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File Extensions Found:

Extension Most Used Application File Name
w File Association Manager fam.exe
w&m WordPerfect X4 wpwin14.exe
w_i prslink.exe prslink.exe
w_p prslink.exe prslink.exe
w01 File Association Manager fam.exe
w02 File Association Manager fam.exe
w03 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
w04 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
w05 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
w06 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
w08 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
w1 クセロReader xeloreader.exe
w10 KISSsoft.exe kisssoft.exe
w11 WALL-1 Ver1 wall-1.exe
w18 Expert Tax 2018 experttax2018.exe
w19 Expert Tax 2019 experttax2019.exe
w1d Common Dialog Interface mw.exe
w2 w2.exe w2.exe
w2007 tax 2008 Gewinnermittlung gewinn2008.exe
w2009 tax 2009 Gewinnermittlung gewinn2009.exe
w2011 tax 2012 Gewerbesteuererklärung gewerbesteuer2012.exe
w2012 Steuer 2012 Steuermanager stman2013.exe
w21 Expert Tax 2021 experttax2021.exe
w27 digiview.exe digiview.exe
w28e windPRO windpro.exe
w28p windPRO windpro.exe
w29e windPRO windpro.exe
w29p windPRO windpro.exe
w2a W21099Form w2-1099form.exe
w2b WinBackup Main Executable wbmain.exe
w2d progeCAD 2009 Application icad.exe
w2dlsconf livesupportclient.exe livesupportclient.exe
w2dswitch Vorschaltseiten-Editor für web to date siteswitch.exe
w2e Voice Editor for MOTIF6 voiceeditorformotif6.exe
w2g Graphical Display of Calculation Results of WUFI wufigraph.exe
w2m Web2Map - Internet Recherche Anwendung web2map.exe
w2p Samsung AnyWeb Print w2pviewer.dll
w2t Graphical Display of Calculation Results of WUFI wufigraph.exe
w2v Win2VNC win2vnc.exe
w3 APL+Win Development System aplw.exe
w30e windPRO windpro.exe
w30p windPRO windpro.exe
w31e windPRO windpro.exe
w31p windPRO windpro.exe
w32 File Association Manager fam.exe
w32~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
w32e windPRO windpro.exe
w32p windPRO windpro.exe
w33e windPRO windpro.exe
w33p windPRO windpro.exe
w34e windPRO windpro.exe
w34p windPRO windpro.exe
w3af w3af_console.bat w3af_console.bat
w3cat WinCatalog 2019 wincatalog.exe
w3d File Association Manager fam.exe
w3e wpstart.exe wpstart.exe
w3g File Association Manager fam.exe
w3i FAP-3 MFC アプリケーション fapm.exe
w3m File Association Manager fam.exe
w3modproj WolvenKit wolvenkit.exe
w3n File Association Manager fam.exe
w3p wpstart.exe wpstart.exe
w3s Solero Music Viewer viewer.exe
w3x File Association Manager fam.exe
w3z File Association Manager fam.exe
w4a 快快万能打开器 kkfile.exe
w4c win4lifecit.exe win4lifecit.exe
w4e FAP-3 MFC アプリケーション fapm.exe
w4f FLASH Development Toolkit fdt.exe
w4join warlords4pbemmanager.exe warlords4pbemmanager.exe
w4l CommView Packet Analyzer cv.exe
w4p one dimensional heat and moisture transport wufi.exe
w4pbem warlords4pbemmanager.exe warlords4pbemmanager.exe
w4u Wallpaper4U wallpaper4u.exe
w51 WordPerfect X7 wpwin17.exe
w55 wintr-55.exe wintr-55.exe
w5p one dimensional heat and moisture transport wufi.exe
w60 Wyse 60 Emulator wy60term.exe
w64 VLC media player vlc.exe
w64 wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
w64¨wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
w64±wav:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
w64¹wav:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
w64ðwav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
w64wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
w6e Voice Editor for MOTIF-RACK voiceeditorformotif-rack.exe
w6p one dimensional heat and moisture transport wufi.exe
w7e Voice Editor for MOTIF ES6/7/8 voiceeditorformotifes6.exe
w7esj Split and Join the Large Files filesplitterandjoiner.exe
wa W7T Addon Installer wainstaller.exe
wa_ VLC media player vlc.exe
wa~ Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
wa2 wincheck.exe wincheck.exe
wa3 spWall Application spwall.exe
wa4 spWall Application spwall.exe
waa Winamp winamp.exe
wab Windows Contacts wab.exe
wab~ XML Editor msoxmled.exe
wab~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wab~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wabbajack Wabbajack wabbajack.exe
wac Winamp winamp.exe
wacomprefs Tablet Preference Utility prefutil.exe
wacomxs Tablet Preference Utility prefutil.exe
wad File Association Manager fam.exe
wadl Liquid Studio 2021 xmlstudio19.exe
waf regwaf.exe regwaf.exe
wafpkg AIR CRE Contracts
waftmpl AIR CRE Contracts
wag Notepad notepad.exe
wagame File Association Manager fam.exe
wai Software for the Decision Sciences: Production/Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, Management Science, Operations Research pomqmv4.exe
wal spWall Application spwall.exe
wam Winamp winamp.exe
wamconnect wamconnect.exe wamconnect.exe
wan wancatcher.exe wancatcher.exe
wannasave-willplus Wanna wanna.exe
wap WebAnimator webanimator.exe
waptt Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
war IZArc Archiver izarc.exe
warc Windows Explorer explorer.exe
warchesssavedgame War Chess warchess-wt.exe
wardenmotusavedgame Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth warden-wt.exe
wardmdb wardmap.exe wardmap.exe
warlockthecurseoftheshamansavedgame Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman warlock-wt.exe
warn 7-Zip File Manager 7zfm.exe
was Procomm Plus ASPECT Editor pwedit.exe
wastelandangelsavedgame Reel Deal Slots: American Adventure wtmui_shim-wt.exe
wat winairforms.exe winairforms.exe
watch Watch Window watchwindow.exe
waterbugssavedgame Water Bugs waterbugs-wt.exe
watermark eXPert PDF Stationery Editor watermarked.exe
waudit WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wav Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wav wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wav^ Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wav_ Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wav_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wav~##ltt TODO: EncryptExecute.exe encryptexecute.exe
wav~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wav~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wav~urti XOPAp MFC Application xopap.exe
wav¨wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wav±xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wav¹xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wavdssf Diagnostic System for Sound Fields Version 5 rta.exe
wavðwve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wave iTunes itunes.exe
wavelet NAVCO Retrieval navcor.exe
wavelink WaveLink wavelink.exe
waveoftimepcsavedgame Wave of Time waveoftime-wt.exe
wavm Winamp winamp.exe
wavpak Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wavwve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wax Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wax_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wax~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
waxmantotonyhayward Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
waypoint Voyager voyager.exe
waytogosavedgame Way To Go! waytogo_shim-wt.exe
wazgit Microsoft (R) HTML Application host mshta.exe
wb Winamp winamp.exe
wb1 Quattro Pro(R) Loader qpw.exe
wb2 Quattro Pro(R) Loader qpw.exe
wb3 Quattro Pro(R) Loader qpw.exe
wb6 Basic Ohio Probate forms wbopf7.exe
wb7 Basic Ohio Probate forms wbopf7.exe
wba WindowBlinds wbload.exe
wbak iTunes itunes.exe
wbarc WBWin sc4.exe
wbb WIBU-SYSTEMS Shell Extension Handler wibushellext64.dll
wbc WIBU-SYSTEMS Shell Extension Handler wibushellext64.dll
wbcat Microsoft® Windows Backup sdclt.exe
wbcat~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wbd File Association Manager fam.exe
wbdb runwb2.exe runwb2.exe
wbe Sektionsdata sektionsdata.exe
wbf ResourceManager resourcemanager.exe
wbfs File Association Manager fam.exe
wbg WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wbh WYSIWYG Web Builder webbuilder.exe
wbi Brilliant Installer written in c and mfc mplaynow.exe
wbio Mould Growth Risk Analysis wufibio.exe
wbj winbackup.exe winbackup.exe
wbk Microsoft Office Word winword.exe
wbk~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wbkssn ATLASメインウィンドウ atlas.exe
wbl IntelliGolf intell~1.exe
wblx WorkbenchApp workbenchapp.exe
wbm ImageReady imageready.exe
wbmin FJO WBAFR Min fjowba~1.exe
wbminlog FJO WBAFR Min fjowba~1.exe
wbmp ImageReady imageready.exe
wbn 白板ソフト whiteboardsoft.exe
wbp Webshots Photo Manager Launcher launcher.exe
wbpj runwb2.exe runwb2.exe
wbpz runwb2.exe runwb2.exe
wbq WebQuiz XP webquiz.exe
wbr 白板プレーヤー wbplayer.exe
wbr2 Просмотр файлов и директорий viewfd.exe
wbrl winBraille winbraille.exe
wbrt winBraille winbraille.exe
wbrx WriteOnline writeonline.exe
wbs WYSIWYG Web Builder webbuilder.exe
wbt File Association Manager fam.exe
wbt_af WinBatch EXE winbatch_af.exe
wbt_at WinBatch EXE winbatch_at.exe
wbt_hf WinBatch EXE winbatch_hf.exe
wbt_ht WinBatch EXE winbatch_ht.exe
wbt_if WinBatch EXE winbatch_if.exe
wbt_it WinBatch EXE winbatch_it.exe
wbt_nn WinBatch EXE winbatch_nn.exe
wbt64 WinBatch EXE winbatch.exe
wbt64_af WinBatch EXE winbatch_af.exe
wbt64_at WinBatch EXE winbatch_at.exe
wbt64_hf WinBatch EXE winbatch_hf.exe
wbt64_ht WinBatch EXE winbatch_ht.exe
wbt64_if WinBatch EXE winbatch_if.exe
wbt64_it WinBatch EXE winbatch_it.exe
wbt64_nn WinBatch EXE winbatch_nn.exe
wbtx WorkbenchApp workbenchapp.exe
wbu Warrior File Backup (unicode) warback64.exe
wbv WBS Schedule Pro wbsschedulepro.exe
wbverify Notepad notepad.exe
wbw wordbyword.exe wordbyword.exe
wbwriter TechWriter for Websites 2009 techwriter2009wbe.exe
wbx WebExpress webex.exe
wbxml File Association Manager fam.exe
wby Microsoft Office Access msaccess.exe
wbz Webshots Photo Manager Launcher launcher.exe
wc ACS2000 for Windows acs2000.exe
wc1 Microsoft® Works Spreadsheet wksss.exe
wc3270 wc3270.exe wc3270.exe
wc3270km Notepad notepad.exe
wc6plf WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
wc6plf~bak WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
wca WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wcat File Association Manager fam.exe
wcb NCH Toolbox toolbox.exe
wcb0 TrainerCabLauncher trainercablauncher.exe
wcc WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wcd File Association Manager fam.exe
wcdt WisenetCameraDesignTool wisenetcameradesigntool.exe
wce WaveCN Audio Recorder and Editor wavecn.exe
wcepr Web Content Extractor wcextractor.exe
wcf File Association Manager fam.exe
wcfp Workshare Compare for PowerPoint deckcompare.exe
wcfx devwin.exe devwin.exe
wcg WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wch PerfectScript ps180.exe
wci WELLCAD v4.4 build 2711 wellcad.exe
wcinv Windows Meeting Space wincollab.exe
wcinv~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wcinv-ms-p2p Windows Meeting Space wincollab.exe
wcinv-ms-p2p~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wcj Writer's Café writerscafe.exe
wcl CourseLab courselab.exe
wcm PerfectScript ps180.exe
wcml Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
wcn Writer's Café writerscafe.exe
wco WELLCAD Reader v5.2 build 1324 wcadread.exe
wconf Dialcom spontania.exe
wcp File Association Manager fam.exe
wcp~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wcr rtClient.exe rtclient.exe
wcrp WorldCreator worldcreator.exe
wcs Writer's Café writerscafe.exe
wcs~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wcst Wirecast Application wirecast.exe
wcstset Wirecast Application wirecast.exe
wct West Case Timeline MFC Application timeline.exe
wcu cuecard.exe cuecard.exe
wcx Extensible Wizards Host Process xwizard.exe
wcx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wcz File Association Manager fam.exe
wd WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wd1 wewin.exe wewin.exe
wd10 Warsow warsow_x64.exe
wd11 Warsow warsow_x86.exe
wd15 Warsow warsow_x64.exe
wd2 Info Select is.exe
wd3 File Association Manager fam.exe
wd4 wels4.exe wels4.exe
wd5 Ohio Deed & Document Pro wdeed5.exe
wd7 Seismovision 3 - seismovision3.exe
wd8 Seismovision 3 - seismovision3.exe
wd9 Seismovision 3 - seismovision3.exe
wda Notepad notepad.exe
wdapk 豌豆荚 2 wandoujia2.exe
wdat WolfPack wolfpack.exe
wdb Microsoft® Works Database wksdb.exe
wdbatch WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdc dvdcreator.exe dvdcreator.exe
wdd Notepad notepad.exe
wddoc WebDrive webdrive.exe
wde WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdf Notepad notepad.exe
wdfab WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdfu WinTotal Main Program wintotalu.exe
wdfx WinTOTAL wintotal.exe
wdg WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdgt Adobe Captivate adobecaptivate.exe
wdgtproj File Association Manager fam.exe
wdh WinDaq Waveform Browser, HiRes wdqd1632.exe
wdi Notepad notepad.exe
wdk 工事経歴システム kantankk.exe
wdl Notepad notepad.exe
wdm WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wdn Notepad notepad.exe
wdoc WriteOnline writeonline.exe
wdp Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
wdp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wdpic WinDev64.exe (Lanceur WinDev 64 bits) - Win32 windev64.exe
wdq File Association Manager fam.exe
wdr Notepad notepad.exe
wds Complete Home Designer 3.0 tdesign3.exe
wdseml Thunderbird thunderbird.exe
wdsheet WebDrive webdrive.exe
wdslide WebDrive webdrive.exe
wdsp WebDrive webdrive.exe
wdsync 2015_casa_development_inc_form_1120s__s_corps_tax_return.tax2015 2015_casa_development_inc_form_1120s__s_corps_tax_return.tax2015
wdt Notepad notepad.exe
wdu HostExplorer Migration Wizard for Win32 hemigwiz.exe
wdump WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdv WDCONVER.EXE (Import/Export Hyper File) wdconver.exe
wdw Notepad notepad.exe
wdx Notepad notepad.exe
wdy WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wdz WriterDuet writerduet.exe
wea File Association Manager fam.exe
weap File Association Manager fam.exe
weapon DM Genie - software for 3e RPG dmgenie.exe
weapupdate Libronix Update update.exe
weather DM Genie - software for 3e RPG dmgenie.exe
weatherbundlesavedgame Weather Bundle weatherbundle-wt.exe
weatherlordgraduationcesavedgame Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition weatherlord8_graduation_ce-wt.exe
weatherlordhiddenrealmsavedgame Weather Lord: Hidden Realm weatherlordhiddenrealm-wt.exe
weatherlordlegendaryherocesavedgame Weather Lord: Legendary Hero Collector's Edition wl6_legendaryhero_ce-wt.exe
weatherlordlegendaryherosavedgame Weather Lord: Legendary Hero weatherlord6_legendaryhero-wt.exe
weatherlordprincesscesavedgame Weather Lord: Following the Princess Collector's Edition weatherlord_followingtheprincess_ce-wt.exe
weatherlordprincesssavedgame Weather Lord: Following the Princess weatherlord_followingtheprincess-wt.exe
weatherlordpursuitoftheshamansavedgame Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman weatherlord_inpursuitoftheshaman-wt.exe
weatherlordroyalholidayscesavedgame Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition weatherlord7_royalholidays_ce-wt.exe
weatherlordthesuccessorspathsavedgame Weather Lord: The Successor's Path weatherlordthesuccessorspath-wt.exe
web The Print Shop pmw.exe
weba Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
weballowblocklist Windows Parental Control Notifications wpcumi.exe
weballowblocklist~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
webapp Prism Video Converter prism.exe
webarchive safari.exe safari.exe
webarchivexml File Association Manager fam.exe
webbookmark File Association Manager fam.exe
webconf WebConfLoader webconfloader.exe
webctp Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
webdoc File Association Manager fam.exe
webex Webex ciscocollabhost.exe
webexediscovery Webex ciscocollabhost.exe
webexteams Webex ciscocollabhost.exe
webextel Webex ciscocollabhost.exe
webferretsearch WebFerret 6.0 webferret.exe
webform HP Security Toolkit toolkithost.exe
webhistory File Association Manager fam.exe
webinfo Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
webintents Notepad notepad.exe
webloc File Association Manager fam.exe
webm VLC media player vlc.exe
webm" Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
webm~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
webmacro HP Security Toolkit toolkithost.exe
webmap ArcGISFileHandler EXE arcgisfilehandler.exe
webmape2 Expression 3 e3.exe
webofdeceitblackwidowsavedgame Web of Deceit: Black Widow wod_blackwidow-wt.exe
webofdeceitdeadlysandssavedgame Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands webofdeceit_deadlysands_se-wt.exe
webp WinZip Image Manager imgutil64.exe
webpart Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
webpnp Support exe for Internet Printing wpnpinst.exe
webpnp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
webservicetest Liquid Studio 2021 xmlstudio19.exe
webshot Web Snapshot Editor websho~1.dll
website Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
webskintmp Tirminal tirminal.exe
websurge West Wind WebSurge Stress Tester websurge.exe
webtest Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
webtestresult Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
webtheme Web Photo Album webalbum.exe
webthumb Webthumb webthumb.exe
webtrain webtrain.exe webtrain.exe
webx akamix.exe akamix.exe
webz File Association Manager fam.exe
wed wageeasy.exe wageeasy.exe
wedb Würth Elektronik Component Selector wecompsel.exe
weddingdash2savedgame Wedding Dash 2 - Rings Around the World weddingdash2-wt.exe
weddingdashreadyaimlovesavedgame Wedding Dash - Ready, Aim, Love! wedding-dash-ready-aim-love-wt.exe
weddingsalonsavedgame Wedding Salon weddingsalon-wt.exe
wedo wedo.exe wedo.exe
weepingskiessavedgame Weeping Skies weeping_skies-wt.exe
weepr Web Email Extractor webema~1.exe
weezoresource Weezo UI weezo.exe
weezotheme Weezo UI weezo.exe
wef CopyWef application file copywef.exe
wefc Würth Elektronik Component Selector wecompsel.exe
wefi Würth Elektronik Component Selector wecompsel.exe
wefr Würth Elektronik Component Selector wecompsel.exe
weft Würth Elektronik Component Selector wecompsel.exe
weg Unwedge Release Build unwedge.exe
wegeproj wegese_32.exe wegese_32.exe
wegmeproj wegmese_32.exe wegmese_32.exe
weirdparkbrokentunesavedgame Weird Park: Broken Tune weirdpark_brokentune-wt.exe
weirdparkscarytalessavedgame Weird Park: Scary Tales weirdpark_2-wt.exe
weirdparkthefinalshowsavedgame Weird Park: The Final Show weirdpark_thefinalshow-wt.exe
wej Namo WebEditor 8 webeditor.exe
wel MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
wellbalancedsavedgame Well Balanced wb-windows-masterlinkless-wt.exe
wem File Association Manager fam.exe
wemb PMPlayer pmplayer.exe
wemta 腾讯会议 transcodebridge.exe
wemtaidx 腾讯会议 transcodebridge.exe
wemtc 腾讯会议 transcodebridge.exe
wemtv 腾讯会议 transcodebridge.exe
wemtvidx 腾讯会议 transcodebridge.exe
wendyswellnesssavedgame Wendy's Wellness wellness-wt.exe
wenlin Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wenlinbin Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wenlindb Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wenlinfc Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wenlinfx Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wenlintree Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese wenlinmianfeiban.exe
wepm Window-Eyes wineyes.exe
wepx Autodesk Optimization Utility for Netfabb optimization.exe
wer File Association Manager fam.exe
wesayconfig WeSay Configuration Tool wesay.configtool.exe
westward2savedgame Westward II - Heroes of the Frontier westward_ii-wt.exe
westward3savedgame Westward III - Gold Rush westward_iii-wt.exe
westward4allaboardsavedgame Westward IV - All Aboard westward_iv-wt.exe
westwardsavedgame Westward westward-wt.exe
wet Notepad notepad.exe
wev WeaveIt Weaving Program (32-bit) weaveitp.exe
wew Windows GUI symbolic debugger windbg.exe
wex Microsoft Office Excel excel.exe
wexe Java(TM) Web Start Launcher javaws.exe
wez Win-EZ Manager wi3296~1.exe
wf run.bat run.bat
wf1 EViews 11 eviews11_x64.exe
wf2 EViews 12 eviews12sv_x64.exe
wfa Notepad notepad.exe
wfb File Association Manager fam.exe
wfc WinFlex 6 Application winflex6.exe
wfcfrm WebFormCreator wfc.exe
wfd File Association Manager fam.exe
wff WinFF Video Converter winff.exe
wfhd Wise Folder Hider wisefolderhider.exe
wfi Workflow Designer laserfiche.workflow.designer.exe
wfl Smead Viewables viewables.exe
wfl_m Programmer's Workbench for ClearPath MCP nxedit.exe
wflow BarTender System Administration Console adminconsole.exe
wfm Pro Tools Application protools.exe
wfn Radiant FontEdit fontedit.exe
wfo dBASE PLUS Executable plus.exe
wfp File Association Manager fam.exe
wfppr Wondershare FilmoraPro filmorapro.exe
wfpproj Wondershare FilmoraPro filmorapro.exe
wfptitle Wondershare FilmoraPro filmorapro.exe
wfr DataMaster datamaster.exe
wfs WinFi winfi.exe
wfsm MAGIX Slideshow Maker 1.0 slideshowmaker.exe
wfsp fantashow.exe fantashow.exe
wfsproj Wondershare Filmora Scrn fsrecorder.exe
wft File Association Manager fam.exe
wfw Wav Manager for use with AOL's chat rooms. wavman.exe
wfx Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
wfxb barcodegenerator.exe barcodegenerator.exe
wfxf CoffeeCup Web Form Builder formbuilder.exe
wfxp Dispatcher Phoenix dispatcherpro-pe.exe
wg artisan.exe artisan.exe
wg2 MoreInfo Dialog box moreinfo.exe
wgb Historical Wargame Series wargamer.exe
wgc Historical Wargame Series wargamer.exe
wge ncpmon.exe ncpmon.exe
wgf File Association Manager fam.exe
wgi wlxphotogallery.exe wlxphotogallery.exe
wglcs Live Chat operatorchat.exe
wgom CompeGPSLAND Application compegpsair.exe
wgp File Association Manager fam.exe
wgpf wgskinreg.exe wgskinreg.exe
wgplayer WatchGuard Video Player watchguardvideoplayer.exe
wgproj WebGlider-X2Editor Application wgx2dev.exe
wgr WebGuider webguider.exe
wgs File Association Manager fam.exe
wgsln WebGlider-X2Editor Application wgx2dev.exe
wgssl wgsslvpnc Module wgsslvpnc.exe
wgt File Association Manager fam.exe
wgx ncpmon.exe ncpmon.exe
wgz File Association Manager fam.exe
wh HandPunch Utility (32bits) hputil.exe
wh2 wwhm2012.exe wwhm2012.exe
wh5 Conception de schéma winschem.exe
whc WinDaq Waveform Browser for SD windhc32.exe
wheeloffortune2savedgame Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wheeloffortunesavedgame onplay.exe onplay.exe
wheninromesavedgame When in Rome wheninrome-wt.exe
whereangelscrysavedgame Where Angels Cry angels-wt.exe
whereangelscrytearsofthefallencesavedgame Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen Collector's Edition whereangelscry_tearsofthefallen_ce-wt.exe
whereswaldosavedgame Where's Waldo The Fantastic Journey waldo[windows]-wt.exe
whisperedsecretseverburningcsavedgame Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle ws_everburningcandle-wt.exe
whisperedsecretsgoldensilencesavedgame Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence ws_goldensilence-wt.exe
whisperedsecretsintothebeyondsavedgame Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond ws_intothebeyond-wt.exe
whisperedsecretsintothewindsavedgame Whispered Secrets Into the Wind ws_intothewind-wt.exe
whisperedsecretssongofsorrowsavedgame Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow ws_songofsorrow-wt.exe
whisperedsecretstidevillesavedgame Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville ws_thestoryoftideville-wt.exe
whisperedstoriessandmansavedgame Whispered Stories: Sandman sandman-wt.exe
whiteboard Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
whitehavenmysteriescollectorssavedgame White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition whitehavence-wt.exe
whitehavenmysteriesstandardsavedgame White Haven Mysteries Standard Edition whitehaven-wt.exe
whl Windows Explorer explorer.exe
whm wwhm2012.exe wwhm2012.exe
whs WinHex winhex.exe
wht NetMeeting Whiteboard application wb32.exe
whtt File Association Manager fam.exe
whv IP Address Toolkit iplook~1.exe
whx WinHex winhex.exe
whz wwhm2012.exe wwhm2012.exe
wi CorelPHOTO-PAINT photopnt.exe
wia Viewer executable for WorldCAT catalogs wcatcif.exe
wib MSIBuilder msibuilder.exe
wibucmapi CodeMeter API Guide cmapiguide.exe
wibucmlif CodeMeter Control Center codemetercc.exe
wibucmrac WIBU-SYSTEMS Shell Extension Handler wibushellext64.dll
wibucmram WIBU-SYSTEMS Shell Extension Handler wibushellext64.dll
wibucmrar CodeMeter Control Center codemetercc.exe
wibucmrau CodeMeter Control Center codemetercc.exe
wibupdf Adobe Reader 9.2 acrord32.exe
wic File Association Manager fam.exe
wicsavegame World in Conflict wic.exe
wid File Association Manager fam.exe
widget File Association Manager fam.exe
wif イメージ ビューア kodakimg.exe
wiff AgExpert Analyst analyst.exe
wifiap MacTalk mactalk.exe
wifipasswd Notepad notepad.exe
wifiprof PC sync for Windows pcsync.exe
wifisc MacTalk mactalk.exe
wifissid Notepad notepad.exe
wii File Association Manager fam.exe
wik Notepad notepad.exe
wikandthefableofsoulssavedgame Wik and The Fable of Souls wik-wt.exe
wiki Differ differ.exe
wikidb Wikiexe wikiexe.exe
wil File Association Manager fam.exe
wildgunssavedgame Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns wildguns-wt.exe
wildlifecampsavedgame Wildlife Camp wildlifecamp-wt.exe
wildtribesavedgame Wild Tribe wildtribe-wt.exe
wildwestbillysavedgame Wild West Billy wwb-wt.exe
wildwestchasesavedgame Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor game-wt.exe
wildwestquest2savedgame Wild West Quest 2 wildwestquest2-wt.exe
wildwestquestsavedgame Wild West Quest wildwestquest-wt.exe
wildwestransomsavedgame Wild West Ransom wildwestransom-wt.exe
wildweststorythebeginningssavedgame Wild West Story: The Beginnings wildweststory-wt.exe
wim 7-Zip File Manager 7zfm.exe
wim_file Zip File Manager zip.exe
wim2 Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wim3 Firefox firefox.exe
wimp wimp.exe wimp.exe
win Free File Viewer freefileviewer.exe
win32 Notepad notepad.exe
winclone File Association Manager fam.exe
wincmd File Commander fcmd.exe
wincomposer LogicBase Form Composer logicbase.composer.windowsruntime.exe
windog Windographer windographer.exe
window WME WindowEdit windowedit.exe
windowsliveconta File Association Manager fam.exe
windowslivecontact Notepad notepad.exe
windsim Emulator for Wind Power Plants windsim.exe
windsproapps WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
windsproskin WinDS PRO windspro.exe
windx PxPlus pxplus.exe
winecon winecon.exe winecon.exe
winemakerextraordinairesavedgame Winemaker Extraordinaire winemaker-wt.exe
wings wings3d.exe wings3d.exe
wingtk Notepad notepad.exe
winmd Notepad notepad.exe
winmerge WinMerge Application winmergeu.exe
winnckey winnc.exe winnc.exe
winprev Clarion 7.2 clarion.exe
winrecord Zoom ztscoder.exe
wintermagicfactorysavedgame Winter Magic Factory wintermagic-wt.exe
wintermahjongpcsavedgame Winter Mahjong wintermahjong-wt.exe
wintermosaics3savedgame Winter Mosaics 3 wintermosaics-wt.exe
wip ホームページ・ビルダー ウェブビデオ スタジオ videoedit.exe
wipara SmartView smartview.exe
wipefile Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wipg MirrorOp mirrorop.exe
wiping filewipe.exe filewipe.exe
wiq Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wirchcraftpandorasboxsavedgame Witchcraft: Pandora's Box pandorabox-wt.exe
wire Alias application file alias.exe
wired wire.exe wire.exe
wireplugin wire.exe wire.exe
wis wIntegrate Editor wintedit.exe
wisbeymysterysavedgame Wisbey Mystery wisbeymystery-wt.exe
wisp unpacking.exe unpacking.exe
wit wIntegrate Editor wintedit.exe
witchcraftthelotuselixirsavedgame Witchcraft: The Lotus Elixir witchcraft-wt.exe
witcheslegacy3hunterandthehuntedsavedgame Witches' Legacy 3: Hunter and the Hunted witcheslegacy_hunterandthehunted-wt.exe
witcheslegacyadsavedgame Witches' Legacy: Awakening Darkness witcheslegacy_awakening_darkness-wt.exe
witcheslegacycoveredbythenightsavedgame Witches' Legacy: Covered by the Night witcheslegacy_coveredbythenight-wt.exe
witcheslegacydarkdaystocosavedgame Witches' Legacy: Dark Days to Come witcheslegacy_darkdaystocome-wt.exe
witcheslegacylairofthewitchqueensavedgame Witches' Legacy: Lair of the Witch Queen witcheslegacy_lairofthewitchqueen-wt.exe
witcheslegacyslumberingdarksavedgame Witches Legacy Slumbering Darkness witcheslegacy_slumberingdarkness-wt.exe
witcheslegacythecharlestoncursesavedgame Witches Legacy: The Charleston Curse witcheslegacy_thecharlestoncurse-wt.exe
witcheslegacythedarkthronesavedgame Witches' Legacy: The Dark Throne witcheslegacy_thedarkthrone-wt.exe
witcheslegacythetiesthatbindsavedgame Witches Legacy: The Ties That Bind witcheslegacy_thetiesthatbind-wt.exe
witchespranksfrogsfortunepesavedgame Witches' Pranks: Frog's Fortune Premium Edition witchespranks_frogsfortune_pe-wt.exe
witchhuntersfullmoonceremonysavedgame Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony witchhunters_fullmoonceremony-wt.exe
wivia wivia wivia.exe
wixproj Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wiz File Association Manager fam.exe
wiz~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wizardlandsavedgame Wizard Land wizardland-wt.exe
wizhtml Microsoft Office Access msaccess.exe
wizhtml~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wizml HomeSite homesite5.exe
wizoocertificate WizooCertify wizoocertify.exe
wizplugin WizBrother WizShell wizkmcore.dll
wizskin WizBrother WizShell wizkmcore.dll
wiztemplate WizBrother WizShell wizkmcore.dll
wj1 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wj2 Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program wiiip.exe
wj3 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wjd YouWinLaw youwin~1.exe
wje File Association Manager fam.exe
wjf WinZip winzip64.exe
wji Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program wiiip.exe
wjm Database for object positions on celestial bodies winjupos.x64.exe
wjp Softec Waterjet Software waterjet.exe
wjr File Association Manager fam.exe
wjw Report Writer for the WJIII Document wjrw.exe
wk1 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wk1db Worship Keeper worshipkeeper.exe
wk2 File Association Manager fam.exe
wk3 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wk4 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wk5 File Association Manager fam.exe
wka CCH@Hand Background Service binnacle.exe
wkb NDT SetupBuilder ndtsetupbuilder.exe
wkc WIBU-SYSTEMS Shell Extension Handler wibushellext64.dll
wkd 建設業許可システム kantanky.exe
wke File Association Manager fam.exe
wkevent Worship Keeper worshipkeeper.exe
wkf MbtDesktopPro.exe mbtdesktoppro.exe
wkfl cssworkflowhistorylaunch.exe cssworkflowhistorylaunch.exe
wkfx Automation.Player aaplayer.exe
wki File Association Manager fam.exe
wkica GfxCltConsole gfxcltconsole.exe
wkl janus.exe janus.exe
wko Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
wkox Thomson Reuters Eikon 3.2, Eikon Desktop, 3GB eikon.exe
wkp EWSA ewsa.exe
wkr CustomerApplication.exe customerapplication.exe
wks Microsoft® Works Spreadsheet wksss.exe
wksermon Worship Keeper worshipkeeper.exe
wkshow Presentation Manager presentationmanager.exe
wksong Worship Keeper worshipkeeper.exe
wksp TM4 ODIN odingui.exe
wksv ApS-Ethos Series MFC Application workstation.exe
wksvc CCH@Hand Background Service binnacle.exe
wksx EcoStruxure ME HVAC Simulation ewsimu~1.exe
wku File Association Manager fam.exe
wky WinKey MFC Application winkey.exe
wkz VISI Series application visi.exe
wl MasterCook Application mastercook15.exe
wl6 File Association Manager fam.exe
wlac WISE License Manager Executable wiselmgr.exe
wlayer WeatherStudio weatherstudio.exe
wlb WinGPC 4.16 Build 2013-09-24 wingpc.exe
wlc WISCO Word Power wordpwr.exe
wlcshrtctv2 start phone dialer through Messenger wlcstart.exe
wlcshrtctv2~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wld File Association Manager fam.exe
wld_autosave TEditXna teditxna.exe
wle WealthLab.Extensions.Agent wealthlab.extensions.agent.exe
wler WebLog Expert Report Viewer wlerviewer.exe
wlf WeddingLite 製品版 wedglite.exe
wlf3 workcad3editor.exe workcad3editor.exe
wlfav Watchtower Favorites File Launcher wtfavlauncher.exe
wlfe Watchtower Library 2003 wtlib.exe
wlfi Watchtower Library 2003 wtlib.exe
wlfj Watchtower Library 2005 - English Edition wtlconfig.mepsxml
wlfs Watchtower Library 2005 - English Edition wtlconfig.mepsxml
wlft Watchtower Library 2005 - English Edition wtlconfig.mepsxml
wlg Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wli WinBootInfo Application winbootinfo.exe
wlink wot.exe wot.exe
wlist Notepad notepad.exe
wlk Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wll Microsoft Office firstrun.exe
wll~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wlm XnView for Windows xnview.exe
wlmb Windows Mail Backup 2 emailbak.exe
wlmbackup Windows Live Messenger Backup wlmbackup.exe
wlmp Windows Live Movie Maker moviemaker.exe
wlmp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wlmp~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wlnk_xpress WedgeLink Keyboard Wedge Application. MicroRidge standard build. wedgel~1.exe
wlo Westlaw Case Notebook Application File westlawcasenotebook.exe
wlog ToolKit toolkitwin.exe
wlp File Association Manager fam.exe
wlpginstall StuffIt Expander stuffitexpander.exe
wlpginstall~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wlpginstall3 StuffIt Expander stuffitexpander.exe
wlpginstall3~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wls Command-line Wolfram Language script interpreter wolframscript.exe
wlt Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wlt~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wltsc TODO: screen~1.exe
wlu worshiplive.exe worshiplive.exe
wlua Lua Windows Standalone Interpreter wlua.exe
wlv weblv.exe weblv.exe
wlvs weblv.exe weblv.exe
wlww WL/WW Editor wlww_editor.exe
wlx File Association Manager fam.exe
wly Wally, Game Texture Editor wally.exe
wlz File Association Manager fam.exe
wm Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wm_backup Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wm_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wm~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wm2 winfoniemobile2.exe winfoniemobile2.exe
wm2d Wireless Manager GUI wm.exe
wm2license Winfonie mobile bhwm2li.exe
wm3 SimWise 4D Application simwise.exe
wm7 WillMaker 7 for Windows wm7.exe
wma Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wma wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wma_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wma~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wma~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wma¨wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wma±wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wma¹wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmaðwmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmascot Window Sitter Mascot mascot.exe
wmawmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmb LiknoWebButtonMaker liknowebbuttonmaker.exe
wmbackup Sicherung von Windows® Mail Daten wmbackup.exe
wmc WMCmap wmcmap.exe
wmd Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmd~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmd~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmd-5 Mastercam X mastercam.exe
wmd-6 Mastercam X mastercam.exe
wmd-7 Mastercam X mastercam.exe
wmd-8 Mastercam X mastercam.exe
wmd-9 McamVersionSelector Executable mcamversionselector.exe
wmdb Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmdb~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wme Windows Media Encoder wmenc.exe
wme~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmem WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wmf Paint mspaint.exe
wmf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmf~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmf-backup Paint mspaint.exe
wmg str3em.exe str3em.exe
wmga File Association Manager fam.exe
wmi wmdesk~1.exe wmdesk~1.exe
wmk Watermark Enterprise Edition wmenter.exe
wml File Association Manager fam.exe
wmlc WinWAP 4.2 winwap4.exe
wmlua WindMil Lua Scripting Tool wmlua.exe
wmm Castop Plus 6 Sign Design and Manufacturing castplusr6.exe
wmm~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmmbak Castop Plus 6 Sign Design and Manufacturing castplusr6.exe
wmmp File Association Manager fam.exe
wmmp~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmn wm8.exe wm8.exe
wmo File Association Manager fam.exe
wmod setup.exe setup.exe
wmon Web Page Monitor wmonitor.exe
wmp GOM Player gom.exe
wmp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmprefs Utility for viewing and editing Milsoft preference files (*.wmprefs) preferenceeditor.exe
wmproj Raptor Web Designer w3.exe
wmr VsoMediaPlayer vmp.exe
wmrk Exif wMarker - Batch Image Watermarker wmarker.exe
wms Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wms~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmsslotsjademonkeysavedgame WMS Slots: Jade Monkey jademonkey-wt.exe
wmsslotsquestforthefountainsavedgame WMS Slots: Quest for The Fountain questforthefountain-wt.exe
wmsslotsspartacussavedgame WMS Slots: Spartacus spartacus-wt.exe
wmt File Association Manager fam.exe
wmus Winamp winamp.exe
wmv Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmv' 7-Zip Console 7z.exe
wmv- RealPlayer realplay.exe
wmv asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmv(2) Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmv[1] RealPlayer realplay.exe
wmv_ VLC media player vlc.exe
wmv_backup Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmv_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wmv_nvb=20121031044000&nva=20121102232000&hash=0a Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmv_svc VLC media player vlc.exe
wmv~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmv~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmv¨asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmv±asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmv1 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmv¹asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmv2 Media Player Classic - Homecinema mpc-hc64.exe
wmvasf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmvavi Nokia Multimedia Player multimediaplayer.exe
wmvðasf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wmvhd Freemake Video Converter freemakevideoconverter.exe
wmvtnptemp PowerDVD powerdvd.exe
wmw Likno Web Modal Windows liknowebmodalwindowsbuilder.exe
wmweb coreplayer.exe coreplayer.exe
wmwebasf coreplayer.exe coreplayer.exe
wmwebasx coreplayer.exe coreplayer.exe
wmwebnsc Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmx Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wmx~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wmxd MAXA Security Tools mst.exe
wmxe MAXA Security Tools mst.exe
wmy Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
wmz Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wmz~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wn File Association Manager fam.exe
wn3w__ca7ecspov3p7r7di Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wna decryptor.exe decryptor.exe
wnb WorldWatcher Application worldwatcher.exe
wnc WYNN wynn.exe
wncd WorkNC Dental (based on WNCD r11733, DL r4283 and BM r332) workncdental.exe
wncdcode licenseupdate.exe licenseupdate.exe
wncdi workncimplantsmanager.exe workncimplantsmanager.exe
wncl 词库安装程序 wndictinst.exe
wnd MecaWind mecawind.exe
wne Able MIDI Editor Program File midiedit.exe
wnk File Association Manager fam.exe
wnm wnm.exe wnm.exe
wno Micro-Cap 10 Evaluation dll mc10demo.exe
wnp aqfile.exe aqfile.exe
wnpf 万能五笔输入法 wnskininst.exe
wnt Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host messenger.jse
wnu Compuscore for the WJ III NU wjiiinu.exe
wnw Novel Writing Software writeitnow4.exe
wnwx Novel Writing Software writeitnow5.exe
wnx remotefs.exe remotefs.exe
wnz 万能共享资源程序 wndealdown.exe
wo Studio program file studio.exe
wo2 Notepad notepad.exe
woa File Association Manager fam.exe
wod TopSolid application top617.exe
woff File Association Manager fam.exe
woff2 Google Chrome chrome.exe
wog Graph Launcher graphlauncher.exe
wok workshop.exe workshop.exe
wol WakeOnLanパケット送信ツール poweronlan.exe
wolfquest File Association Manager fam.exe
wolx WriteOnline writeonline.exe
womec Wopti File Decryption woptidecryption.exe
womensmurderclubdarkershadegreysavedgame Women's Murder Club - A Darker Shade of Grey wmc2-wt.exe
womensmurderclubdeathscarletsavedgame Women's Murder Club - Death in Scarlet wmc-wt.exe
womensmurderclublittleblackliessavedgame Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies wmc4-wt.exe
womensmurderclubtwiceinabluemoonsavedgame Women's Murder Club - Twice in a Blue Moon wmc3-wt.exe
wonderdraft_map Wonderdraft wonderdraft.exe
wonderfulendoftheworldsavedgame Lost Fortunes main-wt.exe
wonderlandmahjongsavedgame Wonderland Mahjong wonderlandmahjong-wt.exe
wonderlandsolitairesavedgame Wonderland Solitaire wsolitaire-wt.exe
wonderlinesavedgame Wonderlines wonderlines-wt.exe
wonderpetssavethepuppysavedgame Wonder Pets! Save the Puppy savethepuppy-wt.exe
woo Adobe GoLive CS2 golive.exe
woodcuttersimulatorpcsavedgame Woodcutter Simulator woodcutter2012-wt.exe
wop 秀丸エディタ hidemaru.exe
wor File Association Manager fam.exe
word Polaris Office polarisoffice.exe
wordarysavedgame Wordary wordary-wt.exe
wordbirdsavedgame Word Bird Supreme wordbirdsupreme-wt.exe
wordbuzzsavedgame Word Buzz wordbuzz-wt.exe
wordchallengeextremesavedgame Word Challenge Extreme wcx-wt.exe
wordconnectsavedgame Word Connect wordconnecthd-wt.exe
wordigosavedgame Wordigo wordigo-wt.exe
wordjongsavedgame WordJong wordjong-wt.exe
wordkrispiessavedgame Word Krispies wordkrispies-wt.exe
wordlist File Association Manager fam.exe
wordmonacosavedgame Word Monaco wordmonaco-wt.exe
wordpowerthegreenrevolutionsavedgame Word Power - The Green Revolution word_power-wt.exe
words Notepad notepad.exe
wordslingerpcsavedgame Word Slinger wordslinger-wt.exe
wordswithgizmossavedgame Words With Gizmos wordswithgizmos-wt.exe
wordsymphonysavedgame Wild Games wordsymphony-wt.exe
wordupsavedgame Word Up wordup-wt.exe
wordusavedgame Word U wordu-wt.exe
wordwebdeluxesavedgame Word Web Deluxe wordweb-wt.exe
wordwonderssavedgame Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel wordwonders-wt.exe
work AfterShot aftershot.exe
workbook Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
workflow File Association Manager fam.exe
workfolders Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
worksheet File Association Manager fam.exe
workspace File Association Manager fam.exe
world An interactive map generator for Minecraft. worldpainter.exe
worldclasspokerwithtjcloutiersavedgame World Class Poker with T.J. Cloutier lobbywc-wt.exe
worldcupcricket2020savedgame World Cup Cricket 20-20 cricket-wt.exe
worldkeeperslastresortsavedgame World Keepers: Last Resort worldkeepers_lastresort-wt.exe
worldmosaics2savedgame World Mosaics 2 worldmosaics2-wt.exe
worldmosaics3fairytalessavedgame World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales worldmosaics3-wt.exe
worldmosaics4savedgame World Mosaics 4 worldmosaics4-wt.exe
worldmosaics5savedgame World Mosaics 5 worldmosaics5-wt.exe
worldmosaics6savedgame World Mosaics 6 worldmosaics6-wt.exe
worldmosaics7savedgame World Mosaics 7 worldmosaics7-wt.exe
worldmosaicssavedgame World Mosaics worldmosaics-wt.exe
worldofgoosavedgame World of Goo worldofgoo-wt.exe
worldofzooanimalcreatordemosavedgame World of Zoo Animal Creator Demo gamelauncher-wt.exe
worldriddles2savedgame 7 Wonders of the Ancient World wonders-wt.exe
worldriddles3savedgame World Riddles 3 timetravel-wt.exe
worldriddlessavedgame World Riddles: Animals animalworld-wt.exe
worldsbestboardgames2009savedgame World's Best Board Games boardgames-wt.exe
worldsgreatestcitiesmahjongsavedgame World's Greatest Cities Mahjong greatestcities-wt.exe
worldsgreatestcm2savedgame Worlds Greatest Cities Mosaics 2 greatestcitiesmosaics2-wt.exe
worldsgreatestcmsavedgame Worlds Greatest Cities Mosaics greatestcitiesmosaic-wt.exe
worldsgreatestplacesmahjongsavedgame World's Greatest Places Mahjong greatestplaces-wt.exe
worldsgreatestpm2savedgame World’s Greatest Places Mosaics 2 greatestplacesmosaics2-wt.exe
worldsgreatestpmsavedgame Worlds Greatest Places Mosaics greatestplacesmosaic-wt.exe
worldsgreatesttemplesmahjong2savedgame World's Greatest Temples Mahjong 2 greatesttemplesmahjong2-wt.exe
worldsgreatesttemplesmahjongsavedgame World's Greatest Temples Mahjong greatesttemples-wt.exe
worldslegendskashcheysavedgame Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor game-wt.exe
worldtruckracingsavedgame World Truck Racing build_ang-wt.exe
worldvoyagesavedgame World Voyage worldvoyage-wt.exe
worx Updata Analytics udxupdata.exe
worz Updata Analytics udxupdata.exe
wos Adobe GoLive CS2 golive.exe
wot File Association Manager fam.exe
wot~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wotbreplay wotblitz.exe wotblitz.exe
wotmod Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
wotreplay File Association Manager fam.exe
wout WolfPack wolfpack.exe
wow Winamp winamp.exe
wowpreplay World of Warplanes worldofwarplanes.exe
wowproj File Association Manager fam.exe
wowsl Wow Slider wowslider.exe
wowsln wowaddonstudio.exe wowaddonstudio.exe
wowsreplay Client Runner worldofwarships.exe
wp WordPerfect X8 wpwin18.exe
wp~ 602Text 602text.exe
wp+ bluewater.exe bluewater.exe
wp1 SANAKO Media Assistant Lite lite.exe
wp2 Winamp winamp.exe
wp3 Photo Story 3 for Windows photostory3.exe
wp3~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wp4 File Association Manager fam.exe
wp5 File Association Manager fam.exe
wp6 File Association Manager fam.exe
wp7 File Association Manager fam.exe
wp9 WebLauncher weblau~1.exe
wp9900 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
wpa Windows Performance Analyzer wpa.exe
wpac workingpaperac.exe workingpaperac.exe
wpack Serif PhotoPlus X3 photopls.exe
wpapk Windows Performance Analyzer wpa.exe
wpb File Association Manager fam.exe
wpc Wireshark wireshark.exe
wpd WordPerfect X8 wpwin18.exe
wpd" Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wpd;1 WordPerfect X7 wpwin17.exe
wpe WordPerfect X8 wpwin18.exe
wpeda Accident Reconstruction Professional arpro7.exe
wpf File Association Manager fam.exe
wpf3 workcad3.exe workcad3.exe
wpg Presentations X7 prwin17.exe
wph File Association Manager fam.exe
wpi SketchManager sketchmanager.exe
wpix PIX 2010.26.002 winpix.exe
wpj Microsoft® Works msworks.exe
wpk File Association Manager fam.exe
wpl Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wpl asx Winamp winamp.exe
wpl~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wpl~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wpl¨asx Winamp winamp.exe
wpl±asx Winamp winamp.exe
wpl¹asx Winamp winamp.exe
wplasx Winamp winamp.exe
wplðasx Winamp winamp.exe
wpm File Association Manager fam.exe
wpo File Association Manager fam.exe
wpost Windows Live Writer windowslivewriter.exe
wpost~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wpostx Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
wpp WavePad Sound Editor wavepad.exe
wppr workingpaperpr.exe workingpaperpr.exe
wpproj webplayer.exe webplayer.exe
wppx 書けまっせ!!PDF3 pdfwrite.exe
wpr WinISD beta executable winisd.exe
wpress Firefox firefox.exe
wprj WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wprj wwb wwc wwa WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wproj File Association Manager fam.exe
wprp WebArchiver Pro wapro.exe
wprpt Workshare Protect API wpreportviewer.exe
wprx WAPT Pro waptpro.exe
wps Microsoft® Works Word Processor wkswp.exe
wps" Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
wps;9 WordPerfect X7 wpwin17.exe
wps~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wpso Kingsoft Writer wps.exe
wpsonline WPS Office ksolaunch.exe
wpss Kingsoft Writer wps.exe
wpst qcsysmod.exe qcsysmod.exe
wpsx Kingsoft Writer wps.exe
wpt Microsoft® Works Word Processor wkswp.exe
wpt~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wptx Kingsoft Writer wps.exe
wpv SmartPixel smartpixel.exe
wpw File Association Manager fam.exe
wpx Serif WebPlus X2 webplus.exe
wpz Wireshark wireshark.exe
wq1 File Association Manager fam.exe
wq2 File Association Manager fam.exe
wqc wqc.exe wqc.exe
wqt Wav Manager for use with AOL's chat rooms. wavman.exe
wqx WinQuote6 Application winquote.exe
wqy Business Objects busobj.exe
wr WeatherTyping weathertyping.exe
wr1 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wr3 DirMaster dirmaster.exe
wr4 Weather Reader 4 wr4.exe
wr6 WROCSG6 wrocsg6.exe
wr7 Ohio Child Support Calculator wrocsg7.exe
wrap Mirage Runtime Player xmirage.exe
wrapper Email Attachment Wrapper emailwrapper.exe
wrb WRT - Woolich Racing Tuned woolichracingtuned.exe
wrc PeaZip, file and archive manager peazip.exe
wrcfiaworldrallychampionshipsavedgame Deer Drive launcher-wt.exe
wrd Microsoft Office Word winword.exe
wref Alias application file alias.exe
wrf ATAUTHOR atauthor.exe
wrg NORMviewer2 dnviewer2.exe
wri Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wri~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wrip HxD Hex Editor hxd.exe
wrk Trader trader.exe
wrkz mapt.exe mapt.exe
wrl File Association Manager fam.exe
wrl;wrz AlpVRML MFC Application alpvrml.exe
wrlgz Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
wrlk Web-Recherche-Speicherung wrget.exe
wrml RoboDK robodk.exe
wrn Adobe Photoshop Elements photoshopelements.exe
wrp File Association Manager fam.exe
wrpar Windows Calendar wincal.exe
wrpl File Association Manager fam.exe
wrplwgf File Association Manager fam.exe
wrqt WinRater Rating Suite homerate.exe
wrs Web Replay - Automated password manager, form filler and identity protection. webreplay.exe
wrt Web Replay - Automated password manager, form filler and identity protection. webreplay.exe
wrts starter openteacher.exe
wrv WLS-ADT wlsadt.exe
wrw 快快万能打开器 kkfile.exe
wrx hgretrieval.exe hgretrieval.exe
wrz File Association Manager fam.exe
ws PCSWS.EXE pcsws.exe
ws~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
ws1 setup.exe setup.exe
ws2 setup.exe setup.exe
ws3 setup.exe setup.exe
ws4 setup.exe setup.exe
ws5 System Five Control s5control.exe
ws6 setup.exe setup.exe
ws7 Programmier- Diagnose und Simulationssystem ws7v5.exe
ws8 Redshift Compact redshift.exe
ws9 setup.exe setup.exe
wsa Animation Shop anim.exe
wsad Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
wsb Windows Sandbox windowssandbox.exe
wsbdmconf Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wsbeam IDEA StatiCa Beam ideabeam.exe
wsbracket IDEA StatiCa Corbel ideacorbel.exe
wsc Notepad notepad.exe
wsc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wsca MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
wscdoc Worksheet Crafter worksheetcrafter.exe
wscon IDEA StatiCa CON ideaconnection.exe
wsconfig WSConfigTool wsconfigtool.exe
wscss IDEA StatiCa CSS ideacss.exe
wscx WebSite Complete Application wsc.exe
wsd File Association Manager fam.exe
wsdcf DMMVRPlayer_Windows dmmvrplayerwindows.exe
wsdd Notepad notepad.exe
wsdet IDEA StatiCa Detail ideadetail.exe
wsdl Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wsdlmethodcall Liquid XML Studio 2015 xmlstudio13.exe
wsdwa MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
wsdx WSS wss.exe
wse Database for object positions on celestial bodies winjupos.x64.exe
wsefile Defender Pro File Encryption fileencryption.exe
wses Application WinSesame comline comline.exe
wset ToolKit toolkitwin.exe
wsf Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
wsf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wsfa MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
wsframe IDEA StatiCa Frame ideaframe.exe
wsfx WSS wss.exe
wsg smartscript.exe smartscript.exe
wsgi Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wsh Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
wsh$ Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
wsh~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wsi File Association Manager fam.exe
wsix WSS wss.exe
wsj WallSelector wallselector.exe
wsk Sketching Application wrdske~1.exe
wskn Wise Care 365 wisecare365.exe
wsl winsitu.exe winsitu.exe
wslsa MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
wsm File Association Manager fam.exe
wsmap WeatherStudio weatherstudio.exe
wsmc Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wsn Notepad notepad.exe
wsnap WinSnap winsnap.exe
wso blender.exe blender.exe
wsp Paint Shop Pro 7 psp.exe
wsp6 Engineering Studio zenone32.exe
wspak File Association Manager fam.exe
wspilo IDEA StatiCa Column ideacolumn.exe
wsprj Programmierumgebung für C-Control, Basic++ /ASM workbench.exe
wspt Java(TM) Web Start Launcher javaws.exe
wspx μC/Probe Client uc-probe.exe
wspyv Windows ホスト プロセス (Rundll32) runxap.dll
wsq WSQ viewer wsqviewer.exe
wsr Website Realizer wr.exe
wsrmac Notepad notepad.exe
wss webpagemaker.exe webpagemaker.exe
wssf 2345王牌输入法-换肤工具 2345pinyinskinutil.exe
wssi smartscript.exe smartscript.exe
wssl smartscript.exe smartscript.exe
wsslab IDEA StatiCa Slab ideaslab.exe
wsstyles Windows Sidebar Styler sidebarstyler.exe
wssx Windows Server Install an Add-in installaddin.exe
wst Profiler_8 profiler_8.exe
wstd Programmierumgebung für C-Control, Basic++ /ASM workbench.exe
wstm Programmierumgebung für C-Control, Basic++ /ASM workbench.exe
wstool ToolKit toolkitwin.exe
wstx WSS wss.exe
wsv SystemVue™ 2010 systemvue.exe
wsvs videostudioexpress.exe videostudioexpress.exe
wsw WoodWorks® Shearwalls shearwalls.exe
wsx SourceBoost IDE MFC Application ide.exe
wsxkey Winstep License Key Manager wskeymanager.exe
wsxr Chanalyzer 3.3 chanalyzer.exe
wsxz SDL Trados Studio sdltradosstudio.exe
wsz VLC media player vlc.exe
wsz~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wt UltraEdit Professional Text/Hex Editor uedit32.exe
wt! toxplus3.exe toxplus3.exe
wt1 wewin.exe wewin.exe
wt2 UltraEdit Professional Text/Hex Editor uedit32.exe
wt3 WT3 wt3.exe
wt4 Preloader for 1-2-3 for Windows 123w.exe
wt5 Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Backup-Wiederherstellung wtrestore.exe
wt6 Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Backup-Wiederherstellung wtrestore.exe
wt7 Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Backup-Wiederherstellung wtrestore.exe
wt8 Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Backup-Wiederherstellung wtrestore.exe
wt9 Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Backup-Wiederherstellung wtrestore.exe
wta MoreInfo Dialog box moreinfo.exe
wtb File Association Manager fam.exe
wtc File Association Manager fam.exe
wtd File Association Manager fam.exe
wtf Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wtf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wtfav Watchtower Favorites File Launcher wtfavlauncher.exe
wtfs Win-Tuning Suite 2003 - Unnötige Dateien entfernen wtfilescan.exe
wtg WaterCAD watercad.exe
wth PAC Control
wti WinTrac 6.1 wintrac.exe
wtk FiberCable 2 Suite fiber_cable.exe
wtl WTT Studio wttstudio.exe
wtm Wizard 6 wizard6.exe
wtml WorldWide Telescope wwtexplorer.exe
wtmpr acopy.exe acopy.exe
wto Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wtool ToolKit toolkitwin.exe
wtp WorkPlace Tech Tool Startup Application wptech.exe
wtpl File Association Manager fam.exe
wtppt Whytouch Multi Touch Player touchshow_win.exe
wtpt File Association Manager fam.exe
wtq WTT Studio wttstudio.exe
wtr File Association Manager fam.exe
wtr0 tranplug.exe tranplug.exe
wtrb tranplug.exe tranplug.exe
wtrc tranplug.exe tranplug.exe
wts タブレットシートメーカー printsheet.exe
wtt WorldWide Telescope wwtexplorer.exe
wtv VLC media player vlc.exe
wtv" Media Center ehshell.exe
wtv~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wtv~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wtx Notepad notepad.exe
wtx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wty Notepad notepad.exe
wtz Qwizdom WizTeach qwizdom.wizteach.main.exe
wtzx oktopus.exe oktopus.exe
wu Notepad notepad.exe
wud ASPECT Dialog Editor pwdlged.exe
wup WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Tool whatsupg.exe
wus File Association Manager fam.exe
wut File Association Manager fam.exe
wv VLC media player vlc.exe
wv_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
wv~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wva Recording Player wvviewer.exe
wvc File Association Manager fam.exe
wvd Peloton WellView wellview.exe
wve Cyberlink WaveEditor Main Program waveeditor.exe
wve xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wve~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wve¨xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wveðxi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wvexi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:asx Winamp winamp.exe
wvf xviewer.exe xviewer.exe
wvh WebView Livescope Viewer for PC Ver. 3.60 monview.exe
wvl File Association Manager fam.exe
wvm Windows Live Movie Maker moviemaker.exe
wvm~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
wvp File Association Manager fam.exe
wvr Recording Player wvviewer.exe
wvs Winamp winamp.exe
wvx Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
wvx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
wvx~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
ww WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
ww2 Program to enter, edit, and print W-2 forms w2forms.exe
ww3 SoftBase v 2.2 softbase.exe
ww4 SoftBase v 2.2 softbase.exe
ww5 SoftBase v 2.2 softbase.exe
ww7 WillMaker 7 for Windows wm7.exe
ww8 wm8.exe wm8.exe
wwa WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wwaproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
wwb WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wwc WoodWorks® Sizer sizer.exe
wwcx Adobe InCopy CS4 incopy.exe
wwd IBM SPSS Statistics 19 stats.exe
wwf File Association Manager fam.exe
wwg ryusei.exe ryusei.exe
wwh WebDev64.exe (Lanceur WebDev 64 bits) - Win32 webdev64.exe
wwi Microsoft Office Word winword.exe
wwini WellWizard Client wellwizard.exe
wwl ApS-Ethos Series MFC Application workstation.exe
wwls wwinstaller.exe wwinstaller.exe
wwm WorldWatcher Application worldwatcher.exe
wwn WebDev64.exe (Lanceur WebDev 64 bits) - Win32 webdev64.exe
wwp WinDev16.exe (WinDev 16) windev16.exe
wwr WizWhy for Windows 95...Windows 7 wwdemo.exe
wws wwinstaller.exe wwinstaller.exe
wws2 Balthisar Cascade 2.0 - CSS2 editor cascade2.exe
wwt WebDev64.exe (Lanceur WebDev 64 bits) - Win32 webdev64.exe
wwtfig WorldWide Telescope wwtexplorer.exe
wwtl WorldWide Telescope wwtexplorer.exe
wwtwotanksavedgame WWII Tank Commander tankwwii-wt.exe
wwu File Association Manager fam.exe
www Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
wwz wstools.exe wstools.exe
wx File Association Manager fam.exe
wx1 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx2 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx3 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx4 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx5 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx6 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx7 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx8 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wx9 System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wxb EXP 6.0 exp60.exe
wxd WriterPad writerpadfree.exe
wxe Win-XML Exporter MFC Application winxml~1.exe
wxf System compatable with Win 2000 & HydraSize hyd_prog.exe
wxg WX-GRAPH アプリケーション wxgrp.exe
wxi Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wxl Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wxm wxmaxima.exe wxmaxima.exe
wxml Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
wxmx wxmaxima.exe wxmaxima.exe
wxn OCENS WeatherNet weathernet.exe
wxp waxinvoker.exe waxinvoker.exe
wxphp Notepad++ : a free (GNU) source code editor notepad++.exe
wxpr waxinvoker.exe waxinvoker.exe
wxr Right-Suite® Universal HVAC Application rsu.exe
wxs Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
wxsch AeLauncher aelauncher.exe
wxscript WeatherScope weatherscope.exe
wxt Super Kruissteek easyc.exe
wxw WX-WORD wxword.exe
wxx worldographer.exe worldographer.exe
wyc Client file viewer clientviewer.exe
wyd egazeta.exe egazeta.exe
wyg WYSIWYG Application wygviewer.exe
wyn WYNN wynn.exe
wyp WYNN wynn.exe
wys Blink Comparator blink.exe
wyt WYNN wynn.exe
wyu Update file viewer updateviewer.exe
wyx WYNN wynn.exe
wyz File Association Manager fam.exe
wz File Association Manager fam.exe
wz2 StuffIt Wizard wizard.exe
wz3 Quilt Design Software wiz03.exe
wza Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
wzb Win Mail Backup wmb.exe
wzcloud WinZip winzip64.exe
wzconfig WinZip winzip64.exe
wzd ASUS Download Master Utility download.exe
wzfgrp WhizFolders Pro whizfolders.exe
wzfolder WhizFolders Pro whizfolders.exe
wzg Viewer for geofiles with tcogeoview ActiveX Control Module geoviewer.exe
wzk_decrypted Notepad notepad.exe
wzl XnView for Windows xnview.exe
wzm QueryRes queryres.exe
wzmul WinZip winzip64.exe
wzn WhizFolders Pro whizfolderspro.exe
wzq Wizard's Quest wizardsquest.exe
wzr MXEditor mx-810w.exe
wzs PentaZip Script Executor choscrgo.exe
wzsul WinZip winzip64.exe
wzt WebZIP webzip.exe
wztheme WinZip winzip64.exe
wzw Notepad notepad.exe
wzx StuffIt Wizard wizard.exe
wzz extwzz.exe extwzz.exe

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