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, application/mgx-mmm

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Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
Media Player mplay32.exe Microsoft Corporation 41.29%
MAGIX Music Maker 15 musicmaker.exe MAGIX AG 29.51%
Adobe Type Manager atmfm.exe Adobe Systems Incorporated 9.59%
Media Player OLE2 server mplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 7.5%
MAGIX Video easy videoe~1.exe MAGIX AG 2.81%
MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 2005 homedv~1.exe MAGIX AG 2.21%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 9 deluxe fotos_~1.exe MAGIX AG 1.38%
MAGIX Music Manager 2005 musicm~1.exe MAGIX 0.72%
MAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 deluxe homedvd-fotos_dlx.exe MAGIX AG 0.67%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 9 deluxe fotos_~2.exe MAGIX AG 0.43%
MAGIX Slideshow Maker 1.0 slides~1.exe MAGIX AG 0.38%
Money Manager mm7.exe Moneysoft Ltd. 0.36%
PhotoVue Plus photop32.exe Hamrick Software 0.3%
MAGIX Filme auf CD & DVD 6 homedvd-filme.exe MAGIX AG 0.25%
MAGIX Music Maker HipHop Edition 2 hiphopmaker.exe MAGIX AG 0.24%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 9 fotos.exe MAGIX AG 0.23%
MAGIX Slideshow Maker 1.0 slideshowmaker.exe MAGIX AG 0.23%
MAGIX Movies on DVD 8 movies.exe MAGIX AG 0.22%
File Association Manager fam.exe 0.18%
Music Composition, Printing & Sequencing Application sheetmusic.exe recordLab Corporation 0.17%
Studio program file studio.exe Pinnacle Systems 0.15%
MAGIX Filme auf DVD 8 filme.exe MAGIX AG 0.15%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 9 deluxe fotos_dlx.exe MAGIX AG 0.13%
MAGIX TV & Videorecorder videor~1.exe MAGIX AG 0.13%
MAGIX Video easy videoeasy.exe MAGIX AG 0.12%
MAGIX Video easy HD videoeasy_u.exe MAGIX AG 0.09%
VuePrint vuepro32.exe Hamrick Software 0.08%
MAGIX Music Maker Techno Edition 2 technomaker.exe MAGIX AG 0.08%
MAGIX music maker muma7.exe MAGIX AG 0.07%
MAGIX MovieShow Maker movies~1.exe MAGIX AG 0.06%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 4.0 homedvd-fotos4.exe MAGIX AG 0.06%
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.04%
FL Studio engine launcher fl.exe Image-Line 0.02%
jetAudio jetaudio.exe JetAudio, Inc. 0.02%
Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe Syntrillium Software Corporation 0.02%
MEDION Fotos auf CD & DVD SE homedvd-fotos.exe MAGIX AG 0.02%
MAGIX music maker 2003 deLuxe muma2003.exe MAGIX AG 0.02%
VLC media player vlc.exe the VideoLAN Team 0.01%
iTunes itunes.exe Apple Inc. 0.01%
MAGIX Restore restore.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%
AVS DVD Player avsdvdplayer.exe Online Media Technologies Ltd. 0.01%
Pinnacle VideoSpin program file videos~1.exe Pinnacle Systems 0.01%
MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 3.5 homedvd-fotos3_5.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%
UltraEdit Professional Text/Hex Editor uedit32.exe IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. 0.01%
MAGIX Film su DVD DVD 8 film.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%
MAGIX Films sur DVD 8 films.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%
samplitude sam7_e.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%
MAGIX music maker 2004 deLuxe muma2004.exe MAGIX AG 0.01%

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