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File Extensions Found:

Extension Most Used Application File Name
u Notepad notepad.exe
u* Embroidery Application stitchsew2.exe
u00 pc64win.exe pc64win.exe
u01 embird.exe embird.exe
u02 embird.exe embird.exe
u03 embird.exe embird.exe
u04 embird.exe embird.exe
u05 embird.exe embird.exe
u06 embird.exe embird.exe
u07 embird.exe embird.exe
u08 embird.exe embird.exe
u09 embird.exe embird.exe
u10 embird.exe embird.exe
u11 embird.exe embird.exe
u12 embird.exe embird.exe
u13 embird.exe embird.exe
u14 embird.exe embird.exe
u15 embird.exe embird.exe
u16 embird.exe embird.exe
u17 embird.exe embird.exe
u18 embird.exe embird.exe
u19 embird.exe embird.exe
u2 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
u20 embird.exe embird.exe
u2011 tax 2012 Umsatzsteuererklärung umsatzsteuer2012.exe
u2012 tax 2013 Umsatzsteuererklärung tax_umsatzsteuer2013.exe
u21 embird.exe embird.exe
u22 embird.exe embird.exe
u23 embird.exe embird.exe
u24 embird.exe embird.exe
u25 embird.exe embird.exe
u26 embird.exe embird.exe
u27 embird.exe embird.exe
u28 embird.exe embird.exe
u29 embird.exe embird.exe
u2d ClickFORMS clickforms.exe
u2l La grande Encyclopédie 2000 unilex2k.exe
u2mod setup.exe setup.exe
u3 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
u30 embird.exe embird.exe
u31 embird.exe embird.exe
u32 embird.exe embird.exe
u33 embird.exe embird.exe
u34 embird.exe embird.exe
u35 embird.exe embird.exe
u36 embird.exe embird.exe
u3d Adobe Photoshop CS4 photoshop.exe
u4 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
u4a Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
u4b Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
u5 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
u5a Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
u5b Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
u92 pk9400.exe pk9400.exe
u96 pk9400.exe pk9400.exe
ua2 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
uab MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE Accounting uniaccnt.exe
uad Registry Editor regedit.exe
uad2 uadperfmon.exe uadperfmon.exe
uae WinUAE winuae.exe
uag uk_ag.exe uk_ag.exe
ual Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
uan uk_an.exe uk_an.exe
uao orderprocessor.exe orderprocessor.exe
uar Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
uas Uninstall Application Closer Extender uacext.exe
uax Dragon UnPACKer 5 drgunpack5.exe
ub1 c:/programs/ c:/programs/
ub12 収支分析表(CRルパンⅢ世X) lupnote.exe
ub3 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
ub4 ub92formfiller.exe ub92formfiller.exe
ub6 Uninstaller Stand-Alone Application uni.exe
ub9 Sound Editor for MAGICSTOMP soundeditorformagicstomp.exe
ubf sgo2009.exe sgo2009.exe
ubk start.exe start.exe
ubn Ulead Burn.Now burnnow.exe
ubp ultrabutton.exe ultrabutton.exe
ubx Axure RP Pro axurerp.exe
ubz Sankore 3.1 open-sankore.exe
uc Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
uc2 File Association Manager fam.exe
uca ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(カイロ・整体)ver2.70.exe
ucb Unstoppable Copier unstopcpy_5_2_win2k_up.exe
uccapilog wlxphotogallery.exe wlxphotogallery.exe
ucd BP2K MFC Application bp2k.exe
ucf atshell atshell.exe
ucg CG Infinity cg.exe
uci Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
ucip ying-uninstall.exe ying-uninstall.exe
ucl Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
ucl5 CompanionLink MFC Application companionlink.exe
ucm Use Case Maker usecasemaker.exe
ucn 棋譜管理 kifukan.exe
ucontact UUCall(TM) 电话宝 version, voice only uucall~1.exe
ucp PrepEngine ucprep.exe
ucproj Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
ucs ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(カーショップ)ver3.77.exe
ud dmw.exe dmw.exe
ud_ef DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_eg DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_ei DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_fe DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_ge DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_ie DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud_je DictionaryBrowser logome~1.exe
ud7 Unicode Word Processor and Database udp.exe
udadb CSControl cscrm.exe
udadz CSControl cscrm.exe
udb Ulead Burn.Now burnstar.exe
udc Adobe Dictionary Editor deapp.exe
udd EdwinSoft.Product edwinsoft.bookmarkingdemon6.exe
uddi XML Editor msoxmled.exe
ude Unicode Word Processor and Database udp.exe
udebs Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
udf Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive vcdmount.exe
udf~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
udi ImgBurn - The Ultimate Image Burner! imgburn.exe
udj unders~1.exe unders~1.exe
udk Notepad notepad.exe
udl OLE DB Core Services oledb32.dll
udl~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
udl-chemlab CHEMLAB chemlab.exe
udm Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
udr Ohio Uniform Domestic Relations Forms udrf.exe
uds EasyTree tree5.exe
udt Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
udt~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
udx PIExpert Application piexpert.exe
udz CSControl cscrm.exe
ue1 WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
uea PSQL file safe farchns.dll
ueaf PSQL file safe farchns.dll
uec UltimateEbookCreator uec.exe
ued Urdu Editor ueditor.exe
uem Email UpWords email-upwords.exe
uenc UltraEdit Professional Text/Hex Editor uedit32.exe
uenc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uepg MONITOR monitor.exe
ues Ulead Photo Explorer pex.exe
uez ezip32.exe ezip32.exe
uf07 ITAutoUpdate itau.exe
ufd PureEdge™ Viewer masqform.exe
ufdl PureEdge™ Viewer masqform.exe
uff Stardock SkinStudio sknstdio.exe
ufk LISA lisa.exe
ufm Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
ufo Corel Instant Viewer instantviewer.exe
ufp Corel Instant Viewer instantviewer.exe
ufr Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
ufraw ufraw.exe ufraw.exe
ufs ds4_3_32.exe ds4_3_32.exe
ufsuzip File Association Manager fam.exe
ufx Build 1353 rkview.exe
ug_ tsumego.exe tsumego.exe
ug4 Applicatif de copie UltraBackup 4 ubkernel.exe
uga Ulead GIF Animator ga_main.exe
ugb MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE Accounting musacp.exe
ugd MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE Accounting musacp.exe
ugf egg.exe egg.exe
ugi egg.exe egg.exe
ugl NORMviewer2 dnviewer2.exe
ugmbkm NX Component ugs_router.exe
ugproj UncleGED uncleged.exe
ugr Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
ugs NORMviewer2 dnviewer2.exe
ugz ugfman.exe ugfman.exe
uha WinUHA winuha.exe
uhs UHS Reader uhswin.exe
uhv RunTools MFC Application runtools.exe
uhz RunTools MFC Application runtools.exe
ui UltraISO Premium ultraiso.exe
ui~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uib File Archiver zipzag.exe
uic iTools itools.exe
uif poweriso.exe poweriso.exe
uim Innovasys User Interface Mapper Client uimapp~1.exe
uin ICQRun icqlrun.exe
uip updateipr.exe updateipr.exe
uipz Series 2000 Programmer Editor s2kpe.exe
uir LabWindows/CVI Development Environment cvi.exe
uis SkinStudio 7 skinstudio.exe
uit iTools itools.exe
uitest Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
uiu iTools View Runner vrunner.exe
uiwf UiLauncher uilauncher.exe
uix OPC Scope opcscope.exe
uiz Configuration Wizard for 31xx/32xx confwiz.exe
ujx secman.exe secman.exe
uk Notepad notepad.exe
uk4 UltraKey The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor ukey4.exe
uk5 UltraKey The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor ukey5.exe
ukb Notepad notepad.exe
uki ukikakei.exe ukikakei.exe
ukk UltraKey The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor ukey5.exe
uko Corel KnockOut knockout.exe
uky UltraMixer 2.4.0 ultramixer.exe
ul 2PAT : Wavetable Instrument Converter 2pat.exe
ul4 Applicatif de copie UltraBackup 4 ubkernel.exe
ul8 Dictionnaire encyclopédique 2008 dbulex08.exe
uland 3D Landscape For Everyone landscape3d.exe
ulb Ultra Fractal 5 uf5.exe
ulc Fingerprint Software Application ctlcntrv.exe
uld Notepad notepad.exe
ulha ulha.exe ulha.exe
ulmlicense installlicense.exe installlicense.exe
uls Intel® Video Phone Container vp50.exe
ult Winamp winamp.exe
ult 669:far:amf:okt:ptm:mp3:mp2:mp1:aac:vlb:m4a:m Winamp winamp.exe
ult¨669:far:amf:okt:ptm:mp3:mp2:mp1:aac:vlb:m4a:m Winamp winamp.exe
ult669:far:amf:okt:ptm:mp3:mp2:mp1:aac:vlb:m4a:m Winamp winamp.exe
ultð669:far:amf:okt:ptm:mp3:mp2:mp1:aac:vlb:m4a:m Winamp winamp.exe
ultimatedominoessavedgame Wild Games ultimatedominoes-wt.exe
ultimatemahjongsavedgame Mah Jong Quest mahjong-wt.exe
ulw QuickTime Player quicktimeplayer.exe
ulx gargoyle.exe gargoyle.exe
ulz Windows Updates Downloader wud.exe
um4key UltraMixer 2.4.0 ultramixer.exe
uma Unified Messaging Player at_player.exe
umbrella Notepad notepad.exe
umc SIMPL Windows Application smpwin.exe
umf mobileforces.exe mobileforces.exe
umg str3em.exe str3em.exe
uml staruml.exe staruml.exe
umm uniemailviewer.exe uniemailviewer.exe
umn URLマネージャ urlman.exe
umod setup.exe setup.exe
ump ultramenu.exe ultramenu.exe
umpj きせかえツールUIクリエイター vuw_dcm.exe
umprofile UltraMon Shortcuts ultramonshortcuts.exe
ums Dragon UnPACKer 5 drgunpack5.exe
umshortcut UltraMon Shortcuts ultramonshortcuts.exe
umu Channel Registration Helper Application register.exe
umx Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
umx_file Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe
und Undeleter by Blitware Technology Inc. undeleter.exe
undefined Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe
undiscoveredworldtheincansunsavedgame Undiscovered World - The Incan Sun incansun-wt.exe
unexpectedjourneysavedgame Unexpected Journey unexpected_journey-wt.exe
unf WinDS PRO Apps - windsproapps.exe
uni Global Writer uniwrite.exe
unifi OrgPublisher Version 9 orgpub32.exe
unilang Ashampoo Translation Studio translationstudio.exe
unipat patedit.exe patedit.exe
unity Unity Editor unity.exe
unity3d File Association Manager fam.exe
unitypackage Unity Editor unity.exe
unk Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
unl Notepad notepad.exe
unr unrealtournament.exe unrealtournament.exe
unreal unrealtournament.exe unrealtournament.exe
uns openuns.exe openuns.exe
unsb The Unscrambler X unscrambx.exe
unsolvedmysteryclubameliaearhartsavedgame The Search for Amelia Earhart amelia-wt.exe
unsolvedmysteryclubastronautssavedgame Unsolved Mystery Club®: Ancient Astronauts® Collector's Edition umc_ancientastronautsce-wt.exe
unsx The Unscrambler X unscrambx.exe
unt Notepad notepad.exe
unv GP-Pro EX designer.exe
unx Information Design Tool informationdesigntool.exe
uof Evermore Integrated Office eioffice.exe
uom Update-O-Matic update-o-matic.exe
uop File Association Manager fam.exe
up Player wuplayogl.exe
up3 SC UniPad up.exe
upb MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE Payroll upayroll.exe
upc Notepad notepad.exe
upcsv mkupdata.exe mkupdata.exe
upd Notepad notepad.exe
update Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
updatr File Association Manager fam.exe
upf kabukan.exe kabukan.exe
upg emotiva_avr_upgrade.exe emotiva_avr_upgrade.exe
upi PhotoImpact Launcher iedit.exe
upic highc.exe highc.exe
upiz highc.exe highc.exe
upj Ulead COOL 360 upano.exe
upk File Association Manager fam.exe
upl Planit License Utility upl.exe
uplmn QPST Roaming List Editor rleditor.exe
upm PenMail MFC Application penmail.exe
upoi Itinerary Converter & Planner itnconv.exe
upp Centra Client Updater for Win32 updater.exe
upr uvscreencamera.exe uvscreencamera.exe
ups Ultra Fractal 5 uf5.exe
upsn bcmshogi.exe bcmshogi.exe
upt Notepad notepad.exe
upx Nova Development Photo Explosion ipe40.exe
uqm ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(クイック見積書)ver2.50.exe
uqq ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(クイック給与)ver2.70.exe
uqr ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(クイック領収証)ver2.70.exe
uqt ファイルメーカー Pro ランタイム abacus(クイック帳簿)ver2.70.exe
ur1 Internet Browser ieframe.dll
ur28m dspMixFx UR28M dspmixfx_ur28m.exe
ur6 弥生販売 03 dealing6.exe
ur7 弥生販売 04 dealing7.exe
ur8 弥生販売 05 dealing8.exe
ur9 弥生販売 06 dealing9.exe
ura HighPerForm Appraisal Software pangaea.exe
urc CA IT Client Manager r12 URC Viewer Launcher gui_rclaunch.exe
urd Ultra Recall ultrarecall.exe
urf USI registration tool for DataPlugins and store definitions usireg.exe
uri USI registration tool for DataPlugins and store definitions usireg.exe
urj Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
url Internet Browser ieframe.dll
url~3j0t52ir Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
url~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
urle URL Explorer urlexplorer.exe
urls GetRight® Download Manager. getright.exe
urltargets laserurl.exe laserurl.exe
urlx Attachmate.Emulation.Frame attachmate.emulation.frame.exe
urp Media Center ehshell.exe
urq optos V² Vantage Dx Review review.exe
urs USI registration tool for DataPlugins and store definitions usireg.exe
urt XnView for Windows xnview.exe
urw CoCut Professional cocutp.exe
us Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
us/coach-coupons/312246?r=ec Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
us/costco-coupons/313211?r=ec Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
us/kmart-coupons?r=es Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
us/sears-coupons/312784?r=ec Internet Explorer iexplore.exe
us2 US2.exe us2.exe
us5 TAXEDGE MFC Application ptewin95.exe
us8 FileMaker Pro Runtime orderall8.exe
usa project64.exe project64.exe
usblog Ring 3 application for gathering USB filter output snoopy~1.exe
usc editor.exe editor.exe
usd MIROKU UNISOFT CO., LTD. Sales and Purchase unisale.exe
use Notepad notepad.exe
usecasediagram Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 devenv.exe
user Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
user~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
userprofile Windows-Hostprozess (Rundll32) iravcobj.dll
usf 迅雷看看播放器 xmp.exe
usg RWD uPerform uperform.exe
ush Notepad++ : a free (GNU) source code editor notepad++.exe
usk File Archiver zipzag.exe
usl SIMPL+ s2_spls.exe
usm UltraLite Schema Painter ulview.exe
usp SIMPL+ s2_spls.exe
uspd Ustream Producer Application ustreamproducer.exe
uspidx Pnetusp pnetusp.exe
uspref Pnetusp pnetusp.exe
usr Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe
usr~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uss UltraSlideshow Pro. ultraslideshow.exe
ust utau.exe utau.exe
ustar StuffIt Application stuffit14.exe
usx File Association Manager fam.exe
usz Stardock SkinStudio sknstdio.exe
ut Application UniTerm uniterm.exe
ut2 ut2004.exe ut2004.exe
ut2link ut2004.exe ut2004.exe
ut2mod setup.exe setup.exe
ut3 File Association Manager fam.exe
ut4mod setup.exe setup.exe
ut8 File Association Manager fam.exe
utc File Association Manager fam.exe
utf jwpce.exe jwpce.exe
uti Spybot - Search & Destroy spybotsd.exe
utl UTLReportViewer utlrep~1.exe
utm upimcfg6.exe upimcfg6.exe
utr MAGIX Restore restore.exe
uts Spybot - Search & Destroy spybotsd.exe
utw File Association Manager fam.exe
utx Retrospect retrospect.exe
utz Themes Creator themescreator.exe
uu WinRAR archiver winrar.exe
uu~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uu1 VuePrint vueprint.exe
uue WinRAR archiver winrar.exe
uue~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uui - PAC Display Configurator Professional.
uux SpeedCommander speedcommander.exe
uv2 µVision3 IDE uv3.exe
uv5r Radio Programmer Engine radioenginev4u.exe
uv6 kguv6cmd.exe kguv6cmd.exe
uva U-value Calculator uvalues.exe
uvcab uvscreencamera.exe uvscreencamera.exe
uvd kguvcmd.exe kguvcmd.exe
uvf uvplayer.exe uvplayer.exe
uviws UVIWorkstation uviworkstation.exe
uvk Ultra Virus Killer uvk_en.exe
uvl claunch-uvlayout.exe claunch-uvlayout.exe
uvmpw µVision4 IDE uv4.exe
uvnts uvscreencamera.exe uvscreencamera.exe
uvo RealPlayer realplay.exe
uvp Video Paint vpaint.exe
uvpn UT-VPN Bridge utvpnclient.exe
uvproj µVision4 IDE uv4.exe
uvr Ulead COOL 360 Viewer upviewer.exe
uvs UDXDocStart udxdocstart.exe
uvseg uvscreencamera.exe uvscreencamera.exe
uvx Download Manager mobtvdm.exe
uvxml UV Outliner uv.exe
uw Global Writer uniwrite.exe
uwc MAGIX Restore restore.exe
uwf 2PAT : Wavetable Instrument Converter 2pat.exe
uwl Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe
uws Procomm Plus ASPECT User Window Editor pwuserwb.exe
uwsewf UltiDev Web Server Application Explorer uws.explorer.exe
uxd UltraXML uxml4.exe
uxdc devsetup.exe devsetup.exe
uxdc~fpap-exl540 FilePtc.exe fileptc.exe
uxf Ultra Fractal 4 uf4.exe
uxp Igor Pro igor.exe
uxs UltraXML uxml4.exe
uxt Igor Pro igor.exe
uxx File Association Manager fam.exe
uxy embird.exe embird.exe
uyvy XnView for Windows xnview.exe
uzb UltimateZip 3.9 uzip.exe
uze UltimateZip 3.9 uzip.exe
uzed MyHeritage Family Tree Builder Genealogy Software myheritage.exe
uzip File Association Manager fam.exe
uzs MIKE Zero Shell mzshell.exe
uzw azkplus.exe azkplus.exe

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