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Broderbund Label

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Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
The Print Shop pmw.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 39.25%
P-touch Editor ptedit50.exe Brother Industries, Ltd. 13.7%
ACT! by Sage actsage.exe Sage Software, Inc. 10.56%
CD/DVD Label Maker cdlabel.exe Acoustica Inc. 8.5%
The Print Shop 15.0 ps.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 5.09%
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 dreamweaver.exe Adobe Systems, Inc. 4.54%
American Greetings CreataCard 6.0 agccard.exe TLC Productivity Properties LLC 3.69%
The Print Shop 21.0 tps.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 1.76%
ACT! 6.0 Application act.exe Interact Commerce Corporation 1.61%
P-touch Editor ptedit42.exe Brother Industries, Ltd. 1.58%
PrintMaster 16.0 pm.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 1.36%
The Print Shop Home & Office Labels tpshol.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 1.25%
FormTool MFC Application formtool.exe Findex Inc. 1.13%
PrintMaster 15.0 pgcd.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.89%
The Print Shop 12.0 bcc.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.68%
ACT! 8.x/2006 act8.exe Sage Software SB, Inc 0.58%
PrintMaster Scrapbook Creator scrapbook.exe Arcsoft Inc. 0.38%
The Pro Publisher Professional Business Labels pppbl.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.28%
The PrintShop CD Label Creator 1.1 pscdlc.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.26%
The Print Shop 12.0 bnm.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.24%
American Greetings CreataCard Spiritual Expressions 6.0 agspirit.exe TLC Productivity Properties LLC 0.19%
PrintMaster 12.0 pcc.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.19%
Broderbund Premium Print Application ps11.exe Mattel Interactive, Inc. 0.16%
ACT! by Sage act7.exe Sage Software, Inc. 0.15%
agsp.exe agsp.exe 0.14%
Geodimeter File Editor gfe.exe Trimble Navigation Limited. 0.13%
P-touch Editor ptedit3.exe Brother Industries, Ltd. 0.13%
MYMAIL MFC Application mylabels.exe JT 0.12%
ps10.exe ps10.exe 0.11%
American Greetings 7.0 agsb.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.1%
The Print Shop 21.0 tps.dat Broderbund Properties LLC 0.1%
T-Shirt Design Shop tshirtds.exe Parsons Technology 0.1%
Microsoft® HTML Help Executable hh.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.08%
Microsoft Expression Design design.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.08%
desktop_f2500ee3f1f74779a5d53a159635e525.exe desktop_f2500ee3f1f74779a5d53a159635e525.exe 0.08%
Notepad notepad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.07%
agcp.exe agcp.exe 0.07%
MYMAIL MFC Application labels.exe JT 0.06%
lv lv.exe Die Continentale 0.06%
File Association Manager fam.exe 0.06%
Microsoft® Works Word Processor wkswp.exe Microsoft® Corporation 0.05%
NiceLabel nlabel5.exe Euro Plus d.o.o. 0.05%
P-touch Editor ptedit41.exe Brother Industries, Ltd. 0.05%
agsunday.exe agsunday.exe 0.03%
FormTool MFC Application ftexpr.exe IMSI 0.02%
P-touch Editor ptedit40.exe Brother Industries, Ltd. 0.02%
NiceLabel SE nlabelse5.exe EuroPlus 0.02% 0.02%
Label Designer Deluxe Application labeldesigner.exe 0.02%
American Greetings 7.0 agcrafts.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.02%
Microsoft Office Picture Manager ois.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
WordPerfect X4 wpwin14.exe Corel Corporation 0.01%
WordPerfect(R) 10 wpwin10.exe Corel Corporation Limited 0.01%
Calendar Creator 9.0 agb.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.01%
logview.exe logview.exe 0.01%
agpr.exe agpr.exe 0.01%
broderbund.url broderbund.url 0.01%
NiceLabel Express nexpress5.exe EuroPlus 0.01%
PrintMaster 15.0 pmwe.exe Broderbund Properties LLC 0.01%
Label Gallery Free lgfree3.exe Euro Plus d.o.o. 0.01%
Stationery Design Studio Application stationerydesignstudio.exe Summitsoft Corporation 0.01%
agcr.exe agcr.exe 0.01%
LabelMaker MFC Application fi_labelmaker.exe 0.01%

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