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Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r124 flashplayer.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 26.31%
Winamp winamp.exe Nullsoft, Inc. 11.38%
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r115 flashpla.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 10.42%
GOM Player gom.exe Gretech Corp. 10.05%
Freemake Video Converter freemakevideoconverter.exe Freemake 6.7%
IrfanView i_view32.exe Irfan Skiljan 5.69%
Internet Explorer iexplore.exe Microsoft Corporation 5.33%
IrfanView 64-bit i_view64.exe Irfan Skiljan 3.96%
potplayermini64.exe potplayermini64.exe 3.4%
Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 r22 saflashplayer.exe Macromedia, Inc. 1.85%
Eolsoft Flash Movie Player fmp.exe Eolsoft 1.52%
5KPlayer 5kplayer.exe DearMob 1.41%
The KMPlayer kmplayer.exe Pandora.TV 1.22%
TigerPlayer mpcstar.exe 0.84%
MediaPlayerLite mpl.exe MediaPlayerLite 0.7%
Daum PotPlayer potplayermini.exe Daum Communications 0.58%
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.55%
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema mpc-hc.exe MPC-HC Team 0.54%
Firefox firefox.exe Mozilla Corporation 0.41%
Swiff Player swfplayer.exe GlobFX Technologies 0.33%
RealPlayer realplay.exe RealNetworks, Inc. 0.31%
Adobe Flash Player 15.0 d0 flashplayer15_sa_win_32.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.31%
GOM Player Plus gom64.exe GOM & Company 0.3%
File Association Manager fam.exe 0.27%
Media Player Classic - Homecinema mpc-hc64.exe [email protected] 0.25%
MPC-BE x64 mpc-be64.exe MPC-BE Team 0.25%
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum vegasmoviestudiope100.exe Sony Creative Software Inc. 0.23%
VLC media player vlc.exe the VideoLAN Team 0.22%
KMPlayer 64X kmplayer64.exe KMPlayer Team 0.2%
DVDFab Media Player (27/11/2017) fabplayer.exe Fengtao Software Inc. 0.16%
Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe Syntrillium Software Corporation 0.15%
Free File Viewer freefileviewer.exe Bitberry Software 0.15%
cubeice.exe cubeice.exe 0.15%
QuickTime Player quicktimeplayer.exe Apple Inc. 0.14%
Google Chrome chrome.exe Google Inc. 0.14%
Media Player tvp.exe 0.13%
Win8 DVD Player win8dvdplayer.exe Win8 DVD Player Team 0.13%
zplayer.exe zplayer.exe 0.12%
Adobe Flash Player 32.0 r0 flashplayer_32_sa.exe Adobe 0.12%
SWF Opener swfope~1.exe UnH Solutions, Inc. 0.11%
Adobe AIR Application Installer airappinstaller.exe Adobe Systems Inc. 0.11%
anymediaplayer.exe anymediaplayer.exe 0.1%
Adobe Flash Player 10.0 r2 blues_ch_10_lessons_player.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.1%
Notepad notepad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.09%
Media Player Classic mplayerc.exe Gabest 0.08%
flvplayer.exe flvplayer.exe 0.07%
VideoPad Video Editor videopad.exe NCH Software 0.06%
QuickTime Player quickt~1.exe Apple Inc. 0.06%
QvodPlayer qvodplayer.exe Shenzhen QVOD Technology Co.,Ltd 0.06%
Adobe Flash Player 32.0 r0 flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe Adobe 0.06%
Executable for Solitaire Game solitaire.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.05%
Adobe Flash CS4 flash.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated. 0.05%
Prism Video Converter prism.exe NCH Software 0.05%
MPC-BE mpc-be.exe MPC-BE Team 0.05%
Adobe Flash Player 24.0 r0 flashplayer24_0r0_186_win_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.05%
setup.dll setup.dll 0.05%
WinRAR archiver winrar.exe Alexander Roshal 0.04%
Media Center ehshell.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.04%
SWF & FLV Movie player swf_player.exe Eltima Software 0.04%
RealJukebox Application realjbox.exe RealNetworks 0.04%
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r53 flashplayer_10_sa_debug.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.04%
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r53 flashplayer_10_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.04%
百度影音 baiduplayer.exe 0.04%
Adobe Flash Player 11.1 r102 flashplayer_11_sa_32bit.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.04%
Adobe Flash Player 10.3 r181 flash-10-win.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.04%
gameload.exe gameload.exe 0.04%
ALShow alshow.exe ESTsoft corp. 0.03%
Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 r22 hp_qp_slingplayer.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.03%
smplayer.exe smplayer.exe 0.03%
迅雷看看播放器 xmp.exe 深圳市迅雷网络技术有限公司 0.03%
Macromedia Flash Player 7.0 r19 regflash.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.03%
realplayermini.exe realplayermini.exe 0.03%
bsa_military_tribute2.swf bsa_military_tribute2.swf 0.03%
Adobe Flash Player 11.3 r300 flashplayer_11_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.03%
imaging11_9_premium.exe imaging11_9_premium.exe 0.03%
Adobe Photoshop CS4 photoshop.exe Adobe Systems, Incorporated 0.02%
iTunes itunes.exe Apple Inc. 0.02%
Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll Microsoft Corporation 0.02%
finalmediaplayer.exe finalmediaplayer.exe 0.02%
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (Editor) photoshopelementseditor.exe Adobe Systems, Incorporated 0.02%
SWFText swftext.exe AntsSoft 0.02%
Dreamingsoft Flash Player dfplayer.exe Dreamingsoft, Inc. 0.02%
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r53 flashplayerdebugger.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.02%
QQ影音 qqplayer.exe Tencent 0.02%
freemediaplayer.exe freemediaplayer.exe 0.02%
Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 r21 guitar_tuner.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.02%
freevideoplayer.exe freevideoplayer.exe 0.02%
imaging11_8premium.exe imaging11_8premium.exe 0.02%
Windows Live Movie Maker moviemaker.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Opera Internet Browser opera.exe Opera Software 0.01%
Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 acrobat.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated 0.01% 3.1 soffice.exe 0.01%
wlxphotogallery.exe wlxphotogallery.exe 0.01%
Microsoft Office Picture Manager ois.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Media Center mc15.exe J. River, Inc. 0.01%
PhotoStage Slideshow Producer photostage.exe NCH Software 0.01%
Steam steam.exe Valve Corporation 0.01%
[email protected] Viewer Module player.exe Cyberlink Corp. 0.01%
MediaImpression Slideshow Player slideshowplayer.exe ArcSoft, Inc. 0.01%
HP QuickPlay qp.exe CyberLink Corp. 0.01%
BS.Player bsplayer.exe Webteh 0.01%
ACDSee 10 Photo Manager acdseeqv10.exe ACD Systems 0.01%
ACDSee Photo Manager 12 acdseeqv12.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 0.01%
Maxthon Browser maxthon.exe Maxthon International ltd. 0.01%
setup.exe setup.exe 0.01%
Movavi Media Player mediaplayer.exe 0.01%
dvd.exe dvd.exe 0.01%
Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 r22 acer.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.01%
Microsoft Silverlight Out-of-Browser Launcher sllauncher.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
SPlayer splayer.exe 0.01%
potplayer.exe potplayer.exe 0.01%
NoteTab Std (FPV) notetab.exe Fookes Software 0.01%
Haihaisoft Universal Player hmplayer.exe Haihaisoft 0.01%
Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 r34 swishpla_8.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.01%
Shockwave Init swinit.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
adberdr90_en_us.exe adberdr90_en_us.exe 0.01%
Woobies 2 Deluxe woobies2deluxe.exe neue kretaive UG 0.01%
geovidflashplayer.exe geovidflashplayer.exe GeoVid 0.01%
SLINGO CASINO PAK slingocasinopak.exe SLINGO, Inc. 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r280 sa_flashplayer_9[1].exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
SWF Opener swfopener.exe UnH Solutions 0.01%
SWF.max | Flash Player, Browser and Tools swf.max.exe .max 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r53 flashplayer10_1r53_64_win_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
Jing jing.exe TechSmith Corporation 0.01%
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema mpc.exe MPC-HC Team 0.01%
FlashFavorite MFC Application flashfavorite.exe 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r280 flashplayer9r280_win_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
Free Opener freeopener.exe 0.01%
gusvc googleupdaterservice.exe Google 0.01%
My project topic.exe 0.01%
flashplayer_10_sa[1].exe flashplayer_10_sa[1].exe 0.01%
DAEMON Tools Lite Helper application dthelper.exe DT Soft Ltd 0.01%
freesmith.exe freesmith.exe 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r28 diego.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 11.3 r300 flashplayer_11_sa_debug(2).exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 11.3 r300 flashplayer_11_sa_debug.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
Free Editor freeeditor.exe 0.01%
MPX Player mpxplayer.exe Internal 0.01%
Flash Player 4.0 r4 beautifu.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player Control Panel Applet flashplayerapp.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated 0.01%
Flash Player 5.0 r30 trailer.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.01%
imaging11_5.exe imaging11_5.exe 0.01%
8kplayer.exe 8kplayer.exe 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 26.0 r0 flash-26-win.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
SWFFilePlayer swffileplayer.exe 0.01%
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 r124 flashplayer9r124_win_sa.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 0.01%
imaging11_5premium.exe imaging11_5premium.exe 0.01%
Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 r21 wordsthatsell.exe Macromedia, Inc. 0.01%

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