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File Extensions Found:

Extension Most Used Application File Name
y Viewer n5 imgview5.exe
y03 Paradox for Windows Desktop pdxwin32.exe
y04 Paradox for Windows Desktop pdxwin32.exe
y3a File Association Manager fam.exe
y3d File Association Manager fam.exe
y47 Shell integrated batch file rename sdshren.dll
y8pd Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
yab yabasic.exe yabasic.exe
yac 弥生会計起動モジュール account3.exe
yad CS Yazzle yazzle.exe
yadisktrash Яндекс.Диск yandexdisk.exe
yahoo[1] Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
yahtzeesavedgame Yahtzee yahtzee-wt.exe
yaml EditPad Pro editpadpro.exe
yar DigitalBoardManager.exe digitalboardmanager.exe
yas AddonSync2009 addonsync2009.exe
yay Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
yb1 MSDE/MSSQL一括バックアップツール backuptool.exe
ybhtm yBook ybook.exe
ybk YanceyDesktop yanceydesktop.exe
ybm Yahoo! Shortcuts Importer yshortcut.exe
ybox Windows版Yahoo!ボックス yahoodesktop.exe
ybrar yBook ybook.exe
ybrtf yBook ybook.exe
ybtxt yBook ybook.exe
ybzip yBook ybook.exe
ycb Y!Caddy y!caddy.exe
ycc Case IH Advanced Farming Systems Software cihmapping.exe
ycdhjpgcko Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
ycm File Association Manager fam.exe
ycp sparticles.exe sparticles.exe
ycpi Y!Caddy y!caddy.exe
ydb らくらく家計簿ゆとりちゃん7 yutori7.exe
ydc File Association Manager fam.exe
ydf AICrdMan aicrdman.exe
ydr File Association Manager fam.exe
ydt File Association Manager fam.exe
ydwiproj ydwi.exe ydwi.exe
ydwitr ydwi.exe ydwi.exe
yef yesl#2pf.exe yesl#2pf.exe
yenc StuffIt Application stuffit14.exe
yetiquestsavedgame Yeti Quest yetiquest-wt.exe
yfmemo やさしくデジタルメモ v.1.1 yfmemo.exe
yfs Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
yg0 Notepad notepad.exe
ygen2 yGen2 ygen2.exe
ygf yEd Graph Editor yed.exe
ygn yGen website generator ygen.exe
yhk Y!Hook Messenger yhookmessenger.exe
yhl やよいの見積・納品・請求書 yseikyu.exe
yhs Y!Hook Messenger yhookmessenger.exe
yjmg Yahoo!メッセンジャー ypagerj.exe
yjps Yahoo!メッセンジャー ypagerj.exe
yka yenka.exe yenka.exe
ykb !!楽札!!ヤフオ君 yafuor.exe
ykd ゆう子の家計簿オープニングプログラム ゆう子v3.exe
ym Winamp winamp.exe
ymd 読取革命Lite yomikaku.exe
ymg Yahoo! Messenger yahoomessenger.exe
yml Notepad notepad.exe
ymp mLAN Graphic Patchbay mlangraphicpatchbay.exe
ymt mLAN Graphic Patchbay mlangraphicpatchbay.exe
ynab You Need a Budget Pro ynabpro.exe
ync StuffIt Application stuffit14.exe
yne yuukinovel.exe yuukinovel.exe
yod Yooda SeeUrank seeurank.exe
yom Decoder for decoding of otrkey, omrkey and yom files 2009decoder.exe
yos acrobat_com.exe acrobat_com.exe
youdafarmer2savethevillagesavedgame Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village youdafarmer2_wildtangent-wt.exe
youdafarmer3seasonssavedgame Youda Farmer 3: Seasons youdafarmer3-wt.exe
youdafarmersavedgame Youda Farmer youdafarmer_wildtangent-wt.exe
youdafishermansavedgame Youda Fisherman youdafisherman-wt.exe
youdajewelshopsavedgame Youda Jewel Shop youdajewelshop-wt.exe
youdalegendcurseamsterdamdiamondsavedgame Youda Legend - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond youdalegendthecurseoftheamsterdamdiamond-wt.exe
youdalegendgoldenbirdsavedgame Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise youdalegendthegoldenbirdofparadise-wt.exe
youdamarinasavedgame Youda Marina youdamarina_full-wt.exe
youdamysterythestanwicklegacysavedgame Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy youdamysterythestanwicklegacy-wt.exe
youdasafarisavedgame Youda Safari youdasafari_wildtangent-wt.exe
youdasurvivor2savedgame Youda Survivor 2 youdasurvivor2_wildtangent-wt.exe
youdasurvivorsavedgame Youda Survivor youdasurvivor_wildtangent-wt.exe
youdasushichefsavedgame Youda Sushi Chef youdasushichef-wt.exe
yp;ini;mdb YearPlanner MFC Application yearpl~1.exe
yp2 やさしくPDFへ文字入力 ypdfmoji.exe
yp3 夢ぷりんと3 yume3.exe
yp6 夢ぷりんと6 yume6.exe
yp8 夢ぷりんと8 yume8.exe
ypb 弥生起動モジュール ymactivate.exe
ypc 夢ぷりんと12 yume12.exe
ypd やさしくPDFへ文字入力 ypdfmoji.exe
ype 夢ぷりんとEasy yumee.exe
ypf3 やさしくPDFへ文字入力 フォーム入力用 ypdffo~1.exe
ypl mktbrws.exe mktbrws.exe
ypm Svwin MFC Application sigmawin.exe
ypo やさしくPDF OCR v.2.0B for Windows pdfocr.exe
ypr 弥生起動モジュール ymactivate.exe
yps Yahoo! Messenger yahoomessenger.exe
yql 一起来音乐助手 getmusic.exe
yrp Railroad & Co. Software railprg32.exe
yrr Railroad & Co. Software railtcb32.exe
yrsl YouRip yourip.exe
ysf ContigExpress Application cexpress.exe
ysm Yamaha Studio Manager sm2.exe
ytd Calendar software time.exe
yum MapCruncher mapcruncher.exe
yuv fcheck application file fcheck.exe
yvw 夢びゅーあ アプリケーション yview2.exe
yw5 yWriter5 ywriter5.exe
ywd yowdivuer.exe yowdivuer.exe
ywemanifest Yahoo! Widgets yahoowidgets.exe
ywl YoWindow! yowindow.exe
ywp yWriter2 ywriter2.exe
yws SOL y_sol.exe
yz File Association Manager fam.exe
yz1 IZArc Archiver izarc.exe

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