PC Pitstop Photo Printing Survey


The initial analysis of our January 2008 Photo Printing Survey results.

82.3% of survey respondents are printing their photos at home.

Notes: Retail photo processing with in-store pickup, is the fastest-growing printing industry and is expected to close in at 50 percent of the printing market by 2012. (InfoTrends)

Survey respondents suggest that cheaper ink and cheaper photo paper would prompt them to print more photos at home.

Notes: Online photo finishing of digital photos in the United States alone is predicted to grow to a $1 billion market by 2011. (InfoTrends)

48.6% of survey respondents who say they use online photo processing – are paying .10 or less per print.

Notes: The industry average has fallen from $0.25/image in 2000 to $0.12 /image in 2007. (Simon Bryant, Understanding and Solutions)

Survey respondents who say they typically use Retail/Pick Up photo processing – 50% have used Wal Mart & 29% have used Walgreens.

Of those who say they use retail photo processing, 64.6% bring their photos in on a memory card or CD. Of those who say they upload their photos to the store’s web site – 94.3% identify themselves at Intermediate Users or above.

31.4% of survey respondents who say the use retail photo processing – are paying .10 or less per print.

Notes: In 2000, the industry earned $0.25/image captured but only $0.12 /image in 2007 (Simon Bryant, Understanding and Solutions)

According to our survey respondents, online photo processors will need to consider faster turnaround alternatives and more aggressive pricing to lure retail customers.

Social networks appear to be driving the increasing use of online photo sharing services. However, 60% of our survey respondents (the majority of which are 35 or older) say they are not using online photo sharing services.

The most frequently cited ‘Other’ photo sharing service was Kodak gallery.

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