Your Data May Be Lost at Sea(gate).


Users of Seagates 7200.11 Baracuda ES.2 SATA and DiamondMax 22 hard drives are falling victim to a firmware bug as reported by Seagate, various forums, and blogs.

Some users of the Barracuda 7200.11, Barracuda ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 desktop hard drives are blocked from their data by a firmware bug that is causing lock-ups and/or failures. Users are finding that although data has not been erased from their drives – some data is being rendered inaccessible.

SEAGATE says there is no data loss, but obviously there may be issues for individual users learning how to access or recover the data.


Here is the SEAGATE Knowledge Base Link for this announcement. Note that it suggests they will help with data recovery if necessary.

This link uses your model number to determine if your drive is affected.


You can facilitate assistance by sending an email including the drive model number, serial number and current firmware revision to: [email protected]

All would be well in Barracuda world if the firmware was the complete fix, but that’s not what is taking shape. You can follow the carniage on SEAGATEs forum in this thread. References to hard drives and bricks in the same sentence are never good for a Hard Drive manufacturer.

We’ll keep you posted of any new announcements.

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15 thoughts on “Your Data May Be Lost at Sea(gate).”

  1. Well i must be very lucky, as in 13 years and many hard drives i have never had one fail onme. But that dosn’t negate the fact..backup backup and backup pften 🙂

  2. I found this very interesting, however, leave the politics out. Bush was a great President. We will soon find out1

  3. Some people are stupidly being biased and worshipping for a particular manufacturer(s)!
    These are the kind of people who vote for poodle Bush and the like. Or those others who buy Rover and other dysfunctional products simply because they are made in the ‘west’ – like Western Digital!!
    These people are, basically, as daft as politicians when it comes to technology. But they like to blab about things they ain’t got no clue at all by comparing real world products made in the real world by real people with crab some backward people put together in their back garden!

    Western Digital, Maxter. Please, give me a break.

    Seagate HDs are best in the world. I had one since early Feb 1998. And it’s still running like new with multi-booting OS and all the programs, utilities, CAD tools, apps, data, audio/video files, other stuff etc I accummulated during that long period.
    I bet it still has so much mileage left in it.

    I’ve had a 2nd Seagate Barracuda since 2002 and it’s still going great.

    No problem with eather of them – whatsoever.

    Get facts!!!

  4. Stop crying about failing drives. All manufacturers have issues. Spinning media is the weakest link in the computer/data center. The price of Solid State Drives (SSD) are dropping dramatically and have proven to not only last longer but they have a substantially faster seek and throughput. Make sure you learn the difference between MLC and SLC first before buying.

  5. It took 2 x5ooGB external drives to realize that Seagate was responsible for “its own External HD death” & the corruption of my operating system.
    This was an EXPENSIVE lesson but one which will not be forgotten in a hurry.
    From now on “Seagate, Maxtor & associates” are synonymous with ROGUE Hardware, NEVER to be TRUSTED & used ever AGAIN.

  6. I have a Seagate 120GB External hard drive that has been running now for over seven years. About a month ago it started making a grinding sound as it was warming up. Now, a month later, the hard drive takes approximately 15 minutes before the red light on the hard drive turns on and it starts up. Sometimes it doesn’t even show that there is another hard drive on the computer. I recently sent away for a new Seagate SATA-300 750GB internal hard drive and It should arrive any day now. The older Seagate 120GB external, is the first hard drive that has ever worn out in any of my 4 computers, and 7 years is a fairly long time for any hard drive to endure daily use. Personally, I have nothing bad to say about Seagate and I’m grateful that the hard drive started warning me a month ago (with it’s grinding sounds) that it’s about to go. When I get my new 750GB Seagate, I will transfer the entire contents of the 7 year old drive that’s failing, to the new and bigger hard drive, then everything will be cool again. I’m grateful that it lasted so long Thanks Seagate!

  7. It goes without saying — It really don’t matter who the manufacturer of your hard drive is. BACK UP before it happens.
    Yes. Seagate obviously had/has an issue with some of their drives but they are working to rectify it.
    Don’t count on that one hard drive to hold your sooooo important data that you simply cannot continue life without.
    Some day either your hard drive will fail, virus attack, accidential deletion, or one of many other endless number of issues may happen that can trash your data.

    I personally watched a Maxtor eat itself & trash the OS with everything on it. It was quite wild seeing “chkdsk” delete nearly every file on the hdd. GetDataBack did recover the data I needed for the customer I was working with. 100 bucks & several hours patience waiting for the program to go through the drive sector by sector but it worked.

    For you “jumpers” out there — yes. I know not same issue but still — my point is don’t wait till you see 5000 people hit a disaster before you scramble for a recovery solution.

  8. I have a one touch four that after 3 mos bit the dust and they quoted $ 1800.00 to get my data off 500 gig drive! WD’s in the future The passport 320 takes a licken and keeps on ticken.

  9. I have bought 5 Int and ext seagate hard drives and 3 ext Western Digital HD. Over the last five years. To date only one of the WD’s have died. That does not count the HD’s that came with various computers. None of those have failed at all, but I can’t tell you what brand the HD’s were in them.

  10. Seagate drives are usually very reliable, but this incident puts a stink on their whole operation and quality control.

  11. You haven’t a clue on what you speak of.

    I have 8 hard disks connected to my computer and 6 on my server. Out of those 14 drives I have replaced 3 of them in the last 5 years. None of them were Seagate. They were all Western Digital or Maxtor.

    Furthermore, I have been a PC tech for 15 years and Maxtor drives have failed the most, Western Digital a close second, and Seagate drives last the longest and are the best made.

    I bet the drives you lost were external drives, inside of a external case and they overheated. If you would have had a 5 dollar desk fan blowing on your drives to keep them cool from being isolated with circulating heat in it’s external case.

    Seagate drives rule. AND they offer a 5 year manufacturer replacement warrantee like no other company does.

  12. Zolar, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Usually the drive controller goes bad. Just buy another drive, switch controllers, extract your data to someplace else, switch the controllers back, return for refund.

    You would lose a drive, but at least not your data.

  13. Seagate is junk! In the past 15 years I have had 4 – count them 4 – seagate drives lock up on me. They all die the same way. One day, they just won’t spin up. I recently purchased #4 as a Maxtor 1TB external USB drive (Seagate in disguise). When I found out Seagate bought Maxtor after the purchase, my heart sank. Sure enough, five month later it was locked up. To add insult to injury, Seagate quoted me over $1000 to remove the data from it – after THEIR drive failed! Never again!

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