teletype for I/O, with a paper tape punch/reader and 300 baud modem. Anyone else remember Compuserve or Bulletin Boards? Then a C-64, c-128, then, OS/2 on a “real” computer… loved OS/2 and wish when MS partnered with it, they should have kept it. When MS dropped OS/2, and it became obvious that the software companys were only developing for Winblows, I had to make the switch to Winblows. Actually I went through a few versions of DOS, first. I remember Win ME and other versions. Now running Win XP Pro SP2 on a high-end laptop. Recently XP went belly up and won’t boot, so now using a netbook to get online until I can fix the old computer. I pre ordered Win 7 and plan to dual boot XP and Win 7 on the netbook and check it out. I like to stay near the cutting edge, but not on the bleeding edge of technology on both hardware and software, at least, knowledge wise. I skipped Vista, but plan to try Win 7.

  21. You can tell the difference between the old guys and the new by the posts. Those that don’t know any better swear by Vista or Windows 7 and those that do stick with XP for good reason.

    Personally, I won’t be going to either of the above when my time with XP is finally up but the Linux route and Firefox. I have spent enough over the years upgrading Op’s and applications to run on the the latest “windows”, I’ve had enough, I have contributed enough to the profits of MS over the last twenty some odd years and having already made the switch to open office and firefox on XP am quite satisfied.

    Support, who needs support not I, but if that ever changes, it’s available.

  22. I’ve been following this debate, both in this site and others, with great interest. I’m amazed at the emotion on both sides and at some of the vitriolic comments being exchanged. I usually don’t respond to these debates, but this one’s an exception.

    I, too, have been at this quite a while. In college we learned Fortran. At 62, I still remember the first ten-key calculator I ever saw; the head of our university’s statistics department had one and it cost a bunch. It was almost as good as a $5 Wal-Mart special is now. Worked with DOS, Altos and CP/M, Wordstar, MS Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, a couple of Linus distros, Win 3.1-3.11-95-98-2000-XP-Vista, Server 2000 and 2003, and various legal-specific software packages. Not a gamer. Built all of our current systems myself from good parts, and they’re all solid. Some of my observations over the years may seem like heresy, but they’re based on experience.

    1. All of our systems except one laptop run Win2000, SP4, Update rollup 1, and have the auto updates OFF. Almost all the crashes I had were the results of some sort of updating that went wrong. We hired a computer technical company to service our systems about a year ago, and one of them decided, contrary to our instructions, to update our Win2K server with all of the patches. We were down for almost a month while they got it back up and running, and cost us over $20,000 in actual revenue. The server was almost brand new, and had all new hardware.

    2. For security, we use Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security and two firewalls, and haven’t had a problem. Besides our legal management and bankruptcy software, we’re all totally committed to WordPerfect. Currently running X3. We debated a couple of times moving to Word, but three of our staff threatened to quit if we did. And I’ve talked to several firms who did that, and they all have horror stories about downtime, lost productivity and the like. One fellow told me that they actually calculated it, and between software licensing and lost downtime, it cost them over $100K and a staff that wasn’t happy with them.

    3. If I had to move off of 2000, I’d go to XP as long as I could. Which brings me to my big question, which is, why should anybody be FORCED to move off of an OS that works for them? Our legal management software company, for example, told me that starting with their next version Win2K won’t be supported any longer. I asked them why that was, and was told that since MS wasn’t “supporting” 2K any longer, they really had no choice. What “support” do we get anyway? MS’s tech support is woeful in person, as it almost everybody else’s (except our legal-specific programs, which actually HAVE support.) Win2K for us is extremely stable, runs all of our software, and it should be OUR decision to use it or not.

    5. I’ve not found XP to be a bad OS, nor even Vista. But they’re no big improvement for us. Again, if somebody feels that they have to have one of the newer OS’s, fine. But just because that person’s a contrarian in his software choices doesn’t mean that person’s an idiot.

  23. As a young man of 28 years, I TOO have learned not to bend to marketing gimmics and corporate hype. And also as a Computer Security Technician by day and hardcore Gamer by night I rely heavily on Operating Systems that are: Stable, Reliable, Flexible, Customizable and most importantly Secure. To this degree, I have personally installed/maintained/tested/pen-tested most, if not all of Microsoft’s OS’. Fact: A preinstalled HP Pavilion dv6-1030us laptop a customer bought Brand New was already CRASHING on the FIRST boot!!! I mean come on?! I turned it on and Windows Vista Home Premium x64-bit was already telling me that (X) program had stopped working. I could go on and on about how much Vista/7 suck, but my point is that people want their High Dollar toys to just WORK and Vista/7 don’t make the cut yet. Can I get an Amen? 😉

  24. As a mature man of 64 years, I have learnt not to bend to peer or marketing pressure, and that not everything from Microsoft is marketed solely to improve my computer usability! Vista is a product the majority of users simply do not need! Microsoft also needs to take into consideration the numbers of over 50’s computer users there are, and these numbers are obviously growing. As we get older familiarity breeds comfort. I’m at the stage where I am unable to see these new coloured mobile phone screens. But no one is bringing out new Black and white screened mobiles! And we are not a nitch market, but some market leaders in the technology fields just don’t get it do they? XP is comfortable to use and if it aint broke don’t fix it!

  25. I have to say that of ALL the operating systems Microsoft had produced only Windows XP has become the most stable of all of them. I run Windows 2000 Pro on one of my PC’s and my main system is Windows XP SP3 at home.

    I have seen core functions moved from one area to another and believe it is merely done to make the end user think that Microsoft has built something new and wonderful. Vista was just as big a disater as was Windows ME.

    Come on Microsoft, you got a bad rap when you couldn’t produce a SECURE operating system. Then when you fixed that, and then some “genius” in your organization got the bright idea to rip apart the very basic functions, move them, change a few graphics and call it Vista.

    If you want to do your company justice and restore consumer confidence then simply take what works (Windows XP) and improve that. I have always embraced change in my life and that includes better software. However, do yourself a favor and have you engineers go back to XP and improve upon that and charge a small upgrade fee. I’m sure you would make out better financially and you certainly would regain consumer trust!

  26. Vista is a great OS. In the 2 years I’ve been using it, no major problems. XP was good, but it was on SP3 when I was using it. By the time Vista got to SP2, it’s pretty damn solid Most of you are all saying “driver problems and its MSs fault they’re just getting rich” (ok, just some of you said about the MS making tons of money), but do you think MS makes drivers? No, It’s HP and Dell and Lenovos fault. Actually, no its not. XP is not made to support current generation hardware. I saw someone complaining about not being to install XP on their m1330. Because XP doesn’t support that new hardware! Why is it that Vista is at fault because XP is’t up to date enough for new computers!! If your computer doesn’t support Vista, get a new computer, don’t complain that technology made for better hardware doesn’t run on old machines. Why don’t you guys go complain that OSX 10.5 doesn’t run on an Apple II, it’s just Apple forcing you to upgrade because they want your money, right!?!

    Vista has a bad rap it doesn’t deserve. People also have this obsession with P, and its the greatest thing evr. It had its fair share of problems at launch, and 8 years later people won’t let it go. Windows Vista/7 has the same launch. Vista isn’t so great at first, but then it evolves into 7 and in 6 years, all of you will be complaining about upgrading to Windows 8 and Windows 7 is great and all you’ve ever needed, why upgrade?

  27. Bruce McMurtry Canada

    I love Windows XP Pro . It works great I have no Problems with it , Not like Vista . I tried Vista for two Months and I could not weight to go back to XP .It does every thing I need , you dont have a lot of crashes , or have to reinstall it year or so .I love it and will use it till I cant any more .I know a lot of others that think the same way as I do .

  28. My business is building custom Gaming PCs I have used XP,VISTA, and W7. I will have XP around on at least 1 PC till it will not work any more and I try not to install Vista and will not guarantee it on my builds as there is to many XP based PCs that where built with vista installed that are just not compatible with the OS now Iv helped with the test and love W7 and have it back ordered as a gamer I like how it work’s faster and stable most old and new hardware work on the OS I believe it is a much needed updated OS but until XP just quits working it will still be in use in my home,some future builds, and my business. as it is still a stable and easy to use OS by the way as most knowledgeable PC users know if you switch to vista you probably will have to upgrade most of your hardware

  29. One of the earlier replies sid the Vista did not allow any linking with Hotmail. My wife and I are very close to buying a new computer (probably this week-end!)and wanted to know if someone out there could elaborate on this potential problem for us. All of our e-mail is Hotmail driven and we do not use Outlook, so if that is the what is being referred to, then we shouldn’t have any problems? Please, any techie help is appreciated.

  30. Well, I have to say that there is ABSOLUTELY no valid reason for changing all the standard locations for system settings and options. When you see that kind of thing – questions should pop in your mind – what are their motives…? It must be money… and that’s obvious. I downgraded from vista to XP – or should I say I UPGRADED from vista to XP…!? XP out performs the other by far in all points for me. And I firmly agree with a statement made by JC Markland above: and going to buy a new computer just to run an OS is just foolish.

    Stay with XP…! You can’t go wrong. vista drove me crazy.

  31. I have been thru all the phases since 1977, TI99 Vic-20 C-64 all the way to Windows 7. At this point XP-PRO is my first choice for an OS. I have had a very fleeting contact with the Vista, actually have had more contact with the win7. I am not pleased with the complete change so that you have to start from “Ground Zero” in the learning process to operate the system. From my view if
    the computer is doing what I want it to do and in the manner that I want it to, then I don’t intend to change.
    It’s like when you go into the store to buy a computer,
    If the sales person doesn’t ask “How do you intend to use this computer” Then my advice is go somewhere else and find someone that knows what they are talking about.
    Everybody does not have the same needs for their computer.
    I never buy a factory built computer as I don’t want all the garbage they seem to think that “EVERYONE NEEDS” I build my own systems and have very little trouble with them. running XP-Pro. I have Win 7 RC on one and havd been running a program on there for about 3 months now, and all of a sudden yesterday it just quit running it.
    have not figured out why yet, but I will. No activity at all except the MS updates. That I guess is one of my biggest problems with Microsoft and their forcing updates.

  32. My primary use is in the text world. So really how fast is fast enough? Actually, I have used Microsoft word since the very first version. The only thing I really saw added to the functionality was added more graphics. And as we know more graphics means one’s computer needs more memory etc to make it run smoother and faster. But again I merely ask do we really need all the graphics when our primary use is in the text world??? To me all these alleged advancements are so that the Company can make more money selling a better mouse trap, sort to speak, and not necessarily for the buyer.

  33. I use Xp for about 8 years. I never had a severe trouble with it and work fine with all my devices and programs. I am a fan of 3D Videogames and own plenty of them. Noone is compatible with Vista.I will never upgrade to this shitty OS.But I want to try Windows 7 and, if compatible with all my software and games (I spent thousands of Euros for originals!) I will upgrade to it soon.Thank you!
    Carmine, ITALIA.

  34. I have a Toshiba p205 it had WV when I acquired it the shop told me that it could not be downgraded Haaaaaa! with uniblue and persistence
    Anything is posible it know runs XP-SP2 with everything except the on screen keyboard which was a pain in the *ss anyway So Much for you can’t DOWNGRADE Bill

  35. Vista was just expensive “eye candy”, and from the looks of it, W7 is merely a notch or two better. When XP loses all support, I will probably get a Mac, rather than continue to submit to Microsoft.

  36. After reading all about Vista, I’ll stick to XP for the time being. I won’t wanna risk incompatability of softwares, drivers…etc after upgrading though my 4 computer passed of Win 7 compatability test. Now MS is offering family upgrade packs for only 3 pcs, which mean I’ll hv to fork out more money to use something I’m not sure off. I sincerely hope Win 7 will not be like the disastrous Vista!

  37. After having heard those using an RC of W7, I’m feeling some favor for it. I’ve had w98 (quite good, imo), xp home and pro, (liked both, imo too). My only beef was the MS “political servicing of their customers”. One little incident: had a problem with an ms word-processing prog that glitched out. The readily available texted “self-help” consisted of only a few steps to follow. Easy enough. However, it was incomplete: steps 1; 2; 3 and…that was it. Had to call ms support in order to finish their “self-help” therapy. Not only did ms charge me from the very start, it turned out that the only step missing was “a” #4 = “press enter”. That roilly broiled me caboose.
    BUT! with due fairness for one, very smart, employee of MS Customer Service and one who had to be aware of ms’s schemeyness, asked me to look for a certain number on the disc’s central-hole that the prog was on and for me to read it to her. I did. She came back with another number that solved that very problem from the get go … AND she did that without charging me a cent.
    From the beginning, I avoided vista due to the word that it required more silicon. I’m doing intensive 3D graphics and want the silicon for that, not for the OS. Now ms is ‘abandoning’ vista after only two years (go figure). And I’ve heard that W7 is better for graphics. XpPro has been very good for me and for the 3Ds. So I’m looking forward (mine “digits” crossed) to this one. Plus I’ll be getting a more graphics-capable workstation with tons of even far and better-suited silicon procs+ on its VC(s) and its MB. Sorry for the yaking but hey. 🙂

  38. I agree with alot of XP users that refuse to upgrade, like windows 2000 eventually they will fade out the updates for XP but till then i will continue to use XP because it is good for gaming, its not resource hungry and there is alot more programs that comply with windows XP. With Windows 7 magic jack will not work with it and there are a ton of users out there that uses it, but dont get me wrong i do like 7 better than Vista but ! i’d rather use XP forever

  39. William Childress

    Even though I fell in love with some of Win7’s features I think I
    will wait for ReactOS, The XP that I really wanted!

  40. i couldn’t agree with you more waverly, my son got ripped for two laptops with vista. i try to help them with finding things and i just quit. easier i don’t think so, but that was MS claim wasn’t it! like waverly said your toilet is in the kitchen but then you have to flush it to turn on the upstairs lights. and mr erinie i think your comment is a bit much, i bet you do some things worthy of being arogant and stupid! so call me want you wish but the bottom line is it’s MY $$ so I spend it the way i want! all those that say vista is so good, then why would MS break away from it and start a whole new version?? (the vista lovers probably still think the yugo is a good car too and what happen to it) what ever happen to giving the people what they want? i am not a 1yr. old and MS is not going to make me eat squash when i like the apple sauce better! i make videos part time for livin and going full time with it and i have been told to get a mac. and yea it’s a bit more but then it does the job. i probably will get the mac. and just use this pc for e-mails till it dies. let the big three car makers start selling cars, then charge you extra for things like the steering wheel or tires and see where they be! as for XP’s security i wonder, i found out that the ones that made the radar guns cops use also make the detectors, so i make the Y gun 4 the cops and the Y detector for you, then a year later when sales have falling and i can’t buy another lear jet, i make a X 4 the cops and a X detector for you!! get my point? and i guess there won’t be any issues with vista or W7 right? ok call me willy bobo! but people if we keep dropping our $$ on stuff that’s not fit to be sold then they will keep putting it out there for us! ps. and for MS putting that comercial out there showing a 6 or 10 yr. old making a video montage, i let my two 8 yr. old grandaughters make a video with “vista” and after they seen it they said “i made it granpa but it doesn’t look like yours” my point is they (MS) must look at us like we are all kids with the likes and taste as a 10 yr. old!!

  41. I run XP Pro on my almost 8yr old machine and I’m very satisfied with the performance. I really think we should be able to run whatever OS we prefer . If XP works for me , leave me be . If Vista or 7 for you ; marvelous! Why do we have to be old , ignorant , spoiled, etc for having a personal choice? Personally , I believe it’s all a money game with Microsoft ,but that’s what companies do . If there is a vast population who desires continued use of XP let them do it I say. Otherwise, we can always take our business someplace else.

  42. Vista is a like a bad cold, you can treat the aches and pains of it but its still a bad situation. Vista is a mistake on M.S. part and should have never been released. Windows 7 is much better yes but still do the hard core pc users really need all the bells and whistles that windows 7 has to offer? I say not. All that extra crap running in the background just slows your system and in the end will end up hurting you more then doing good.

  43. Have to say i’ve read a lot of stuff here both pro and con. I have been using MS products for over 15 years and i’m one of the over the hill gang myself. I do a lot of beta testing and i’m a lic. OEM System Builder thru MS. i was surprised when i went to MS with a problem on their OS”S that they warrant and was told to take the problem to the manufaturer of that system of whitch is me. Funny they can’t fix their own software that is supose to be fully warranted and in their contracts. And was bought just purchased from them. I do a lot of computer repair for our area. I have 95,98,98se,ME,XP,XP 64,XP64 Prof,And Vista Ultimate 64bit, have all the betas and the RC’s and all the perspective service packs for each as well, i am a security researcher and OS researcher have over twenty Flavors of Linux and their varyous desk tops, it’s all a matter of taste and useablitie for people in gen and more then 98% of the world server infrastucture is Linux, apache and unix based not MS, the thing is that what i see on a flat basis is on Microsoft systems is they use the public to test and debug their systems and charge them in the long run for this. Linux uses voulanteers and is a very stable and slim OS but also very robust in it’s many Uses,I use many OS’s Vista is like XP in the fact that XP had many problems when it came out and now is a very stable OS. I do a bit of Gaming to since i have retired and find that Vista will let me put and older ver of a MS game on it with no problem and then tells me i have to have admins rights to put the updated ver of the same game very strange, The uac is off don’t use, have no problems with security issues, it is just a feature not needed in my case. Windows 7 now is just a slimmed down ver of Vista and MS even said so, it is not a new OS only in the features that have been changed as the kaenal of the system is still Vista just reworked and Vista has been around far longer then XP as the oringinal was Blackcomb and was shelved in the 90’s that OS was the basis for Vista most people don’t take the time to ck out how these programs came into being though microsoft does tell you if you read all the doc’s on their site on the OS’s and how they came up with them and their perspective development for each of these OS’s. i read the Brash words from younger people that seem to know it all, sorry but that is not whats needed in commenting on this. Vista was not a finnished Product when it hit the market it was rushed out as they had a lot of problems with it. It was also way to expensive for a lot of people to. and going to buy a new computer just to run and OS’s is just foolish to unless you have money to burn.

    When Wall Street told MS what they could do with their OS. that by itself should have told people something. and Operating System should be easy for the general public to use and conpatablie with as many drivers and applications from the older systems as possible without a lot of bloat and bloatware, it should not require all or most of the system resources to run, and it is a fact that it does take a lot of resorces to run. Windows 7 still hogs a lot though not as much. what most people don’t notice is the systems are getting more complicated to build. funny computers have gotten more complicated instead of simpler to use and are no faster in running then ten years ago the speeds at which systems are running are so much faster, but being that the applications themselves have had to become much more complicated as well has slow down many processes in the OS’s as well, what is needed is simpler usability and programs that are not bloated and OS’s that are throughly tested before market launch. Apple does this to the best degree i have seen. and some Linux OS’s. in a perfect world a Utopia we would not have the piracy,trojans,viruis,malware,bots, keyloggers and all the negative impact on operating systems, that are causeing much of the bloat ware we are finding in new OS’s, MS gets the Brunt of this, Linux has very little of it, and Apple, thats why their systems run so well and are much slimmer and easy to use for the most part and yes they each have a learning curve. But that’s life in the compting world. The Fact is MS needs to come down on their cost of these new OS’s and make them simpler to use and not so bloated, and get rid of much of the Administraters Crapware they have instigated in the OS’s that is for IT departments in Corps not for the general user at home. It is the Big Brother Feature were they think they should run your system not you, protection begins at home and learning to protect your system from all the nasty stuff out there is your responability not some Giant Operating System Corperation that wants to dominate the market at any cost.

  44. The only thing Vista is good for is installing programs for an older O/S, because it will tell you that they won’t work with Vista offers to reinstall them in such a way that they will. But, if you want to do any file work, there is no nice menu on the left that makes it so easy to do. Instead you have to drag and drop or cut and paste– a tedious and retarded way. The scanner program was nice, intelligent and easy under XP, then was ruined under Vista. Maybe Microsoft saw that XP was such a sales boon after Me, that they tried the same thing using Vista and 7.

  45. Roy asks the core question: “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” The problem is that XP *is* broken: it’s just not broken for the folks that are happy with it. It’s broken for Microsoft, because it won’t generate sufficient revenue to keep Microsoft revenue growing. Of course, there are desirable (for some folks) new features or capabilities that may require some re-architecting, and a new OS might be the most effective option to achieve that. However, keeping XP around and continuing to support it poisons the well for the new OS, because those happy-with-XP customers aren’t sending any more money Microsoft’s way, and that is intolerable for Microsoft. If the new OS offered significant advantages over XP, it would sell itself, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but for the average user (i.e., us so-called “luddites”, “fools”, the “ignorant”, etc.) it not only doesn’t do that, it brings pain and waste instead. Change just for the sake of change is a waste of resources. I have to spend hours and hours figuring out how to do with Vista what I already know how to do with XP, and at the end of the day, my return for this energy and time investment is zero (actually, less than zero, because Vista has a whole new set of bugs, security vulnerabilities, and poor design choices that will inevitably chew up more time down the road.) For what I do on computers, Vista offers me no functional improvement. I don’t upgrade because of any real need to upgrade: I upgrade because Microsoft dies if I don’t, and in their scheme of priorities my dissatisfaction is irrelevant in the face of the likelihood of their corporate demise. That’s why they attempt to force me to upgrade by killing off XP and coercing the other hardware and software vendors to do the same. If Vista had been a clear winner over XP in security or efficiency or compatibility terms, my employer would have jumped on the bandwagon, but Vista didn’t even offer parity with XP, and hence was a bad investment, so we still use XP (along with Linux, Solaris, and MacOS). I’m almost always at odds with IT over something, but this time, they clearly got it right.

  46. XP is all I will use unless….
    1) I replace a mb and it “requires” Vista 🙂
    2) Until you know what freezes over – Vista is not work the investment

    One persons opinion

  47. The only thing Vista is good for is Installing older programs, as it tells you it won’t work and offers to reinstall them in such a way that they will.
    But try to move files and you have to drag and drop or cut and paste. In XP there was a perfect menu on the left that let you do everything you needed to do with files and was nice and easy, not retarded like Vista. And the same goes for Vista’s scanner program. XP did it right, then the clowns said,”Oh, no that works to well let’s screw that up too. Especially, since we can’t leave well enough alone.” It reminds me of Win Me. Make people buy a bum system and then offer a replacement and really make a killing on sales, because everyone will want to run away from the bum ones(Me and Vista)

  48. What do they say? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ….. Never truer words were uttered! Overall I have never been impressed with Microsoft, as a “Hole”, maybe it should just fall in to it. I am 65 years old and have lived through many Microsoft attempts at “Re-Inventing the Wheel”. Being a business user, and a logical thinker, who would ever want to try something out before it is proven and has a track record? Oh, when it was first introduced their marketing people attempted to put “Rose Colored Glasses” on the pig. But it was still a pig!
    Let others frolic around trying to participate in a game of “One Upmanship”. I prefer to comfortably sit back and watch others play in the sandbox with Microsoft. Because I know that when recess is over it’s time to get back to the serious studies. I think you get the point.

  49. Back in February I built a new computer with Comp USA’s help and I had XP Pro installed. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! It is slightly more refined and more stable than XP Home! It’s been a pleasure using XP over the years and I don’t have any plans on “upgrading” to any other operating system.

    Long-live XP !!!

  50. Roy E. Lockhart II

    If it ain’t broke, why fix it. XP is reasonably safe and secure so why move to a new operating system that has so many faults?

  51. Steve Pruszynski

    I quess I’m an old fart and ignorant to some of the people that post here. I still use XP Pro. I use a computer to get work done. I don’t want to screw around with settings in an operating system. I don’t want to tickle the knobs to get it to work correctly. In this day and age the operating system should be smart enough to provide protection for the user without all the third party software and figure out how to get itself installed properly. Ya all pay for the operating system then need another fire wall, virus protection, registry maintenance program, cooky cleaner, the list goes on an on. You should be able to replace harware with no problems and not have to reinstall the operating system. By the way what good is the registry anyway? It seems to cause more problems then it worth. Then everyone wants a service contract renewed on a yearly basis. It seems like it never ends. When I was in the buisness companies provided upgrades, not all free, but upgrades not redesignes. Ya got new things to use but the other things were still there were you found them. Bugs were fixed not new ones added. Well most of the time, sometimes they fixed one and broke something else. Changing operating systems is only a small part of upgrading. There are all the applications you use that need to be reinstalled, email systems to be reconfigured. I’m Old, tired, and just not doing that again , and again, and again. I’m ready to go back to my slide rule and pencil. I quess I’ll eventually get W7 but only when I change hardware. I’m also sure I’ll be installing W7 while there is W8 in Beta.

  52. I’ve used Windows since leaving my old TRSDOS back in the ’80s. I started with Dos, 3.1, 95,98, then XP. I enjoyed 98SE except for a few hacker problems, thus a few security issues, but it was fairly stable. I didn’t go to ME or 2000, though I’ve heard the 2000 was very stable. I’ve been on XP for many years since it went public. I run about 11 computers in my home. Most are still 98SE, but my laptop and main desktop is XP. Other than a few hardware problems, I’ve had none. Some of the old programs didn’t work on XP though, so I had to upgrade those. I understand that Vista will not run the old Fats 32 programs, so I won’t be going to Vista. But I am interested in Windows 7. I’d like to try it at least and see if everything is compatible with the software I usually run on a daily basis. (ie. Office ’97) I am a gamer also, and find that I have had to update my ram for the gaming, along with the video cards, for more gaming power. But I didn’t have any driver issues, until about 3 weeks ago, when I updated about 20 drivers from windows, which was a mistake I should have expected. So I will be rolling back the drivers here shortly to advert any further problems.
    Basically, I’m a happy XP user, and eager to look into Win 7.


  54. this a reply to what george said first off there is no such thing as an amd p4 theres the athlon second of all the only way you would have 1mb of ram was if you had a really old computer so im sorry to say that i dont think you know anything about computers i have a amd phenom 2 3.0ghz with 6gbs of ram and 640gb hdd and i hate xp because it crashes and yes i have 64bit so now i use 7 and its much better vista was better than xp

  55. XP is the best because it is easier to use and that should be the only criteria to consider when making comparisons. Other systems are extraneous because XP is the zenith of developement. Revisions and upgrades are all that is needed, not more new systems.

  56. When a computer OS go from something that makes the computer run and that runs other programs, to being the end-all, be-all star of the computer experience? It used to be that you bought an OS for your computer, now people are buying computers for their OS.

    It’s like going from buying a TV to put in your house, to buying a new house to accomodate your TV!

    The reasons for upgrading are mostly artificial…

    1. It’s more secure. Half the security flaws in Windows come from bugs that MS hasn’t found yet. Vista/W7 is no different in this respect. Another quarter of the security “flaws” come from features that MS intentionally added and turned on by default. Hiding known filename extensions, the preview pane in OE executing attachments, browser triggers in WMV files, CD/DVD autorun (which can’t even be turned off in some cases!) and more. A large portion of these supposed security improvements in Vista/W7 are there to protect you from the harmful effects of things that MS intentionally included! It’s like offering you a flame-retardant jacket to protect you from the fire that they’re intentionally lighting. An intelligent person would tell them to stop lighting the damn fires in the first place.

    2. XP is too old. What, does software spoil? Does the hard drive get mold on it if you keep an OS too long?

    3. You won’t get any more security updates for an old OS. Know why? Because MS wants you to *BUY* a new one, whether you need it or not. Their entire business model is based on this, so of course they want to drop support for the old version ASAP. If they could have gotten away with it, they would have dropped it the day Vista went on sale. MS doesn’t want you using XP, or any old OS and they will do everything they can to make that happen. For no other reason than that they want the cash that will come from sales of Vista/W7. Trust me, if they thought they could make more money by continuing to sell XP, Vista would never have seen the light of day.

    4. Nobody will be supporting XP anymore. Gee, I wonder why? MS tells them to drop support for it and they do it. MS only releases DX10 for Vista and then tells game companies to use it, making their software Vista only. It’s a completely artificial situation.

    5. Vista can do things that XP can’t. Wrong. The correct statement would be that Vista has been written to do things that XP hasn’t been written to do. An OS is nothing more than software. It can be programmed to do anything its authors want. Once upon a time, word processors/text editors were very simple. They only worked on lines of text. When I asked why I couldn’t cut & paste columns of text, I was told it was “IMPOSSIBLE” because computers couldn’t do that, they could only process lines. Then guess what happened? People wrote word processors and text editors that COULD move columns of text, also known as Block cut & paste. How did they accomplish this? Easy, they recognized that software can be written to do anything.

    6. New hardware requires Vista. Why? Oh right because the companies were bribed by MS into only writing Vista/W7 drivers. What’s stopping them from writing XP drivers for these same devices? Not a damn thing…

    Vista/W7 may have a few more bells and whistles than XP, but the main reason it exists is to help line the pockets of MS, not to make your life easier or fo any other noble reason. It’s a bloated OS with a lot of built-in restrictions placed there at the behest of the media companies.

  57. Cheryl Inflorida

    I have used XP for many years now,(before SP1)so I was very skeptical about a new OS, however, I have been beta testing W7 from the beginning. IT’s GREAT! It is as stable as XP. Microsoft should not be blamed for hardware and/or software vendors that won’t offer compatable drivers for their products, trying to force people to buy new, however, Microsoft offers Virtual XP freely, so between compatability mode, and Virtual XP all your hardware, and software should be useable. My daughter is running Vista Home. IT’S AWFUL. It should not be compared to W7.

  58. I think most people are comfortable with what they know. I started with the basic language And switched to MS dos 5.0, 6.0,6.21 and when Ms came out with Windows 3.0 I said to Myself, This is junk! Well, I was forced to learn the new OS as I did with 3.11, 98, and XP. Every time I was unhappy because I had to leave my secure area that I knew. Vista I admit is junk. I have had to work on that OS on other peoples computers. More than I ever did with XP. Talking to people that have tried Windows 7, It sounds very promising. A remake of Vista without the bugs. Granted, it is Microsoft,so there will be problems. I am on the fence and if, in a year, I hear people are happy with it, Then switch because Microsoft will stop Supporting XP one of these days. Windows 3.0 was to make computing easier for everyone. It was ok. Windows 98se was an all right program, if you want to reinstall it every 6 months or so due to Internet issues. I hated Xp, but now I have to say it has been the best OS form Microsoft one so far, Even with all the bugs. If you are really sick of the bugs and Microsoft, Buy a MAC or switch to Lenix, You’ll be happier.

  59. I have been using XP since Jan 2003 and like it a lot..I had recently purchased a Laptop and it came with Vista Basic..Sucks..Will be getting another Laptop come November and will be willing to give Windows 7 a try….If, I am going to Hunt for things on Windows 7..forget it!!

  60. I will stop using the computer when I have to stop using the XP operater system. I started out on 95, and went all the way to Vista, and returned to XP that will do everything that I need to or want.

  61. the one major bone to pick with microsoft is how they force driver manufactures to lock down drivers and only make drivers for vista and not xp , closing the analog hole is one glaring example,i used that for legit perpouses i.e recording music and jamming along to tracks , let the custumer choose what they want to do with there computers, dont try to take control away from the consumer ,i hope some form of linux can take the market share away from microsoft ,competition is better for the consumer

  62. i havent tried windows 7 yet but i recall when vista was in beta stage i was hearing alot of positive feedback about it , when it came out and people started buying systems with vista on it i reformated 50+ systems in the the first year , ive tried vista, every time i have its great the first week of using it , after that it tends to be buggy this has happened every time on diffrent systems ,im going to triple boot xp , windows 7 and ubuntu

  63. Too many driver incompatibilities with post-XP Vista. If you’ve got perfectly useful hardware without Vista support, it’s a shame to toss it.

    I am also annoyed with the drone of the original Vista noise .. “Are you SURE you REALLY want to do THAT???” at every turn. The security nannyism may prove beneficial for some, but it’s a nuisance to me. Then again, I’m not a typical user in a typical user environment. Things must be tweaked. Vista must object. I haven’t spent significant time with the most recent version, but I have heard that it’s somewhat more forgiving. That would be a good thing.

    The attempts to “improve” the user interface don’t impress me sufficiently to put up with any of the inconveniences. I noted with some amusement the post above that bemoans the lack of the original features of “Control Panel”. Many users have probably never opened it and have no idea what the original did anyway, but for those of us who make use of it pretty much daily for one reason or another…

    I’d note that I just picked up a little Netbook, and see that all of them I looked at (e.g., HP, ASUS, etc.) come with XP even though they may have plenty of hardware resource to support at least a basic version of Vista. My new little ASUS HA1005-V certainly could – 1.6GHz, 2G of DRAM and 160G of HD for less than $350. Interesting that so many OEM copies of XP are still being made available by MS.

  64. To those saying Vista SP3 = Win7
    Go see a psychiatrist because you’re obviously delusional.
    I’ve Dealth with all 3 OS platforms XP SP3 Vista SP3 and Win7 7100
    I can tell you for a fact Eventually Vista will chew your computer up and spit it out in your face laughing at you. XP Does its best to be the hare in the race but face it Win7 is going to be better optimized have similar features to Vista but they actually WORK like they’re supposed to and it starts up and shuts down alot smoother and faster than XP or Vista even combined.

  65. I finally went kicking and screaming to an Acer with Vista Home Basic. Yes, I know that the basic is just that, however it has been nothing but a train wreck. I want to wipe the Vista out but finding the drivers and uninstalling it contains more difficulty than Obama is having getting the so called health care reform pasted. It is almost to the point of his coined single party pay. I sometimes think that the RECO ACT should cover something like this.

  66. I don’t play games anymore so I bought a new MAC. I can’t believe I have been putting up with all that Window’s crap all these years. I am currently impressed with my MAC and it is if nothing else visually a better computer.

  67. I like Windows 7, but it has two features that are deal breakers for me:

    a) its continuation of the truly pathetic Control Panel – I want the XP control panel, and won’t give it up!

    b) the incompatibility of some Vista printer drivers, including the one for my Canon laser printer. I’m not about to buy a new laser printer just to get a driver that works with it. The Canon inkjet driver works flawlessly, though. Go figure.

    wolf k.

  68. I am one of the geezers, I’ve been working with computers starting with the old vacuum tube IBM 704 days in the 1950’s. There have been many computers and operating systems come and go during that time, and I have no strong allegencies to any of them. Like Klass Ariensze, I tend to favor Linux and the Linux business model. I never had the dreaded blue screen or a lock-up using various versions of Linux. There is not a snowball’s chance in Hell that it will ever happen given the strangle-hold MS has on the market, but the Linux business model where several compaines can offer different versions of an OS with their own special capibilities all compatible with the same software has a lot of appeal for me. Monoply is corrupting, tempting the supplier to control the user; supply what they like: and charge what they like.

  69. I started working with computers in early 1966, so I do have more than a little experience. I have had my own computer since 1983 when I started with an Apple II clone. By the time I gave it away I had something like $10,000 invested in it. I moved to PCs then because there just wasn’t any software being written for the Apple anymore. I have been building my own desktops for about 20 years now because I can configure them the way I want them instead of being stuck with proprietary hardware that is difficult or impossible to upgrade and doesn’t usually work as well as standardized hardware.

    That being said, I have worked with everything from punch cards, through CP/M, DOS, Win 3.0 & 3.11, OS/2 (which was far superior to anything Microsoft has EVER put out), 95, 98 & SE, 2000 and, finally XP. I never took the plunge into Vista because of all the problems being reported by the technical experts who write for the computer magazines. I actually didn’t even start using XP until SP2 was available and I bought a new laptop with XP on it. Since then I have upgraded all my machines from 2000 (which I did like because it was a solid, well behaved OS) to XP. I may give Win 7 a chance when MS stops its support for XP, but nothing I have heard from anyone makes me want to downgrade a perfectly usable OS to Vista. So, for those obviously immature few who want to deride us older, more experienced folks and calling us ignorant for sticking with XP, you are way off base with your foolish remarks. Just because you started with Vista and you think it is so great, that doesn’t mean that you know it all or even anything. By the way my reluctance to switch to Vista does not come from a lack of intelligence since I have been a Life Member of Mensa going on 20 years. I won’t switch because I have done due diligence research and the conclusion is that Vista is a poor replacement for XP and definitely not worth the money and aggravation. So, you pseudo-intellectuals ought to just keep your mouths shut and maybe learn something from those who have more experience and knowledge than you are ever likely to have.

  70. I’m amazed by XP Loyalists who insist that they would never switch to Vista but that Win 7 is the answer. They are just falling for the Apple-sponsored hysteria over Vista. Win 7 is just Vista SP3 with a new name, and Vista was always just that good. If we are to be respected as technology leaders, we need to be rational, not O/S Xenophobic.

  71. I have been using Win 7 since February and prefer it to Win XP. Granted, I don’t understand why the big change in the control panel which makes it harder to find things. If MS wants more people to upgrade to W 7, they need to make the upgrade permanently $50. I wouldn’t pay too much more for it, and I certainly wouldn’t pay $119 for the upgrade!

  72. I dont understand all your problems?

    Vista is infact one of the greatest OS’s built because of many reasons, yes it may be slower and require better hardware but lets face it, things change get over it.

    Alot of what your saying is pure BS opinions. Go get a macbook or install Linux, why should we care, the fact is when Windows 7 gets fully released it will dominate the market fast.

    Also when XP got released it got exacly the same criticism as Vista is now, “OMG i requires a super computer to run, its just fancy colours!”
    Its faster, more secure, has DX11, stable.

    I bet 90% of “I have XP for XX years and my brother has Vista and hates it!” people are still stuck in the Pentium 3 era.

  73. I’d say Klaas Ariensze is onto something – otherwise we remain at the mercy of our dear corporate providers for eternity! Good idea, Linux/XP dual boot, might even learn a thing or two. Scary! By the way, as I recall, IBM and significant others are using Linux and this is quite possibly why the improvements Klaas mentions.

  74. I’ve been using Vista Ultimate-64 for about a year and a half now, and I must stay its honestly not as bad as I first thought. Sure it took some getting used to because the layout was different, but the learning curve wasn’t anything too crazy.

    That being said, I do have a comment about all the security questions that pop up constantly in vista. For me personally this was a huge problem at first. I’m very experienced with computers so being asked whether I was sure I wanted to do something or not over and over again really irked the hell out of me. So I did a search on google and I found that a way around that problem is to unlock the TRUE administrator accound that MS decided to hide for some reason. Ever since I started using the true Admin account I’ve never once had an issue with Vista I wasn’t able to easily solve.

    Basically it boils down to I will never use a vista machine without first unlocking the true admin account. I’m curious to see how Win7 is going to be. I signed up for beta testing but I never actually installed it in my computer. If it beats out vista then I will probably upgrade.

    I dont use windows XP anymore specifically because I’m a gamer with a really nice PC and alot of games I bought happen to be 64 bit versions or vista only versions, so I really cant take a step back to XP. And out of my entire game collection, there are only a handful of older games that dont run too well on vista. They still run, just not like they should.

    All in all after some time with it, I came to really like vista. As long as you can get the computer set up well during a fresh install, you should usually have no problems what-so-ever.

  75. I have used a computer since my 8088 14 mghz machine way back when DOS was all you had. I will stick with XP because it’s all a game to get people to spend money. They make OS and software use more system resources so you have to spend more money to upgrade your memory or buy a complete new computer. Sure there are new bells and whistles that most people think they have to have or are forced to have by software makers but we are the reason new OS systems are produced. WE LET THEM DO IT!!!

  76. Windows 7 – Safer Faster and easy to use.
    There is always a learning curve to become familiar with a new operating systems. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll know the joy of Windows 7.

    I still have a Commodore Vic 20 does that mean I shouldn’t upgrade ??

  77. “Joe Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 5:21 pm
    Anyone that is sticking with an operating system because they don’t want to find menus really has no business using a computer in the first place. I was not a huge Vista fan at first, but MS finally cracked down and almost had *Nix-like security.

    After Beta-testing 7 on a 10 yearold pc and having it run fine, I am convinced MS has moved in the correct direction. They are finally doing what users have been b*tching about for years and people are still not happy.

    I personally run Vista Business x64 at work, and dual boot between Vista Ultimate and XP at home, I keep the XP around for some of my older games that were not designed to work on Vista.

    People have been spoiled by MS keeping XP around this long, the lifespan of an OS is generally less than 5 years.”

    Vista user since the first fixes came out, Beta testing since the RC, the only problems I’ve encountered were self-inflicted.

    Amazing how it turns out when you stop doing it your way and do it the way its SUPPOSED to work. This low-end machine produces great scores on PCPitstop while being a 3 year-old, bottom-end Vista machine. RAM doubled, video card installed, Firewire card installed, 5.1 Dolby Home Theater capable running a dual-monitor system.

  78. I have both Vista and XP on the same system, and I still use XP %95 of the time. It’s not that I dont like Vista, it’s run’s decent and it’s very stable, but enough of the software I use is incompatible with it, that it is a headache to keep switching back and forth.

    From what I have seen of win7 it is just a renamed/repackaged and streamlined version of Vista that does’ent justify the exhorbitant pricetag, especially as I already own Vista(Yeah I’m a little miffed about that :D). So there is no way I will be upgrading.

  79. I was forced to use Vista for about 3 weeks on a Acer laptop, preinstalled. Vista was rubbish & the Acer more so.

    XP was great but in the end to avoid further MS OS´S nitemares, I went & bought a MacBook. Stable, easy OS, drivers galore & great design. Once you go Mac, you never go back. Thxs to MS, the Apple family is growing!!!!!!!!!!

    All the above comments promoting Vista & 7 seem that they been professionaly written by a publicity firm contracted by MS.

  80. I’m a “Silver Surfer” aged 75. Have been using XP for 6 years and am comfortable with it. Dont really want Vista foisted upon me. Happy with what I’ve got.

  81. I have run/intalled every MS OS release since MS/DOS and my favorite was Windows/ME. It took some time to get used to but recovered nicely when nasties happened. I too wait for the SP1 release before switching. MS tried forcing IE8 on me through updates and after it bellied up on 3 different machines is now banned from ANY future machines and locked out of my current ones. I have one Vista machine – which I do not like AT ALL and will soon convert to another OS which will NOT BE MICROSOFT.

  82. I am an ‘Oldie’ too mainly using my computers for writng and illustrating technical subjects. The problem I have with Vista is that it will run my CAD and Wordprocessor without crashing. Both programs are old and that is because they do everything I want quickly and reliably (I really got fed up with MS Word losing or moving illustrations in a book length text) and I have thousands of files that I refer to. So far as I am concerned Vista was unnecessary unless you are a gamester and it is not compatible. People who use computers professionally as a support rather than a primary function, have spent years getting their tools right – they do not want them to suddenly become left handed.

  83. Well, myself I indeed stick with XP just because it works for me.
    Besides that, the functionality of my system would probably be killed soon if I’d load the newer Windows onto it.
    On top of that, I don’t feel like emptying my whole system just for a new OS.
    Plus, it’s still supported and updated regularly.
    If it wasn’t however, I’d be forced to go with a new Windows, so that would be about, what, 2014 maximum right?

    And indeed my system is a pretty old one, even if running alright today.
    Let’s see, it’s about… an average of 5 years old, combining the different part.
    Just say I have one of those P4/AGP-systems with some good clocks and tweaks.
    So I’ll be switching to a new Operation System when I have an actual new and clean system.
    I already know that I’ll probably be annoyed if Windows 7 is just like Vista.
    Because I tried it on a laptop of someone I know and I just completely freeze up every time I’m looking for something.
    It’s pretty annoying… I just don’t like the layouts and what not.
    (Actually, I found that Vista DOES look and feel like a Fisher-Price-toy rather than people saying XP did/does.)
    I know it’s not my own computer and I’ll eventually get used it, perhaps with some more experience and tweaking.
    But… *sigh* I’m really, really not looking forward to it.
    On the other hand, if I’ll have a new system, I’ll be happy to start off fresh and fast.

  84. Within days of Vista coming out, I had to buy a new computer. I bought a Toshiba laptop running Vista Home Basic. Vista is a memory hog and it takes quite a while for it to boot up and I have to take care how many programs I have running at one time. In March I bought I Samsung netbook running Windows XP. Blink twice and it’s booted up and ready to go. Typically I have from 8 to 10 tabs in my web browser, a document open, a chat window (often with webcam), and a simple game all running without a hitch. When I try that on my Vista machine, it freezes and/or crashes. Same RAM, same amount of memory in the harddrive, just two different operating systems.

  85. I was one that refused to budge off of XP and then I upgraded my system. I built it myself and made it so that it was a 64 bit system. I ended up getting a copy of Vista 64 bit SP 2 and it performs much better than Vista…yes it was a pain to learn, but so was 95 from 3.11 (People forget that nightmare), not too mention when Novell was the front runner for networking…the original Vista was atrocious, but the 64 bit version is not bad at all…Windows 7 is ok, but like one poster said it seems to have been overhauled yet again…I liked being able to find my files easier, and the library function is annoying…

    I realize some may think it is faster, but to me I see no difference in speed from Vista Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 7 64. Actually some of my speeds in Vista are faster. Not too mention 8 is already in production and probably will be hitting the market in 2012…

    Yes the transition from XP to Vista was rough, but the waves have sense crashed and the sand is settling and it is not as bad as it was…every windows transition is like this and it will never change…I am just sorry I waited so long to jump to Vista as I ran XP on another HD on the same machine and yes files are easier to find but the speed is noticeable…some may not think the speed is relevant, but some of us do..

    I will continue to run Vista until 7 calms down and the first SP pops out, that seems to be what settles Windows OS down. Same thing with XP SVP 1 and 2, same with Vista, and probably the same with 7…

  86. i have Windows XP and i like it just fine. i’ve had it since 2003 going on 6 years. there’s lots of reasons why i didn’t upgrade to vista. one reason being that i didn’t have the money to go out and buy a new mother board and other essentials for building a new pc. second reason is that while i was a Technical student for the past 2 1/2 years you find out the faults of Vista. I took a microprocessors class and once they upgraded to Vista Pro 63-bit, we couldn’t do a damn thing to write programs to manipulate the registers. Another class i had was Cisco Systems, we had to switch hard drives to use Hyper Terminal to gain access to the routers. there was just so many limitations that Vista brought up for my education. i thought that also finding stuff was alot harder to find and the all the security pop-ups just so that Microsoft Technicians didn’t have to be called on the phone was a bunch of BS. come on, that’s what Technician’s get paid for. I’ve read everyone’s comments scrolling down the page and have taken in consideration. i’m a neutral person. but we all know that if Windows wanted to be like Mac, they’d suck all the fun out of programs so that their system would be air tight and no no would like it. Microsoft designs their systems to be vulnerable, lets face it. Otherwise there would be no need for security software for us to buy them. It’s one big great scam to get our money. I’m not a MAC person at all, but until recently if you remember they became vulnerable to attack.

    but i use free software to combat virus,malware. i use “Comodo Antivirus & Comodo Verification Agent, Spybot SEarch & Destroy, SuperAntiSpyware,”

    however, the real vulnerable problem lies with software.

  87. WINDOWS 7 Why doesn’t someone TELL THE TRUTH its VISTA FIXED and that is all, and they want money to fix a BAD BAD program

  88. I have owned and used XP since it’s inception. I enjoy using Xp, and am comfortable with it. Why switch??? Because Microsoft needs another cash cow?My brother uses Vista, and HATES it.He has just started using 7, so the jury is still out. Time will tell.

  89. Microsoft finally made something I like in XP… There is absolutely nothing in vista or 7 that entices me to switch.

    If MS manage to force me off XP before they have something out which I WANT to replace XP with, it will be linux for me!

  90. | have XP on my own machine and on my works machine!

    However my youngest sons Toshiba laptop uses Vista and I hate it with a passion I can never find anything, So does he. It takes ages to boot up (although he could quicken its pace a little by cutting out a few start up items but not by much).
    The defrag is ridiculous what were they thinking! you have no idea where it is, what its doing and worse still if its completed it satisfactorily.
    There’s no monitor in the BOIS supplied to see what your systems doing (fault finding /system health checking etc) you need third party software (this is down to the vista operating system I believe, they made no provision for it.

    The list is almost endless it seems Bill created a monster he could no longer control sensibly probably why he ducked out and preffered to recieve his yearly bonuses whilst sat on his ass, can’t say I blame him.

    I haven’t seen any windows 7 yet I prefer to go along to a shop and look at a machine already set up rather than forums and screen shots to form my opinion. however I’m not that hopeful its any better!

    Its definately time to consider the MAC route if only out of protest!

    I guess when it comes round to replacing my machine or buying my eldest his we could be joining the herds if only for one generation to the kingdom of MAC!

    Up yours bill!

  91. I’ve been using computers since 1985. And most all of them were Microsoft OS based computers. In the 90’s I downloaded an early version of Linux on 15 3.5″ floppy disks. Although I found the idea of a free OS enticing, I just couldn’t be bothered with a commandline OS and having to learn all new things all over again. And what’s more: nothing was compatible with what I was working with at the time…
    Things have evolved quite a lot since. I’ve been working with XP for years now and I must say I was alright with it. It has its quirks, but then again, so do all OS’es. When I bought a new laptop last year with Vista on it I was seriously planning to give it a go, so I worked with it for about 5 months. I’m pretty proud I hang on even that long. Those 5 months were grueling. Going back to XP was an option, but since MS will not be supporting it for much longer, I started looking for a real alternative, not wanting to wait for Win7.
    I ended up with Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions. It’s incredible how much Linux has evolved since the first version that I downloaded all those years ago. It now is a true modern OS with a beautiful GUI and no need to work with the commandline at all anymore.
    I installed it on my laptop and had everything working within 30 minutes and with more applications than Windows comes with. I find OpenOffice compatible with all MS Office documents I get mailed. My wireless network works without flaws, I turned on my Printer (an HP) and it just worked without a wizard of any kind. I was flabbergasted. This is how easy – and fast – it can be!
    I’ve been working with Ubuntu for about 4 months now. And truth be told I did run into a couple of problems. On the whole though I am perfectly happy with it and very impressed with how grown up Linux has become. And after 4 months it still is blazingly fast!
    I would recommend anyone asking, to install a dualboot system running XP and Ubuntu in a heartbeat! With Ubuntu as their main OS.

    PS: I have been a computer specialist since the late eighties.

  92. My first operating system was windows 98SE which was very good for playing games, xp when first released had it’s problems just like vista but xp has been around for many years so microsoft has had the chance to iron out alot of the problems unlike vista where vista is just too bloated and to big.

    I built my own high spec pc and Vista is’nt that bad i have used it for years without too many problems, i think alot of problems people have with vista is they try to install vista on an old branded computer then they have compatibility problems but if vista is installed on a new computer there seems to be little problem.

    I have ordered the new windows 7 professional edition and bought it for just £99 (rrp £249) as i took advantage of the limited pre-order price deal and i have to say i have read alot about windows 7 and like what i am hearing from professionals and ordinary users.

  93. I use windows 3.11, 98, 2000, XP, vista and windows7 every day
    and all have their charms
    3.11 shut it down using the power-plug it never nags about it’s wrongly shut down
    98 still works great with old dos programs
    2000 is just rock solid
    XP is the mature brother of 2000
    Vista when you get used to it it’s a great os
    windows 7 : because I’m a beta tester from Holland and if you get used to this OS it’s also a great OS with his own flaws

    on all OS that MS made there were complains 3.xx->95->98(se)->2000->XP(sp 1,2,3)->vista(sp 1,2,3)->7RC
    the complains are all the same generally memory hog,disk space hog ,we can’t find our stuff back
    people please use what you like and stop complaining there is a point that you have to step over
    or are you still driving your first car you bought

  94. MS is where it is, not because it produces good software, but because it has a virtual monopoly on the desktop. As with all monopolies, public or private, they tend toward gross inefficiency (and downright extortion) when unregulated.

    MS is more a marketing company than a software company. As such, the lack of real competition or effective regulation allows, and has produced, what could be called, without exaggeration, a modern Tower of Babel with Vista being its latest layer of superficial change for the sake of change (security being of not much worth if it prevents you from doing any productive work). It violates almost every known law of human factors engineering and learning (with maximum negative transfer of learning between OSs being the most obvious). Additionally, since screwing up has little negative consequence for the monolith, it can pretend, and attempt, to be all things to all people, from rocket scientists through gammers and music mavins to social-network noodlers, knowing that such things are impossible, but that they are the only real game in town. Why bother fixing it? The hoi polloi have no (real) alternatives. Linux with its poor imitations of the bad MS GUI and applications with miserably uneven packaging and delivery? Hardly.

    I’m old, (having written my first Fortran punch-card program for a Univac 1107 in 1964 and having used every major mini and micro-processor system and OS since), but I love changes for the better because I’m a professional researcher who uses computers as means to ends (from high-speed data acquisition and autonomous sytems to making pretty graphs and pictures to explain it all) and not as ends in themselves. Anything that slows me down had better pay back big dividends in productivity and quickly (with either a smooth transition for incremental improvements or big changes for only obviously superior ways of doing things) or it gets onto my list of things-to-skip this year.

    XP has finally reached some semblance of stability and security (after 8 years of thrashing about and seeing another whole generation of Vista come and go). 7? I’m beyond skeptical, I’m cynical and MS had better have something besides another pretty face propped up with a lot of (expensive hidden) botox or XP will be around, w/or w/out support from MS, for some time.

  95. I am not the most tech knowledgeable person around. I am a very diligent about keeping my computer and the programs I have installed on it up-to-date. I have had way too many problems with XP that I am glad it is in it’s death throes. I have had almost no problems with Vista or Office 2007 (I am working with MS Office 2010 now and love it). The only real problem I have had is that the DVD of Vista that I bought at Office Depot turned out to be counterfeit. Microsoft was very helpful with this and replaced my Vista at no charge. I really do not understand the problem that people have with the upgrades and improvements that Microsoft has offered to all of us. As with anything technological, there are bound to be problem, but mostly I feel that those are caused by people not using or updating properly or even trying to find fault with the very ‘hand’ they feel from.

  96. I use a laptop that came preloaded with Vista Home Premium. I hate it.

    Recently I had the opportunity to do a real worl comparison of Vista v XP in a real world use situation. The XP machine had 1/3 the RAM of the Vista machine and a slower processor.

    Ripping videos from a DVD that was intentionally not copy protected: XP did the job in less than half the time of Vista.

    Converting those videos from one format to another to be used during a video presentation… again, Vista was the slower OS taking twice as long to convert.

    Loading files from a USB drive onto the hard drive: for the same files XP took 37 seconds/ Vista took over 1 1/2 minutes.

    This is improvement? And my old XP machine never blue screened for me. Vista does so at least once per week.

    I will say that of the people who find Vista to be stable, most seem to be running the 64 bit version while those who have problems seem to report running the 32 bit version. That may be a big factor that we have not seen explored. Perhaps MS wrote for the 64 bit and added the 32 bit as an after thought just to load on machines without the resources for the full 64 bit version during the initial release.

  97. I recently paid Dell and Microsoft a bunch extra to get XP on my new computer. Why? Because XP will run DOS programs. I write genealogy books that often need upgrading, and their 1st editions were in WP5.1DOS. Yes, I have a WP Windows program, but many of the features in the DOS version do not translate properly to the Windows version, and it is slower to do much of the formatting that I need. I also still use the old DOS-based Magellan program, which is far faster and easier to use for file handling than anything else I’ve seen.

  98. Why is it that when a new operating system comes along people start saying other people are stupid for sticking with the older one? Different people use their computers in different ways & probably more than half don’t even need the security than others do. I am a more than typical user & have never had a security breach in my 11 years as a user. It all depends on what you use it for. I even have a computer with Windows 98se on it & I ain’t scared one bit. For the people that are calling people stupid or ignorant get a life. You have bigger issues than what operating system to use.

    Oh yeah one more thing…I have family that works for Microsoft & I can have any operating system of my choice & my choice is XP…Have a nice day…

  99. I remember the ‘battle’ over upgrading from Win95 to Win98. I didn’t upgrade from Win 95, until Win 98SE came out. Then the next ‘battle’ was over Win 98SE and Win XP. I didn’t upgrade to Win XP, until Win XP-SP1 came out. Notice, I didn’t mention Win Me, that was the worst OS on the planet. Didn’t upgrade with Win Me, at all.

    I learned, early in the game, to wait to upgrade until at least the first SP1. It seems as though, the OS with the SP1, that almost all of the initial ‘bugs’ in the final release, are corrected and more stable. Plus, enough time has passed that you can honestly purchase new components that are truly compatible or upgrade the drivers of your existing components.

    Right now, I believe I have enough Windows requirements to run Vista and it now has a SP1. However, the cost of Vista is absolutely prohibitive!!! It will NOT fit with my fixed income. Plus, I would have to purchase all new components. The ones that I have now are NOT Vista compliant.

    So, I am a Win XP-SP3 user and glad of it. It works for me and my budget. I am not a power gamer or a graphic designer, nor do I HAVE to have the latest and greatest! I simply want a computer that does what I want it to and not get the blue screen of death, every 10 mins or so, which happened to me, with Win 98SE. The learning curve with Win XP wasn’t fun, but well worth the effort. I know that the learning curve with Vista or Windows 7 will be challenging, as well. I may purchase Windows 7, but ONLY after it’s SP1 release, that is my buying policy for operating systems.

    So, Ernie Mink & Joe … You dare to direspect others???!!! Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes or had to work within their budget restraints, don’t make general snide comments.

  100. It took me a long time to leave 98se. I watched as friends upgraded to XP and found they had lock-ups, driver issues, reboot problems, etc. As with all operating systems time washes the annoyance factor as suppliers catch up with issues. Fat, Fat32, NTFS, 32 bit, 64 bit. The question still remains the same; Does your computer do what you want it to do in an effective productive way. Windows is windows no matter what kind of spin you put out. (Vista is nothing more than a paranoid security ridden mess. Better virus detection and spyware software is the need not a bigger box of tools. Still have a 98SE system that has not crashed, locked up, or blue screened in 10 years. Longest up time I logged was 7 months 3 days 6hrs. Added a new PCI Card and had to shut her down. Will wait till rinse and spin cycle is complete before I switch.

  101. I really have to laugh, loud and hard, at all of this, why, well I can remember the same thing back when XP was new, all the bad raps it got. People refused to budge off of win 98 or one of the older ones. They didn’t like this they didn’t like that about it. XP looked different didn’t work the same way etc etc etc.
    This whole Vista XP thing is just the same stuff different year, and probably the same complainers.
    And like a n y t h i n g that is brand new one must actually spend some time learning how to use it.
    I was forced into Vista 64 bit two weeks ago, when my old Dell died forever, the more I use it, the more I learn how to use it, the more I like it, but it’s doomed with all the bad rap commercials Apple ran, and Win 7 is on the horizon so I’m biding my time knowing I’ll have to learn all of it when it arrives. To the real complainers go Linux and stop your bitching forever, of course you would really have to learn new things with that.

  102. use all versionx of windows since the dos days and have yo say w7 is the best product from ms that i have seen yet. Only draw back is the programs that are not included but it performs wondurfull and it scales itself to the computer you are puting it on plus the perfotmance ratinge are real and you get insant help to fix most problems the minute they happen.

  103. I’ve had Vista on my computer, two computer infact and had to remove it. I went back to Windows XP. To many failures and can’t seem to get the proper driver for printers etc. I have to agree with most of the people here that more work needs to be done on Vista. I’ve had no experience with windows 7. For now I’m staying with Windows XP. One last comment my computer as set up for Vista with so they will run, but to many glitches. If I could get my money back, I would do so.

  104. Like i said in the other forum.I use ubuntu or kbuntu for all my
    Os needs.On my Win xp i use ubuntu on win vista i use kbuntu they
    work really great for all my needs.

  105. I have used every MS Op system from DOS to Vista, there have been problems with all the Operating Systems, I haven’t heard much talk about Windows 98 version 1, I compare it to Vista and Hope that 7 will fix Vistas problems as 98 se fixed 98’s problems. For now I will stick with XP, XP had it’s share of problems when it first came out and I didn’t stay switched to Xp until service pack 2 came along, now you couldn’t force me back to 98. I have great hope that W7 will be the same answer for Vista and a couple of years from now I will be writing…”back to XP..NEVER”. Evolution is the nature of the beast, it sometimes takes a while to get it right.

  106. I would have bought new PC desk top, but they all have Vista installed. So tired of PC crashes, went back to G5 Apple. So much more happier. System OX10 way better than any Microsoft grap. No wonder GATES LEFT. I WOULD BE EMBARRASSED TOO. I near even turn my Compaq on. Too many problems. Long live APPle and Steve Jobs too.

  107. Until HP releases the driver source for their scanners to the public, I’m stuck with Xp or Win 2000.

    Sorry but I refuse to toss out a perfectly good and working device just because vista or win 7 is supposed to be better than raw sex.

  108. I installed Win7 as a beta when it was sent to me. It appeared full featured and I installed it as a dual boot. However…..after I started using it I discovered there were almost no compatible drivers for most of my installed hardware and just as I was getting use to it, Microsoft killed it. Not even an offer to buy at discount for doing the testing and answering all their damn stupid questions !!!!!


  110. The only things I like about the new fangled OS’s are the
    speed and storage capacity. I have written about 350 Fortran programs in DOS and run many of them every day. As long as I can continue to do that, I am comfortable with any OS.

  111. What some people don’t seem to realize is that an OS will run differently on different pc’s. It’s very ignorant to personally attack people who have problems, or don’t want to contend with future perceived problems with a new system. You can’t possibly know what’s going on in someone else’s home/business, unless you think you’re psychic.

  112. Most people who won’t upgrade from Windows XP ARE luddities who are ‘afraid of change’. They have bought into the BS that Vista has ‘compatibility problems’ (reality: almost ALL applications from even back to Windows 3.1 that are not very specialized will work on Vista) and has ‘drive problems’.

    Personally, I have been using Windows Vista since it FIRST CAME OUT, and have been very happy with it.

    People need to realize that Vista is MUCH better when it comes down to it than Windows XP is.

    The only real thing that I have heard people complaining about on Vista that I can agree with them about is the DRM stuff in it…. however, it doesn’t come up that often or at all!

  113. @Ernie Mink – XP is “really dead”, really? Tell that to the millions of satisfied users and corporations that use it, rely on it, enjoy it on a daily basis.

    I can tell YOU that you are the ignorant foolish one.

  114. I’m just retired and have through my working life been through through DOS up to XP Pro. Like most people my age, I had to learn “on the fly”. We were handed computers but no technical training. I kept hoping each new version would be more stable, faster and more bug-free than the last. I finally learned that MS never gets it right the first, second or nth time. One would think the biggest pc software company in the world could amass the resources to get it right the first time, at least once. I will use XP as long as possible because NOW it is stable, fast and relatively bug free. I might move to Win 7 if and when the “technical community” deems it an accpetable product and “better” than XP. Or I might opt for a MAC. By the way, separate out the comments from the geeks and keep those of the more numerous “average user”. We are the bulk of the market.

  115. I used Winows 98 for years on my old Packard Bell before I upgraded it to XP and yes, they were both fine at the time – but only because we did not know any different!

    I then purchased a new Acer Aspire T180 with Vista Home Premium pre-installed. The computer was a pile of rubbish and the specs were not really high enough to run Vista. The PC died after a year. But I quite liked Vista once I upgraded the RAM and added a more powerful PSU. The only problem I had was that my fairly new scanner was not Vista compatible and Medion did not offer any Vista drivers for it. However I still managed to use the scanner for a while, by accessing it through Windows Photo Gallery.

    Then I bought a new HP Pavillion a6632uk with Vista Home Premium pre-installed on it and have had no trouble at all with either the PC or Vista – mainly because the a6632uk has far better specs than the Acer T180.

    But against Microsoft’s recommendations, I recently installed Windows 7 RC on a separate partition on my main (a6632uk) computer – and I love it! It is definitely less resource-hungry than Vista, so it starts quicker and runs considerably faster on the same specs. The best improvement apart from it being a leaner system is the search facility, which is so much fast and more efficient than it was that you now only need to type your search words into the start-button search box and Win 7 brings up the results in a blink of an eye! All my existing software and hardware was compatible with Win 7 so no problems with out of date drivers. As the RC is the Ultimate verison of Win 7, there is no way of knowing precisely how the Home Premium version will compare. But I believe that upgrading to any version of Win 7 will be a very worthwhile investment and I can’t wait to do so, as soon as it is released in the UK hopefully at the end of October 2009!!!

  116. My company provided me with a sparkly new Dell XPS m1330 laptop that comes ONLY with Vista, and Dell doesn’t provide drivers for XP for it. I did a lot of research on the web, looking for ways to “downgrade” it to XP so I can use it at work, but none of them were officially supported, and they all had some problem. I tried taking it back to XP with the best advice from folks who claimed to have done it, but after a lot of hassle with crappy or partially-functional drivers, I gave up and put Vista back on it (good thing I didn’t wipe out the recovery partition during the XP install). However, with Vista, it’s useless, since a lot of the utilities and applications software at work is not Vista compatible, and things like remote desktop can’t be used at all, so corporate desktop/laptop support refuses to support it. Yeah, there are workarounds, and I tried four or five of them. They all turn out to be a lot of grief and wasted time, and some of them even broke stuff that used to work fine on other computers. Reconfiguration and troubleshooting is a total pain, since so much easily-located configuration software and data on XP is now in markedly different or obscure places on Vista. If I’m going to have to relearn and/or constantly fix everything just to use typical Office productivity tools, then I’m going to get some decent tools, and that, for me, means Linux-based or Mac, and definitely NOT Dell or MS. The m1330 does make a good paperweight, though. Just heavy enough to hold down the paperwork, and not too heavy to move around to different places on the desk. Since I never need to plug it in or power it up, it’s also very green, i.e., low carbon footprint. My stress levels have also dropped, since I stopped trying to turn the sow’s ear into a silk purse: I find that Vista is much less agravating if I never power up the laptop that it runs on.

  117. To me, an OS is an OS! It just depends on how well you can tweak it! XP was great, for it’s time. Vista IMO is also a very good OS! I’m really tired of hearing people complain about Vista, simply because they don’t understand how to do a certain task! Read and learn people! You’ll have to learn the in’s and out’s of W-7, so I guess we’ll see how much complaining goes on with this new release!

  118. I have used wndows and dos since windoes 98 came out. i build them from scratch and i also fix them. first dont buy a cheep machine! dell gateway hp junk they cant perform the same as a quality built machine, not even close. most od stability is in the quality of the mobo,ram,video sound and how well they work together. also i was there when xp came out and many many people said it sucked and they where right. unstable and mostly driver problems and lets not forget not usb drivers all firewire until the sp1 came out. i have a quality machine i like xp on it, i like vista on it but i like w7 the best. i think its harder to get around until you get used to it just like vista was and xp until you set up as windows classic. all run good on a good machine. w7 had most the drivers built into it for aftermarket stuff,, o i have a laptop with vista and hate it and put w7 rm on it and loved it

  119. I’ve had Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 RC. In my opinion 7 is basically Vista fixed and I really don’t see my paying a lot more to get a “fixed” OS/ XP Pro is doing just fine.

  120. Bewildered by People

    Ernie Mink & Joe, between the two of you, you have called approximately 1/4 of PC users ignorant, a fool, no business using a computer in the first place, and spoiled.
    Well apparently the two of you cannot even read so I have no idea how you are able to reply and post here.

    That automatically qualifies you both for the most worthless comments made today. Neither of you have any idea what you are talking about and insulting me or any user of XP screams arrogant, ignorant, loudmouthed teenager!

  121. I had a new desktop built about two years ago and insisted on XP Pro rather than Vista as I have it on two others and am quite happy. The noise about Vista reminds me of a really horrible Windows version I had to deal with called Windows ME. BAD!! I have gone through many operating systems and now am VERY careful. I am a pre-windows computer user and did a lot of programming. I started with TRSDOS, used HP3000 system and I used CP/M on Altos … really awful … Early Windows worked and then Windows 95 was marginal..98 was better. I have had good experience with XP and now will wait patiently for 7 to be offered rather than buy into more problems. Oh, and I still have an older Dell laptop running Win 2000.

  122. No one has mentioned several facts – When Vista gets hit by malware, it’s down for the count! – usual reload of Vista in the 70 – 80 % range; why, because of so much damage is done by the invader. XP – boot up with the XP disk and do a repair replacing Windows and away you go – the only way to do this with Vista is to boot into Vista to do the replacement repair – but I can’t get into Vista, that’s why I’m trying to do the repair! Registry searches – same problem still in Windows 7 – shows what you want on the right hand side – try to find where you are on the left – in XP it shows an open folder – duhhh: Vista – take a wild guess, at least they could change the colour of the folder or something!

  123. The only reason MicroSoft created Visa and is now attempting to forced Vista upon us IS TO MAKE MONEY for MicroSoft! Soon M/S will stop supporting XP and force all us all VISA, to replenish their Bank Accounts ! BobZ

  124. Gentlemen—

    Visa is a Ram Memory Hog compared to XP!

    I have tested it on the same PC that had 2Gb Ram. Vista use 1.3Gb to load on a clean PC, only leaving 0,7 Gb to run your software programs ! While XP only used 0.7Gb to load on a clean PC, leaving 1.3 Gb to run your software programs. So Visa ia a real Pig when it comes to Ram Memory Use!

    Explorer Seven, is a pain in the butt to use as it is so darn Mouse Movement Intensive, as compared to Explorer 6.

    With Explorer 7 your have to move the mouse from one side of the full screen to the other, and all over hell to do the same thing that you used to do in just one quadrant of the screen.

    You just wear your wrist out moving the darn mouse from one side of the full screen to the other.

    Also, Explored 7 is just a poorly re-arranged Menu Version of Explorer 6, menu items are hard to find, and it offers little new improvements! The Menus are all jumbled up compared to Explorer 6!

    It is just not worth the hassle and all the Mouse Movement to mess with Explored 7.

    PS, I have Explorer 6 on all my Home PC, but I have the Junk Explorer 7 at Work– AND I HATE IT !

    Thanks, for the Ear,
    Bob Zinter

  125. I can tell you that anyone who stays with an older version of an operating system is ignorant and a fool. There is a reason Vista came out (version 6) and then Version 7 soon, because it is important, for security reasons and for contemporary software and hardware use and to stay current. It is not about making money only. XP is over-exploited and out-of-date and really dead, and if you don’t upgrade to version 7 at least when it is out you will be left behind, open to security issues and out-of-date with everything coming up that will not work with XP or even Vista.

  126. Gentlemen—

    Visa is a Ram Memory Hog compaired to XP!

    I have tested it on the same PC that had 2Gb Ram. Vista use 1.3Gb to load on a clean PC, only leaving 0,7 Gb to run your software programs ! While XP only used 0.7Gb to load on a clean PC, leaving 1.3 Gb to run your software programs. So Visa ia a real Pig when it comes to Ram Memory Use!

    Explorer Seven, is a pain in the butt to use as it is so darn Mouse Movement Intensive, as compared to Explorer 6.

    With Explorer 7 your have to move the mouse from one side of the full screen to the other, and all over hell to do the same thing that you used to do in just one quadrant of the screen.

    You just wear your wrist out moving the darn mouse from one side of the full screen to the other.

    Also, Explored 7 is just a poorly re-arranged Menu Version of Explorer 6, menu items are hard to find, and it offers little new improvements! The Menus are all jumbled up compared to Explorer 6!

    It is just not worth the hastle and all the Mouse Movement to mess with Explored 7.

    PS, I have Explorer 6 on all my Home PC, but I have the Junk Explorer 7 at Work– AND I HATE IT !

    Thanks, for the Ear,
    Bob Zinter

  127. Time Well Wasted

    Well I must say there seems like always, to be a mix of people who claim zero problems with Vista, I had Vista for two weeks, each and every time I used my computer I got an error message. These ranged from minor annoyances to Blue Screen Crashes. I contacted Microsoft 3 times in those two weeks, their “final” solution? Uninstall Vista and reinstall XP. The exact same thing they told me to do with XP Service Pack 3 after I could not get on line after installing it. It would have been much more intelligent for them to ask me or the ten’s of thousands of others who also had the same problem, what method we used for getting on the internet i.e. Linksys routers, but apparently easier to just tell me to uninstall it. Those that claim Vista is stable must either use their computer for one or two tasks i.e. work related software and surfing the internet both can be very stable environments, or like my mother think hundreds of crashes have nothing to do with the operating system.

  128. I hated XP when it first came out, but over the years they got it together and I like it. I still use WordPerfect and Lotus Organizer, neither of which is completely compatible with Vista. Networking is harder with Vista, and the security questions are ridiculous. I was trying to copy some files from my downstairs computer to my upstairs computer and got some message about not having “ownership” or some such. Microsoft needs to ask one simple question during initial setup: “Is this computer going to be used over an home network where all computers have open access to one another?” That would put an end to the “Ask your network administrator if you have permission to use this resource” crap. And yes, that statement is common to XP also.

  129. Anyone that is sticking with an operating system because they don’t want to find menus really has no business using a computer in the first place. I was not a huge Vista fan at first, but MS finally cracked down and almost had *Nix-like security.

    After Beta-testing 7 on a 10 yearold pc and having it run fine, I am convinced MS has moved in the correct direction. They are finally doing what users have been b*tching about for years and people are still not happy.

    I personally run Vista Business x64 at work, and dual boot between Vista Ultimate and XP at home, I keep the XP around for some of my older games that were not designed to work on Vista.

    People have been spoiled by MS keeping XP around this long, the lifespan of an OS is generally less than 5 years. (*Nix being the exception as it changes frequently due to a great community.)

  130. I’ve had a desktop with XP for 8 years and just recently purchased a new laptop, which by default is equipped with Vista. I assumed that it would be more or less the same, and whatever changes were made would probably not affect me anyway. I am your typical everyday user, not doing rocket science here.

    My only criticism is that one would think the folks at MSoft would have created Vista more in XP’s image, so users could transition more easily between the two. Instead it seems to me to be completely counter-intuitive. Nothing is located where your past exerience, or even your educated guess would lead you.

    It’s much like buying a house and then finding out the toilet is in the kitchen. Sure, it may speed up the complete food intake/out take process, start to finish, but it’s still just wrong.

  131. Sorry to hear Bob finds ‘old’ is a problem. Hope I don’t when I get there – I don’t feel old at 78 and had no problem going with Vista – except with a few drivers that were never updated to Vista-64. Oh yes, that forced me to buy a new scanner – probably time anyway.

    Vista didn’t fix all of XP’s instabilities but it does most everything I want except I can’t make my home network work. W7 is said to fix that; we’ll find out in October. Why else did I order the upgrade? Probably just that I’m hooked on whatever’s new and might be better….

  132. I am an XP user too. I tried Vista but found too many recent programs and games purchased would not work unless I bought the “Vista” version. Windows 7 looks interesting but I shied away from testing it out just to find out I had to pay big bucks when the final version came out. According to what I read about Windows 7, when the final version comes out, the test versions stop working. Baloney on that. My XP works fine. Maybe when Windows 7 is tried and true, and does not cost an arm and a leg, I might go for it. Oh yeh, I really hate having to do a full format and load everything back in. Another reason to wait for awhile.

  133. My XP Pro machine does everything I want it to. I know where everything is and I’ve never had a real problem with it. Like Bob, I’m old, I spent years getting XP the way I want it and I really don’t feel like doing it again. XP is so popular that even if MS quits supporting it I expect there will be someone selling fixes.

    We also have a Vista Home machine and to put it bluntly, it sucks. The other laptop is also XP Pro. When the Vista dies it will be replaced with XP.

  134. I’m a huge fan of Windows XP but Windows 7 has everything I like about XP and some cool stuff you get with Vista. I have very little trouble with getting drivers for my many devices. What’s cool is the check for drivers on line actually works. I connected some obscure printer and it downloaded the correct drivers and they worked, not the case with XP. I will purchase Windows 7. Our computer shop already is making plans to adopt Windows 7.

  135. Like bobj I too am old but I haven’t had near the problems getting around Vista that your respondents seem to have. It took a bit of time to find things but once I did it was… “jeeze, why didn’t they put it there in the first place”. I have more trouble with trying to figure out my new phone. Mind you, I just want it to talk to people on, not see the world! 🙂

  136. Vista and Windows 7

    Vista IS better than XP but, most people hate messing with the security dialogue boxes. We had complaints for years about security flaws in XP and now they don’t want security with a little extra work?
    Well, I have used it and, Windows 7 meets them half way and is very fast.
    Just go for it as more security along with useability is needed.

  137. I just had to replace my IBM T21 (8 hrs old win2000) and ended up buying a refurbed Dell d620 with a core 2 duo 2ghz cpu and 2 gb of ram BECAUSE it came with XP. I have desktops with both XP and win2000; I haven’t upgraded because they work well and I really don’t give a damn how pretty the screen is. i also appreciate how well they work, except for the constant security updates I have to suffer through.

    I also have an Imac with OS X 10.5 on it. It is prettier but also stable as a rock – not cheap but sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Since there is no productivity software that requires Vista or 7, it will be a long time before I inflict Windows 7 on myself.

  138. My Grandmother told me to never touch a new operating system until it had been out and in use for five years! W98 does everything that I want it to and there is just no incentive to upgrade to WV or W7.

  139. I just wanted to comment on Bob J’s perspective on sticking with his Windows XP. By his own admission he is a genuine geezer, and his reasons for not wanting change definitely merits attention. Funniest of all is his determination to outlast Windows 7 before Obama’s “euthanasia” plans catch up with him. Hmmm, for us diehard XP fans this is surely food for thought. Heck, if it ain’t broke, why change it? Perhaps Bill Gates and associates should be paying closer attention. You go, Bubba!

  140. The way I see it both Vista and 7 restrict the end users choices and force them to do as the developers want them to do and not what the end user would like to do.
    It’s like buying a car and finding one wheel wont turn until you download an upgrade for the vehicle from General Motors or Toyota!
    That sounds so stupid doesn’t it and yet we have allowed Microsoft to get away with the same old same old for all these years.
    One operating system that WORKED and evolved instead of several buggy operating systems with new “buzz word” names would be so much more preferable to this “end user”

    I liked 98 I liked 98se even better and although I dont like XP that much it certainly seems logical to stay with it because if I buy Vista or 7 you can bet the software for Windows 8 or whatever name they think up will be being written before the ink on my receipt dries!
    Come on Microsoft get your act together and stop ripping consumers off with buggy software that is never fixed but just replaced by more buggy software for more money with a new fangled name!
    Do I sound bitter and cynical? Thats because were Windows is concerned I am lol!

  141. I have XP on my computer and my Wife has windows 7 on her PC, She also has Vista on her HP laptop.
    Of the three operating systems the only reliable one is the XP.

  142. am an old guy,, after using xp for 7 years and slowly painfully learning where most of the settings and adjustments are hidden, have no desire to start with a new system with all things different ,and have to learn all over again. no way ,am too old and too tired.I like xp ,it does what i want or need ,will stick with it long as i can, or til obama’s health care euthanasia plan catches up with me ,if there is such a thing.

  143. David Rance has a very good point. When I upgraded to W98 from W95 I had to spring for a new printer to escape Windows’ dismal printer interface. Ditto with XP.

    From what I’ve read I can see no advantage in switching to W7 from XP. It may do some thing more quickly, but so what? Life doesn’t revolve around milliseconds, or even whole seconds (minutes, now that’s something else). Maybe I did miss out on a bargain, as George says – I don’t care. Not buying W7 at all is an even better bargain.

  144. It looks like Win7 will be well worth having, but I’m happy to stick with XP until such time as I need a new PC. This one isn’t very old and I insisted the vendor supplied it with XP not the ‘default’ Vista or the deal was off.

  145. I’m sticking with XP for the time being as HP don’t release fully featured drivers for the newer operating systems. they say they’re fully featured but they’re not. I hate this policy of HP’s of making you buy new printers just to get features like booklet printing of you’ve upgraded to Vista.

  146. i was a beta tester for windows7 and found that it was vista but with a new face. all the settings were vista. hard to find settings. why would someone change the layout of an operating system? that makes no sense. it is all about money and greed. oh and one more thing…i work on pc’s for a living and absolutely detest working on a system with vista. my next computer will be a mac and it is due to be shipped today but will maintain my xp system for virus removal only.

  147. I had to take Vista with the new Dell computer I bought, and so far it has been very usable, other than NOT allowing any linking to Hotmail, where all my mail USED to come’s just NOT ALLOWED. How rude! But we gotta keep them geeks at Microsoft happy using something we didn’t want. It’s like buying a new phone, but it won’t connect with anybody else using the current phone system. Just bite it and enjoy it!

  148. I have XP on my Desk Top. I love it. Recently I bought a Lap Top for an extended trip I will be taking. I ended up with Vista. Not by choice. I have to say, Hate It. I hope the Windows 7 Upgrade I qualified for is better than Vista. Actually, it has to be.

  149. I have been using Windows 7 along side XP on three of my 5 computers (the other two run only Windows 7). Two are notebooks with AMD P4s 1 MB of memory and 120 GB HDs and the other is AMD P4 with 4 GB memory and 320 MB HDs.
    All my XP programs and games play just great on Windows 7. The graphics are better and faster. The all come up faster and shut down faster. Anybody that did not order the early ccopy of Windows 7 for $50.00 lost out on a great deal. When the upgrade comes I will let you know how it compares to the pre-release 7077, 7000, and 7100 versions. I am just a user and love windows 7.

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