Vista Does Not Suck

The debate.

I bought Vista in March 2007, and after 16 months, I am happy to say that Vista does not suck. Yes you read that right. VISTA DOES NOT SUCK. Like many people, my history with Microsoft and operating systems goes back to the early 80’s with DOS 2.0. When I compare the two, there is literally no comparison. Vista is the clear winner.

In fact, fast forward 10 years to 1990, and Microsoft finally releases Windows 3.0 which was stable enough for mass adoption. Again, Vista blows the doors off Windows 3.0.

All of this is tongue in cheek, but there is a rather serious point behind this article. The very nature of the software business is one of continous improvement. Bugs get reported and they get fixed. New features are added on to the old ones.

So right after Windows 3.0 came Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 was a runaway success. Customers, both businesses and consumers, snapped it up. Perhaps the most important thing was that Windows 3.1 was the first version of Windows to be bundled with new PC’s from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Gateway. Before Windows 3.1, the primary way to purchase Windows was from a store that sold Lotus 123 and Wordperfect. Just another addon.

Fast forward 4 years, and Microsoft made a huge advance with the launch of Windows 95. Prior to Windows 95, Windows 3.1 ran on top of MS DOS. Many of us old timers remember typing “Win” after the computer had rebooted to get into the Windows environment. Windows 95 consolidated DOS And Windows into one operating system. But they did not stop there. They greatly improved the driver model enabling a whole universe of printers, sound cards, keyboards and everything else to easily connect to the Windows universe. Despite all of these great improvements, I still say that Vista handily beats Windows 95.

Then came Windows 98, and Windows 95 despite its many accomplishments was not very stable. The BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) was quite common and frustrating. Windows 98 made huge strides in reducing but not eliminating BSOD. Due to these strides, corporations began to take Windows seriously.

Then in 2000, Microsoft laid a huge turd called Windows ME. Who knows what they were thinking, but Windows ME was plain horrible. It was slow and it crashed more often than Windows 98. It was a nightmare. Clearly, Vista leaves Windows ME in the dirt.

In November 2001, the cavalry came to save the day with the introduction of Windows XP. XP was a total rewrite of the Windows Operating system, using a much more stable core. The predecessors to Windows XP were Windows NT and Windows 2000. XP was Microsoft’s holy grail. XP converged the Windows consumer and Windows business operating environment into one unified program. Furthermore, Microsoft scrapped all versions of Windows 9X legacy code.

XP was a breath of fresh air. After enduring 10 years of Blue Screens of Death, and hours and hours getting peripherals operating correctly, XP brought the bacon. It was a huge home run. It makes a alot of people sad to see Microsoft discontinuing XP because XP is a lot better than Vista. Sorry Microsoft, still today XP is a better operating system than Vista.

So the big question is why is Vista worse than XP? This is not the nature of the technology industry. Each year, things get faster and cheaper. Never do things get worse. The reality is that Vista is an entire rewrite of Windows. Rather than building off of their most successful code base of all time (XP), they scrapped it. It all seems wrong. Like Windows ME, you scrap your bad code, not your best code.

So why? Here is my guess. There are two big differences between Vista and XP. The driver model and the video layer. In both cases, these changes were not made to help us, but to control our access to the content we view. Vista has a “feature” called DRM or Digital Rights Management. I think that once Vista is on a critical mass of PC’s, Microsoft will be able to cut deals with Hollywood and other content providers to sell and display their content on our PC’s. So every time, we watch a movie on our Vista PC, Microsoft makes a buck instead of Blockbuster.

Of course, we have little to no say in this matter, because Microsoft has essentially forced the PC manufacturer’s to put Vista on all new PC’s. In order for this plan to work, Vista does not have to be better than XP. It just can’t suck. So folks, I am happy to inform you that after close to 18 months of use, Vista does not SUCK.

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  1. To me, my computer is a tool. I don’t geek out on code nor do I have any real insite into why Microsoft put Vista out to the world. I can tell you this: I run software on my XP machine without any issues. I run (or should say “ran”) the same software on my Vista machine but suddenly, it does not work. When I try to launch the software, my hard drive goes into an audible 4 second loop that does not end. If I am smart enough to have my Task Manager running, the software I am trying to launch does not show up in the applications window. I cannot even turn the machine off! I have to take out the battery (laptop) and unplug the power to turn the machine off. So, as a tool (making music, generating presentations, video and picture editing), the XP machine is my tool of choice. Vista is about as unimpressive as a Ford Pinto. And now I hear that Windows 7 is coming out soon. SO much for Vista being the solution. It’s time the arrogance of Microsoft be upended by the free market, i.e. anyone with a better product.

  2. I guess you’re right; you just need at least 8GB of Ram to run it when most people have computers with 4GB or less. Oh and there are tons of programs and online games that just will not run properly on Vista when no other OS has such problems (not even Windows 7 which is newer and you would think would be even less compatible with programs).

    Oh no wait since the OS was not made to work with MOST computers being sold today to the general public it does suck. Luckily Windows 7 has saved us from the nightmare of Vista. I personally went straight from XP to Win 7, but my wife unfortunately got a computer with the Vista OS and I never had so many problems with an OS… mainly due to the memory hogging nature of the OS and lack of compatibility with almost everything (slight hyperbole on the lack of compatibility).

  3. I am not as happy with all the MS operating systems as the author of the this topic. However, I do like running Vista Ultimate, w/SP2 and IE8.
    The only thing I found that really sucks with Vista is the backup to an external HD. Yes it backs up the system just fine until you restore from DVDs. Once you restore from DVDs, the restore feature won’t restore from the backup file on the external HD. WIN7 is not any better. The author skipped over DOS 5 series. Programs hung during shutdown. I switched to PC DOS from IBM. No more hanging problems.

  4. Amazing, found your blog on Ask.Happy I finally tested it out. Unsure if its my Opera browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? However, love your blog and will be back.See Ya

  5. I, too, was dragged screaming into the world of Windows 3.0 vrom Dos 2.1. Then I ran Betas on 95 right up to release and was prepaid so one of the first in Houston to get the full Windows 95. Now, I was duped into Vista Home Premium by deciding I needed a new desktop. Continued running the XP Pro on the old desktop and pushed my way into using the new desktop and was really beginning o think I liked Vista and even turned down a good opportunity to load Window 7 for almost nothing. Then, up popped the devil. I got hooked on Facebook! Then I learned I was unable to use Facebook on my laptop because Microsoft “upgraded” my laptop to Internet Explorer 8 which forced me to uninstall Firefox and,then Chrome, and wouldn’t let me use Facebook on the laptop because of the cookies issue. I’m dead in the water until someone finds out how to run Facebook again. Could it be time to buy a Mac??? I am looking for a nice tall bridge,now, which is what I said 20 years ago about the prospect of paying those guys a dime for their overpriced chinaware. HELP! anyone got a hotline?


  6. I have to admit it, back in the day i used to bash and bitch furiously at vista and its apparent sluggishness on its realease version. Now i’m using sp2 and it works as snappy as the 7 RC, just taking a bit longer to boot.

    I remember the release of XP, and i know it got nearly as much bitching as vista did from people that tried to run it on really old hardware. There were also lots of compatibility issues with software and hardware and it had more security holes than a gruggere cheese, then came sp2 and everyone forgot about the problems.

    The same happened with vista. There were compatibility issues, faulty and unoptimized drivers and people trying to run it on old hardware (considering the year it was released). Manufacturers also played Scrooge and bundled the OS on machines with 512 or 1g of ram, while it needs more than that to ensure an optimum performance (and ram modules were already pretty cheap on the year vista got released) and worse, inluding a bunch of useless preloaded in-house and trial software that does nothing but slowdown the PC (compare an OEM crap-filled instalation and a clean one and you will notice the difference), not to mention the whole “vista capable” fiasco from intel and other manufacturers which labeled underspec’d machines as capable of running the OS.

    So, never tought i could say it, but vista doesn’t suck, it just need more horse power than xp (nothing impressive, we’re talking about an OS like 6 years older).

    Just some considerations:
    1. RAM memory. Back in the xp release, many value and mainstream pc came with only 128 or 256 megs of ram, when 512 is the minimum to get a smooth performance, and it was a real pain in the ass to run the OS in those underpowered machines. The same happened here, 512 will be a pain and 1gig is acceptable but still a bit sluggish, Vista starts to shine from 1.5g and onwards. Using 2gigs

    2. Processor. Vista likes multitasking, a lot, so a single core processor may not be enough to run it smooth with all the eye candy turned on (disabling those unnecesary extras make the system pretty responsive on single core though) and a bunch of software in the background. A dual core processor helps a lot to the system responsiveness, and they are cheap since a couple of years. Currently running on an old amd X2 2.1ghz and it works very fast.

    3. Video. The eye candy features come at a cost. If you try to run the whole enchilada on a crappy intel 945, via chrome or sis integrated video your pc will be overwhelmed. Any half-decent IGP like nvidia 6 or 7 series, intel g31 or ati 3200 can get the work done without major slowdowns, and pretty much all 3-year old discrete graphic cards just handle it flawlessly. Using a cheap ass 8600gs

    4. Software. After a couple of years, drivers are mature and well-optimized, so your hardware (in case it’s not very old legacy stuff) will be more reliable than it was on the release version. Also, for god’s sake, if you buy an oem laptop or desktop do it a favor and get rid of that useless bundled junk software and trials, if you can, do a clean installation.

    5. Unnecesary stuff. Much of the bitching comes from the annoying UAC, if you half-know what you are doing with your pc you can just disable it, i haven’t got any issue by doing that. Also the sidebar is not that useful so you can ditch it also from running at startup. About Aero, if your pc runs it ok and you like it, you can keep it on, if you feel it a bit slow turn it off and it will help to unload a lot of work from a slow pc, it won’t look as pretty but will be much more responsive.

    And no, i wasn’t paid by M$ to write this (wish i did).

  7. People who bitches Vista doesnt know how to use a computer properly or doesnt know what they’re talking about.

    Sorry, but i’ll never go back to XP and before I install win7, i’ll wait for a few service packs. VIsta is the best one you can get on the market right now. Believe me

  8. i’ve had vista for about 2 years now first was sp1 now sp2. i’ve worked with XP sp5. before that windows 98se NT. i had 98se NT for 10 years and still got it. sure its not the best but its ok. I’ve had my vista crash more times in the first 9 months of having vista then all 10 years i had 98
    but i still think XP wins buy a long shot, and vista dose suck
    I’ve had 2 vista comps one with sp1 and the second sp2 not much change between the two. first comp i had 1.7 ghtz CPU speed and vista sucked the life out of it and my g-force 6100 go. fried both of them. now i have 3 ghtz speed and its taking more than 2 ghtz to run vista and i only got 10 programs installed; MSN, yahoo, AIM, blitz basic, 3ds max design 2009, magix music maker 14 PE, jet audio, audacity, and Flock(internet browser). I’m an amateur media developer only 18 and a amateur game programmer and with the vista it takes me forever just to apen a program plus i have 4 gb of ram and I’m low on ram vista is clogging everything i got, it sux. cause i’ve got friends running XP and they are getting things done faster than me and I’m the lead of everything so they have to wait on me. pluss with the clogging of my system i cant even run the games that i own; ex. half life 2, left for dead, portal, fiesta, and maplestory(i can play this but i lag so much). not including I’m running on wifi and my parents are directly connected and its lagging there internet and before when i had xp it never did that. its the dam* windows update updating every 2 seconds.
    I’ve tried refusing to update i did this for a month and what it did was stopped me from doing anything on my computer not even browse my computer’s files cause the windows explorer goes not responding and still dose even if i do update. but i got to a point were all i could do was update.
    vista sucks before vista i never had a problem with the windows explorer, NEVER!!!!!!
    and now my service pack 2 vista i cant even watch DVDs on the comp and i got a 19in flat screen HD monitor and dolby 8.1 surround realteck soundcard paired with g-force7050/610i.

    P.S. never get Norton anti-virus once subscription gose out it uploads Trojans massively onto comp. If you have un-install it your better off with windows defender.
    trust me i’ve had noton 2005, 2007, 2009, and 360 all-in-one. same thing happened every time.
    i suggest getting bit-defender. sure its a hassle for the first week but it maintains your computer’s safety and performance.

  9. Built a new Q6600 system back in late 2007 with Vista 64 Ultimate. Had some issues here and there, went back to XP until Vista SP1 and then tried again.
    After turning off UAC, Defender, etc.. and then installing Comodo Firewall, later Comodo Internet Security, I never looked back. Vista 64 has ran considerably well and only gotten better. Windows 7 Beta on the other hand…Runs worse than Vista ever did for me.
    I’ll be sticking with Vista 64 until at least Win 7 SP1.

  10. Ill I can say is get a macbook pro. A little spendy till you use it . NO more headaches . Minor glitches are even very rare. If you have to you can install windows (why?). Most if not all windows apps are offered with compatable mac programs or microsoft makes programs that work better on macs than PCs go figure. I switched and I will NEVER go back . XP was good . VIsta is not even mentionable for the abominable way it was put togather and wont work 3/4 of the time. I returned a PC with vista on it to the store after 3 weeks of nightmares. Bye Bye Microsoft. After 11 years I will NOT miss you.

  11. To me, my computer is a tool. I don’t geek out on code nor do I have any real insite into why Microsoft put Vista out to the world. I can tell you this: I run software on my XP machine without any issues. I run (or should say “ran”) the same software on my Vista machine but suddenly, it does not work. When I try to launch the software, my hard drive goes into an audible 4 second loop that does not end. If I am smart enough to have my Task Manager running, the software I am trying to launch does not show up in the applications window. I cannot even turn the machine off! I have to take out the battery (laptop) and unplug the power to turn the machine off. So, as a tool (making music, generating presentations, video and picture editing), the XP machine is my tool of choice. Vista is about as unimpressive as a Ford Pinto. And now I hear that Windows 7 is coming out soon. SO much for Vista being the solution. It’s time the arrogance of Microsoft be upended by the free market, i.e. anyone with a better product.

  12. I’ll just put in my two cents here. At first I was disgusted with Vista and the fact that some of my peripherals had to be replaced, and that much of my legacy software is now useless, but over the last year and a half it has improved into a fairly stable operating system. Though pretty, a little bloated. My computer came with Vista Home Premium, but I live in a bilingual household and was really disgusted that Microsoft did away with their language support for anything less than Ultimate. The only way we could get Spanish on the PC was to go out and buy Ultimate. I thought that was really skanky of Microsoft but not surprising. Anyway, when this thing bites the dust we’re buying a Mac. That’s my two cents worth.

  13. Tiggerr Schleicher

    Windows Me Don’t get me started. I had to restart my computer 20 time everyday just to get it running. Luckily a copy of XP fixed that and the PC is still in use.

    I switched to Mac after a foray into Dell Hell. Dell will replace 3 motherboards and replace your PC instead of installing a power supply. You are supposed to get the exact system you bought but I was please to get a better one. The second time they had to replace my system after 3 mother board 2 set of new RAM and three hard drives, I got a better system but unfortunately Vista was on it. So far so good. I didn’t have the usual driver problems since I got a Dell printer, and I gave this computer to the kids. If I have Vista problems, it gets Linux. Besides the rest of the warranty will have run out.

    During the month I spent with Dell trying to fix the thing, They told me to take SP3 off. They said that they never installed it on their new computers because Microsoft told them it wasn’t yet ready. Since It wouldn’t come off, I had to reformat. But my laptop runs fine with it.

    I have friends and Clients who have problems with it crashing at the most inopportune moments Whether this is because of their XP compatible software or not I don’t know, because I won’t work on Vistas.

    I agree Office 2007 sucks. I know a lot of people look down on the casual user, but lets face it, they are out their and Microsoft preys on them. My son-in-law sent his resume out using Word 2007 and no one could open it. Windows hides the extension of known file types so even if this former Mac user, could see them, why would he think that other Word users couldn’t open it too.

    Like I said, I switched to a Mac when My PC was out of service for that month. Yes I had to learn a new operating system. But with programs like crossover, some of my former programs work and the open source product take up the slack. After 20 years I am tired of Microsoft. I may get tired of Apple too in the next 20 years. But I’ll probably be dead then.

  14. I don’t know. I just built a system, as I had built many systems with XP, and installed Vista Home Premium, 64-bit, and it ran fine for about a week. Then, on Dec. 23, I put it in “low power” mode. On Dec 24th, I came home from work and went to turn it on. NOTHING!! Yea, Merry Christmas. I am looking for possible solutions, if anyone can suggest any.

  15. I thought vista was the best operating system that microsoft ever made. I was willing to toss all the old software that was not compatible with vista. I knew the software was poorly designed for security. But boy was I was wrong. I would buy new software with the vist logo. I would discover that only part of the program would work. The defect rate for vista ready software is off the scale. I also having trouble getting support from the software makers. I think that the programmers do not know how to make software for vista. I thought spending more money would get better quality but it does not matter. I am buying very well known name brand software with the vista logo and I would have to download patches to get it to work. Most software for xp or any previous version of windows would run out of the box without patches. When spend over a hundred dollars for a piece of software and it does not work it makes me very angry. I know I will not be able to get my money back. I could not imagine how much it would cost a fortune 500 company to upgrade to vista when upgrading the operating system is cheap. I figure everything should get better after vista.

  16. Dion Kraft from Paramount, CA

    I have been in this game since DOS 1.1 and I can attest that VISTA SUCKS compared to XP or anything below it.
    The big mistake MS made was to keep modifying and renaming things when those things and ways worked for people who just want to get things DONE! Is that so SIMPLE? My goodness you cant get some of the simple things accomplished as its too imbedded in the interface as if they dont want you to change it or make it hard for you to modify it. Its your computer and OS whats the big deal? They have added layer on top of layer to add to the frustration of many to do the easiest task. It just goes to show you that MS is on the decline and will become a company that does not have its compass pointing in the right direction.

  17. Good god, either none of you see the bigger picture or you all have little else to do than moan. I too have been using MS products for years and in my professional opinion Vista far outguns everything else. You all moan about driver issues and incompatability, try blaming the third party hardware and software manufacturers and developers for that, is MS supposed to make their OS compatible with every known configuration on the planet, NO, none of the OS providers do that.

    Try updating your hardware a bit more often and stop expecting a brand new OS to run on 5 year old junk, and 5 yrs in IT is the same as 15-20 everywhere else.

    I run Vista x64 and have never had a minutes problem with it. It’s fast, doesn’t crash and looks better than Apples rediculous OS X, which I’d like to point out they replace nearly every year with yet more reuirements for hardware to be bang up to date for it to work. No matter how hard all you linux geeks try, it will never be a mainstream OS, NEVER. Its rediculously complicated to install, drivers are just as bad and for what, just to do the same job that windows does, whats the point, I guess in a few years you’ll roll out the ‘new’ wheel for us all to try and adopt, it will be round and will make moving things easier, errrr. we’ve already done that. So, Linux sucks and OS X isn’t far behind. OS X might be ok if the hardware that Apple force you to use a: Didn’t cost such a stupidly inflated price to start with and b: it lasted a bit longer. So far this month I’ve written of a 3 yr old iMac because of burst and leaking capacitors, a £1200 machine new, now just a useless heap of parts, and a Macbook which is just outside warranty and the logic board needed to be replaced, at, you guessed more than the cost of a new Macbook.

    PC’s run, cheap to repair and buy, look better than a MAC and if it all goes wrong parts are easy to find and easy to replace.

    So, MAC sucks too.

  18. I have used pc’s for years. Never was much into gaming. I have 2 old pc’s that keep plugging along and are good enough for what I do. I always dreaded the new version of windows because I hate change. I get comfortable with something and I like to stick with it. But as time goes on and I look back and everything worked out just fine. The beginning of the year I decided to buy a new pc and against everyones opinion I bought a mac pc and I love it. I also put vista on. I use both on my mac and have no troubles with either. It is a bit of a learning curve just like making the change with windows as new versions came out. I can see why people are switching to mac pc’s. It takes a bit to convert but once you do it makes you wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

  19. OMGF AND I QUOTE “not because ME was as bad as everyone made it out to be, but because it was harder and sometimes more frustrating to use than 98 and let’s face it most people aren’t as computer literate as they would have everyone believe. Vista isn’t another ME, but it comes at the price of advancement.”

    YES ME WAS HORRIBLE IT WAS STABLE FOR 1 HOUR AT BEST THEN CRASH (kernal errors) was replaced by windows 2000 SIX MONTHS LATER!
    ME was and still is an epic fail!!!
    So now that iv established you work for microsoft why dont you take vista and shove it!
    Vi$ta is horrible its slow its buggy it crashes it hogs all the resources hdd included. I just love when it gets a virus you cant remove it because you dont have the rights ROFLMAO…..Just love that annoying UAC of cource im sure thats why i F****** clicked it! There is nothing to like about vista its a train wreck. You cant even play games with it after awhile BLACK SCREEN wow as in WOW VISTA SUCKS. Just remember you micrsuck employees your not fooling anyone by bloging how much you love vista. Because any blind person can see your full of s***!

  20. I do not know why everyone wants to follow the herd and say that Vista sucks. That simply isn’t true. I have been building, using, and even programming computers since 1975. No big deal, but I’ve had to sit through all the “my computer is better than yours” wars most of my computing life. While people often talked about having to redo their configuration file to get a particular program to run properly, I wrote one configuration file and everything ran just fine with it. I agree that Vista was released by far too early, but those tedious illogical days are over (for the most part I guess). Why does no one remember what people went through in the earliest days of XP? How many times I read comments where XP sucked. Back then everyone was suggesting people stay with Windows 98. Not much difference. I have upgraded to each new Microsoft operating system the minute each has been released and have had a much easier time of adjusting with both XP and Vista than any of the earlier ones. I have never experienced the BSOF with Vista. I recall how I would suggest to people they use Windows 98 rather than the newer system of Windows ME, not because ME was as bad as everyone made it out to be, but because it was harder and sometimes more frustrating to use than 98 and let’s face it most people aren’t as computer literate as they would have everyone believe. Vista isn’t another ME, but it comes at the price of advancement. People laughed at Windows always talking about how unsecure it was, so with Vista Microsoft has tried to give the people what they said they wanted – more security. That makes it different, but not completely bad. It also requires the user to learn new ways of doing things. If you go with the group that advocates the use if Linux rather than Windows you will still have to learn new ways of doing things. I have been running Vista since its release, and other than the initial break in period, have not had even as much trouble out of it as I’ve had with XP throughout its lifetime. I’ve never had Vista fail to boot my machine as I have had many times while using XP, and I have never had to completely reinstall it as I often had to do with all prior versions of Windows. I tend to experiment quite a bit and generally mess up my system in the process to the point it will not even start let alone run, but this has never happened with Vista. It happened considerably more often with XP necessitating a complete reinstallation or a full backup restoration. As a matter of fact I got in the habit of backing up my complete system with XP just in case. I still do complete backups with Vista more out of habit than the fear of my doing something too drastic, but that’s computing life. So you can all lament on the passing of XP and I’ll still be happily computing forward with Vista and those systems that come afterwards.

  21. After playing around with vista for a year and a half i can tell you strange things happen to it and there is no fix. adware gets stuck need to be admin to remove login as admin tells you to log in as admin still stuck, desktop icons magicly disappear tons of bizarre strange events its almost like windows ME with a new paint job tons of hdd noise. Well the good thing is i only use vista for a few weeks at a time then reformat and install xp pro. At this point i see no real need for vista because it sucks so hard, actually im just giving up on the whole vista hype dream i just hate it! maybe ill just give my vista dvd to someone or put it in the trash.

  22. VanDamn it all to hell

    Vista sucks so hard it creates a vacuum in the room every time I turn the computer on. It won’t work with printers, and you can’t even open a pdf, which is the very basic definition of basic functioning. It is suckariffic. We are running it on a brand new laptop, on which it was installed when we bought it. Otherwise, we would still be running a version that of MSOffice that works. Where is the justice department when you need them?

  23. When I first switched to Vista (32bit home premium), I was initially very disappointed…Mainly because of the software compatibility issues. My 24bit Creative Audigy Sound Blaster ZS Platinum no longer worked (still doesn’t after thousands of complaints to Creative). However, now that I have spent some time with Vista (14 months), I have to say I much prefer it to XP. I was forced to use an XP system for about two weeks recently and I couldn’t wait to get back to my Vista…Mind you, I felt exactly the same way about XP when I first used it…Wishing I could go back to Windows 98. The software for Vista is no doubt coming and that I am sure will ease many peaoples concerns over Vista. Most importantly though, in the 14 months I have used Vista, I have not had a single crash or hang or BSD (except when I installed XP with Vista). From all the posts, the only thing you can truly say about Vista is that people iether Love it, Hate it or think its OK…Kind of like every other product in the world???

  24. Tom, thank you for those kind words. I just wanted to add a few comments by saying, I noticed that the majority of the ones that can’t get things to work on Vista like games should reinstall using recommended settings. This seems to work when something is not working right like the super old game of Digger which was a part of the bootable floppy. Keep in mind that Vista has a much smaller MFT file system then XP did which means that Vista will not crash as easly as XP. This will also geve you multiple command prompts in the system as well. Like your command prompt from your start menu or from your accessories and system tools, or from the main or administrative tools and system configurations, all of which gives you different levels of commands. When downloading an older game to Vista just keep in mind to download it to the desktop and not to the C drive that is recommended or defaulted. The game Digger works fine on all my Vista machines and numerous other older games that I have.

  25. ok i installed vista and omg! what a pain in the butt.. i used it 12 hours and all the confirms and this is not campatable crap got old fast! if you dont have state of the art 3 day old hardware your gunna pay…Vista will see to it!after the 12 hours reinstalled xp pro and never looked back 🙂 get that Vista garbage out of circulation and toss it in the dumpster (” are you sure you wish to put vista in the recycle bin”.. “yes im sure”)

  26. The reason why people say Vista sucks is because they have an old computer and they listen to rumors.. Vista is better than MAC (of course) if you run it on a nice PC !
    Vista is a winner..

  27. I too have been using Microshaft products from the beginning, trying to reach a decision between Windows and Geoworks, though of course that matter was settled for me.

    Taking into account my experience with Microsoft’s various Windows versions, I’ve come to the conclusion that XP was no more than a happy accident. Perhaps in another decade or so, there might be another, but I, for one, wouldn’t hold my breath.

  28. The thing I like most about my Vista Ultimate machine is that it is so forgiving. Like I can make the mistake of booting it up first and if I forget to power up the XP laptop….I still have time for the XP to blow past Vista and be ready for network drive maps to connect anyway.

    I build computers for a living…..Vista is a pig. On several occasions I have built identical Core Duo machines and loaded Vista & XP Pro. Result? XP is the clear winner EVERYTIME. Not to mention the redundant “are you sure” pop ups getting in the way of my work. I agree on one thing, this OS is designed to be controlled by the manufacturer or their proxy. The price is outrageous, the performance is negligible and the lack drivers and support for business applications borders on criminal. For those of us who resent being forced by corporations to accept low-quality products, my opinion will not change until I hit both power buttons simultaneously and the Vista machine is ready to perform first by a clear margin.

  29. Excuse me but Vista really does suck. I like alot of Vista’s features but the damn thing keeps crashing.It crashes in Nero, Office, Adobe etc. and Windows explorer seems to like to crash at random. Yes, I have lots of CPU power and RAM and updated drivers and it still crashes. What amazes me is that I’m always getting windows updates and each time I hope that it will become more stable but it doesn’t. So, it still SUCKS.

  30. Microsoft…what a story…Mr. Gates what a deal maker…”Deal of the Millenium”: Hardware Manufacturers – ship Windows already installed on your PCs and “Oh, by-the-way” if you ship a unit with another company’s OS installed on it you still have to pay MS its commision since MS commission is calculated purely on number of PCs shipped.” – WOW that’s fair…certainly bought MS enough time to dominate the market (anti-trust suits take time…how many were yielded against them?)

    So the world gets stuck with stuff that just doesn’t work right (WIN98SE crashed at least 10 times a day on my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop). At least things improved dramatically many years later with the OS revamp and advent of 2000/XP…but in my experience none have ever worked exactly right…including XP & VISTA.

    I had XP Pro on my old Desktop and right now have XP Pro SP3 on my QUAD desktop and VISTA Business on my VAIO SZ Core 2 Duo laptop.

    On my old desktop XP Pro would intermitently inexplicable do a “Blue Worm Freeze” on boot-up…it would take dozens of tries to get it booted-up…best I could figure was that it had something to do HAL.

    On my Quad…the nightmare continues…XP Pro freeze-ups, failed start-ups with CHKDSK having to run and delete indices & recuperate orphan files on a weekly basis (sometimes twice a week)…not to mention the weekly occurance of the BSOD.

    VISTA…I was psyched to get a Core 2 Duo – 2 GHZ processor with my VIAO SZ only to find it slower then an older Duo Core 1.8GHZ with XP Pro. Then of course there is the inexplicable 1 minute hangs (maybe Superfetch or ready boost – have to test that) and the occasional crashes reminisent of WIN98SE.

    WIN 3.1 was definitely the most stable but lets be real…it was BARE BONES…nothing there to crash it. As things got complicated MS had trouble keeping things stable…well things continue to get more and more complex…will MS ever get ahead of it…I doubt it (wonder how they will fair with 64+ Core technology – talk about re-write)…in the meantime they continue control the computing world.

    Well, at least Bill says that he will give away 90% of his fortune in life and death…that’ll leave what? a paltry $10 Billion in his estate when all is said and done…poor souls, how will they ever get by?

  31. I just got my recovery CDs to XP Pro in the mail today. (what a relief:)
    My PC was purchased just before Vista was released and it came with XP Pro but with a free “upgrade” to Vista which I never used until I started having problems with my wonderful XP Pro shortly after SP3 was released.
    I tried to reformat it back to XP from the recovery CDs I created when I got it and it would not work. The only way I could get it to work was to use the Vista “upgrade” and I use the term upgrade tongue in cheek.
    I have been fighting with it for many weeks. Windows Mail is the worst thing I have ever seen. I create stationery for Outlook Express and what I had to go thru to be able to use and view it in my stationery groups was horrendous.
    I cannot use my favorite graphics programs – one will just keep shutting down on me and the other one which is the one that I use to write scripts does not show the icons to half of the “tools” many times so you have to guess when you click on a box which tool it is if you can’t remember where they are. When you use more than one graphics program it is difficult to remember where the tools are in each one. Makes it pretty hard to write a script when you are guessing at which tool you are using as you create it.
    Vista is “pretty” and “sounds nice” and I like that you can choose the size of your “view” for your graphic viewing. With all you have to go thru to be able to install or remove a program or even to visit some websites or even to just delete a folder I suppose it is probably “safer” too.
    But the hassle is not worth those few pluses IMHO.
    I like to enjoy my PC and my time creating graphics, scripts, and working on my photos, websites, etc. on it.
    And as a few others have mentioned after saving something sometimes you have to do a complete search of the whole PC to find it:{
    Oh, the Windows Gallery is nice too but I have basically the same thing in my PSP and PhotoImpact programs.
    Can’t wait to get my XP Pro back:)
    Getting off this XP laptop right now to go back up the new stuff I have managed to create on the Vista monster.

  32. After reading a lot of the comments on Vista,i think I will wait a while before I go for it. I go back to the Win 3.1 days ,skipped Win95 and used win 98 for 2 or 3 years,then went to XP home. It has been running for better than 2 years know with very few problems,although I refused to install sp3,that can wait to until they get the bugs out.At any rate I don’t feel like buying a lot of new stuff and all and a faster computer. I have a p4 3.06 cpu and it does what I want it to do so far,so why change untill I have to?

  33. Harry Blackson, I just read your post and I just had to respond to say that you are one heck of a nice guy to do that for your 94 year old friend. Wish there were more people in the world with that kind of attitude towards senior citizens. We may be seniors now, but by cracky we invented these dog gone computers and most of the other wiz toys that the younger generation uses. With people like you out there, I don’t mind growing old now. Thank you.

  34. Yes it does suck! I’ve had it since March and it’s ignorant. It was supposed to be very intuitive, reacting to my actions. When ever it wants to it will download updates and shut me down to install them. It’s a MS Windows product but doesn’t recognize the MFG of Windows Picture It. It came on an HP Laptop and doesn’t reconize HP. It doesn’t have many features of XP such as viewing pictures in a filmstrip. Tonight, for the 7th time since last March it couldn’t find my printer so I had to help it install again. The list goes on and on. IT SUCKS

  35. #Ian Bond
    Is it possible that those who LIKE Vista are using the 32-bit version?
    Nopes I’m in Vista Business x64
    Is the 64-bit version the one that SUCKS?
    Not at all, had a good time with XP x64, Vista just takes it a step further.
    Is Vista the beta release of the upcoming Windows 7?
    No Windows release is a beta of another Windows release.
    A software developer/company believes in their work, hence why they manage to talk so good about it.
    Are Vista early adopters the unwitting beta testers?
    Above answer should be enough to reflect the answer to this one. Why ask the same thing twice?

    The part that sucks about 64bit OS atm. is other software company’s not getting the finger out and rewrite/optimize their software for it.
    I remember that the greatest thing about Window 95 was 32bit support. It took some time, but nowadays your a dino if you write your codes as 16 bit.
    Same will happen to 32bit, no way to avoid it, and its only good.
    Without any evolution on the software market we would go nowhere.

    I don’t get the OC problem some mention either.
    You can’t get a E8400 to run 4-4.5Ghz on Vista, or you can’t cock your graphic cars as high as on XP without having both options running stable??
    *HINT* Maybe you need to look a bit deeper into your hardware to make it happen before blaming the OS for it.

  36. I have a Fedora 8 box too and It surfs great but if you wan’t to do anything cool with it you need to take a class (or spend twice as much time teaching yourself). All command line and manual config…device not suppored yada yada yada. Way slower in the GUI than any MS OS. It spends most of it’s time updating itself. Give me a holler when they mainstream that OS.
    O.K. Rant Terminate

  37. I have been working on computers since my apple IIc, moved to an XT with DOS shortly after. In all the OS’s i have owned none were trouble free. When I first started using my Vista laptop I told myself I had to stick with it as I was a tech and people would want me to fix it. Guess what, the main problem was that HP, Compaq, Dell were selling machines with Vista and 512K RAM. Nobody (with a brain)would even run XP with 512 now. Most of my Vista Fixing involves remove useless programs installed by the manufacturer and installing 1.5 to 2 Gig of ram. You XP only people have no idea what 95 98 and ME required in knowledge to fix. Those are the ones I dread now.
    Hell the only prog I couldn’t get to work on Vista was Wireshark; when it quit on the vista machine I installed on one of my XP boxes and guess what….won’t work on them either. Now I use Microsoft network monitor and it even works with the wireless card in my laptop, ethereal and wireshark never did that.

    BTW I can make 98 and ME run fine, there is a IRQ conflict on every install I ever saw, after I fix that the USB problems go away. For $65 an hour i will clue you in.

    Keep your XP forever, I need the money.

  38. Questions
    Is it possible that those who LIKE Vista are using the 32-bit version?
    Is the 64-bit version the one that SUCKS?
    Is Vista the beta release of the upcoming Windows 7?
    Are Vista early adopters the unwitting beta testers?

    My guess is ‘YES’ to all the above.

    Now to stste my position here
    I haven’t been through all the M$ variations of their o/s’s. What? True! I waited until Win95 happened, didn’t like it, reverted to old faithful 4DOS (what MSDOS should have been in the first place, and never came close)

    I guess it was near the end of Win98 that I had another look at the Windoze platform – liked it a bit, but continued to run two separate plug-in hdd’s (one with ’98, one with whatever flavour of Linux was in vogue then – Mandrake, I think).
    Then along came XP. As much as I hate MS “marketing strategies” and bully-boy tactics, I realised that pragmatically XP was looking good. Mind you I did wait until SP2 had been released … and there was a good choice of BUG-ELIMINATED programs and drivers available …

    Personally, I see Vista as a cynical marketing ploy by M$ to get a fistful of dollars to help finance the development of Windows 7, much like the ill-fated Windows ME.

    Back in the good old days there was a well heeded motto:
    Never buy software that ends in a “0”
    Vista is, in my opinion, still Windows 6.0 – maybe 6.0.1 if you include SP1

    Yep – I’ll gladly stick with XP – tried and tested and by now substantially licked into shape. Windows 5.8? It is probably as good as it is going to get – and is what it should have been when released.

    How do I know I’ll not like Vista if I haven’t tried it? Well – call it gut feeling if you like – I didn’t try Windows ME either and history shows my gut feeling was right.

    Just to throw a red herring in here – I’m going to make an outright statement.
    Microsoft Works 95 (or Works 4.5) has been the most wonderful, stable, bug-free product to EVER come out of Redmond. IT STILL IS. It’s SO GOOD I still use it on my XP laptop to access legacy files. Sigh – if only their O/S’s were so stable …

  39. I hesitate to give an opinion on Vista with all these “experts” writing theirs. I am not an expert,we have had a computer in our home since the 80’s.Currently we have 2 xp systems and two vista systems.I bought the 1st vista system in our house about 16 mo’s ago it did have some minor problems with older hardware but drivers were found without to much effort. My wife would’nt even get on the vista system opting instead to stick with her old xp system she had grown fond of.. i guess she must have had some kind of crazy attachment for it because i think she had to completely reformat it at least twice anyway after a year of watching me enjoying my new vista os machine,and when i bought a new media center type pc with vista she broke down and took possesion of my 1st vista machine.After 2 weeks…she loves it.Its faster smoother, and more secure than xp.And trust me we had the upgrades in xp more ram, vid cards etc.All the kids and grand kids just love the vista machines they say they are more user friendly, faster and have a much better look than the old xp’s. I will say this about vista do not skimp on the ram, hd’s or vid cards.And all those are cheap upgrades now days.Espesialy ddr2 ram for vista is about half the price for older ram for xp, you can get a 500 gig hd for 1/3 of what it used to cost to upgrade hard drives for xp 4yrs ago.I’m not going to kiss MS butt here but i i have this newest cp about 2mo’s now with absolutely 0 problems…Just lucky I guess.I guess we’re all lucky..We have so much and still whine some much over such little things. Peace !! JRH

  40. I recently repaired and computer for a gentleman that reminded me of the old days. This computer was a NCR DM 5 which required a bootable floppy to opperate and no mouse. He brought over his keyboard and moniter because I did not have a monitor or keyboard that would plug into this computer so after working on his pc, I did not find anything wrong with the computer but his floppy some how got erased and would not work anymore. After several hours on the internet, I managed to find a copy of this bootable floppy for his computer and had it shipped overnight to me. This computer used two 5 and a quarter inch flopies drives on it so as much to my supprise a local computer shop had a universal floppy drive system for external use and a package of floppy disks. I made several copies of his bootable disk and then called him to tell him that his computer is now working. He came over this morning to tell me that his computer was working fine and that he missed playing his game digger and that is why he wanted to get it fixed. This man is 94 years old and had retired from NCR many years ago as a computer technician. Little did he know that I had built him a new computer with Vista Altimate on it and had downloaded the game digger on it from game arcives. I also included a 20 inch widescreen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. When he came over this morning, he just wanted to get a cup of coffee from me and started talking about the advanced technology today and that he realy wanted to keep up with it. So while he was talking, I was showing him all the features that Vista had and showed him the basics functions of this new windows package. Around 2 o’clock this afternoon he needed to go home to take his medication and that is when I told him that I had built this computer for him. He asked why I did this for him and I replied because you told me that you would like to keep up with today’s technology. I loaded up his new computer and followed him over to his house to set it up and also had to make him a pot of coffee. He also signed up for internet and now has an E-mail address to give out to his family so that they can send him letters. He called me this evening to let me know that he never had a computer that easy to use before was very impressed on how technology has advanced. Next week I will help him configure High Speed internet for his new PC. I just wanted to share this with everyone that still thinks Vista sucks.

  41. Tom,

    Actually I was around before Microsoft was, and not far behind your tractors of the ’50s. And yes, I was less than thrilled with XP at the time. But to me XP and Vista are apples and oranges. I needed to add a bit more memory to run XP well (compared to W2K or Win 98). Vista requires a faster CPU, twice the RAM, and an expensive video card.

    The file system and registry are what become corrupted over time, and neither has changed on Vista.

    I’m glad your system has worked well so far. From our experiences with Vista, I think there’s a good chance that it’ll fail and take out hardware at some point. I wouldn’t expect someone without problems to see it my way. But if/when you do have those problems, it’ll be interesting to see if you change your opinion. Obviously there are a lot of people having these problems, thus the Vista bashing continues. 🙂

  42. Chengrob was right in saying that Microsoft hired a guy from DEC to be the chief architet for NT. The guys name was Dave Cutler who was DEC’s VMS for VAX guru, Dave originally wrte RSX-11A for Dupont before being hired by DEC to write the RAX series of OS’s for PDP-11’s

  43. I am an IT Network Administrator and a custom performance PC builder with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. I currently run Vista Ultimate 64bit, MAC OSX and XP 32bit all on the same machine (custom performance PC) and have absolutely no problems with any of them… none whatsoever. When I build systems, I ensure that they are always clean installs using the latest drivers. My wife has Vista Ultimate 32bit on her laptop (ASUS M50SV), my daughter has Vista Home Premium 32bit on her laptop (LG E500) and I have Vista Ultimate 32bit on my laptop (ASUS G70S)… all run without issue, have never crashed and each user is very happy with their system. My clients vary in their preference to OS and I am happy to oblige them in their choice… each to their own I say 🙂

  44. How many of you out there have played around with Visual Basic and C ++ Coding?
    The best feature Microsoft came up with is that you can type your codes on wordpad and save it on your command prompt from administrative tools. You can only do this on windows Vista and no other windows package can do this including Mac. Way to go Microsoft,
    now I’m ready to bata test something Bigger.

    Vista is not the name of a shopvac which sucks and blows, Vista is just plain awsome.

    Another question is, How many of you have had winsock issues with XP and how many have had winsock issues with Vista? Resetting winsock on my XP machines occured at least once a month and so far with Vista, None.

    When I was a little boy, back in the year 1 when dinosaurs roamed the earth, electronics always had a problem keeping up with it’s software and seemed to be 6 months behind new products. This is the same with Vista and all the hardware companies but this time the hardware companies had 2 years to solve any compatability problem for Vista. I have an old dot matrix printer that has no software to it and one day, I hoked it up to my vista computer and the computer found new hardware and install this printer up on it with no problems and the printer worked. I was completly impressed that Vista held the old NT functions that this printer required to function. I believe that one day, Microsoft will solve the problem with all hardware and compatability with hardware that does not require software. I would still be using this dot matrix printer if I could find ribbons for it!!! By the way, I did not use my keyboard to type this comment.

  45. vista does suck! Can’t get by brand new scanner to work with my brand new computer because of Vista. Spent an hour on the phone with the HP people and even they couldn’t get it to work. Can’t find anything in the word screen that I wan’t to use to make templates without going through a master search!! Why fix what wasn’t broke!!!

  46. Let me see now. Vista went Gold in November 2006, if I remember correctly, so I have been running the RTM on the one machine since then. No problems that would require me to refomat the drive and re-install like XP.

    When I said I didn’t overclock, that remark was for my latest two personal machines. I have overclocked plenty of times, sorry I didn’t make that point. My point is that overclocking is not for the average user as they have a hard time understand the need for better cooling solutions.

    As for governing, I was doing that on tractors when I was a kid back in the 50’s, so I know all about that. Granted that is what happens when you overclock a CPU. It makes it run hotter so you had better have some good cooling solutions there. And the very manfacturing process of some CPU’s, the tolerances are so low that almost any overclocking can have unwanted results.

    As for XP being so stable, yet you recommed the need for a reformat every year or so, if that doesn’t mean that the OS is at fault too, then I would like to know what does. I repeat. I have run Vista hard on my one machine (personal) for over 19 months, without the “tweaking” that the average comsumer would not do, and it has given me zero problems. In that time I have taken it to Siberia, and Yemen and all over the US. And for the record too, that little machine is an old laptop, a Dell I got in January of 2004. All I can put on it is 2GB of RAM, but I did up the hard drive before I put Vista on. I use that machine because I want to show a customer who is wanting to upgrade that it can be done, if you check first to make sure the hardware will handle it. The only hardward that didn’t run under Vista was the Modem, and I haven’t used dial up in quite a few years. The ones I build are a bit different. Better video cards, better MB’s, and at least 4 Gigs of memory.

    You are entitled to your opionion just like I am, and I’ll bet that if you were around in 2001 when XP came out, you were crying the same then. It was the same when Windows 3.11 for Workgroups was going good and Windows 95 came out. Gripping, complaining about Win 95, then it started again when Win 98 came out.

    Have a great weekend dark41.

  47. Tom,

    Overclocking is nothing more than taking the governor off your car. Now the gas pedal goes all the way to the floor rather than stopping at a factory preset in the throttle linkage. The CPU isn’t doing anything it doesn’t do otherwise, it’s just doing it faster.

    I’ve been overclocking for about 6 years now. The only problems I’ve ever had was a couple 805Ds that died after a year. For the price of the 805D, it was well worth the performance boost for me (2.66GHz factory to 4.1GHz). Overclocking started because people didn’t want to have to pay 5x the price for the same performance (10x the price in the case of the 805D). It has now evolved to a much broader market, including enthusiasts. I don’t recommend that everyone overclock their systems, but anyone who’s never done it is in no position to judge it either.

    The only reason CPU speeds are governed is because the faster they run, the hotter they get. Heat is the number one killer of computer components. Intel and AMD boxed CPU fans are a long ways from the best available. With good after market cooling, a CPU can be setup to run faster, quieter, and cooler than it did out of the box… and last just as long. If you want some insight as to how it works, you should read up on it and try it. Or you can continue to pay over $1200 for the fastest CPU on the market and still not be as fast as an overclocked $300 CPU. Your choice. 🙂

    The reason your XP systems are unstable after a year or so has little to do with the OS and much more to do with all the other stuff that gets installed and uninstalled from your system over that time. That’s why we recommend formatting every year or so. Nothing beats a clean registry and OS. Since you couldn’t have had Vista for much over a year now, I’m confident you’ll run into the same situation eventually.

    Your point about drivers is correct to some extent, but doesn’t apply to Vista. If you’d followed along, Symantec filed a law suit against Microsoft about a month before Vista was released to the public (December ’06), asking that they release their code. Microsoft didn’t supply their code for Vista to any 3rd party manufacturers until they were forced to do so. Thus, no one had the head start they normally did to prepare drivers or software. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with this approach.

    Personally, I’m still a much bigger fan of W2K Pro than XP or Vista. I’ve got 3 systems in back of me running folding @ home 24/7. They’ve run on the same hardware (no formats, no BSODs) for the past 5 years and are rebooted every couple weeks or so. XP is just a bloated version of Windows 2000.

    But in my opinion, Vista still sucks. We’ve built over 1000 systems with XP on them and had very few problems with XP over the years. We’ve only put Vista on about 2 dozen systems so far and the results have been mixed. But even on the systems it works on, it’s slow, beats the heck out of hard drives, gets malware just as easy as any other OS for the average user, and still has many bugs in it. I read a couple Vista newsletters every month to stay on top of the bugs and fixes. I’m quite sure I didn’t need to do this with any other MS OS 18 months after they were released.

    Sure, you can disable features and tweak Vista to speed it up and make the HDD(s) last longer, but then that defeats the purpose of paying for Vista in the first place. The average user doesn’t want to have to spend time tweaking a new system. They expect it to work and be an improvement over the last version. Vista fails miserably in these areas for a high percentage of users.

    I agree with some others that resellers aren’t doing customers any favors by selling systems with inadequate hardware. (EG: laptops with 512mb of RAM, when at least 1 gig is required and 2 gigs is the sweet spot) It’s unfortunate that customers need to research what the OS requires for hardware and then try to match up compatible systems on their own. Resellers and Microsoft should be held accountable for this behavior.

  48. For the record, my system ranks 5.2 on Vista even with the “outdated” graphics card. The only thing the 7900GTX (512 mb)doesn’t do is run DX10. It handles everything else Vista does with ease.

    I don’t pay much attention to review benchmarks since I’m capable of running my own on any of our systems or on the test bench. XP beats Vista in every benchmark except obviously DX10, since XP doesn’t have DX10.

    Overclocking on Vista makes no difference. I’ve installed and run it with and without the OC.

    Stability: We tend to format and load images on our systems every 6 month or so. I don’t believe we’ve EVER had a BSOD on any of our 8 XP machines due to the OS. We have had a couple when various hardware has failed. We’ve had at least a dozen BSODs on Vista in the last 18 months, none were hardware related.

    I’ve never yet activated Vista. I reformat and start over when activation is due, every 3 months or so, as we can’t justify paying for it at this time and may sell our copies eventually.

    32 bit OS’s are capable of running up to 4 gigs of RAM. Some of it will be allocated to hardware, but all of it can be used without any problems. It also runs in dual channel. At any rate, I’ve had the system running with 2x1g plenty of times and see no difference in performance with Vista.

  49. Violator, I like your posts. You are right on. I too have been building, repairing and using computers since DOS 3. Knox exactly what you are talking about. My latest two machines I’ve built have all the overclocking functions built in, but I have never seen the need to use overclocking. If I would want the processor to be fast, I would build a computer with a faster processor. As far as XP being the most stable OS Microsoft has ever made, that isn’t true. It was a good system to be sure, but I found I would have to completely reload XP every year or so, or at least use the CD to use the repair function on XP Pro. I have also Beta tested every OS since Win 95 with the exception of Windows Me as I was very sick then, and Vista was the most Beta tested OS ever put out. I started using Vista early on as my primary OS early during the Beta process, and towards the end of it right before it went Gold (RTM), I have never had any viruse, unwanted software or anykind get through UAC and the Vista OS to get on my computer. During Beta I tried it with UAC off, and I saw what UAC really does. I’ve turned it back on and haven’t turned it off since and will not turn it off. It will stop anything from getting into your computer without your express consent. That is what it was designed for. We Beta testers went through a lot of differnent secenerios to get it to RTM and I don’t know how many bugs I submitted during it. Yes, and I got a free copy of Ultimate for doing it, and another since.

    All these complaints, moans and groans are just like what we heard back in 2001 when XP went Gold. I still have some of the comments from different forums in my archieves. This is like a time warp. Vista is a great system, and yes I will start Beta testing Windows 7 very soon. It will be quite awhile before that’s out, so in the meantime get use to Vista. It’s here and isn’t going away like Windows Me did. No comparision between the two.

    Like I said earlier, I would have to reinstall XP at least once a year or else use the repair function. Since I loaded my copy of the RTM code on my main computer, I have not had to even try to use a repair function for Vista. The problems that a lot of people are having is with the drivers that the hardware vendors refuse to release for Vista because they want you to buy new hardware. They did the same thing back in 2001 and earlier when Win 98 was released. That is not Microsoft’s fault. They get the code to the people early on, and the hardware people drag their feet, sometimes waiting a year or two or longer after RTM to think about releasing a driver.

    I have XP loaded on these machines two on dual and triple boots but very rarely boot into XP, only when I have to talk someone through a XP problem. Vista is far more than “eye candy”. It’s the most stable OS released to date. I have friends that switched to MAC and have come back. As for the BSOD, the last time I had one in Vista was way back during Beta, way before RTM. Vista will shut a program down if it is going bad. That was built into the system, but I have never had the BSOD since RTM. On XP, I can’t remember how many times it froze, BSODed me and a lot of other things.

    As for overclocking, it’s like getting a great car and then trying to put some things on it to say improve the gear ration. My son-in-law did that to a brand new SUV and ruined the drive train. Same thing can happen to a computer. Monkey around with the CPU and try to get it to do things it isn’t designed for and be prepared for the results, and some aren’t going t be good. But then don’t blame it on Microsoft and Vista. Look in the mirror.

  50. I should also note that with the awesome graphics that you get with the premium versions of Vista , will require more memory to run , I am pretty much running the OS out of the box , also running 8 gigs of ram … with an Intel Core2 Extreme QX6850… love it …

  51. I helped bata test Vista 1 year before it came out with the first and second release of the customer review program. The very first computer that was Vista ready was the W3107 eMachine which was the first computer I had not built for myself. I only had 1 driver issue with the first bata version and none with the second. Now after building this computer to the max with 2 gig’s of ram and two 750 gig hard drive’s, I installed Vista Altimate with a storage of 1.5 Tb with absolutely no problems what so ever. I currently use this computer as a Hub for all my networking and store all my files on this PC while working on another computer in another room and still maintain a 4.2 Experience Base Score. Vista with out a doubt is the most comprehensive windows ever with standard features which you had to pay for with XP already built in the software. Such as Media Sharing, Printer sharing, File sharing of all types. It is not difficult for me to work on a word project on one of my 4 PC’s and save it to this Hub, or watch a movie on any of my pc’s that is on this Hub. The software for XP cost app. 130 dollars in order to do this and was only good for 2 pc’s. So Please know your product and make sure that the hardware is 100% supported by Vista, Then come back and give a true opinion on Windows Vista. Good things come out of Microsoft because if it wasn’t for Microsoft, we would still be using typeriters. I have Vista on all my PC’s and have not had any problems with any of them.

  52. If your graphic card can’t handle the eyecandy,you can turn it off.
    I got a few old games that wont run on XP either.
    Specially if you use the 64bit version of XP, there is Vista x64 doing way better.
    I figured to make them run thou, but if you don’t know your way around in Windows your pretty much screwed.
    And that is common for all versions.
    So there is still some work to do for MS, making a Windows that can handle to run things out of the box w/o requiring that a freak is running the OS.

  53. I’m surprised at all the “Vista sucks” comments. I remember all the exact same things being said about XP when it first came out. There are a few main reasons Vista sucks for a lot of folks. The first reason is because they are trying to run it on underpowered machines. Vista generally CANNOT run on a three-year-old machine. And if it’s a single core machine with less than 1GB of RAM, it almost certainly will not run. Vista does require more powerful hardware to operate. But that’s fine, powerful hardware is pretty common nowadays. A second reason is because of Vista’s UAC (User Access Control) system. Now that part of Vista DOES suck, they need to fix that. I simply turned mine off and made a simple unprivileged user account with which I use the system on an everyday basis. An unprivileged user will still not be able to accidentally delete vital system files and malware will still find it difficult, if not impossible, to muck around with the Vista system stuff. The third reason is Vista’s indexing system. Simply turn it off by using the Control Panel. Indexing is totally unnecessary. I’m not sure why all the media mavens were making such a big deal about it. If you are diligent about where you put your files and don’t leave the ones you create laying around your system like dirty socks in a teenager’s room, you will most likely have no problems using the regular search routine.

    I love my Home Premium Vista 64-bit system. XP looks long in the tooth compared to Vista. Yes, I like XP, but it looks very dated and antique compared to Microsoft’s new OS. All the old software works fine on it. Heck, I can even play the original Diablo game on it, lol. As far as Office 2007, I don’t use it, I use OpenOffice. It’s just as powerful and it’s free.

  54. Well the way , I figure it , I scored in the Top 5 % of all computers tested at this website ,I am running Windows Vista Ultimate ,You can take XP 64 bit and shove it because it blows , I am looking at the future and am happy with my computer , maybe you’re not , but I am looking at the future of hardware to come …

  55. The proper question is since when is vista more stable? Just because they got rid of the BSOD doesn’t mean that there aren’t errors. Within the first week of using my dual-core laptop, I had five “critical” errors. Three of these were Vista processes shutting down. Vista simply handles errors better. Period.

    Secondly, how in the hell did you get the BSOD changing system settings? Unless you used some third party program (or regedit, for that matter) to change those settings, then there should be no problem. In order to have an error in XP that prevents it from booting, your computer has to be infested with viruses, or have a motherboard/hard drive problem. That problem is just as likely to happen with Vista.

    Thirdly, just because your games work fine with Vista doesn’t mean that every single one will. There were some DOS games that I could successfully run on XP. Not the case with Vista, I was forced to use DosBox.

    Also, stating that ram and hard drives requirements have constantly grown with each OS release might be true, but Vista was the first OS to have a recommendation of a video card. Why? Like I said before, it’s eye candy. Everything from the title bar translucency to the “start” button is pure eye candy. Tell me, how in the hell is a translucent title bar useful? Or for that matter, replacing the “start” button with the windows logo? Or even the animation of a minimizing/maximizing window? Having an “All programs” list that stays in one section is a step backwards from the user-friendly start menu of XP. And instead of a “run” dialog, you are forced to link to anything you want. This is unnecessary, as it takes extra time to find what some users know they want. It doesn’t exactly help battery life either.

  56. I used Vista for 6 weeks and I hated it so much I couldn’t wait to get back to XP. I have it still on one computer and so far it has crash 3 times. Before I got it removed from my desk top and went back to XP it also crash 3 times on it. As for my opinion Vista does suck very much and not to mention over $400.00 dollars in software that wasn’t compatable with Vista.

  57. Dark41, your 3.8 GHZ overclock is not stable with Vista. Try turning it down while booting Vista. Most high number overclocks on XP are unstable on Vista, but tuning down the overclock slightly will result in a faster running Vista than XP. Yes, less “clock” can be faster computing! Overclocking is about finding the best settings for all components; memmory clock and voltage, cpu clock and voltage, chipset clock and voltage, PCIe clock and voltage… these clocks will react differently from program to program, including the OS. The 3.8 Ghz may act stable in XP, but Vista’s higher security and advanced management of components is noticing it’s not stable.

    Your video card is nearly 4 generations old and needs a desperate upgrade to run Vista. For Nvidia, nothing below an 8800GT should be considered “good hardware”, just acceptable.

    4 x 1GB ram, are you running the 64bit Vista? If not, loose two sticks and run 2GB in dual channel.

    Bill Gates made a statement that hardware needed to catch up to his software. Time and time again he made mention that Intel and AMD were slowing their progression. Vista was released AHEAD of hardware support. If you don’t have the hardware for it, don’t use it! Also, if you buy a PC from Dell, or HP, or any of these other rip-off sites, do NOT buy anything less than Vista Ultimate certified. Better yet, use Google and learn to build one on your own. It’s VERY easy.

  58. Another thing, since when is XP more stable?
    I got more BSOD in XP while messing around with drivers and system settings then Vista.
    Plus that XP is uber sensitive with driver changes.

    The crashes I had with Vista, around 3-4 since it was release, where all self provoked, by using leaked beta drivers and testing out settings in them and changing on the system settings. But none of that made the OS unable to boot.

    Just try to change mobo/chipset on a XP installation and see how it handles that.

  59. dark41, there should be no performance issue running Vista on your PC.
    You did see the benchmarks made on XP SP3 vs Vista SP1?
    I don’t think you did. 😉
    Plus I can confirm that all games I got run as good on Vista as on XP.
    Some of them perform a bit better on XP, but most of them are better on Vista.

    What you call ‘my theory’ lol, is like…
    Several DOS versions and Windows 3-3.11 286-386-486
    Windows 95 P1-P2
    Windows 98 P3
    Windows XP P4
    Windows Vista C2D and Quad Core

    Plus the amount of ram and hd space needed raised with each version.

    So what should be different now?

  60. I meant to say “Dark41 – Your layout of spec’s looks like a cooking recipe Maybe it’s because you used ‘g’ instead of GB. LOL.”

  61. As a system administrator, I get to play with all the latest offerings. I’m sorry Microsoft. I love XP, as does the very large global company I work with. We will NEVER install it on our end user’s PC’s and laptops. We need our workers to be occupied with their daily tasks, not busy clicking “Yes/No” buttons. That and the fact that most of the specific modelling programs we run refuse to work on Vista.

    I do have Vista installed on my Quadcore system at home, and agree that the NVidia drivers are rubbish! Vista does run the games I want to play better than XP, but that’s not to say that I will keep Vista installed, as it is still incompatable with other software that I used to run with XP. Well when I say “I”, what I meant to say was my wife. She doesn’t like Vista. We have to stand by the other half and keep them happy, so, buddy….Vista is going this weekend! I might put it on my new MCE box instead, as she only uses the remote control with the television there, no softare installed 😉

    Also, Office 2007 looks like it was designed by a preschool kid with a crayon! It looks unprofessional, and I have NO intention of letting it pollute either my home system or our 80,000+ systems.

    Leave the Beta testing for the home users. They enjoy having their systems at the ‘PC shop’ as it gives them someone to complain to.

    Your layout of spec’s looks like a cooking recipe 🙂 Maybe it’s because you used ‘g’ instead of GB. LOL.

  62. Oh my god does vista suck! I bought a laptop (which I’m using) that came with Vista. I tried to install a printer driver (it’s an HP Officejet 5610), and halfway through the installation, it told me that it was incompatible. A hour and a half later, I finished downloading the Vista driver. A half hour after that it was done installing. Finally.

    After the printer ordeal, I found out that my touchpad wasn’t working correctly. It wasn’t a problem with Vista, but rather the laptop itself. I decided that I wanted to back everything up onto my desktop before going ahead and sending it in to get repaired. Normally, when I want to hook up two computers together, I simply use a crossover ethernet cable. Well, that didn’t work. A half hour later, I find out that I need something installed on my XP machine in order for my Vista machine to see it. A half hour after toying around with the settings and I was able to get a working link through the ethernet. I’m not even sure what I did to make it work, so it will probably take me an hour next time in order to do it again.

    After I got it back, I decided I wanted to install PDFCreator, a free program that mimics a printer, but instead creates PDF’s of “printed” files. It’s not fully compatible with Vista.

    On top of all this, I’m positive that I can make my laptop so much faster if I were to upgrade to XP. Luckily, I kept the installation disk for my desktop. Also luckily, somebody found all of the XP-compatible drivers for my laptop (It’s made by Dell, and they don’t provide any drivers compatible with XP). Before I install it, however, I’m going to copy all the contents of the hard drive onto a folder on my desktop. That way, I can easily revert back to Vista if something goes wrong.

    Vista is simply eye candy intended for the computer-illiterate of us.

  63. “Every day and in every way I’m getting better and better…….” Chief Inspector Dreyfus and Vista have a lot in common. Bill Gates was the Cluseau of the OS world! It seems Vista is improving over time. I can’t count the number of times it has updated itself. Someone in Redmond is putting in seroius overtime!
    “What kind of OS is it?” “The crashing kind”

  64. So Violator, what about my system needs upgrading to run Vista correctly?

    Gigabyte EX38-DS5
    [email protected]
    7900GTX Extreme 512mb
    4x1g Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8500
    2x250g Seagate 7200 (Tri-boot XP, Vista, Ubuntu, on RAID 0)
    2x500g Seagate 7200 (Data)
    160g WD (OS Image backups)

    Me thinks your theory is rubbish. XP (SP2 and SP3) benchmarks, starts, shuts down, and runs every application faster than Vista. It’s also more stable. 🙂

  65. Running on VISTA Business 64bit, best Windows I ever had.
    I had them all, and find Vista to be the fastest of them for lan operations, games, multitasking etc.
    But I got the hardware that makes it run smooth as well.
    If you think you can run Vista on your 5 old rig, think again.
    You couldn’t do that either with the other Windows generations.
    Each of them required better hardware, hence why the software got able to do more and more.
    But still a lot of people think that they can run the latest software on there old outdated computer.
    And instead of admitting that maybe they suck at updating there complete system, they blame MS.
    Way to go, always easy to blame then to adept.

  66. I like Vista, but I still LOVE XP.
    Of course, in the future, when I purchase a new PC with Vista pre-installed, I have to go with the flow. In the meantime, I won’t be “chomping at the bit” to get Vista.

  67. What few people have mentioned here is that VISTA is a great resources hog and many of the computers that have been sold with any version of VISTA simply can’t run the thing. Purchasing VISTA means buying a new jazzed up computer. That is unacceptable!!

  68. “vista does not suck.” This is meaningless to me. I wish I wasn’t English speaking, because then I could get translations of American.

  69. I’m glad I’m 75 years old and about to not have to work on a computer any more. From what I have heard of Vista I won’t be a part of it and it won’t get on any of my five computers. if Microsoft is such a good company and really has its customers at heart (which it doesn’t) they would continue to support and sell XP. Microsoft has gone the way of most companies; the bottom line and to heck with all of us.

  70. E-Palidin,
    Good point. I suppose the problems that I’ve created for myself that these people are referring to is the fact that we run a domain server. Unfortunately it runs on Windows 2003 server. The software isn’t compatible with Vista, never was. So connecting to it is a 5-step manual process laid out in roughly a book by MS.

    It’s possible that the server has led to some of our problems. But some of these failures were on systems that were never connected to the server. It’s also a fact that MS made both OS’s and still hasn’t come forth with compatible software.

    Obviously I’ve created these problems for myself by buying both OS’s from MS.

    I get a kick out of how a person (not you) runs 1 OS on 1 machine without problems and then considers themselves an expert on the subject. 🙂

  71. First I’d like to say that I’m in IT and NT was made with DEC’s help, it was NOT based on UNIX. The DEC people were VMS OS (people an old DEC OS). NT had nothing to do with OS2 (IBM). Although I am not a MS fan I will say that Vista does not suck. Yes the security/privilage questions are dumb and I believe it was a mistake on MS’ part, but the only real issue with Vista is it is a resource PIG. And at first, applications weren’t updated to run well on it. It was a while before logitech had it’s software updated for it . the mouse still worked, but I couldn’t check my settings or battery strength. Now applications and drivers seemed to have caught up to Vista and it’s not so bad. it just requires a bunch of memory. Now MAC. MAC IS based on UNIX. I believe it’s more stable. The stability does come at a price, they cost more ( because they only use the best hardware ) and the applications are more limited. I’m going to run msconfig and check those settings, superfetch and ready boost, and see if it speeds up Vista, but it doesn’t suck.

  72. Many probs seem to mention 64bit processors. Why? No good software uses it yet, unimplemented. If you want to dabble with the latest and greatest be prepared to suffer. Vista since beta. Nothing too difficult or insurmountable. What is it you can’t accomplish? Turn off eye candy, UAC and run as administrator. Nothing dramatic to gripe about from my point of view. Just another learning curve. No big deal. Not going back.

  73. …to come in Windows 8, which Microsoft has committed to a first public release of early 2011 [MSFT remains unclear if this will be first public RTM or first public BETA]. The inference – I sense – is aimed at XP stalwarts.

    Microsoft’s telling them, fine, your o/s won’t be completely obsolete for another three years, but you better get used to more $$$ hardware to support the 3D-like audio / visual experience we programmed into Vista, because 8 will run on this $$$ hardware as a rock bottom requirement and may even expand upon it for 8.

    Rob, I very much like your forecast and agree – Microsoft “forced” this hardware upgrade on Vista users in order to be prepared to buy our movies from Redmond instead of Netflix.

    WMC (which is not WMP) made its debut in Vista for an important reason that’s not immediately apparent to Vista noobs. DRM protection software is in both WMP and WMC. The difference is that you can run DVD’s on WMP as always without being online; but you must be online to utilize the WMC when Microsoft starts using it to stream you $$$ new film release films.

    You’ll have your little YOU/MICROSOFT MONTHLY MEDIA BILLING STATEMENT there in WMC showing you the titles you bought to watch for 24 hours and the $2.99 you paid Redmond (instead of Apple!) for each lol.

    Ironic thing I’ve seen happen with Apple diehards is that they’ve finally warmed up to Microsoft because they love Vista! It’s the first MSFT o/s that forces great graphics and audio on users – and that’s music to Apple users’ ears.

  74. I started with DOS 1.0 on a Compaq portable sewing machine. Any thing compared to DOS prior to version 6 would not SUCK. But Vista, it compares to Windows ME, remember that product? Microsoft quickly abandoned it.

  75. I am confused.

    Microsoft uses its monopoly power to force a program on consumers that does not deliver what they want and you say somehow that this is okay because it is better than before?

    I’m just a simple person. Vista has cost me hundreds of hours of time coping with their video drivers and “improvements”. I shudder to think what it has cost hardware accessory providers such as Lexmark, Sony, and the likes.

    Excuse me….I prefer to buy from companies that won’t manipulate me or test out their product on my time…my next computer will be a Mac I think.

    Do I admire them?….yes…Do I want them bankrupt?…..yes

  76. Sorry, but Vista is so bloated and not user friendly, it does suck. Can’t get around it. I have not seen one redeeming feature in Vista my customers. I can get it to work for them after I’ve tweaked it and maxed out the memory, but it still sucks.
    I’ve been using computers since the 70’s.
    Vista still sucks, though I will agree that Windows ME is the worst operating system in history. In order to have a crash free experience, you actually had to remove Internet Explorer.
    Oh, UAC in Vista was put in place by Microsoft to irritate consumers so the consumers would force the software makers to make more secure software. So how come the UAC happens with all Microsoft products? Everyone email microsoft and insist they make their software more secure.

  77. I just want to say after reading this you also forgot about Windows 3.11 Which was ok but I bleieve that was there start in Netwroking.
    but to me Vista stills cost too much for the little like me. Can’t afford to get the good stuff of the better version of Vista as I have done a little research and found that there are different flavors of Vista too. So which one do you have?

  78. Vista x64 Ultimate SP1.
    OK I addmit its running on a big rig,
    6400+ CPU,4gig ddr2 800,M2N-SLI deluxe,but the rigs grown with “Windows”over the years since
    Win 95.BUT MAN IT ROCKS.The people that have moanded about Vista, and still do,would be better off using an Abbacus.Stick in NOD32,Spybot,and disable the frigging UAC.There are 4 comps in the house all running Vista,3 desktops and a laptop,wireless networked through a Belkin router,no probs.Yeah! Vista’s a resource hog,so give it the resourses it needs,but if the heats too hot stay out of the kitchen.Apps and drivers WILL install if the “compatabilty” tab is used i.e Windows XP (Service Pack 2),I have a Creative Webcam Instant running on this machine,no Vista support is provided for that webcam,but if you know what you are doing,”Hey Presto”.Windows,(any OS),is a filthy house keeper,so dust and hoover every now and again,i.e.Disc Cleanup,defrag,reg clean.Vista,s had its problems but so did XP.
    XP was garbage up untill SP2.Vista’s now got SP1,and guess what IT’S SORTED!

  79. First of all, I am a computer tech.I have used and supported all Windows O/S’s since 3.1. At that time Apple IIe’s were the top of the line with their GUI. My opinion is that Vista is not ready to be released (even though it already has). I LOVED Windows 2000 Professional (there were no “Basic,Home,Buisiness or “Ultimate” versions) compared to all the earlier versions.
    When XP came out, I knew that the Professional version was the best. I installed it and found out I could make it look like Windows 2000 with the classic view in “Themes”.
    There were a few driver issues… what else is new with a new O/S and new periferals? When I changed to classic view the perfomance increased. Then I looked into all of the other tweaks, thanks in part to PC Pitstop.
    I downloaded Vista RC1 to test for Microsoft for 8 months. It was Vista Ultimate… and quess what? You can also go to clasic view in themes. It really sped things up. I know the security pop ups are annoying… (especially if you use some anti spy software that keeps popping up with your anti virus popping up)you can kill the Vista pop ups.
    THE GOOD NEWS: From what I understand, Windows XP WILL be supported untill 2013. By then Vista will be straightened out by those doing the testing. What pisses me off is that Microsoft wouldn’t give me a free copy of Vista Ultimate for testing and sending error reports to them. I won’t work for them for free next time.
    Advice: Stick with XP.
    Run your PC Pitstop tests.
    Find other tweaks on Google.
    It is up to us to make our machines run well.
    Stay way from Athalon and HP(Compaq).
    64 Bit is the future (not to distant).

    Microsoft is trying to compete with Linux and Apple. That is a big mistake. You are either Chevy/Ford/Studabaker or PC/MAC/BSD. I happen to like Windows and it is getting better all of time.

    BOTTOM LINE: Make your O/S work the way you want it to. A computer is only as smart as the user.

  80. I completely agree with Vaughn !!!! SORRY ALL, BUT VISTA SUCKS and BLOWS AT THE SAME TIME!!! Z-Man

    Vaughn Says:
    July 22nd, 2008 at 6:07 pm
    I disagree. Vista is the absolute worst windows system EVER. Vista is the best advertisement for Mac available. Never again will I purchase Windows !

  81. Yes, unfortunately the demise of XP will play out as support for newer technology and software come into play.

    For all of those that thing that Vista is hunkey-dory and that this is just hardware issues. Have ya tried configuring the OS?

    I dont mean installing software/hardware and playing games. I mean build/share a network, integrate a HTPC, etc.. Its a friggin disaster.

    I’m not talking about DRM (that was made to appease content providors, not the consumer and is just saving MS the headache they might have had later on, the fact that they sympothize with the concept of proprietary rights is just a bonus to thier philosophy).

    It’s the poorly impemented UAC. I’ve spent days backtracking and reading logs before to find that the UAC denied something to run without asking or letting me know. Ever have a windows media network sharing service error? Or any service error? They’re all password protected with passwords randomly generated by the OS. Why would there be passwords on my PC that I can not find out?

    I’ve had to delete DRM and system files on several occasions because of corruption for no apparent reason (no install or shutdown anomolies or eror logs to explain be automatically rebuilt on reboot).

    Why are there so many screens to go through and change settings for things like sharing, security, performance, networking..

    When I make a change to my network, why do I need to do it in 3 separate places and 3 separate windows before it can take effect?

    Poorly written and thought out, it can be fixed, but they need to understand whom they are fixing it for and why.

  82. Most of the comments on this forum are based on a myopic view of the tech industry, Microsoft in particular. Microsoft is building a digital empire with a foundation of server and network management software at its core. Vista is simply the user portion of a much larger and complex digital management platform. Most of the comments are based purely on emotion and not reality.

  83. I purchased a new desktop PC running Vista Home Premium in May 2007. Have had no real problem other than having to purchase a new printer (which I badly needed)as my old Lexmark X83 was not compatible with Vista.

    I still have my previous (and first) PC purchased in 2000 operating on a network with the newer PC. This PC runs Windows ME and in the seven years I have owned I do not recall experiencing any serious problem nor a crash.

    I cannot say that I prefer Vista to ME for my uses even though the PC with Vista has 2 GB of RAM whereas the older PC has only 512 MB of RAM. The only reasons I have for preferring the new computer over the old is a 22 in. LCD monitor and better speakers. Both perform well but must admit that the old PC w/ME does perform noticeably faster.

    I should mention that the PC’s described are the only PCs I have owned or are familiar with. I do no gaming but do work with photos (filing, cataloging, printing, slide shows, etc.

  84. Johnathon Davis

    If I may offer my thoughts…the matter of XP vs Vista is soon to become a moot point as Microsoft is already forcing our hands. This is NOT a bad thing in that Vista is being patched, corrected and as stated “the bad gets fixed”. I’ve run 64bit Vista Home Premium for over a year and have LOVED it! The first moment of truth? Not requiring a useless floppy drive ONLY for the one time use of installing RAID drivers…Vista can access CD, DVD, USB drives instead:). I have not had one driver, stability of performance issue as yet, can enjoy 4 gigs of RAM and a massive speed increase over XP (which I also admit to thinking very highly of). XP was and is a wonderful platform…but it is going to fade away.

  85. Wow!!! guys come on i have been running vista for a year and a few months and yes as always. had a few problems well alot of them when it came out but i knew that there would be lots of bugs. XP had a lot of them too. but for a year now never ever had to reinstall vista never! so 1 you are creating your problems with vista or 2 you are just on the other side just bashing vista. xp to this day was a god sent. problem is it was the first true OS that kicked butt. but it also took a year or longer for the bugs. and by the way xp 64 blows! dont tell me it dont no driver support. vista is a great system by far . but IMHO they both are as good as each other . but vista gives me no crash in a year A+ xp A- only cause it did crash and the defrag sometimes didnt work. thanks and good luck with your OS

  86. BTW, I’ve run all flavors of 32 bit Vista. They all work and don’t work at the same rate. I have no intention of using 64 bit until software starts taking advantage of it.

    I have yet to have a customer ask for a Vista system. Suits me fine as I don’t care to be dealing with HDD and memory warranties for the next 3 years.

    I don’t think XP is perfect either, but it’s proven much more stable and faster for us than Vista to this point. 🙂

  87. Ernie Mink,
    You have no clue what my systems have in them. My own is running a [email protected] with after market air cooling and a customized Kandalf case with 5x120mm fans and a 90mm HDD fan. The CPU never gets above 50C and runs folding @ home 24/7 at 100%. It also has 4gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8500 with a Corsair Dominator. Cooling isn’t the problem, Vista is the problem.

    XP Pro never has a problem on this system. XP Pro consistently benchmarks faster than Vista. Vista has corrupted hard drives twice (where it won’t install from the DVD nor get to the repair screens). The only solution is to change HDD.

    Like I said, Vista works on some systems and doesn’t work on others, even when they’re set up identically. You’ve built 1 computer in the last 6 months? I build 1 almost every day.

    Also less than 5% of the people in the world care to have the latest graphics cards in their systems, let alone tri-SLI. Talk about a waste of electricity. Personally I couldn’t care less about DX10 or games that require it.

    You’ve been using Vista on 1 system for 6 months. I’ve been using Vista on many systems for 20 months. But I’m sure you know more about my problems than I do. 🙂

  88. The point is not if Vista sucks or not. The point is that there are better OS.
    And so many versions of the same OS can’t be a good thing.

    If you try MacOS for a while you will probably never get back to Vista.

    And what is this article about anyway? You said that XP is better… So Vista is better than what? ME??

  89. Vista is better than xp, it makes most hardware work in install. The real bug with Vista is UAC why do we have to have that, and if we turn it off an annoying icon and nags.
    This should be for company IT men not for Joe public.

  90. I’m a retired programmer/analyst/databse specialist, and have at one time or another used every version of DOS and Windows – except Vista. I currently use three PCs at home, the newest purchased with Vista Ultimate installed about 14 months ago. My experience with Vista was dismal – far worse than ANY other version of Windows. I replaced it with XP about three months ago and have had NO problems since. VISTA DOES SUCK and I will not run it now or ever – even if it means dumping all my equipment and software and switching to Macintoshes.

  91. I owned a Dell 1530 with Vista for 2 weeks, the tech people could never get the mail program to work. It was suggested by a couple I try and independent program like Thunderbird as Vista still had some problems. I should hang in there until Microsoft comes out with it’s first service pack. I am a person who likes to turn on my computer and use it.

    I bought an Apple Macbook Pro, I love it, and I will never buy another PC again.

  92. A guy called Dave

    After reading the article, I saw no mention of the term ‘Vista outclassed XP’ or something similar, so am I right in saying that although Vista may not suck, XP still is better.

    I like the GUI in Vista, yes I do… infact I have a Vista style theme on my computer, but I use XP. It is easy to learn and not frustrating. With XP it is about performance, Vista is about style. Unlike XP, Vista keeps asking if you want to do something. So although Vista may be good XP gives less stress to deal with.

    I know alot of people say that because Vista asks if you want to confirm everytime a program or a file wants to make changes, that it is impenetrable to viruses… arrogance will soon prove you wrong… I remember hearing someone say that because XP’s base code had been rewritten it would be hard to hack… they were wrong. It won’t take long until someone manages to bypass the UAC and manages to exploit and lock you out… all they have to do is make it so everytime that message pops up, it stops you doing what you want… therefor making it no more secure…

  93. Thanks for a great article and lively discussion…did I say informative? Oh, yes I am very informed by the diversity of opinion and the sprinkle of facts.

    The audience is forthcoming and the opinions unequivable; the winner is ….(hold breath here…) ALL of us!

    The market has spoken and reminds us once more that the market is a blind grasping thing, with no more real insight than a lawyer attempting to fashion a single law to rule every occasion and every circumstance. The real result is a proof that the law (here the evolved “product”) is an ass, and always will be.


  94. I like the point I read in this thread that this is the same problem people had with upgrading from windows 98 to 2000. I remember people being the same way in saying that they had been using 98 forever and they weren’t gonna upgrade, it supported their software/drivers, etc, but then somehow, XP came out with the same core, just matured software and driver support from Windows 2000, and everyone jumped on that. We’re at that same point now, Vista is being supported more and more, and we’re about a year away from the next version of Windows. I’m more excited about that than I was about XP when it came out.

    For those who complain about UAC, you can turn it off. If you know anything about security, you’ll notice how much safer Vista is. I mean, even something simple like File Sharing. The average Joe on Vista shares files with no password by default, and wide open to the world. That same person will have to learn that file sharing in Vista is password protected by default. Rather than having to actively try to be more secure, you have to actively try to be less secure. Makes sense to me.

    I think the main problem people have is that the best way to experience Vista is on a new PC. If you upgraded/installed it, just like XP in the beginning, you probably aren’t getting the best eXPerience. You’re probably having the standard windows upgrade bugs and incompatibilities that have always happened with new versions of Windows.

  95. It’s ridiculous to say that Windows Vista beats Windows 95. Windows 95 was completely revolutionary for it’s time. Windows Vista is not. You need to put things into perspective.

    I am a full time web programmer. My Vista taskbar is filled up with 30 applications at a time because I have to have so many tools for my job. I see first-hand each day how terrible Vista is. My computer is slower than a snail, I get crashes every hour and programs are always freezing up. These things never happened in XP.

  96. Isn’t it most logical and more relative to base this off of the previous OS? As in life there should be an upward progression with the latest and greatest. Since Vista is not better than XP how can anyone conclude that it does not suck? If you were to buy a stock Corvette with 400 HP(just an example) and the next year Chevy releases the same stock car with 300HP you would get the same argument. THE NEW VERSION SUCKS. If you never had never driven a corvette before you would probably like the 300HP just fine………….

  97. Andrew McQuillen

    I have rolled out XP SP3 on a number of the Dell Laptops I have at work with no problems whatsoever.

    As for Vista I tried Vista on my home PC. It probably wasn’t quite up to the job spec-wise, but it was ok except my on-board sound card wouldn’t work at all. despite downloading the vista drivers. And the system ran really slowly. it did however pick up my graphics card network card and every other thing attached. No problem with any software especially office 2003.
    Vista doesn’t suck It just needs a faster PC on which to run at the same speed as XP!!!
    I have gone back to XP at home and XPSP3 at work.

  98. XP SUCKED good riddinths

    wow I AM STILL AHOCKED that people like XP! I always hated the biggest waste of an OS 2nd only to ME that microsoft ever released. most Vista issues seem to me to be user error i even run Diablo 1 and 2 ond ghost recon not 1 game i cant run and run better on Vista than i ran on XP the fact of the matter Microsoft did the best thing ever scrapping XP.

  99. Then why are there hundreds of publications just for VISTA and/or articles just to use the thing?
    Luckily, I still have Windows XP. All the Windows Programs that I’ve used I could at least use without that much difficulity.

  100. It is nice to know that you think Vista does not suck, but that is not my experience. They have put so many “safe guards” in Vista that it is a royal pain by continuously asking you essentially “Did you really want to do this?” And performance degradation seems to be its forte. My computer was built as a Vista computer and, thank heavens, was delivered first with XP while we waited for Vista. After I installed Vista, I could not believe how slowly the computer began to run. So finally, after paying my vendor to help me do this, I reinstalled XP, and now have a great running computer.

    In the meantime I am learning Linux so that when MS forces us to go to Vista, I will simply bypass the pig and run as much as I can with Linux.

  101. I have just bought a new cheap laptop with Vista pre-installed. After many years of using all flavours of Windows I cant honestly say I’m thrilled with Vista. It’s slowwww and so intrusive that I cant see it lasting much longer on this machine. I’ve got the full memory the laptop will allow and the “permissions” switched off, but still I cant get to like it. It takes me ages to find things and where it stores half my “saves” I really dont know.
    That’s my small comment from a small time user. Roll on Win 7, 8, 9,…………….

  102. Pete of Normandy

    Windows Vista DOES suck !
    A year or so ago my laptop sporting XP decided to start wafting blue hazy stuff out of the air vents. I needed a new one fairly quickly just to keep me going. OK,so the new one only had Vista Home Basic on it….but what a nightmare.
    It started of with the automatic update running. After several hours I had reached the magical figure of 12% downloaded. In the end I crashed it and did a one by one download of each available update manually. That only took just over 4 hours.

    There was nothing wrong with the internet connection….that was working fine, so I guess it was just down to Vista.

    Then I tried downloading some music from CDs into Media Player. A single CD would take 4-5 hours. On XP it takes 4 minutes)

    And as for the graphics, well I’m one of the few who actually admit to playing the odd game of FreeCell. Quite intereting that the graphic reproduction was awful, with sound effects following about a second or slow behind graphics.

    My list goes on. And look how long it took Windows Vista to get it together wih Java.

    I’m not the only one round here who’s had problems. My mate from the next village bought a Vista Home Premium machine recently. His modem/router was made by Sagem. His setup disk reported that it was only for use up and including XP. So we obtained a Sagem setup disk for Vista, which merely reported that it was exclusively for Vista, and that the computer did not have Vista installed. (but it wasa Vista machine!)

    As for me, well I have replaced Vista with XP, and all is now extremely well. As far as I am concerned, it was an UPGRADE to XP from Vista. Even my old W98 machine, which by necessity is still in use, works better thn Vista.

    Yes, Vista really does suck

    Regards, Pete

  103. A good article once I knew where you were going.

    Working and repairing many Windows systems in OZ I get to see and ‘HEAR!’many customers experiences.

    Vista is a great system for intermediate to advanced users. Don’t recommend to beginners or novices or… if you have a PC with memory under 1 GB. Ready Boost doesn’t make Vista chug that faster if you have small cache.

    XP is a great system but you do have to do a complete re-install every couple of years to get it running sweetly.

    You can save problems and stop getting viruses if you have a good firewall and don’t visit sites that have rubbish attached. IE7 is as good as Firefox or Opera now with its Phishing and Anti popup technology.

    Tip1: (IE users)If you don’t want rubbish to sit in your Internet Temp Files and attract outside attention open IE browser > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced> scroll down to Security and check the ’empty Internet temp folder when browser shuts down’. This should save a few hassles.

    Tip2: Don’t get gadget happy with Spyware killers and Antivirus programs. Install a good firewall and one Antivirus program that you like. AVG is good for beginners, Avira or Avast is good for experienced; then leave it alone.

    Tip3: Use Alt+F4 to close programs. Shutting with the X often opens little nasties that are attached to email downloads.

    Tip4: Use a freeware program like Revo Uninstaller to remove your programs or go to to the system uninstaller in Control Panel. Registry gets chocker with broken files if you uninstall from within the program.

    If you do all this then neither XP or Vista sucks.

  104. I still have my same computer from 1992 with Windows 3.1, and I refuse to buy another one until this one gives out. So I have no idea what it’s like to use any of the newer Windows versions on a regular basis. In my opinion Windows 3.1 rocks and is all anyone truly needs, people just like more bells & whistles, but 3.1 is easy and straight forward, it gets the job done, plain and simple.

  105. I have a machine with XP and one with Vista. My Vista machine crashed with the BSoD yesterday so no change there.It frequently fails to connect to my network unless rebooted and does not allow my XP machine to access it. IE on vista frquently says it cannot connect to a web site which my XP machine accesses without problem. Given the steady advance in software performance to which you allude in my opinion Vista is another ME. It sucks!

  106. A friend of mine purchased a new HP computer, dual core processor, 500gb hard drive, 3GB memory with Vista Premium. The system is extremely slow. It won’t load Flash Player 9. She can’t play videos.

  107. The concept of “old” keeps getting smaller and smaller. Why is a 2-3 yr. old computer too slow to run Vista? Before, we could go through at least 3 operating systems from what it was purchased with before having to buy a brand new system, or merely upgrade some RAM. Now I can’t even buy the type of RAM from computer stores because it is obsolete in a couple years. My first computer was a PC Jr. from IBM in the 80’s. Every type of data interface one could plug into that is now very obsolete. Catridges, floppies, etc. I’ll admit that is old. 2-3 yrs is not old. Fairly certain my next upgrade will not have any version of Windows on it.

  108. The pc is a touchy,very hitech, extension gadgit. they are evolving as fast as the powers to be allow. The home pc could control the government if unleased to its potential. I started with formula translation at bama in 1973, enjoy the art forms that crust and call themselves programs from 1’s and 0’s digitalhaven53

  109. What are they smoking?
    Vista Sucks Period. On a Brand new machine, Vista freezes and cannot get out of it for at least 5 minutes. I had the computer redone and installed XP and now runs better than that crappy Vista.
    Microsoft Lost their brains when they brought out vista.

    No wonder people want to hang Microsoft by the ying yang.

  110. I have used both Windows Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit and I have to say the 64 Bit is alot faster. I had no issues of 32 bit software like you do with Windows XP 64 bit. You can’t run certain 32 Bit Anti Virus software on Windows XP 64 Bit but you can on 64 Bit Vista. The only downside to vista is you need a good amount of memory if you wanna use all its new features. It runs wonderful on 1 gig or more.

  111. I got Windows 2.0 bundled with my IBM. You’re right VISTA is an improvement. I immediately removed it because it was so awkward that DOS seemed simple!! Actually I think history shows that Windows was made freeware when Xerox got out of the computer business. In those days, IBM was developing OS2.

    The model T was an improvement over the horse and buggy (no pun). The big objection is that it is a memory hog and slow for the resources it takes to run it. But if it is so great why did Microsoft announce a new OS for 2009 and extend support for XP.

  112. I bought a new Dell Laptop with Vista. I could watch the web pages load for minutes at a time. I replaced Vista with Umbuntu which made my lapto;p speedy. I also bought a very speedy IMCAC. Anywone who says Vista does not suck has been bought and paid for by Microsoft. It sucks big time! You lie!

  113. After a year of using Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit I know I will not be going back to Windows XP SP2 even for a thousand bucks.

    Too primitive and patchy for me. I love Vista’s new features, and it is great to use if you disable a few things first.

  114. Silly question-why doesn’t Microsoft build a new ‘work’ system based on the simplicity of 3.1? Surely with all the advances in hardware, this should be superfast and stable.

  115. errrr i still cant find where rob mentioned anything having a unix core…. but then again i do have a brail computer

  116. sorry, amigo. vista is garbage. it is the space holder until they get it right, again.

    it is a ‘win ME’ dog/clone. i have 4 clients using the silly program. ONLY ONE has relatively few problems. reason? she uses it for ONLY homie stuff: email, recipes, photos, playing elvis cd’s, games, etc.

    the ones who were on quickbooks [WERE] have horrid problems, as the vista does not accept the ‘regular’ qb, but you must get the ‘new’ one [qv, 430 bucks].

    other folks have already written in for the correction disk, meaning they went home to XP / PRO.

    vista is for the salesmen. they get to sell the machines with lots of garbage, new ‘upgrades’ of the regular programs that SHOULD work but will NOT any longer, and upgrades for other peripherals.

    so, change the name to vi$$$ta.

  117. Ladies, and Gentlemen, I have been an IT consultant for over 25 ears, started with an ATARI 400 computer, and went through all versions of Commodore computers, and GEOS operating systems before moving to Intel processed machines. I have used CP/M, all versions of MS DOS, OS-2, and MS Windows, as well as several versions of Linux, and Unix. I have also used all versions of Apple operating systems since the Apple IIE. Each operating system has fully supported the Hardware that it was designed to run on, except MS Vista. Most of you using Vista right now, who are complaining about the sppe of your system are running one of the HOME flavors, which means that if you are running a dual core, or quad core processor, you are only using part of your processing capabilities (Vista Home will only see a SINGLE CORE). To get the full processing capability out of these multi-core processors, you will need Business, or Ultimate. Even then, you will be limited to 3GB of useable RAM, unless you upgrade to Vista 64bit Ultimate. The OS isn’t bad, but it is purposely crippled by Microsoft to ensure that you will pay the $245. to upgrade to the Ultimate versions. The 32bit Ultimate runns all software that I have tried with very few tweeks, but the 64bit OS is more limited in running essentially 16bit software, and will not run 8bit software worth a damn. Linux is a good alternative for Business software, but isn’t up to supporting Home entertainment and gaming, yet…..

    Rex A. Clough
    Harmony Computing, New Mexico.

  118. Also memory is cheap so there is no excuse not to have 3 GB of video, and the reason why dark41 is having those problems is you need to have the system properly cooled anyways. I have been using Vista for 6 months and play all the latest games. I have the 9800 GX2 and 3 GB of DDR3 system memory and my computer has NEVER EVER crashed once, nor anyone else I know. Point the finger at YOURSELF.

  119. Vista is more updated and way better than XP and XP Professional. XP is no longer useful since Vista and the updates have came out. I am VERY happy with Vista Ultimate and love the way the operating system handles everything from the internet, games and Direct X 10.1 which will NOT work on XP since it is made for Vista and the newer video cards. I guarantee you with the new motherboards and 3-way SLI you NEED Vista Home Premium or better PERIOD. There is no arguing if the consumer takes the time to quit complaining and point the finger at themselves and keep upgraded, then they would NOT have these unecessary issues

  120. As a system builder I’ve installed Vista on many different systems. Some work. Some don’t. That’s a problem in itself as there’s no consistency in the components it fails on. But the biggest problem is that with all its bells and whistles turned on, it beats the daylights out of the HDD and memory. I’ve never seen hardware components die like they do on Vista systems.

    Our own systems are still XP and (old reliable) W2K. Vista sits on my tri-boot system and collects dust for the most part. I still say Vista sucks. 🙂

  121. Who threatened you? Vista is the product and plan of retailers not software people. Call it ME Squared or Buy More Stuff Ware or Throw Away What Works Ware or Planned Obsolescence Ware. How abour Balmer Magic?
    I’ve run 4 machines with Vista – why bother?

  122. Vista is a great operating system if you own a Mac. If you own a pc you can use Vista until you get a Mac or “Windows 7” is foisted on you.

  123. Vista is as great an operating system as George Bush and Dick Cheney are great leaders. They all need to be replaced by the end of next January.

  124. If Microcrud REALLY cared about fixing Vista, first they have to acknowledge that it’s a goose egg. Main complaints by all oldtime Windows users is Vistas snubbing older software! Some just as old as XP!

    Fix the bugs for software, issue patches and do what it takes to run programs on Vista before everyone runs out for a Mac attack!

  125. Put it this way, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates along with his half crazy brother, Balmer, will go the way of all the politicians, straight to hell. The intrusiveness, especially the DRM turned me totally off computers. I use my computer at work for my job and that is it. I bought and used computers since 3.1 was out but I give up because of all the intrusiveness, spam, scam, viruses and hackers. It’s not worth it anymore.

  126. I have worked with computers for over 40 years and I can say I am not impressed with Vista. Can’t download SP1 even after following recommendations from MS. Seems MS is not responding to requests for help in a very timely fashion. I will admit I am an OS/2 bigot and was very displeased with IBM when they decided not to continue to develop it. Never had a blue screen with OS/2 and very rarely had to reIPL.

  127. I recently bought a new HP laptop with Vista. After crashing several times and it not allowing much of my software to run, I reformatted and installed XP. Now a happy camper. I’m one of the old-timers mentioned earlier…got my start with DOS, then moved up to windows once it was released. Remember the days of switches on video and sound cards and then configuring the com ports, the irqs and dma settings? Glad to be way past that 🙂

  128. I’ve been running Vista Ultimate for about 7 months now and I love it! The functionality is as good or better than XP. I play COD4 and Crysis online and in single player mode and I have had no problems what so ever (I also play most of my older games too.). I stream video, music and pics to about 9 different computers, my wife and I own 12 computers for our home business, at home (a mix of XP and Vista OSs), also stream to my PS3 using my Vista Ultimate box. It reminds me somewhat of ME as it is just a stepping stone from XP to Windows7, I had to tweak the daylights out of it and I have no problems what so ever now. Took me about a month to get it right and it boots faster, comes out of sleep mode faster and shuts down faster then XP ever could. Don’t get me wrong I am still running 5 Xp machines (1 an XP Pro x64bit box!) and 1 233mHz P2 Dell laptop with 2000 Pro and 1 laptop with Vista Home Premium. So I am moving between these 3 OSs constantly and if Vista was a little more business application friendly I would probably be running only it! Come on people get over it, XP does some things way better then Vista but XP is a dead OS walking. You think Microsoft is gonna care about XP a year from now? Unless you run a large business and use XP to run your network you might as well as give in!!! Vista Ain’t so bad folks!

  129. Vista is just another way to have Big Brother control us….If I want someone to say I can’t watch a movie cuz its a no no then send the cops to my house otherwise mind your own damn business…I think Microsoft should remove the drm its exactly what Comcast got in trouble for blocking sites….another freedom of choice ripped out from under us

  130. Sounds great Will… But since you’ve never experienced Vista, I suggest you post on an XP Forum that you’re Happy about your upgrade from Windows 98 to XP. In 8 years (2016) when you upgrade to Vista, You can come back here and post how thrilled you are with Vista.

  131. I have gone from the days of using DOS all the way to Windows and if I may say so, Vista Sucks.I have less to do in the IT world now than I used to. I have (5) PC’s, 3 laptops (wireless) and 2 desktops on my home network. One of the desktops is used as a print server plus do work with it. I have no problem adding these printers to one of the other PC’s and using the printer almost as if it was diretly attached to the PC I am using at the time with no problems. With the Vista Laptop when I try to change some setting or two it in many occasions goes into it’s “grind” and if I’m luck it finally makes the changes & I can print with the new settings. This is just one example of frustration with Vista. Also, when trying to have share set on a global basis, it’s a nightmare. I have no problem using XP to do this.

    Net – net is I may try to go through the laborios process of going to Win XP Pro on this laptop, which is my primary PC.

    Oh well, I guess I know nothing, but I want to use my Laptop and not have to play with it all the time to do what I need to.

    Anyone have a very good method to move back to XP?


  132. you idiots it’s what you pay for i have had nothing but ibm pcs and have had them run till i got another all with windows from me to xp. I have one that came with me i put 98se on it then xp.I still have it.

  133. Congrats to you Rob!!!

    I have switched from XP pro to Vista Ultimate, and have been loving it ever since! As all OS’s go, it does need some tweaking to get it to act the way you want it to. But in general, I think Vista is a very nice operating system.

  134. Firstly I’d like to thank Mr. chengrob for a well written, refreshing and mildly amusing article. 😉

    Secondly I’d like to state that Im a current XP user and I go back as far as Win95 during my time in the silicon revolution. Why is this important to know, well because as an avid Windows child I intend to make a comparison with the Microsoft softzilla which in my mind at least, puts things in perspective.

    Ok so here we go, I agree that MS has made strides forward, it was inevitable, surely?Some were negligable, Win98, some outright WTF, WinME (for the record I did not buy into that and what a good decision that turned out to be) and finally an OS, WinXP, which MS with its vast resource from world wide sales, in my opinion should have been able to produce much earlier. OK, I agree that its agruable whether the hardware available in those days would have been capable of hosting such an OS, but thats besides the point and this is where I intend to make my comparison…….

    Linux, a competing open source OS, (which in fairness has had as long in terms of timeframe to develop) has managed to do the same with a fraction of the resources available to MS. It has openly challenged the free world to give its input into its development (unlike MS) and is currently being used in as many server applications because of its achievements as a stable platform. Not only that but many countries backbone infrastructure runs on Linux! Now, I cast your mind back to my earlier statement Mr. chengrob and state again that I am not an Linux user, never have been to date, so I have no interest what so ever in giving the thumbs up to Linux, but one has to look at the numbers and wonder;

    What took MS so long all things considered? Probably busy counting money and enjoying their yachting adventures. lol.

    Why did they release a version after version and force its “PAYING” clients to act as beta testers for the Monopoly? Coincidentally, it continues to do so to this day.

    In my mind this is clear, its all about control and profits, and has been the case from the very core of the MS conception, when young Mr. Gates the salesman that he is, left his job at Apple armed with the idea of a “GUI and a mouse” computing environment, intent on capitalising on Mr. Job’s idealistic character and drove someone else’s idea to market, achieving exactly what he intended.

    Do you feel looking back at history that it was fair for MS to release its “incomplete” (in my view) software to the masses, using the paying customers as its testing hordes in order to allow them to polish off what the “marketed” product promissed in the adverts and the retail box, which conincidentally it fails to deliver to this day?

    Do you not think it would have been more appropriate to charge a percentage of Retail price against sales made pre SP1 XP release for example, then adding a percentage for sales made after SP1 release, SP2, SP3, etc. finally charging Retail price for a product which finally “does” what it says on the box and the MS marketing campaigns, in the process rewarding its client base who have gone through the pains and time lost with unstable and vunerable operating system environments?

    Lets face it, time costs money, its why we all get up in the morning, employers buy into our time, but with MS this is free! Our feedback to them is free, time troubleshooting is free, etc.

    The nature of the beast gives it all away really, because its much more important to MS to concentrate resource and efforts on on piracy and prevention of, because it ruins profits, bottom line!

    Is this what we are reduced to commenting on these days “Vista does not Suck”?

    Why not, “Vista has its problems, but those willing to take the plunge now, will be rewarded by lower costs ownership for their efforts and willingness to join the improvement program” or “Vista is a great OS and it does what it says on the box”?

    The reality is, we do not have a choice, regardless of any arguments against, therefore we have every right to feel aggrieved and/or refuse to buy into the money making machine.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I havent seen any such articles being published against the Apple OS? It just works!

    I understand that we dont live in an ideal world, far from it, but I’m opposed to the idea of being a guine pig for the benefit of others, especially those who are least in need of benefiting! Instead, throw a benefit the guine pig’s way and you might be surpised how far it will go.

    In summary, Im not impressed with MS’s achievements to date, they have had enough time and resource to do better and we have every right to expect better on account of their forcefull hand over the years. Eye candy only works for kids these days, as the older generation are too wise and arguably lacking in the vision department anyway to be seduced by such cheap attempts to get hold of our disposable income.

    Others have shown in can be done, but MS is too busy with law suits and ensuring their profits to look out of the box for a change, whilst the rest of us are left wondering which way to go.

    Cannot, will not, be impressed by such effforts anymore. It’s about time MS did better to earn our hard earned cash!

    C’est la vie, as they say.

    Its too late and Im too tired to proof read, so my appologies for any school boy errors 😛


  135. I had my last laptop die about two weeks ago and need to replace it immediately therefore resorted to BB. I opted for a Toshiba with Vista Ultimate….yes I was scared to death after listening to all the horror stores from friends and in the media. Well, I am hear to say other than one 3-in-1 printer not connected yet (HP says it does, Vista has been and still is a delight to work with. I am still not used to all of the various options available with this platform but find it very fast and stable. It has never frozen on me yet.
    I am a believer so far.

  136. I use XP Pro on all my machines at home and on my laptop. They all run well and are very stable. Our church computer runs Vista and I end up fixing things all the time. I think I finally have it squared away but have noted that it is much slower than any of my XP machines in boot and general function. I know that adding memory helps but it already has 2 gigs. Sigh! All of my home network computers run 2 gb and they are great on XP.

    I beta tested Win 95 and was glad to see 98 and finally 2000. Once MS got XP straightened out, it was fine too. I hope they get Vista debugged before they put out another OS.


  137. # Wendy Says:
    July 22nd, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    “…I’m told many programs I’m using with XP won’t work with Vista. …I mean if somebody had Adobe Photo Shop I’m sure they just loved paying another thousand dollars to replace that….”

    That’s nonsense. It’s true enough that a few programs wouldn’t work with my Vista 64-bit and had to be upgraded or replaced (including Eudora, which I hated to lose), but most of my important software works just fine, including Office 2003, which someone griped about, and so does PhotoShop CS2, while an upgrade to CS3 cost me around $200, not a thousand dollars.

    Vista needs a computer that can handle it. I left XP for Vista-64 bit when my motherboard crapped out and the best option was to go new – with a Core 2 Quad 6600 with 4 GB of RAM. Much of my work (besides the usual email) is editing 18MB RAW image files. Working with those files took forever in XP but Vista is like working in a new world!

    The only big hardware problem in the transition was my scanner, because the manufacturer didn’t bother supplying a 64-bit driver for it, but a new Epson 4490 solved that and does a super job of scanning my old negatives as well.

  138. I have Vista Ultimate 64 on a high end PC. I have been programming computers for many years, and I certainly know my way around. In terms of what the future of computing will be – Vista is a step in that direction. Albeit, it has left many users frustrated. I will tell you however, that every problem you’ve had in Vista can be worked around, aside from software/hardware that is incompatible. Why is it incompatible? In the case of hardware, it is because the manufacturer has not put forth the effort to make sure their products can meet the quality requirements that Vista enforces. Buy hardware from someone who cares about their consumers. In the case of software, it’s because the developer assumed that they could do anything with your computer they wanted (as was the case in prior versions of windows), but Vista is protecting YOU! How many people do you think, with UAC still enabled, have gotten a virus after using a program from a friend? Not many I bet.

    As for technology is supposed to be easy: What is a computer? It is a tool for computing quickly and reliably. Some would argue that Vista fails at these also (I have no problems) but no where is easy a requirement – even if it does lead to more success. The fact of the matter is that people are too LAZY to deal with UAC. It’s not whether they can decide to click yes or no – it’s that they don’t read what’s right in front of them. DO YOU TRUST THIS PROGRAM? YES OR NO… it’s not difficult.

  139. Here we go again with the boys at PC Pitstop against Vista. Gets old doesn’t it?

    Be that as it may, for the ones having problems with Win XP and updating, there is a real simple fix. The problem can be cause by a couple things, one being using the XP disc to effect a repair of XP, which I and others do a lot, as we all know some files go “bonkers” at times. Regardless of the cause, to fix windows update so you can download and install the necessary updates, do the following:

    1. Stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:
    a. Click Start, Click Run, then type cmd, and then click OK.
    b. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    net stop wuauserv

    2. Then after it stops the service, register the Wups2.dll file. To do this, follow these steps, as the command prompt should still be open.

    a. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    regsvr32 %windir%system32wups2.dll

    If you are running XP Pro x64 Edition type the following instead and press ENTER:
    regsvr32 %windir%syswow64wups2.dll

    Click OK on each verification message that you receive.

    3. Start the Automatic Updates service. To do this, type the following command at the command prompt, which should still be open, and then press ENTER:

    net start wuauserv
    4. You will see the message that the service is running. Exit the command prompt by typing EXIT and press ENTER.

    You can now run Windows update and it will download and install the updates.

    Please note the spaces that are in the commands. Type them in exactly as they are here and it will work.

  140. I have two fairly new computers, a desktop and a laptop. Both are HP, so came with Vista. Oh, how I miss good old XP, which was the best Windows version of any I’d used before. Since buying my media center computer with Vista, I’ve seen the BSOD more often than I can remember over the 20 preceding years. And, I’ve had to ditch a fine scanner because Vista won’t run it. I am not a happy camper!

  141. Got Vista x64 Ultimate with SP1 included in mid July. I have a HPScanjet 3800, Laserjet 1320n (WiFi), S-Link DCS-2100G cam, 2yr old 250G Seagate USB drive. Motherboard is Asus M3N78-EMH m/b, Phenom 9750CPU and 4G of DDR800 RAM. Easily found 64bit drivers for all the hardware and all my old 32bit software runs like a dream – Office2003, Paintshop Pro, Cobian Backup, Metastock, Delphi, C#, etc etc. Only ever had a problem with one program – Paretologic Anti-Spyware, however, I think some of the older security programs may not do what it should because of changed folder structure, e.g. C:Users\Searches. But then, neither did I ever have a problem on XP Pro but quite a few hassles with XP x64. Only got x64 so I can develope for and test programs on that platform. To date I really do not know what all the gripes are about. Maybe if you got Vista long time ago and just ran updates, the updates did not fix all the problems?

  142. The problem with Vista is not that it sucked, it’s that it took years to make, is expensive and yet still vastly inferior to Linux or the Mac OS – The glossy interface and ‘Aero’ features that Microsoft have trumpeted for years just don’t cut it. I’ve just converted to Linux and I won’t be going back. Goodbye MS.

  143. Sorry Mike, You must do very little with your Comp. I use mine a Lot for Publishing and Photo Labbing. I started with the old Commodore 64, and have had every op. system since. 99.999% of XP/XP Pro owners feel sorry for Vista Users who sit in front of comps. inputting data all day. XP Pro Has Never caused me one problem. I have not reformatted in 4 years. Seniors I work with, have either quit using vista computers as they never know whether to click Yes or no to half the screens, or have gotten their Money Back.
    I have been able to get a supply of XP Pro installs and most can now use their comps which run like lightning, when I tweak.
    Microsoft, is losing a large demographic of first time baby boomer comper’s, who are starting to get Mac’s. It is a Shame!

  144. Earlier in this chain there was a query about XP/SP3. SP3 contains many of the updates which were available in Microsoft update. However istalling it on an already existing system with many programs can be fraught Having backed up my data, I did a complete new installation and installed SP3 with no problem. Then re-installed around 40 programs I use and all OK. As a word of warning be vary careful of registry cleaners in general.

  145. Wow Mike,

    That was just plain silly.

    OS’s are just the interface to make your hardware work, and a PC’s (actually.. technology in general) is supposed to make things easier and more enjoyable. This means different things to different people. If an OS cannot do that it fails in it’s primary duty.

    Vista is clearly a step backwards in making things easier, whether it was necessary do so is up for debate.
    You may be right in assuming that an OS might be fit for one thing or other and if you bought an OS for a specific purpose like business then perhaps it shouldn’t work as well for gaming, but Vista being sold as the OS for the whole enchelada.

    In the consumer market, ideally we are looking for a solution to integrate all the technology that we might own. To meet our business and personal needs and integrate it all seamlessly and easily to make our lives easier.

    XP practially invented that idea, Vista… not so much.

  146. I am Running WinXp Win XP Pro on three Dells, Mac OSX Leopard, on a Mac Mini and Vista on the Mac Mini on another Partition.

    Vista runs fine on the Mac. I didn’t put any third party antivirus software on I as I use Vista locally , and have both a Hardware Firewall and the Vista security. In this configuration Vista is very quick. The Dells are loaded with AV software and kinda creep along in comparison but hopefully keep my local network secure if anything gets though. (Yes I only send out email from a protected Dell)

    Of the three OS I like MAC OS first, Vista Second, and XP third

    Th only hassles are the Updates to Vista which depending on whether or not I am using the Parallels virtual machine at the time – can cause grief, Booting straight to Vista – no problems so far.

  147. Vista Premium 64bit SP1 and Vista Ultimate 64bit SP1 blows the doors off all XP versions.
    To all that have or want to upgrade from XP to Vista… Wipe your hard drive before you install Vista. Do a Fresh Install of Vista Only!
    Also, get the latest drivers for your motherboard/chipsets/components/software ONLINE… DO not use the driver discs as most of the drivers, programs and app.’s are obsolete. The same goes for Your motherboard’s BIOS. Go online and get the current BIOS for your Motherboard and CPU configuration. Yeah it takes a little investigating (Google) but to sit and bitch will get YOU nowhere!

    To those that have loaded XP SP3 on top of SP1 or SP2 and cannot update via Windows Update… Here is the FIX:
    After XP SP3 Download – Windows Updates will NOT Install…
    Easy To Fix…

    Just go to C:WindowsSystem32 and find and register Wups2.dll.

    To do that, right click on it and select ‘Open With’ then ‘Choose Program’ then Browse to C Drive then WINDOWS then System32 and find Regsvr32…
    If you choose to ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’ then all you will have to do is double click on any .dll to register it.

    Once you have registered Wups2.dll your problem will disappear.

  148. I fortunately got out of computing as of the 8080A era (’74 -’75) and have only gotten back in about 1997 or so. I’ve seen (endured) W95&98. I have been using W2000 Pro ever since a computer professional exposed me to it.
    I am a ‘tweaker’ who consistently surprises my immediate peer group with how my machines run.( just shy of T1 and sudden, almost startling screen response ) W2000 is reliable, updateable without scrutiny from Mother Microsoft. I will retain this system for as long as I can. I am quite happy with it and am continually amused with all the woes and comparisons regarding the “newest” operating systems.
    I have too much fun with my boxes to put them (and myself) through what the latest operating systems have to offer.

  149. Tell all the MAC fan boys and the people afraid of change (XP users) to stop spreading all the rumors about all the problems Vista has. Truth be told…if the XP fan boys would dump their computer they got in 2004 and get a new one, Vista would run just fine. What really needs to happen is NVIDIA needs to get off the rear ends and make a driver that is stable. I have been running Vista since the day it was released and I would never go back to XP.

  150. …all this talk about people and things that “suck.” Such a cliché, over and over, youi can’t hear any conversation without the word. But just what IS it that is being sucked on? Surely somebody must know, the word is used so often. What does the word mean? WHAT is being sucked? If you dont know, or don’t want to say, then why keep using the word. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  151. I recently got a new PC something I was dreading because of have to have the “dreaded” Vista, well after a month now I have to say I love it I am not someone too experienced with computers but I have to say I have had no problems at all and I find it much nicer to use than XP I had no problems putting microsoft picture it on there and my other programs as well I give it 100% thumbs up

  152. I have XP Pro on my Dell laptop, Vista Premium on my Gateway laptop and Vista Ultimate on my HP. I like Vista, however, Ultimate is more stable than the others two versions of Vista. I still like the XP Pro almost as well. There is a slight learning curve to Vista but I have had no particular problem with it as far as the OS goes. I don’t know what all the squabble is about. can’t use my printer’s cd on Vista, however Vista recognizes the printer so it is still useable. Ihave 64 bit on the HP which only refuses one program so far.

  153. It’s all very well Michael saying “turn off UAC” – when you do that you get continually harrassed by message balloons saying “User Access Control is switched off. Click here to fix the problem”. I like the look of Vista and the way it’s organised, but it seems to be riddled with bugs!

  154. Chuck , sorry but 64 bit is known to not be working completely with all hardware so common sense would suggest if you are having so many problems just install 32 bit vista and go 64 bit when all your hardware has working 64 bit drivers either that or only buy hardware that is known to be compatible.

    sorry if this sounds harsh but I don’t see many people using 64 bit unless they have good reason too ie: more memory support

  155. Sorry Rick and others churning out the same old MS bashing statements, in my experience as a computer tech for at least 90% of users if not more there is nothing wrong with Vista

    If the machine is not high powered enough to run vista don’t install it and if your machine can’t handle Aero – turn it off, manufacturers also have to take some blame here for flogging way too underpowered machines just so that the price looks good.

    if you want to use some 10 year old piece of junk hardware don’t expect MS or the hardware providers to waste time getting it to work, the same goes for some ancient piece of software nobody but you uses any more and that can be replaced by something newer, more featured and often freeware

    if you install new OS/software etc don’t expect everything to be in the same place use common sense and that often forgotten F1 / help button or even google if you cant find it. you are an experienced user this should be simple for you and a completely new user will just learn where things are the same way you did 10 years ago

    lastly ALL PC’s are different, they are not some apple clone with all the same parts and software installed and it is simply unreasonable to expect everything to work first time for everyone when you have no idea about the state of their operating system , come on MS can’t stop every fault happening especially when many are PC specific issues and are down to corruption or incompatible non Microsoft software

    and yes I also go back to dos 3.1 and have used all versions of windows and dos since then.

  156. Vista is far superior to anything else Microsoft has offered in the past, including XP. Now maybe someone might have a hard time playing some childish waste of time video game on Vista, but those people have no business owning a computer to begin with and should just buy one of those kiddie game consoles while leaving computers to people who know how to operate and produce something useful with them. Why own a computer if you aren’t going to produce something with it? 99.999% of computer problems are cause by the person sitting in front of them, not the operating systems, but here in America -Home of the Blame- the whiners refuse to admit it.

  157. To run Vista I need to double my RAM. As I run real time systems, I also need a faster PC.
    To what end? To be as fast as XP.


    XP has been stable with very few issues.. (appart from SP3 which I refuse to use until debugged).

    To move to Vista I need a new scanner etc etc.

    I don not buy a new car becuase the cambelt has been changed so why should a new OS mean new hardware..?

    I’ll move in three years when it’s all sorted and hardware is cheaper and faster..

  158. I built my computer and installed Vista on it about a year ago and have not had any problems. I think most people who have problems have them because of older games or there computer is not powerful enough for Vista.

  159. I am a Vista user (a) because my XP system crapped out, I needed a replacement and found one at a price I couldn’t refuse, and (b) until I decide to by a Mac.

    Does Vista suck? No, not entirely. Have I recommended it? No. I’m no expert – I won’t touch the Registry. But I’ve been a microcomputer user since WordStar and VisiCalc.

    I am self-employed. I use my laptop largely for e-mail, Internet searching, word processing, spreadsheets and some presentations. I do not have large audio files. I do not edit video. I let my wife store photos of our grandson on her PC.

    My glib comment has been for years that Andy Grove gave us more cycles on a regular basis and Bill Gates took them away just as quickly. My 1.6Ghz machine takes longer to start up than my 25Mhz did 15 years ago – and much longer than my son’s low end MacBook.

    I appreciate the greater security and stability in Vista than XP. But what has been lost sight of by MSFT is that there is a large user community that wants stability and security, but doesn’t need all the “recreational” add ons that have bloated the OS (or that has them available for download from an MSFT server rather than as a mandatory part of the initial install) and made it less attractive to professionals.

    What I want is a PC that starts up in far less than one minute, that does its own housecleaning and keeps invaders out without spending $100/year on third party software.

    Finally, as a stockholder when MSFT was growth company, I believe that the company needed Vista more than the market. The Office products are cash cows, as was XP. But given the size of the company, there is little else in their product warehouse that has or will drive meaningful growth. Popular as the XBox is, it’s too small to impact revenues or earnings (if there are any from it).

  160. Vista is actually pretty easy to work with, once. Once you turn off all the glam and shiny idiot buttons, it performs at an acceptable level, as well. Albeit, it does then look like Win2K.

    I had some small issues with getting certain older games to run, but most of them traced back to running in backward compatibility mode, or simply needing to right-click and run as administrator, and definitely nothing that could not be over-come.

    For those that don’t like Office 2007, give Open Office a try. It’s free, and completely compatible with all Office documents, as well as has additional functions you may find useful.

    Happily using Vista 32-bit Ultimate.

  161. Vista is the ugly step child that nobody likes but has a better personality because of the added security. that being said, within the next 12 to 18 months a new child will be born out of redmond and let’s hope that M$ is listening and fix the problems with this new born (windows 7) soon to be here

  162. I did forget to say that the Vista does immediately find the newly installed hardware and it will immediately tell you, “New hardware found on system, however it is not going to work”. Now is that considerate or what?

  163. I to go back to the Dos days and went through all the various offerings from MS. I was happy with MS 3.1. Problems seem to mulitply 10 fold after that until XP. Wow!!! That is a great system, or should I say WAS? I am no power user by a long shot, just a long standing hack.I have always managed to make the needed installations until I ran into this Vista now setting in my lap as I publish this. I would not say it sucks as I am sure there is a lot of getting used to for me. So far cannot just down load Power point viewer or any printer and get them to work!!! The sorta good thing about this vista is that it does not just seem to go into an endless loop and leave you setting there wondering just how long this is going to take, or as with the MS 9X stuff just give up and present you with a crashed screen. So, I will say that after 30 or so years of this learning process, this 64 bit incompatibility situation I am now presented with leave me with a computer that will not display power point viewer sheets sent to me or the ability to print out information I wouldlike to refer back to later. I have a rather new Lexmark fax/scanner printer that will not mate, and an NEW HP scan printer that will not mate to my HP laptop. Now this Vista is keeping my interest because it does tell me that “oops that that aint going to work and you maybe be able to view this or that web site to see if someone has come up with a work around.” Well that is nice, now I spend most of my time trying to find out if someone has found a workaround and gone to the trouble to publish it. So for not much luck, just a lot of sympathy. I actually think it will mature and be a stable and useful system, a little better than XP. Right now I would defend with my life if someone attempted to remove my XP or 2000 based system. I have faith, or is it just hope that the hundreads of dollars I invesgted is not a complete waste. Time will tell???

  164. I, too, have been using computers since 1983 and have experienced most if not all the other operating systems. Based on my experiences with Vista and my technical expertise as a Certified Repair Technician, Vista still sucks!! There is no way to compare Windows of old to the current Vista since they were all coexistent of one another…Vista is not. Vista is harder to get around in, do things with, and it runs slower during boot and shutdown plus it is a power hungry product that sees no end in sight. Updating Vista is a chore as well and has been very troublesome at the wrong time it decides to install an update. XP is and always will be the only operating system to use. I’ve yet to understand the reasoning behind changing the concept of an operating system so radically different that it now changes everything we’ve learned in the past and it makes that knowledge darned near obsolete. Shame on Microsoft!

  165. Vista crashes as much if not more on my laptop than Win 98… including the BSOD. Its slow even with all the visual tweaks turned off and I get the feeling the MS is more concerned with making things pretty for the eye appeal of users that don’t need a really responsive system. What the hell happened to progress… g-d damned MS has been making me bang my head since 3.1… are the issues that have always remained EVER going to be worked out???

  166. I agree with Bruce. I adopted Vista early on at my company (and on my home pc) and I have not had the crashes, the blue screens, or the issues that my coworkers have had with XP. In fact, my wife chose Vista over XP on her notebook and found it to be intuitive and easy to master. You say you have an issue with UAC? Turn it off. Instead of c:Documents and Settings you have c:users. I actually LIKE the Sidebar and I leave aero enabled because *gasp* I like how it looks. The only thing that comes close to it is Beryl or Compiz-fusion in the linux environment. Unix core? Sure, yea right. Only Sun, HP, IBM and *gasp* Apple have UNIX 03 certification.
    Having Virtual PC Express virtual-machine support; the Subsystem for Unix-based Applications (SUA), which is designed to allow Unix applications to run on Vista machines is a far cry from saying that Vista has a unix core.
    Oh, regarding XP SP3, it’s not bad, but it ain’t Viata.

  167. I’ve had every Win Op system since “95” and I say ,Compared to XP vIsTa blows goats!
    I’ve been using it since it was released as a beta , and now use the public release (prem home)It Truely sux if you have built up a collection of software over the years.
    My Alienware laptop still runs XP sp 2 and I still love it and use it more than me PC!!! Eff vIsTa!

  168. I have never used Vista yet so I can’t say. I’m holding out with XP because I have several programs I can’t live without and I’m told many programs I’m using with XP won’t work with Vista. An Example is Microsoft picture it publishing 2001. I have a few others too. Can anyone explain this to me? I mean if somebody had Adobe Photo Shop I’m sure they just loved paying another thousand dollars to replace that.

  169. Most people want to turn on their machine and have it work . All the ” allow/disallow “, ” run as admisitrator” are unknow to most pc users who just want to get their email and or play a game or go on a chatline … most people do not want to read a book on why something is happening nor do they know what a help file is. At least Xp does’nt ask a lot of dumb questions to people that have no clue.

  170. I still think VISTA sucks. Have had it now for 9 weeks and our new PC has crashed more times in those few weeks then XP did in the 2 years. I also hate loading “NEW” software only to find out that it’s not supported on my Vista 64 PC–What a bunch of crap. I’m glad we still have the other PC in the basement so I can go down there and work on something that doesn’t crap out when I’m doing something—-Ray

  171. I picked up the original beta vista and had a few problems, but as soon as the release was out i had figured out what had to be done to make vista rock. simply msconfig and turn of superfetch and ready boost. they both suck the life out of your system. even with a quad raid.

  172. Jim Says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 7:46 pm
    Has anybody played with XP service pack-3?

    Now, *there’s* a question I’d like to see answered!! I uninstalled it because of all the problems. Windows Update keeps trying to get me to d/l and install it again. It ain’t gonna happen unless I can be sure that all those problems have been dealt with!

  173. I had a Desktop PC crash and die in May of laqst year and was forced by my needs to buy a laptop and by Microsoft to buy it with Vista. The geeks at the store were able to retrieve most of my data including my .pst files. Much of my software didn’t work, and since I am an amateur astronomer, I had equipment that could not longer interface with my laptop and,even though after almost the same period of time you’ve had Vista, I learned many workarounds, and Vista practically forcing me to buy the new version of Office (2007, I can honestly say Vista does not suck. Office 2007 sucks.

    Vista blows. Vista blows big chunks. Vista has cost me money and made my life with my chosen hobby miserable. I understand the need for upgrades of software and OS periodically and I do not begrudge Microsoft this process. However, if we are paying for it, at least do it well. I have been a Microsoft defender for many years and Vista has burned out all that good will I had since 1987 DOS. I am also sorry to say that Vista could not hold a candle to Windows ME. I suffered through ME, when I got a new computer just before XP was rolled out. Sure, ME was troubled and crashed. But my software was compatible.

    I changed my mind. Vista blows, but it still sucks. Never knowing which direction to go.

  174. I disagree. Vista is the absolute worst windows system EVER. Vista is the best advertisement for Mac available. Never again will I purchase Windows.

  175. Yes, I have SP3 and I have lost the ability to do any updates if I so choose to do them. Other then that SP3 has been fine for me. I have read many articles from people that have had problems with it. The old statement about “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it pertains well with SP3.
    I have 1 computer running Vista Ultimate and I have 2 drives 1 with Vista Ultimate and 1 with XP Home. XP is definetly faster but if you know your way around with Vista it works great. You can easily turn of all the confirmations requests it asks. Vista is much more secure.

  176. It blows!!!

    I am sitting here with a new system that I just built. Got a nice shiny new Vista Premium 64bit to go with the slick Phenom quad core processor. Well the CD will not install and now I’m haggling with Microsoft to get a replacement disk.

    Therefor, I can’t even comment on if Vista sucks or not. I wish I could, but I just can’t. Oh, great Microsoft gods in Redmond please let me be in a position to comment on if Vista sucks or blows.

    Oh, did I say I did get Linux running on my shiny new system? If it were not for wanting to setup a Media Server using wireless Media Extenders I would pitch the idea of trying to get Vista working.

    And for those of you who like trivia IBM still has a team that works on OS/2. Not a big one, but I have seen them with my own eyes. They work in little florescent light filled rooms with pizza box holes cut in the doors and a steady stream of Coffee and Jolt piped in.


  177. UACs…Virtualization.. Oh wait you didn’t right click on me and run as administrator? “directory couldn’t be found”. You want to install what where? “directory cannot be found.” You want to put what where? Are you sure? Are you sure your not sure what to do? “access denied.”

    Poor grandma and grandpa..

  178. Actually NT owes more to OS/2 then any other operating system, it had nothing to do with Unix.

    Microsoft would have had to either license Unix from Novell or some other company, or use BSD.

    They used the BSD license for the tc/ip stack and that is as far as their Unix stuff has gone.

  179. love my vista 64 home premium, more than my xp pro 64, sure you have a few thing to master in vista 64 ,but the rewards are there.

  180. It’s definitely not based on Unix. Whether some “Unix guys” worked on it or not, it doesn’t contain any Unix code or even follow it’s philosophy, besides the tcp/ip stack like bruce stated above.

    It’s hard not to get hung up on mistakes. I’d suggest amending that sentence so that people who are in the flow of reading the article don’t stop reading midway to figure out where you got the whole Unix core from (I know I did).

  181. Bruce,

    I can be corrected, but my understanding is that XP is the consolidation of the two code bases of Windows 2000 and Windows 9x. Windows 2000 driver model and the Unix core which essentially was lifted from NT. As I recall, Microsoft hired some Unix guy from DEC ( can’t remember his name ) to create NT, which was the underpinnings of what was eventually to become XP.

    But don’t get hung up on that, because whether XP is Linux based or not, my points are essentially the same.

  182. I agree with alomost everything said Rob.

    Of course you skipped win 2000 in your progression of things, which is a shame because that was Microsoft’s best and most innovative operating system. Windows XP was basically win2K with added window dressing and a few things tossed in to bloat it and make mom and pop feel comfy cozy aka a smurf theme.

    I don’t know where you get the idea that it has a Unix core, because it most certainly doesn’t, and never has. The only “published” documented thing MS took from Unix was the tcp/ip stack. If XP has a Unix core I would love to see it 😉

    That said, XP is OK, but I personally think Vista to be superior, just like I used to think win2K was superior to 98SE. I rember saying the same things about win2K that I today say bout Vista, Vista is far better then XP just like 2K was better then 98.

    People used to argue with me about it, because win2K being a total rewrite of their OS, like Vista is today people had software and driver compatibility problems, as things got ironed out and drivers were available for 2K, then XP came along, and being that is was basically the same kernel with slight modifications drivers were abundantly available. Still their were teething problems and people clung to their 98SE claiming it was better at gaming, drivers…….

    AS we move along and drivers and software is made to work with Vista the next MS OS will be released, and it will be the same basic kernel as Vista, with many of the drivers already included and software will be readily available and thus people will say it is the best thing since sliced bread. LOL

    But I can’t help wondering where in Gods name you came up with XP has a Unix core?


    hello i agre that vista soesn’t suck but i got ghost recon advanced warfighter and i cant get it to run because vist a is missing a file…..WUT THE HECK.
    vista is a great ingine and i have uninstaled and reinstalled 3 times can u help me or give me a site to visit. 🙁 please

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