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Open file extension torrent: Vuze Download

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, application/torrent, application/x-bittorrent, application\x-bittorrent

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Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
FrostWire frostwire.exe FrostWire Group 12.99%
qbittorrent.exe qbittorrent.exe 12.19%
azureus.exe azureus.exe Vuze Inc. 10.52%
Torch torch.exe Torch Media Inc. 9.24%
utorrent.exe utorrent.exe 4.92%
µTorrent Web utweb.exe BitTorrent Inc. 4.9%
ilivid.exe ilivid.exe 4.81%
BitTorrent bittorrent.exe BitTorrent, Inc. 4.67%
BitLord bitlord.exe 4.03%
Ares p2p for windows ares.exe Ares Development Group 3.82%
Open Freely openfreely.exe 3.38%
Free Opener freeopener.exe 3.33%
deluge.exe deluge.exe 1.86%
popcorntimedesktop.exe popcorntimedesktop.exe 1.67%
File Association Manager fam.exe 1.61%
FinalTorrent - A Torrent download client finaltorrent.exe Bitberry Software 1.4%
LimeWire limewire.exe Lime Wire, LLC 1.39%
tixati.exe tixati.exe 1.37%
BitTorrent Web btweb.exe BitTorrent Inc. 1.3%
miro.exe miro.exe 1.19%
1ClickDownloader 1clickdownloader.exe 1.04%
mp3rocket.exe mp3rocket.exe 0.99%
Shareaza Ultimate File Sharing shareaza.exe Shareaza Development Team 0.8%
FlashGet3 flashget3.exe Trend Media Corporation Limited 0.63%
dm2.2.exe dm2.2.exe 0.5%
Opera Internet Browser opera.exe Opera Software 0.46%
ASUS Download Master Utility download.exe ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. 0.4%
FlashGet flashget.exe 0.37%
Free Torrent Download freetorrentdownload.exe DVDVideoSoft Ltd. 0.29%
mediaget.exe mediaget.exe 0.28%
Free Download Manager fdm.exe FreeDownloadManager.ORG 0.26%
tribler.exe tribler.exe 0.23%
torrentlauncher.exe torrentlauncher.exe 0.22%
btdownloadgui.exe btdownloadgui.exe 0.21%
Download Assistant downloadassistant.exe 0.2%
QvodPlayer qvodplayer.exe Shenzhen QVOD Technology Co.,Ltd 0.16%
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.13%
NetXfer Download Manager nettransport.exe Xi 0.13%
Free Editor freeeditor.exe 0.12%
BiglyBT Launcher biglybt.exe Bigly Software 0.12%
QGet MFC Application qget.exe 0.11%
迅雷5 thunder.exe 深圳市迅雷网络技术有限公司 0.1%
BitComet - a BitTorrent Client bitcomet.exe 0.1%
LimePro limepro.exe LimePro 0.09%
Notepad notepad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.08%
abc.exe abc.exe 0.07%
FileViewPro fileviewpro.exe 0.07%
downloadbeast.exe downloadbeast.exe Download Beast 0.07%
ziggytv.exe ziggytv.exe 0.06%
SoMud - The Ultimate Download and Share Program somud.exe SoMud 0.06%
FreeTorrentPlayer_Project Module freetorrentplayer.exe 0.06%
DownloadHQ p2p for Windows downloadhq.exe DownloadHQ Group 0.05%
TorrentB torrentb.exe 0.05%
Internet Explorer iexplore.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.04%
WinRAR archiver winrar.exe Alexander Roshal 0.04%
The powerful and easy-to-use BitTorrent Client bitspirit.exe LANSPIRIT.NET 0.04%
Ares Vista aresvista.exe Ares Development Group 0.04%
RealPlayer realplay.exe RealNetworks, Inc. 0.03%
TorrentPrivacy dlchooser.exe TorrentPrivacy & SSHTunnel software by Shadow 0.03%
TorrentBitch torrentbitch.exe 0.03%
BitTorrent bittorrent-7.5.exe BitTorrent, Inc. 0.03%
VLC media player vlc.exe the VideoLAN Team 0.02%
Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.02%
iTunes itunes.exe Apple Inc. 0.02%
Media Center ehshell.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.02%
µTorrent utorrent_2.0.2.exe BitTorrent, Inc. 0.02%
腾讯下载软件 qqdownload.exe Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited 0.02%
Hermes hermes.exe HermesP2P 0.02%
DownVision downvision.exe 0.02%
ServeZip servezip.exe FileServe 0.02%
Ares Plus for windows aresplus.exe Ares Development Group 0.02%
Adobe Reader 9.2 acrord32.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated 0.01%
Firefox firefox.exe Mozilla Corporation 0.01%
WinZip winzip32.exe WinZip Computing, S.L. 0.01%
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema mpc-hc.exe MPC-HC Team 0.01%
GOM Player gom.exe Gretech Corp. 0.01%
Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe Syntrillium Software Corporation 0.01%
BigPond Media Downloader downloader.exe 0.01%
Morpheus morpheus.exe Morpheus Software 0.01%
iMesh imesh.exe iMesh, Inc 0.01%
skydownloader.exe skydownloader.exe 0.01%
BearShare bearshare.exe Free Peers, Inc. 0.01%
lphant Client elephantclient.exe 0.01%
Multi File Downloader multifiledownloader.exe XF Trade LLP 0.01%
Artemis artemis.exe CyberArtemis LLC 0.01%
Belkin Torrent Helper torrenthelper.exe Belkin Copporation 0.01%
minithunder.exe minithunder.exe 深圳市迅雷网络技术有限公司 0.01%
freefox.exe freefox.exe 0.01%
isobustertoolbarhelper.exe isobustertoolbarhelper.exe 0.01%
BitTorrent bittorrent-7.2.exe BitTorrent, Inc. 0.01%
VooWire p2p for windows voowire.exe 0.01%
TorrentEasy torrenteasy.exe Arlington Enterprise Ltd 0.01%
transmission-qt.exe transmission-qt.exe 0.01%
FlashGetMini 下载软件 flashgetmini.exe FlashGet Inc 0.01%
easybittorrentclient.exe easybittorrentclient.exe 0.01%
DivX Plus Web Player Broker Process version dwpbroker.exe DivX, LLC 0.01%
directdownloader.exe directdownloader.exe 0.01%
tpclient.exe tpclient.exe 0.01%
bitdownload.exe bitdownload.exe 0.01%
Free Viewer freeviewer.exe 0.01%
Jet jet.exe Performersoft LLC 0.01%
bitpump.exe bitpump.exe 0.01%
Zona zona.exe 0.01%
µTorrent utorrent-3.2.exe BitTorrent, Inc. 0.01%
safe-watch safe-watch.exe GitHub, Inc. 0.01%
PicoTorrent picotorrent.exe 0.01%

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