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Icon Library
, icon library, image/icl

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Name File Name Manufacturer Prevalence Download
IrfanView i_view32.exe Irfan Skiljan 55.84%
ACDSee Photo Manager 12 acdseeqv12.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 6.58%
IconPackager Explorer iconexplorer.exe Stardock Corporation 6.25%
ACDSee Pro 3 acdseeqvpro3.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 4.47%
ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 acdseeqv11.exe ACD Systems 3.3%
ACDSee Pro 5 acdseeqvpro5.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 3.18%
ACDSee 14 acdseeqv14.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 3.05%
ACDSee 9 Photo Manager acdseeqv.exe ACD Systems Ltd. 2.65%
ACDSee 6.0 Application acdsee6.exe ACD Systems Ltd. 2.29%
ACDSee 10 Photo Manager acdseeqv10.exe ACD Systems 1.66%
ACDSee acdsee5.exe ACD Systems, Ltd. 1.44%
ACDSee Application acdsee8.exe ACD Systems Ltd. 1.26%
ACDSee Pro 6 acdseeqvpro6.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 1.17%
ACDSee Pro 2.5 Photo Manager acdseeqvpro25.exe ACD Systems 1.08%
ACDSee for Windows 95/98/2000/NT acdsee.exe ACD Systems, Ltd. 0.92%
ACDSee Pro 4 acdseeqvpro4.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 0.92%
ACDSee 15 acdseeqv15.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 0.57%
IconDeveloper icondeveloper.exe Stardock Corporation 0.56%
ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager acdseeqvpro2.exe ACD Systems 0.47%
Axialis IconWorkshop iconworkshop.exe Axialis Software 0.28%
IcoFX - The Professional Icon Editor icofx2.exe IcoFX Software 0.26%
FreshView - Multimedia Manager fview.exe 0.24%
Windows Photo Viewer photoviewer.dll Microsoft Corporation 0.15%
Solero Music Viewer viewer.exe FreeHandSystems 0.14%
Change Folder Icons cfi.exe Andrey Lyapunov, Nesoft Inc. 2001-2008 0.14%
Internet Explorer iexplore.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.12%
icolover.exe icolover.exe 0.11%
Image <-> Icon converter aicon.exe 0.09%
ACDSee Pro Application acdsee8pro.exe ACD Systems Ltd. 0.08%
ACDSee 7.0 Application acdsee7.exe ACD Systems Ltd. 0.07%
librarian.exe librarian.exe 0.07%
Free File Viewer freefileviewer.exe Bitberry Software 0.07%
KH IconClip2008 iconclip.exe KH Software Factory 0.06%
XnView for Windows xnview.exe XnView, 0.04%
ICL MFC Application icl.exe IronCAD 0.04%
codeedit.exe codeedit.exe 0.04%
Media Center ehshell.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.03%
Microsoft Office Word Viewer wordview.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.03%
IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor icofx.exe Attila Kovrig 0.03%
Microsoft Office Picture Manager ois.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.02%
ACDSee Picture Frame Manager acdseeqvpfm.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 0.02%
AWicons 10.0 awiconslite.exe Lokas Software 0.02%
ACD Photo Editor acdphotoeditor3.exe ACD Systems, Ltd. 0.02%
An Innovative 2D Chemical Structure Environment chemdoodle.exe iChemLabs, LLC. 0.02%
ACDSee 16 acdseeqv16.exe ACD Systems International Inc. 0.02%
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Windows Live Movie Maker moviemaker.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Picasa Photo Viewer picasaphotoviewer.exe Google Inc. 0.01%
Cool Edit Pro coolpro2.exe Syntrillium Software Corporation 0.01%
qzlite.exe qzlite.exe 0.01%
Image & Animation Viewer imagine.exe nyam's Laboratory 0.01%
Librarian for Windows icons iconshop.exe Lion Tech 0.01%
iconex.exe iconex.exe TM-Research 0.01%
32-bit Icon Library Manager easyic32.exe Paul Traver 0.01%
articons.exe articons.exe Aha-soft 0.01%
iconeditor.exe iconeditor.exe 0.01%

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