Video – How to Open Files with Unknown Extensions

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24 thoughts on “Video – How to Open Files with Unknown Extensions”

  1. Not quite true: I managed to find an extension that there’s no program for. (.gig) To be fair, though, that’s a pretty obsolete file type and I wasn’t expecting to find it anyway. It’s still an excellent resource, and I’m glad you told us, Chris.

    Oh, and one more thing. Just type it out next time. Please?

  2. I/m trying to find a viewer for NSF extensions but can’t find it on *OPENWITH.ORG*. Any ideas how I can view such a database or files?

    I have some difficulty to understand what you said due to my poor english:can I have your”lesson”in writing (email-web site)?Thanks

  4. Lol… love your work mate… so very informative and always helpful…. I think your natural humor is terrific, and could not recommend your helpful suggestions enough…

    All the very best with your new position with Pitstop buddy… may the force be with you….

    Mark (Australia)

  5. DKlinedinst, I agree no-one is forced to watch it, the problem is it IS informative but he spends 3 mins being damn irritating just to get to 30 seconds of informative content. I have seen a few of his vids before and have had some good tips from them but he does himself no favours with the way he carries on in this one.

  6. No one is forced to watch this video, so all you have to do is stop it if you find it uninformative or annoying. I for one had not heard of this program, so I am thankful for sites like this. I trust Chris because I have read articles from him for years and haven’t had any problems using his recommendations. I admit I am not a computer expert, so I need the help he gives. Just because you don’t need extra help, well, it doesn’t give you the right to make annoying remarks about him personally.

  7. Is this an April fool’s joke or something?
    Why does this Guy shout at his audience and treat them like morons? What Drugs is he on, lol?
    I knew of this website anyway, why do I get treated like a brainless fool? Extremely ANNOYING, I’m unsubscribing the company that sent me this link. CRAP!

  8. He could have given us this information in less than a minute. I wonder if he is related to Jim Cramer, same talking style, very annoying.

  9. Wow. This guy is a kind of virtual rodeo ride – how long can you listen to him talk before having to press the STOP button. I managed about 20 seconds.

  10. Yes Agatha, Google can be as much of a problem as a solution! Unfortunately any application that works well seems to eventually sell out. Google, Facebook, and Myspace all started out with good intentions, but the almighty dollar has turned them all into information gathering (and manipulating) machines. For those that go to it is not the database that chris is talking about, it is the program on the left hand side of the screen. It is a program, read the Overview and Instructions before downloading and make sure it is something you will find to be useful. I have it and personally have only used it on a few occasions but it is quite handy. (and beats a search for a legit program which is more often than not a trial and error thing..)
    Best of luck to you all.

    Hey, one more thing..Just my own 2 cents here. Chris is a rather famous guy, you can catch him on CNN Live once in awhile etc. but I have found the things he offers to be very handy and FREE of virus, worm, spam, and other malware problems.

  11. Agatha Mortenson

    Jeff, at last someone comes up with a reasonable solution. I haven’t tried it, but will the next time I get a message with an attachment I couldn’t open.

    You are right about Google; for one thing, they keep track of all your keying once they have established that initial contact;they sell all your information to third parties so you are going to get spam and more spam and more spam unless your spyware stops them. Don’t believe? Just get the book that describes how Google operates; it was an eyeopener for me.
    Keep up the good work, Jeff. Thanks.

  12. Garrido and folks like him. DO NOT USE GOOGLE you will as likely as not receive spyware, worms. and viruses along with your new extension “opener”… Do you really think there would be a tutorial on “How to Open Files with Unknown Extensions” that begins with search on google? The answer for those of you that cannot play a flash movie is

  13. No BILLG you are not the only one several others mentioned it too. But it was wise of you to point it out! Same with KIMZ. I get files from “friends” all the time, many of them with strange file extensions, the first thing that comes to mind? Is this a friend who is constantly having computer problems? Yep, usually is. DELETE and the next time I see them and they bring up the video, clip, joke, picture whatever I counter with hey how is your computer been working for you? lol
    BUT EVEN MORE FUNNY… The amount of people who cannot see this video on how to open files! OMG it is a Flash File if you cannot watch this you do not need to know how to open other mysterious files just yet.

  14. Am I the only one who sees the irony in a story that professes to tell people about how to open files in formats they have not reader for – but uses a flash plug-in that some people don’t have – so they can’t open it… very amusing.

  15. Best advice is don’t try to open files with unusual extensions unless you are very, very sure of their origin!

    Common file formats can be viewed by standard system tools or Real Player (yuk), Winamp, media player etc., and there should be no need to send files with odd exts…

  16. Informative but to annoying to watch, by the halfway mark you just want to reach down his throat and tear his lungs out.


  17. I’m the same – cant see anything… although surely the answer is to google the file extension, it works better than waiting for windows to work out what to do with it.

  18. All I saw was the little square in the upper left corner – containing a tinier square, circle and triangle. What am I doing wrong?

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