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Open file extension sav: SPSS Data Document

SPSS Data Document
, application/x-spss-sav, application/x-tads-save, s3ed20/sav

Open Extension With:

Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
IBM SPSS Statistics 19 stats.exe SPSS Inc. 33.29%
hl2.exe hl2.exe 12.26%
csgo.exe csgo.exe 10.19%
SE3D se3d_core.exe Structure Studios 7.83%
Vindictus Launcher vindictus.exe NEXON Corp. 7.17%
Apex Legends r5apex.exe Respawn Entertainment 6.47%
File Association Manager fam.exe 5.88%
left4dead2.exe left4dead2.exe 2.95%
StructureCore structurecore.exe Structure Studios 1.54%
SecuROM Launcher launchgtaiv.exe Sony DADC Austria AG 1.05%
kuma.exe kuma.exe 1.05%
psppire.exe psppire.exe 0.99%
Titanfall 2 titanfall2.exe Respawn Entertainment 0.95%
portal2.exe portal2.exe 0.65%
Steganos 3 Wizard sfm.exe Steganos 0.63%
Insurgency insurgency_x64.exe New World Interactive LLC 0.62%
bms.exe bms.exe 0.52%
SPSS Manager spsswin.exe SPSS Inc 0.44%
htmltads.exe htmltads.exe 0.44%
stanley.exe stanley.exe 0.43%
WinDS PRO windspro.exe WinDS PRO Central 0.31%
CivAssist II civassist.exe CivAssist II 0.29%
IDL idlrt.exe ITT Visual Information Solutions 0.27%
nucleardawn.exe nucleardawn.exe 0.27%
Tigers on the Hunt tigers~2.exe Sliconsoft Systems Inc 0.27%
National Estimator 32 Pro tne32.exe Craftsman Book Company 0.26%
left4dead.exe left4dead.exe 0.24%
Mabinogi Heroes Launcher heroes.exe NEXON Corp. 0.24%
PASW Statistics 18 paswstat.exe SPSS Inc. 0.23%
gmod.exe gmod.exe 0.23%
PlayMaxPayne3 playmaxpayne3.exe Rockstar Games 0.2%
Titanfall titanfall.exe Respawn Entertainment 0.19%
swarm.exe swarm.exe 0.14%
dota.exe dota.exe 0.13%
reactivedrop.exe reactivedrop.exe 0.13%
Insurgency insurgency.exe New World Interactive LLC 0.12%
Day of Infamy dayofinfamy_x64.exe New World Interactive LLC 0.11%
srcds.exe srcds.exe 0.1%
SecuROM Launcher launcheflc.exe Sony DADC Austria AG 0.08%
nmrih.exe nmrih.exe 0.08%
contagion.exe contagion.exe 0.07%
SPSS spss.exe SPSS Inc 0.06%
SPSS Statistics statis~1.exe SPSS Inc 0.06%
riseoftheargonauts.exe riseoftheargonauts.exe 0.06%
SPSS Statistics statistics.exe SPSS Inc 0.06%
MIG MFC App mig.exe Rowan Software Ltd 0.05%
Tigers on the Hunt tigers~3.exe Sliconsoft Systems Inc 0.04%
Vindictus Launcher vindictus_x64.exe NEXON Corp. 0.04%
mm.exe mm.exe 0.03%
Programmer's Notepad 2 pn.exe Simon Steele (Echo Software) 0.03%
Notepad notepad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.02%
Roxio EasyCDCreator creatr50.exe Roxio 0.02%
Yahoo! All-Seeing Eye eye.exe Yahoo! Inc. 0.02%
StitchCraft Design Software stitch.exe Crafted Software 0.02%
TopView tview32.exe Penzar Development 0.02%
Internet Explorer iexplore.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Notepad++ : a free (GNU) source code editor notepad++.exe Don HO [email protected] 0.01%
Windows Wordpad Application wordpad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
p3.exe p3.exe 0.01%
dearesther.exe dearesther.exe 0.01%
TiEmu tiemu.exe Linux Programmer Group 0.01%
Titanfall 2 titanfall2-unpacked.exe Respawn Entertainment 0.01%
Northstar Launcher northstarlauncher.exe Northstar Developers 0.01%
beginnersguide.exe beginnersguide.exe 0.01%
cure.exe cure.exe 0.01%

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