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File Extensions Found:

Extension Most Used Application File Name
v File Association Manager fam.exe
v_t Alphacam Designer alphacamdesigner.exe
v0 Notepad notepad.exe
v04 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
v05 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
v06 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
v07 VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
v0a DCCS MFC Application dccs.exe
v0b DCCS MFC Application dccs.exe
v1 Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
v10 WISO Hausverwalter 2010 hv2010.exe
v11 WISO Hausverwalter 2011 hv2011.exe
v12 File Association Manager fam.exe
v1498044127 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
v1498065035 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
v1498067475 Notepad notepad.exe
v1498067740 Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
v1498071705 Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
v1509164575 Acronis True Image trueimage.exe
v1514720040 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
v1515759721 Media Center ehshell.exe
v1616252515 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
v1a DCCS MFC Application dccs.exe
v1b DCCS MFC Application dccs.exe
v2 Free File Viewer freefileviewer.exe
v2? Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2004 tax 2005 Anwendung steuer2004.exe
v2005 tax 2006 Anwendung steuer2005.exe
v2006 tax 2007 Anwendung steuer2006.exe
v2007 tax 2008 Steuerberechnung steuer2008.exe
v2008 Steuer 2009 steuer2009.exe
v2009 tax 2010 Steuerberechnung steuer2010.exe
v2010 tax 2011 Steuerberechnung steuer2011.exe
v2011 tax 2012 Steuerberechnung steuer2012.exe
v2012 Steuer 2012 Steuermanager stman2013.exe
v264 v264player.exe v264player.exe
v28 Boresight boresight_2.8.exe
v2a Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2b DCCS MFC Application dccs.exe
v2c TRUMPF LicenseManager trumpflicensemanager.exe
v2d Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2e TI DataEditor Application tidataeditor.exe
v2f Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2g Windows Explorer explorer.exe
v2i Recovery Point Browser v2ibrowser.exe
v2k Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2l TI DataEditor Application tidataeditor.exe
v2m TI DataEditor Application tidataeditor.exe
v2n TI DataEditor Application tidataeditor.exe
v2p Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2q Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2r Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2s Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2sdmeta Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
v2t Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2u Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2x Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v2y TIFileManager Module tifilemn.dll
v2z Tilp Is a Linking Program tilp.exe
v3 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
v3d File Association Manager fam.exe
v3h ADMain MFC アプリケーション mdmain.exe
v3m Aspire aspire.exe
v3o File Association Manager fam.exe
v3s Composer! SignScheduler signscheduler.exe
v3v Design & Make Machinist design&makemachinist.exe
v3w ADMain MFC アプリケーション mdmain.exe
v4 V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v42 VT420 Emulator v420term.exe
v4h CE24 for Windows ce24win.exe
v4l VR4MAX Translator Config armlictool.exe
v4log Seanet Software seanet.exe
v4p X-Edit x-edit.exe
v4u vview.exe vview.exe
v4w ADMain MFC アプリケーション mdmain.exe
v5k ftbvr5k.exe ftbvr5k.exe
v6 V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v64 File Association Manager fam.exe
v6h ADMain MFC アプリケーション mdmain.exe
v6ps V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v6w ADMain MFC アプリケーション mdmain.exe
v7 V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v7cat Virtual CD - Catalog Search vc10catsearch.exe
v7o ACDSee Application acdsee8.exe
v7p ACDSee Application acdsee8.exe
v7ps V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v7r VS-700R I/O Editor cjp.exe
v8 V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v8c V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v8h CE31 for Windows ce31win.exe
v8i 1cestart 1cestart.exe
v8l 1cestart 1cestart.exe
v8pc V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v8ps V-SFT Version 5.2 vsft50.exe
v9 V-SFT Version 6.0 vsft60.exe
v9c V-SFT Version 6.0 vsft60.exe
v9o ACDSee 9 Photo Manager acdseeqv.exe
v9p ACDSee 9 Photo Manager acdseeqv.exe
v9pc V-SFT Version 6.0 vsft60.exe
v9pf ACDSee 9 Photo Manager acdseeqv.exe
v9ps V-SFT Version 6.0 vsft60.exe
vac File Association Manager fam.exe
vacationadventurecruisedirector4savedgame Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4 cruisedirector4-wt.exe
vacationadventureparkranger7savedgame Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 7 parkranger7-wt.exe
vacationadventurescd3savedgame Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 cruisedirector3launcher-wt.exe
vacationadventurescd5savedgame Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 5 cruisedirector5-wt.exe
vacationadventurescruise2savedgame Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 2 cruisedirector2launcher-wt.exe
vacationadventurescruisedirectorsavedgame Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director cruisedirectorlauncher-wt.exe
vacationadventuresparkranger2savedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 parkranger2-wt.exe
vacationadventuresparkranger3savedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 3 parkranger3launcher-wt.exe
vacationadventuresparkranger4savedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4 parkranger4launcher-wt.exe
vacationadventuresparkranger5savedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 parkranger5-wt.exe
vacationadventuresparkrangersavedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger summercamp-wt.exe
vacationadventurespr6savedgame Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6 parkranger6-wt.exe
vacationmogulsavedgame Vacation Mogul vacationmogul-wt.exe
vacationquestaustraliasavedgame Vacation Quest™ - Australia vacationquestaustralia-wt.exe
vacationquestthehawaiianislandssavedgame Vacation Quest - The Hawaiian Islands vacationquest-wt.exe
vacommand Verus Helper data911.vidagent.exe
vae avchdeditor.exe avchdeditor.exe
vaf ASTRA astra.exe
vag File Association Manager fam.exe
vagkun Microsoft (R) HTML Application host mshta.exe
vagrantheartssavedgame Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor game-wt.exe
vah RapidSelect Thermal Corp selection program rapids~1.exe
val AutoCAD Mechanical Common g3vved.exe
valerieporterscarletscandalsavedgame Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal valerie-porter-scarlet-scandal-wt.exe
valiantresurrectionsavedgame Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor game-wt.exe
valid Panneau de configuration Périphériques d’images imagingdevices.exe
valj launch.exe launch.exe
valt launch.exe launch.exe
valuation Regression+ regressionplus.exe
vam hp_bsa_launcher.exe hp_bsa_launcher.exe
vampire sweetiesave-willplus VAMPIRE SWEETIE vampiresweetie.exe
vampirebridesloveoverdeathsavedgame Vampire Brides - Love Over Death bloodcurse-wt.exe
vampirelegendsthecountofnosavedgame Vampire Legends: The Count of New Orleans vampirelegends_thecountofneworleans_se-wt.exe
vampirelegendstusoebsavedgame Vampire Legends The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory vampirelegends_tusoeb_se-wt.exe
vampiresaga3breakoutsavedgame Vampire Saga 3: Break Out vsbo-wt.exe
vampiresagapandorasboxsavedgame Vampire Saga - Pandora's Box vampiresaga-wt.exe
vampiresagawelcometohelllocksavedgame Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock vshl-wt.exe
vampirestoddandjessicasstorysavedgame Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story vampires-wt.exe
vampireventuressavedgame Vampire Ventures vampireventures-wt.exe
vampirevillesavedgame Vampireville vampireville-wt.exe
vanalyzert VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vanguard Notepad notepad.exe
vanguard1 Citrix wfcrun32.exe
vantage Vantage vantage.exe
vaoj launch.exe launch.exe
vaot launch.exe launch.exe
vap File Association Manager fam.exe
vaporcd File Association Manager fam.exe
vaproj Voice Again voiceagain.exe
var File Association Manager fam.exe
vas Winamp winamp.exe
vasave ValuAdder Business Valuation Calculator application valuadder.exe
vasave3 ValuAdder Business Valuation Calculator application valuadder.exe
vaset Vector Hardware Config vcanconf.exe
vasor VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vat Voltage Encryption Manager Module vsmanager2.exe
vault File Association Manager fam.exe
vaultcrackerthelastsafesavedgame VaultCracker - The Last Safe vaultcracker-wt.exe
vaultx Caspedia Digital Memories Library 3.0 cdmlibrary3.exe
vawx Winamp winamp.exe
vax Reporters Workbench Application wb.exe
vaxml Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vb vsta.exe vsta.exe
vb3 Launcher startup.exe
vb7 VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vba Cool Edit 2000 cool2000.exe
vbb vboss.exe vboss.exe
vbc~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vbc4 Windows Photo Gallery windowsphotogallery.exe
vbcsln Visual Basic Upgrade Companion UI vbuc.exe
vbctl テンプレート機能 実行モジュール clientctl.exe
vbd File Association Manager fam.exe
vbdproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vbe Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
vbe$ Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
vbe~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vbf File Association Manager fam.exe
vbg Visual Basic vb6.exe
vbgen MyGeneration mygeneration.exe
vbhtml Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vbin Visviva Animation Engine vae.exe
vbk Veeam Backup Launcher veeam.backup.launcher.exe
vbl Softfoundry VMEET vfon.exe
vbm Veeam Backup Launcher veeam.backup.launcher.exe
vbmap AnmanieSMP anmaniesmp.exe
vbo VBOXTestSuite vboxtestsuite.exe
vboard Whiteboard for Windows vboard.exe
vbox Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager virtualbox.exe
vbox-extpack Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager virtualbox.exe
vbox-prev File Association Manager fam.exe
vboy WinDS PRO windspro.exe
vbp Visual Basic vb6.exe
vbpf1 File Association Manager fam.exe
vbprj Vista Buttons vistabuttons.exe
vbproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vbproj~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vbr File Association Manager fam.exe
vbr2 kmi.cstore.exe kmi.cstore.exe
vbs Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
vbs$ Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host wscript.exe
vbs_donotrun_keepforexampleonly Notepad notepad.exe
vbs~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vbs~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vbs1 kmi.vbs1.exe kmi.vbs1.exe
vbscript File Association Manager fam.exe
vbsnippet Snippet Editor snippeteditor.exe
vbsrc Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vbst VirusBuster Support Tool vbst32.exe
vbt File Association Manager fam.exe
vbts VBOXTestSuite vboxtestsuite.exe
vbu S-Work Export Manager sweiman.exe
vbw File Association Manager fam.exe
vbx Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vbx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vbx6settings File Association Manager fam.exe
vbz Visual Basic vb6.exe
vbz2 masvb32.exe masvb32.exe
vbz3 masvb32.exe masvb32.exe
vc Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Editor premiereelementseditor.exe
vc1 PowerDVD powerdvd.exe
vc-1 Movavi Media Player mediaplayer.exe
vc10 Virtual CD DBC Handler vc10dbc.exe
vc2 Visual Chartform vcf.exe
vc3 File Association Manager fam.exe
vc3p Visual Console t3vconsole.exe
vc4 The Ultimate CD/DVD/BD Recovery tool isobuster.exe
vc5 VCrash vcrash5.exe
vc6 File Association Manager fam.exe
vc7 VideoCAD videocaddemo.exe
vc8 File Association Manager fam.exe
vc9 Virtual CD - Command Line Program vc9cmd.exe
vca Trimble Business Center trimblebusinesscenter.exe
vca;fga Visual Chart Profesional vchart64.exe
vcab Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vcagc Citrix Access Gateway cag_plugin.exe
vcam VisualTurn Executable visual~1.exe
vcap Visual Coaching vcp.exe
vcat FastVideoCataloger videocataloger.exe
vcb VT Transaction+ cashbook.exe
vcbk Visual Controls visualsolutions.exe
vcbp VAConnect vaconnect.exe
vcc Visual CD viscd.exe
vccfg Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vccp Visual Coaching vcp.exe
vcd poweriso.exe poweriso.exe
vcd_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
vcdef Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vce VAIO Content Exporter vcexpo~1.exe
vcem SkypeCap Converter converter.exe
vcenv Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcex simulator MFC Application simulator.exe
vcf Microsoft Office Outlook outlook.exe
vcf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vcfg Windows DirectUser Engine vsc.exe
vcg Microsoft Office Groove groove.exe
vcg;cgd;vtv Visual Chart Profesional vchart64.exe
vch Notepad notepad.exe
vchat Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vci VCILoader Application vciloader.exe
vcl Video CD Creator vcdcr32.exe
vclike visualclike.exe visualclike.exe
vclip VinylMaster Series (R) vinylmaster.exe
vclipp CorelDRAW X6 drawhome.exe
vclnt Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcloak TurboPasswords Desktop turbopasswords.exe
vcls Visviva Animation Engine vae.exe
vcm File Association Manager fam.exe
vcm8 VersaCheck Messenger vchexmsg.exe
vcmbr Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcmmn Visual Chart Profesional vchart64.exe
vcmnu Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcms StarTeam Java VM Launcher starteamcp.stjava64
vcmx StarTeam Java VM Launcher starteamcp.stjava64
vcn Visual Chart Profesional vchart64.exe
vco File Association Manager fam.exe
vcp Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vcpa Visual Coaching vcp.exe
vcpb Visual Coaching vcp.exe
vcpf Roxio VideoConvert videoconvert15.exe
vcpf~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vcpref File Association Manager fam.exe
vcprj All in one Video Converter vsovideoconverter.exe
vcprj_reg Blu-ray Video Converter blurayconverterultimate.exe
vcproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vcproj~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vcq Elluminate Plan! plan.exe
vcr File Association Manager fam.exe
vcr~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vcrv VCREc vcrec.exe
vcs Microsoft Office Outlook outlook.exe
vcs~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vcsbr Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcst VAConnect vaconnect.exe
vcsty Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vct Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 vfp9.exe
vct;fgt Visual Chart Profesional vchart64.exe
vctbr Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcuni Visual CADD Configuration Editor Application vcconfigedit.exe
vcurtain FM8 fm8.exe
vcut VectorCut vectorcut.exe
vcv File Association Manager fam.exe
vcv~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vcw Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vcwb Visual Coaching vcp.exe
vcx Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 vfp9.exe
vcxitems Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vcxproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vd Task Expert taskexpert.exe
vd0 VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vd2 Vermeer ATLAS Bore Planner atlasbp.exe
vd7 dfrun.exe dfrun.exe
vda Adobe Photoshop CS4 photoshop.exe
vdar VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdat 爱奇艺万能播放器 geeplayer.exe
vdata Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
vdb File Association Manager fam.exe
vdb3 WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
vdb3lck Microsoft® Works Spreadsheet wksss.exe
vdb6 DataBuilder Trial databuilder.exe
vdbacfg Visual DBA Application vdba.exe
vdc File Association Manager fam.exe
vdc3 Vbox Helper Utility vboxhelper.exe
vdcl WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
vdcl~bak WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
vdd Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
vddproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vdf File Association Manager fam.exe
vdgatewaydf VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdh MaskedVideoPlayer maskedvideoplayer.exe
vdi DAEMON Tools Pro Agent dtagent.exe
vdj File Association Manager fam.exe
vdjsample Firefox firefox.exe
vdjsend File Association Manager fam.exe
vdk PCTD Secure Data Vault pctdse~1.exe
vdl PowerDVD 11.0 powerdvd11.exe
vdm File Association Manager fam.exe
vdm3 DataMigrationWizard datamigrationwizard.exe
vdm6 DataMigrationWizard datamigrationwizard.exe
vdmfx VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdml Deswik.CAD.Viewer Any CPU deswik.vcad.exe
vdml~bak WireCAD10 wirecad10.exe
vdmovimotb VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmovimotc VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmovimotcasi VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmovimotd VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplc VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplcadvanced VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplcadvd VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplcadvf VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplcadvp VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmoviplcadvre VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmovitraclt VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmproe VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmprof VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmprolt VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmpror VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmqx VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdmtc VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdo File Association Manager fam.exe
vdo~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vdoc VinylMaster Series (R) vinylmaster.exe
vdp Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vdplugin 7-Zip GUI 7zg.exe
vdpowereth VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdpowernrt VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vdr GOM Player gom.exe
vdr~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vdrst Media Center ehshell.exe
vds SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer veviewer.exe
vdsafety VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdsl SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer veviewer.exe
vdsnimaster VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdt PM-1 pm-1.exe
vducs VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs10b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs11b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs12b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs13b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs14b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs50b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vducs51b VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdufe VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vduff VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdufr VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdufx VDIUserCon vdinterpreter.exe
vdw Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vdx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vdx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vdx~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vdz Vijeo-Frame Executable vijeo-frame.exe
ve BoneLab app.exe
ve3 Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
vec File Association Manager fam.exe
vector Harmony Navigator LE 2.8 hn2le.exe
vectorclock vectorclock-pro.exe vectorclock-pro.exe
ved NOVA Video Explosion Deluxe videxp.exe
vedaproj Veta 4 veta.exe
vedbak NOVA Video Explosion Deluxe videxp.exe
vediagram Visual Expert Console novalys.visualexpert.console32.exe
ved-zip NOVA Video Explosion Deluxe videxp.exe
vee Agilent VEE Pro vee.exe
vef Emb Application custom~1.exe
veg File Association Manager fam.exe
veg~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vegas[2008] Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
vegaspennyslots2savedgame Vegas Penny Slots Pack 2 vegaspennyslots2-wt.exe
vegaspennyslots3savedgame Vegas Penny Slots 3 vegaspennyslots3-wt.exe
vegaspennyslotspacksavedgame Vegas Penny Slots Pack vegaspennyslots-wt.exe
vegfx VEGAS Effects vegaseffects.exe
vegfxcs VEGAS Effects vegaseffects.exe
veh VisionPlex MFC Application visionplex_iii.exe
vehx VisionPlex MFC Application visionplex_iii.exe
vei Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
velvetassassinsavedgame Deer Drive launcher-wt.exe
vem File Association Manager fam.exe
vem~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vemcs Visual Expert Console novalys.visualexpert.console32.exe
ven Venable Software venable.exe
vengeancelostlovesavedgame Vengeance: Lost Love vengeance-wt.exe
venicesavedgame Venice venice-wt.exe
venj launch.exe launch.exe
vent launch.exe launch.exe
venturebundlesavedgame Venture Bundle venturebundle-wt.exe
venue SystemArchitect systemarchitect2.exe
veo Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vep Video Editor avsvideoeditor.exe
vep~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vep4 Video Editor avsvideoeditor.exe
ver File Association Manager fam.exe
verb not found 百度影音 baiduplayer.exe
verification MicroFocus.SilkTest.CommonUI.Viewer microfocus.silktest.commonui.viewer.exe
verilog HDL Text Editor scriptum.exe
verlib x2.exe x2.exe
vermillionwatchfleshboundsavedgame Vermillion Watch Fleshbound vermillionwatch_fleshbound-wt.exe
vermillionwatchmoorgateaccorsavedgame Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord vermillionwatch_moorgateaccord-wt.exe
versave Soranica Ele malie.exe
version Notepad notepad.exe
vert TouchDesignerFTE.077 touchdesigner.exe
vertst x2.exe x2.exe
ves siteworxos.exe siteworxos.exe
vespr Visual EMail Searcher vemail~1.exe
vesseltrackline FM8 fm8.exe
vesuviasavedgame Vesuvia vesuvia-wt.exe
vet File Association Manager fam.exe
vetaproj Veta 4 veta.exe
vevt Windows DirectUser Engine vsc.exe
vew Novell GroupWise Client grpwise.exe
vex iBwave Viewer ibwaveviewer.exe
vexe File Association Manager fam.exe
vexp IDL File Open Helper idlsnapfileopen.exe
vexx Vecs vexx.exe
vez VDR Explorer vdrexplorer.exe
vf Movie Studio Platinum moviestudioplatinum120.exe
vf_archive Screenblast Movie Studio sbvfact30.exe
vf1 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vf2 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vf3 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vfa Main Exe versaframe.exe
vfb FontLab - The Advanced Font Editor fontlab4.exe
vfbak Sony Vegas Movie Studio moviest40.exe
vfc File Association Manager fam.exe
vfd a la mode Vault Tools vaultfilesdownloader.exe
vfdp virtualformsdesigner.exe virtualformsdesigner.exe
vfdrt VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vfds questviewer.exe questviewer.exe
vfest2019 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
vfest2020 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
vfest2021 AAV4GL-Engine sse.exe
vff FileDecrypt Microsoft 基础类应用程序 filedecrypt.exe
vfi vtfiler.exe vtfiler.exe
vfj Personal Backup persbackup.exe
vflp Fluid Mask Lite fluidmasklite.exe
vfm Desktop edition.exe
vfm~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vfmp Fluid Mask 3 fluidmask3.exe
vfn Notepad notepad.exe
vfo Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
vfp FastFlick mwizard.exe
vfpolicy CyberArk EPM Agent vf_agent.exe
vfproj Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vfs File Association Manager fam.exe
vfs# 3.1 soffice.exe
vfs2 playback.exe playback.exe
vfs3 playback.exe playback.exe
vfs4 playback.exe playback.exe
vft File Association Manager fam.exe
vft~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vfu Vault evault.exe
vfw Freemake Video Converter freemakevideoconverter.exe
vfw~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vfx Vehicle Manager 2010 vm.exe
vfz File Association Manager fam.exe
vfz~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vfz3 AVFXImport Application avfximport.exe
vf-zip Sonic Foundry VideoFactory vidfact.exe
vg Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vg2 Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
vga File Association Manager fam.exe
vgadget VCarve Pro vcarvepro.exe
vgal Vista Photo Gallery vistaphotogallery.exe
vgarchive VGSTUDIO MAX vgstudiomax34.exe
vgbclip Visual Gesture Builder visualgesturebuilder.exe
vgbsln Visual Gesture Builder visualgesturebuilder.exe
vgc File Association Manager fam.exe
vgd File Association Manager fam.exe
vgf VGFPRINT MFC Application vgfprint.exe
vgi File Association Manager fam.exe
vgirl virtuagirl2.exe virtuagirl2.exe
vgl Vigil Local Update Utility vigillocalupdate.exe
vgm File Association Manager fam.exe
vgm7z Winamp winamp.exe
vgp Zapper Software MovieGuard Producer zsmvgd.exe
vgph Windows DirectUser Engine vsc.exe
vgr SkyGazer 4 for Windows skygazer4.exe
vgs ELS Common Service Tool cst.exe
vgt OMICRON Diff Configuration omdiffvg.exe
vgtt Vagaa P2P File Sharing vagaa.exe
vgv Winamp winamp.exe
vgx Streaming Videogram Player application file vgplayer.exe
vgz File Association Manager fam.exe
vgz~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vh Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vhd 7-Zip File Manager 7zfm.exe
vhd" Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
vhd_file Zip File Manager zip.exe
vhdl jgrasp.exe jgrasp.exe
vhdlib x2.exe x2.exe
vhdmdl x2.exe x2.exe
vhdp Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vhdtst x2.exe x2.exe
vhdx The Ultimate CD/DVD/BD Recovery tool isobuster.exe
vhf Vocup vocup.exe
vhi Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vhm Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vhn Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vho Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vhpack Virtual Hypnotist Package Installer vhpack.exe
vhq Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
vhs Tacview - The Universal Flight Analysis Tool tacview64.exe
vhv File Association Manager fam.exe
vi Video Impression vi20.exe
vi2 embird.exe embird.exe
vi4 Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
via VIS Rearchivstarter visarchiv.exe
vib MIXVIBES PRODUCER mixvib~1.exe
vibe Vibe vibe.exe
vic File Association Manager fam.exe
vicar IMDisplay MFC Application imdisplay.exe
victorianmysteriestheyellowroomsavedgame Victorian Mysteries®: The Yellow Room victorianmysteries_theyellowroom-wt.exe
vid File Association Manager fam.exe
vid~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vide~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
video Media Player Classic - Homecinema mpc-hc64.exe
video_stored_positions Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
videofabconverter VideoFab Converter - The ultimate video file conversion software! videofab.exe
videos VLC media player vlc.exe
videxjp VidexStation videxstation.exe
vidon DVDFab Media Player (27/11/2017) fabplayer.exe
vidup Video VBOX Set-up videovboxsetup.exe
vie viewletquiz3.exe viewletquiz3.exe
view LaunchAnywhere viewbuilder.exe
view~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
viewlet File Association Manager fam.exe
views Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
view-symbol LaunchAnywhere viewbuilder.exe
vif CodeMASTER 5 codema~1.exe
viff File Association Manager fam.exe
vig visionaryviewer.exe visionaryviewer.exe
vii Family Tree Maker executable ftw.exe
vik viking.exe viking.exe
vikingbrothers2savedgame Viking Brothers 2 vikingbrothers2-wt.exe
vikingbrothers3cesavedgame Viking Brothers 3 Collectors Edition vikingbrothers3_ce-wt.exe
vikingbrothers3sesavedgame Viking Brothers 3 vikingbrothers3-wt.exe
vikingbrothers4savedgame Viking Brothers 4 vikingbrothers4-wt.exe
vikingbrotherssavedgame Viking Brothers vikingbrothers-wt.exe
vikingmysterypcsavedgame Viking Mystery mmvm-wt.exe
vikingsagasavedgame Viking Saga vikingsaga-wt.exe
vil VGFPRINT MFC Application vgfprint.exe
villagequestsavedgame Village Quest villagequest-wt.exe
vim File Association Manager fam.exe
vimasd VisuMotion Control Panel Page vimdispconfig.exe
vimg ViMImage tool vimshow64.exe
vimrc File Association Manager fam.exe
vin Common Vision Blox Image Viewer cvsystray.exe
vip MAGIX music editor 2.0 musice~1.exe
vipc vipmhelper.exe vipmhelper.exe
vipc2 vcomcl2.exe vcomcl2.exe
vipkg vipackageinstaller.exe vipackageinstaller.exe
vir File Association Manager fam.exe
virtualcity2paradiseresortsavedgame Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort! vc2paradiseresort-wt.exe
virtualcitysavedgame Virtual City virtualcity-wt.exe
virtualfamilies2savedgame Virtual Families 2 vf2-wt.exe
virtualfamiliessavedgame Virtual Families virtualfamilies-wt.exe
virtualfarm2savedgame Virtual Farm 2 vf-wt.exe
virtualfarmsavedgame Virtual Farm virtualfarm-wt.exe
virtualvillagers4thetreeoflifesavedgame Virtual Villagers 4 - The Tree of Life virtualvillagers4thetreeoflife-wt.exe
virtualvillagers5newbelieverssavedgame Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers virtualvillagers5newbelievers-wt.exe
virtualvillagersnewhomesavedgame Virtual Villagers - A New Home virtualvillagers-wt.exe
vis File Association Manager fam.exe
vis_ia Asset allocation management software vision.exe
vis_iap Asset allocation management software vision.exe
visc Viscosity.exe viscosity.exe
vision Safety View safetyview.exe
visionhist VisionEXPERT Technical Analysis Program visionexpert.exe
visionquotes VisionEXPERT Technical Analysis Program visionexpert.exe
visionsel VisionEXPERT Technical Analysis Program visionexpert.exe
visionstock VisionEXPERT Technical Analysis Program visionexpert.exe
vislb Visual LightBox visuallightbox.exe
vismv MySokmil 起動 mysokmillauncher.exe
vismvex MySokmil 起動 mysokmillauncher.exe
visprj Pinnacle VideoSpin program file videos~1.exe
vissim PTV Vision Traffic & Pedestrian Simulation vissim210.exe
vissimpdb PTV Vision Traffic Simulation vissim100_u.exe
visss Visual Slideshow visualslideshow.exe
vista 360desktop.exe 360desktop.exe
vistart-theme vistart.exe vistart.exe
visuino visuino.exe visuino.exe
visupdate VisionApplicationUpdater visionapplicationupdater.exe
visz Viscosity.exe viscosity.exe
vit LabVIEW 8.6.1 Development System labview.exe
vitakeyac3000 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vitakeyac5022 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vitakeyac5023 FileDecrypt Microsoft 基础类应用程序 filedecrypt.exe
vitakeyac5024 FileDecrypt Microsoft 基础类应用程序 filedecrypt.exe
vitakeyac5031 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vitakeyac5032 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vitakeymc3020 FileDecrypt Microsoft 基础类应用程序 filedecrypt.exe
vital Vital vital.exe
viv File Association Manager fam.exe
viv~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vivo File Association Manager fam.exe
vivo~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
viw Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
viw~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vix Vi3 (x64) vi3.exe
vix~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
viz visualizer.exe visualizer.exe
vizup VizUp vizup.exe
vj ArKaos GrandVJ 1.2.1 grandvj.exe
vj2 ArKaos GrandVJ 1.2.1 grandvj.exe
vjb vmpro.exe vmpro.exe
vjob Job Starter vc9jobgo.exe
vjp Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vjpreset VidCoderWindowlessCLI vidcoderwindowlesscli.exe
vjqueue VidCoderWindowlessCLI vidcoderwindowlesscli.exe
vjsproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vk3 VK-X3000 Software processselector2.exe
vk4 VK-X3000 Software processselector2.exe
vk6 VK-X3000 Software processselector2.exe
vk7 VK-X3000 Software processselector2.exe
vkb Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen & Bath btwvkb.exe
vkd VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vkdj Advanced Music Downloader, Player vkontaktedj.exe
vke EasiVke easivke.exe
vkp VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vkt subtitleworkshop.exe subtitleworkshop.exe
vl twv.exe twv.exe
vl2 Dragon UnPACKer 5 drgunpack5.exe
vl3 dvdmaker.exe dvdmaker.exe
vlab File Association Manager fam.exe
vlab~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vlb Winamp winamp.exe
vlb m4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:swf:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlb¨m4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:swf:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlb±m4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:raw:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlb¹m4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:raw:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlbðm4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:swf:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlbm4a:mp4:nsv:nsa:swf:ogg:aiff:au:avr:caf:htk:i Winamp winamp.exe
vlc VLC media player vlc.exe
vlc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vlcl File Association Manager fam.exe
vle File Association Manager fam.exe
vlf p7mViewer p7mviewer.exe
vlf3 Vbox Helper Utility vboxhelper.exe
vlfteg2278782293557c95554a3cea67e7aa18ece2728d7e Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vlg File Association Manager fam.exe
vlib Motif XS Total Librarian molib.exe
vlibxs Motif XS Total Librarian molib.exe
vlicence VCarve Pro vcarvepro.exe
vlicencefile vrlicfilereader.exe vrlicfilereader.exe
vll Visual Liturgy Executable vislit.exe
vlm VellumMFC MFC アプリケーション vellum.exe
vlmc vlmc.exe vlmc.exe
vln NLog nlog.exe
vlog VASSAL vassal.exe
vlogo VinylMaster Series (R) vinylmaster.exe
vlp File Association Manager fam.exe
vlr Visual Liturgy 5 visualliturgy.exe
vlrscanner visionaryscan.exe visionaryscan.exe
vlrvisionary8 visionary.exe visionary.exe
vls Smead Viewables viewables.exe
vlt VLC media player vlc.exe
vltenc mysecurityvault.exe mysecurityvault.exe
vlu Vector.Licensing.Client vector.licenseclient.exe
vlupd Vector Hardware Config vcanconf.exe
vlw File Association Manager fam.exe
vlx Digital Surveillance System ViewLogEx ( E ) viewlog.exe
vly Client Bookkeeping Solution Stub cbs.exe
vm File Association Manager fam.exe
vm1 The Ultimate CD/DVD/BD Recovery tool isobuster.exe
vm2 Digital Ally Viewer digitalallyviewer.exe
vm7 vMix 2012 vmix2012.exe
vmac VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmac~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmap CompeGPSLAND Application compegpsair.exe
vmartell Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
vmb Market Analyst marketanalyst2.exe
vmba VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmba~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmc Windows Virtual PC vmwindow.exe
vmconfig Notepad notepad.exe
vmcx Windows Virtual PC vmwindow.exe
vmc-xml VAIO Movie Creator vmcreator.exe
vmcz Import Virtual Machine vmimport.exe
vmd Free File Viewer freefileviewer.exe
vmdf Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vmdk WinZip winzip64.exe
vmdk~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmdx Adobe Photoshop CS4 photoshop.exe
vmem Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
vmenu vcdmenu.exe vcdmenu.exe
vmf File Association Manager fam.exe
vmf_autosave File Association Manager fam.exe
vmfx Vensim family of products venple64.exe
vmg File Association Manager fam.exe
vmhf File Association Manager fam.exe
vmhf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmhr File Association Manager fam.exe
vmhr~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmi meshlab.exe meshlab.exe
vmid Machine ID Editor machineideditor.exe
vmix vMix vmix64.exe
vmixzip vMix vmix64.exe
vmkey3 waterMark watermark.exe
vml File Association Manager fam.exe
vmlc vmload.exe vmload.exe
vmlic VoluMill License Manager volumilllicensemanager.exe
vmlog VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmlog~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmlt Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
vmm Digital Ally Viewer digitalallyviewer.exe
vmn MarvinView application marvinview.exe
vmo File Association Manager fam.exe
vmod VASSAL vassal.exe
vmoore Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll
vmoptions Notepad notepad.exe
vmox vmopack MFC Application stylepck.exe
vmp VAIO Movie Story vmstory.exe
vmpf Content Studio By Daktronics contentstudio.exe
vmpl VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmpl~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmpplaylist VsoMediaPlayer vmp.exe
vmpst Notepad notepad.exe
vmr VQSCLSGetInfo vqsclsgetinfo.exe
vmreg ModelRisk License Manager mrlicensemanager.exe
vmrs ModelRisk Add-in for MS Excel modelriskresultsviewer.exe
vms vebussystemconfigurator.exe vebussystemconfigurator.exe
vmsd VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmsd~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmsg File Association Manager fam.exe
vmsn File Association Manager fam.exe
vmsn~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmss File Association Manager fam.exe
vmss~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmswrap VMSWRAP Application vmswrap.exe
vmt VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmt~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmtm VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmtm~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmu The Ultimate CD/DVD/BD Recovery tool isobuster.exe
vmuc VoluMill Universal volumi~1.exe
vmv File Association Manager fam.exe
vmw VMoo vmoo.exe
vmwarevm File Association Manager fam.exe
vmx VMware Player vmplayer.exe
vmx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmxa VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmxa~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmxf VMware Workstation vmware.exe
vmxf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vmxs vmx_32.exe vmx_32.exe
vmyshop MySokmil 起動 mysokmillauncher.exe
vna File Association Manager fam.exe
vnc vncviewer vncviewer.exe
vnc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vnc+ VNC® Viewer Plus vncviewerplus.exe
vnclicense VNC® License Helper vnclicensehelper.exe
vncloc File Association Manager fam.exe
vnd File Association Manager fam.exe
vnd-long TypeEdit typeedit13.exe
vnet VFD Network Definition Utility vfdutil.exe
vnf File Association Manager fam.exe
vng_meta Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vni File Association Manager fam.exe
vnl TypeEdit typeedit13.exe
vnl-long TypeEdit typeedit13.exe
vnlog VectorNav Log Explorer logexplorer.exe
vnosabkbbzdr Windows PowerShell jcbonfdnzdwparieft.vnosabkbbzdr'));$ac.iv
vnpr v-note.exe v-note.exe
vnproj Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vnproject vnm_launcher.exe vnm_launcher.exe
vns iClone 4 AP iclone.exe
vnscene VS.VSI.NET.VistaLauncher vistafx.exe
vnt File Association Manager fam.exe
vnti VNTI protocol for Vector NTI vntiprotocol.exe
vnu Visual Site Designer Application vsd.exe
vnw Vbuzzer Messenger vbuzzer.exe
vnx Next Generation Sizing and Selection Software valspeq.exe
vo Active-HDL 7.2 avhdl.exe
voac appactivate.exe appactivate.exe
vob VLC media player vlc.exe
vob_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
vob~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vob~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vobinc iTunes itunes.exe
vobj Visviva Animation Engine vae.exe
vobu Windows Media Player Folder Sharing Executable wmpshare.exe
voc VLC media player vlc.exe
voc w64:wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:w Winamp winamp.exe
voc~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
voc¨w64:wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:w Winamp winamp.exe
voc±w64:wav:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
voc¹w64:wav:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:wpl:a Winamp winamp.exe
vocab wish80.exe wish80.exe
vocðw64:wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:w Winamp winamp.exe
vocw64:wav:wve:xi:wma:wmv:asf:m3u:m3u8:pls:b4s:w Winamp winamp.exe
vod Wondershare Video Converter Free videoconverterfree.exe
voguetalessavedgame Vogue Tales voguetales-wt.exe
voi File Association Manager fam.exe
voip MizuPhone mizu.exe
vok File Association Manager fam.exe
vol File Association Manager fam.exe
vol1 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol10 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol11 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol12 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol13 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol2 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol3 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol4 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol5 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol6 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol7 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol8 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
vol9 Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
volarchive File Association Manager fam.exe
volleyball-sand-st Microsoft® Works Word Processor wkswp.exe
volume FM8 fm8.exe
volumeosd VolumeOSDThemeInstaller volumeosdthemeinstaller.exe
vomt pitchvisualomtfree.exe pitchvisualomtfree.exe
voodoochroniclesthefirstsignsavedgame Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition voodoochronicles_thefirstsign_pr-wt.exe
voodoowhispercurseofalegendsavedgame Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend voodoowhisperer_curseofalegend-wt.exe
voozie Surprize a friend with a creative message vooziemaker.exe
vop Vocia vocia.exe
vor 3.1 soffice.exe
vorbis The FTW Transcriber ftwt.exe
vorthexsavedgame VortHex vorthex-wt.exe
vouch sendbookmp sendbookmp.exe
voucher Firefox firefox.exe
vox Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vox~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
voxal File Association Manager fam.exe
voxb File Association Manager fam.exe
vp File Association Manager fam.exe
vp2 VisualTurn Executable visual~1.exe
vp2x voiceprocessor2xv12.exe voiceprocessor2xv12.exe
vp3 PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery premier+2embroidery.exe
vp4 PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery premier+2embroidery.exe
vp5 Bitberry File Opener bitberryfileopener.exe
vp6 GOM Player gom.exe
vp7 GOM Player gom.exe
vp8 zplayer.exe zplayer.exe
vp9 暴风影音5 stormplayer.exe
vpa File Association Manager fam.exe
vpagd VideoPsalm videopsalm.exe
vpass TurboPasswords Desktop turbopasswords.exe
vpax Dax Studio daxstudio.exe
vpb VREDPro Virtual Reality Editor vredpro.exe
vpc File Association Manager fam.exe
vpc7 File Association Manager fam.exe
vpcbackup File Association Manager fam.exe
vpd File Association Manager fam.exe
vpdf Secure Document Viewer securedoc-reader.exe
vpe dycodoc® Application dycodoc.exe
vpf VREDPro Virtual Reality Editor vredpro.exe
vpg RealPlayer realplay.exe
vph File Association Manager fam.exe
vpi GrandSuite grandsuite.exe
vpif vcheckimport.exe vcheckimport.exe
vpj VideoPad Video Editor videopad.exe
vpk addoninstaller.exe addoninstaller.exe
vpkg VCarve Pro vcarvepro.exe
vpl File Association Manager fam.exe
vpm File Association Manager fam.exe
vpmx Vensim family of products venple64.exe
vpn PacketiX VPN Client 3.0 vpnclient_x64.exe
vpnshield-desktop VPN Shield Defendemus Limited Liability Company vpnshield.exe
vpp File Association Manager fam.exe
vppk Voicepeak voicepeak.exe
vpr Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Editor premiereelementseditor.exe
vprj VideoEditor videoeditor.exe
vprofile Verifika verifika.exe
vproj VideoEditor videoeditor.exe
vproject Verifika verifika.exe
vprp VP Roof TOP™ vprooftop.exe
vps File Association Manager fam.exe
vpss Virtual Plastic Surgery Software - VPSS vpss.exe
vpt viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptapp viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptchart viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptdash viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptreport viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptreporth viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptrpt viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptscript viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptscriptv viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vpttablec viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vpttableh viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vptview viewpoint.exe viewpoint.exe
vpw SlickEdit vs.exe
vpx File Association Manager fam.exe
vpy MPC-BE x64 mpc-be64.exe
vpysd Windows Command Processor wocpemgo.olceg
vpz Solero Music Viewer viewer.exe
vqa Bitberry File Opener bitberryfileopener.exe
vqc File Association Manager fam.exe
vqe Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vqf VLC media player vlc.exe
vql Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vqs Direct WAV MP3 Splitter splitter.exe
vqx Vehicle Manager 2010 vm.exe
vr vuzevrstudio.exe vuzevrstudio.exe
vr1 Webshots Photo Manager Launcher launcher.exe
vr2 FileMaker Pro Runtime kim-2.exe
vrandomt VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vrb Notepad notepad.exe
vrckey VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vrclic ObserVIEW obserview.exe
vrd File Association Manager fam.exe
vrdureport The Report Viewer reportviewer.exe
vreplay Velocitek SpeedPlay speedplay.exe
vrew Vrew vrew.exe
vrex Videoraptor videoraptor.exe
vrf File Association Manager fam.exe
vrfc VRF Select vrf.exe
vrfs VRF Select vrf.exe
vrh Calendarscope csde.exe
vrimg Chaos Player chaosplayer_qt5.exe
vrkl VRKneeboard vrkneeboard.exe
vrl File Association Manager fam.exe
vrlx ObserVIEW obserview.exe
vrm レイアウト作成ツール version3 vrmlayout.exe
vrmanifest SteamVR vrmonitor.exe
vrmark-result vrmark.exe vrmark.exe
vrmat V-Ray vrmat editor vrmateditor.exe
vrmdl LabCreator Application labcreator.exe
vrml File Association Manager fam.exe
vrmnx 鉄道模型シミュレーターNX vrmnx.exe
vrmpestpac vrm.exe vrm.exe
vro VLC media player vlc.exe
vro~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vrort VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vrp Video ReMaker avsvideoremaker.exe
vrpg LabCreator Application labcreator.exe
vrproj Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vrs VREDPro Virtual Reality Editor vredpro.exe
vrscn LabCreator Application labcreator.exe
vrsettings Notepad notepad.exe
vrt Superscape Virtual Reality for Windows wvis.exe
vrv xpress.exe xpress.exe
vrw radwiz3.exe radwiz3.exe
vrx VRM ONLINE VRMCore vrmcore.exe
vrxac JBLVRX jblvrx.exe
vs File Association Manager fam.exe
vs_1_1 Notepad notepad.exe
vs1 vistumbler.exe vistumbler.exe
vs2 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vs3 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vs3exe Vehicle Spy 3 vspy3.exe
vs3zip Vehicle Spy 3 vspy3.exe
vs4 File Association Manager fam.exe
vs4~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vsa VSA vsa.exe
vsav VASSAL vassal.exe
vsb SpringConnect vtsync.exe
vsc veconfig.exe veconfig.exe
vscd VisualStat visualstat.exe
vscontent VSContentInstaller.exe vscontentinstaller.exe
vsct Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vscx VisualStat visualstat.exe
vsd Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vsd_bdc BitArmor Control Sentry ba_controlsentry.exe
vsd~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsdif dupimagefinder.exe dupimagefinder.exe
vsdisco File Association Manager fam.exe
vsdm Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vsdp unpacking.exe unpacking.exe
vsdx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vse File Association Manager fam.exe
vse~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vseb Vehicle Spy 3 vspy3.exe
vsee vsee vsee.exe
vsf Voltage SecureFile Module vsfiler2.exe
vsg Graph Launcher graphlauncher.exe
vsglog Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vsgx VisualStat visualstat.exe
vsh Corel VideoStudio vstudio.exe
vshader Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vshockt VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsi VSContentInstaller.exe vscontentinstaller.exe
vsinet VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsinst Install Items institems.exe
vsix Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector vslauncher.exe
vsixlangpack Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vsixmanifest Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vsj vosyr - the free volca sample manager vosyr.exe
vsk File Archiver zipzag.exe
vsl File Association Manager fam.exe
vsl~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsldownload Vienna Download Manager Setup viennadownloadmanager-win-16967.exe
vslw jepb jepb.exe
vsm ScopeDataViewer scopedataviewer.exe
vsmacros File Association Manager fam.exe
vsmdi Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vsmontage Corel VideoStudio vstudio.exe
vsmp VSM Studio vsmstudio.exe
vsmproj File Association Manager fam.exe
vsn ViceVersa Plus viceversa.exe
vso RBTSTYPE (ARMD text view utility) rbtstype.exe
vsoact Notepad notepad.exe
vsodwn_reg VSO Downloader vsodownloader.exe
vsorort VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsort VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsost VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsp Corel VideoStudio vstudio.exe
vsp~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsp~odke JESIS-ID Shell Extension Open Command sdkopap.exe
vsp7 avasign.exe avasign.exe
vspe Virtual Serial Port Emulator GUI application vspemulator.exe
vspf File Association Manager fam.exe
vspolicy Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vspolicydef Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vsprops File Association Manager fam.exe
vsps File Association Manager fam.exe
vspscc Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vspscc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vspx File Association Manager fam.exe
vsq File Association Manager fam.exe
vsql3 DataBuilder Trial databuilder.exe
vsql6 DataBuilder Trial databuilder.exe
vsqx VOCALOID4 Editor MFC Application vocaloid4.exe
vsr T-ShirtMaker® application tsmlite.exe
vsrst VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vsrx VisualStat visualstat.exe
vss Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vss~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsscc Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vsscc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vssettings File Association Manager fam.exe
vssf SkinEditor skineditor.exe
vssm Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vssnippet Snippet Editor snippeteditor.exe
vssscc Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
vssscc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vssx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vst Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vst~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vst3 Cubase 10 cubase10.5.exe
vst-backup Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vstemplate Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
vstinfo MaxMSP max.exe
vstm Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vsto Microsoft Office Customization Installer vstoee.dll
vsto~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vstpreset Reason program file reason.exe
vstrle mplay.exe mplay.exe
vstsound Sequel sequel~1.exe
vstu VisualStat visualstat.exe
vstx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vsu Microsoft Office Visio visio.exe
vsu~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsv File Association Manager fam.exe
vsw Microsoft Office Visio visio.exe
vsw~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vswp VisualShearWall visualshearwall10.exe
vsx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vsx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vsym Symmetry symmetry.exe
vsz vistumbler.exe vistumbler.exe
vt versiontracker.exe versiontracker.exe
vt2 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vt3 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vt4 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vt5 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vt7 tanddgraph.exe tanddgraph.exe
vta VisionTools Pro-e vtpro.exe
vta-archive Vertex Standard Clone Editor vertexcloneeditor.exe
vtc Vbox Helper Application for CD Trial Products vboxcdtrialhelper.exe
vtd VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vte Virtual Tablet Interface 64-bit Template Editor vtedit32.exe
vtestreport ReportViewerSelector reportviewerselector.exe
vtf File Association Manager fam.exe
vtfpr Vision Numeric 3DESIGNcad software 3designcadtdesign.8301.exe
vtfx Ceetron 3D Viewer ceetron3dviewer.exe
vtg mplay.exe mplay.exe
vth Logiciel de VidéoThèque easyvideosoft.exe
vth2 Logiciel de VidéoThèque easyvideosoft.exe
vti vtfactviewer.exe vtfactviewer.exe
vtk visor.exe visor.exe
vtl VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vtm File Association Manager fam.exe
vtml File Association Manager fam.exe
vtmx vtmailviewer.exe vtmailviewer.exe
vtn Development environment for VTWIN family vtwin.exe
vtp VisionTools Pro-e vtpro.exe
vtprj ME'scopeVES mescope.exe
vtpx Microsoft Office Visio visio.exe
vtr VT Transaction+ tranplus.exe
vtransientt VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vts SSuite Office Accel accel.exe
vtt GOM Player gom.exe
vttrs RVS Terminal terminal.exe
vtutorial VCarve Pro vcarvepro.exe
vtv File Association Manager fam.exe
vtw HomeSite homesite5.exe
vtx Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vtx~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vtxml Microsoft (R) Windows Based Script Host startlisteningeditor.vbs
vtxprog Tone Room toneroom.exe
vtxt AmiVoice SP amivoicesp.exe
vtz crestronxpanel.exe crestronxpanel.exe
vu iBwave Viewer ibwaveviewer.exe
vu1 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vu2 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vu3 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vu4 VT STUDIO vts.exe
vucf SPUpdate spupdate.exe
vud File Association Manager fam.exe
vudtt VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vue File Association Manager fam.exe
vuf GeoEView geoeview.exe
vui きせかえツールUIエミュレータ vuwemu.exe
vup G-Tones g-tones.exe
vuze azureus.exe azureus.exe
vv remote-viewer.exe remote-viewer.exe
vv898 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vv898_07 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vv898_10w Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vv998 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vvc Windows Explorer explorer.exe
vvcalibration VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vvd File Association Manager fam.exe
vvf File Association Manager fam.exe
vvi VFFrame Version 8.1 32 Bit visview.exe
vvid ViconVideoViewer viconvideoviewer.exe
vvm Line Sweep Tools lst.exe
vvn Webshots Photo Manager Launcher launcher.exe
vvp Prompt Manager for Visual Voice Pro 5.0 promptmgr.exe
vvproj VOICEVOX voicevox.exe
vvs VAMP Media Center imvamp.exe
vvt Webshots Photo Manager Launcher launcher.exe
vvu visage51.exe visage51.exe
vvv VVV (Virtual Volumes View): an application to catalog removable disks vvv.exe
vvx VFFrame Version 8.1 32 Bit visview.exe
vw File Association Manager fam.exe
vw2 Vwing2mp vwing2mp.exe
vwa varwinclient.exe varwinclient.exe
vwb ShellReg Dynamic Link Library shellreg.vsp
vwd Voice Wizard Data File Mini Player vwdplayer.exe
vwf VisualSmartWare Professional Application winoac.exe
vwi Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer spdesign.exe
vwl VideoWave videowave.exe
vwls eba.ini eba.ini
vwm Visual Watermark vmark.exe
vwm4 Visual Watermark for PC visualwatermark.exe
vwmatch VolleyWrite volleywrite.exe
vwmv MySokmil 起動 mysokmillauncher.exe
vwoxil Microsoft (R) HTML Application host mshta.exe
vwp Presto! VideoWorks 6 vworks6.exe
vwpg MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 8 fotomaker.exe
vwr Wireshark wireshark.exe
vwrlay LayoutEditor 2010 layedit.exe
vwrule VolleyWrite volleywrite.exe
vws Spatial Management System (SMS) almapping.exe
vwsk dictinstaller.exe dictinstaller.exe
vwt spider.exe spider.exe
vwteam VolleyWrite volleywrite.exe
vwws kisekaetool vuw2.exe
vwx File Association Manager fam.exe
vwxp Vectorworks 2022 Application vectorworks2022.exe
vwxw Vectorworks 2022 Application vectorworks2022.exe
vwz viewer3.exe viewer3.exe
vx VXFileLoader vxfileloader.exe
vx_ File Association Manager fam.exe
vx1 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine.exe
vx150 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vx170 Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
vx1proj tun.exe tun.exe
vx2 vx2cmd.exe vx2cmd.exe
vx2prog Tone Room toneroom.exe
vx2proj tun.exe tun.exe
vx3 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vx3j ftbvx3j.exe ftbvx3j.exe
vx4proj tun.exe tun.exe
vx5 vx5cmd.exe vx5cmd.exe
vx50gtvprog Tone Room toneroom.exe
vx5proj tun.exe tun.exe
vx6 Radio Programmer Engine radioengine_v5.exe
vx6proj tun.exe tun.exe
vx7 vx7cmd.exe vx7cmd.exe
vx8 Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
vx8g Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
vx8j ftbvx8j.exe ftbvx8j.exe
vx8proj tun.exe tun.exe
vxbac WinCan.RestoreSettings.App
vxd Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
vxd~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
vxe Agilent VEE Runtime veerun.exe
vxf 2007 Microsoft Office component visicon.exe
vxh Visual xHarbour vxh.exe
vxi vxintegrity.exe vxintegrity.exe
vxl vxlse_iii.exe vxlse_iii.exe
vxls voxelise.exe voxelise.exe
vxm vTask Studio vtask.exe
vxml File Association Manager fam.exe
vxp VAConnect vaconnect.exe
vxr VSLS Simulation Engine alloc_dt.exe
vxtx vtxbrltemplateviewer.exe vtxbrltemplateviewer.exe
vyd VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vyf File Association Manager fam.exe
vym File Association Manager fam.exe
vyp VibrationVIEW vibrationview.exe
vyuy RawViewer rawviewer.exe
vz vzmult.exe vzmult.exe
vz4 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vz5 vt3.exe vt3.exe
vzbm Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
vzl rawprint.exe rawprint.exe
vzm Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (Editor) photoshopelementseditor.exe
vzr rawprint.exe rawprint.exe
vzw dmlauncher.exe dmlauncher.exe

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