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Open file extension stl: Adobe Fireworks STL File

Adobe Fireworks STL File
application/netfabb, application/, model/stl, simplify3d_stl

Open Extension With:

Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
cura.exe cura.exe 39.7%
Adobe Fireworks CS4 fireworks.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated 27.95%
MakerBot Print makerbot-print.exe Makerbot Industries, LLC 4.99%
Meshmixer application file meshmixer.exe Autodesk, Inc. 4.72%
xyzprint.exe xyzprint.exe 2.79%
Simplify3D (4.1.2) simplify3d.exe Simplify3D Software 2.47%
File Association Manager fam.exe 2%
XYZprinting XYZware xyz.exe XYZprinting Inc. 1.95%
MeshMagic 3D Modeling Software meshmagic.exe NCH Software 1.44%
netfabb Studio Basic netfabb.exe netfabb GmbH 1.33%
MatterControl mattercontrol.exe 1.14%
Adobe Dimension dimension.exe Adobe Inc. 1.08%
Stmed stmed.exe Cadence Design System 0.95%
LycheeSlicer lycheeslicer.exe Mango3D 0.87%
xyzmaker.exe xyzmaker.exe 0.8%
QIDI Technology qidi.exe QIDI 0.66%
preform.exe preform.exe 0.59%
chitubox.exe chitubox.exe 0.58%
ideaMaker - ideamaker.exe Raise3D 0.4%
SolidView 2011 sldview.exe Solid Concepts Inc. 0.36%
Z-SUITE v2 z-suite.exe Zortrax S.A. 0.36%
QIDI Technology junco.exe QIDI 0.34%
orthoviewer.exe orthoviewer.exe 3Shape A/S 0.3%
Slicer reactor.exe CreateItREAL 0.29%
3Shape 3DViewer 3shape_3dviewer.exe 3Shape A/S 0.25%
bcn3d_cura.exe bcn3d_cura.exe 0.15%
Dp dp.exe Delft Spline Systems 0.13%
Marlin3DprinterStlViewer marlin~1.exe 0.11%
meshlab.exe meshlab.exe 0.1%
3D-Tool / 3D-Viewer 3d-tool.exe Ingo Wulf 0.09%
Photon Slicer Software photon_workshop_v2.1.20.exe ANYCUBIC 0.09%
Artec Studio 11 astudio.exe Artec Group 0.07%
photon_workshop_v2.1.23.exe photon_workshop_v2.1.23.exe 0.06%
pythonw.exe pythonw.exe 0.05%
Cube Transportation Planning Package cube.exe Citilabs 0.05%
Cimex CAD/CAM Engine cimpack.exe Cimex Corporation 0.05%
3D Sprint 3dsprint.exe 3D Systems, Inc. 0.05%
ObStudio obstudio.exe Objet Geometries Ltd. 0.05%
ModelWorks modelw~1.exe Solidscape, Inc. 0.05%
CS Mesh Viewer Application csmeshviewer.exe Carestream Dental, Inc. 0.05%
Jubler Subtitle Editor jubler.exe 0.04%
photon_workshop_v2.1.24.exe photon_workshop_v2.1.24.exe 0.04%
craftware.exe craftware.exe 0.04%
CubeX cubex.exe 3D Systems 0.04%
qidiprint.exe qidiprint.exe 0.03%
unizdesktop.exe unizdesktop.exe 0.03%
Output Viewer 3DR 3dr.exe ProModel Corporation 0.02%
BfB Axon axon.exe BitsFromBytes 0.02%
Photon Slicer Software photon_workshop_v2.1.21.exe ANYCUBIC 0.02%
3DReshaper, the 3D scanner software 3drshp.exe ; [email protected] 0.02%
sovol3dcura.exe sovol3dcura.exe 0.02%
creatware.exe creatware.exe 0.02%
SldWorks sldworks.exe Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. 0.01%
Autodesk® Inventor® 2010 inventor.exe Autodesk, Inc. 0.01%
STLNAV.EXE stlnav.exe AstroArts Inc. 0.01%
Rhinoceros® 3D Modeling/CAD Application rhino3.exe Robert McNeel & Associates 0.01%
Rhinoceros® 3D Modeling/CAD Application rhino.exe Robert McNeel & Associates 0.01%
MiniMagics Application minimagics.exe Materialise n.v. 0.01%
3D-Tool / 3D-Viewer 3d-tool-free.exe 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG 0.01%
cut3d.url cut3d.url 0.01%
makerware.exe makerware.exe 0.01%
DeskProto 6.1 deskproto.exe Delft Spline Systems 0.01%
fusionlauncher.exe fusionlauncher.exe Autodesk, Inc. 0.01%
tronxy.exe tronxy.exe 0.01%
RepetierHost repetierhost.exe Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG 0.01%
PrusaSlicer prusa-slicer.exe Prusa Research 0.01%
crealityslicer.exe crealityslicer.exe 0.01%
prusacontrol.exe prusacontrol.exe 0.01%

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