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Name Extension
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Rich Text Format .rtf
dat .dat
OpenDocument Text .odt
Text Document .txt
IconDeveloper File .dll
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Document .docm
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Template .dot
WordPerfect X3-Dokument .wpd
JPEG Image .jpg
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
Dialogic VOX file .pip
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Microsoft Office Publisher Document .pub
GIF Image .gif
Microsoft Office Access Application .mdb
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
Paradox Table .db
Microsoft Update Standalone Package .msu
Write Document .wri
Windows Media Player .wsb
Registration Entries .reg
Active Server Page .asp
Text Document .log
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
Thunderbird Document .eml
ATEasy System .sys
XPS Document .xps
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .xlr
Compiled Resource Script .res
Broderbund Business Card .biz
File Association Manager .crtx
Text Document .dic
Video Clip .avi
QuickTime Movie .mov
Microsoft Works Database .bdb
Outlook Data File .pst
IZArc LIB Archive .lib
MHTML Document .mht
Address Book File .wab
iCalendar File .ics
S/MIME File .p7m
Dialogic VOX file .dl_
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
HTML Document .htm
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xlt
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template .dotm
Palm Database File .pdb
Quicken QDF backup data file .qdf-backup
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
Partial Download .partial
DAMN NFO Viewer file .diz
Safari Download .download
Microsoft Office OneNote Section .one
Outlook Item .msg
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
ISD .isd
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
Windows Media Player .wmdb
TrueType Font file .ttf
PHP Script .php
系统文件 .wiz
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
MagicISO Document .iso
Kindle Content .prc
SureThing Office Labeler design .dsn
Setup Information .inf
Contact File .contact
Bitmap Image .bmp
Broderbund Label .lbl
XSI Scene file .scn
Windows Media Player .386
File Association Manager .73b
Microsoft Backup File .bkf
PNG Image .png
Adobe.DigitalEditions File .epub
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
Server Response File .srf
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
XML Document .xml
DYMO Label File .label
Document OmniPage .opd
Configuration Settings .ini
Dialogic VOX file .art
Windows Media Player .sfcache
UltimateZip file .wsz
MASM Listing .lst
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
Microsoft Word HTML Document .dochtml
ATEasy Driver .drv
File Association Manager .pptmhtml
AutoCorrect List File .acl
Microsoft Program Group .grp
Visual Basic Form File .frm
アスレチックニュース .atn
Microsoft Office Access Runtime Application .accdr
Microsoft Works Database .wdb
XFDL Document .xfdl
Broderbund Poster Type .sig
Cabinet File .cab
Dialogic VOX file .scc
InDesign XML Interchange Document .inx
Dialogic VOX file .sol
FTW Family File .ftw
QuickBooks Import/Export File .iif
VisiTrax Library .ldb
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .qpw
ArcSoft Project File .zapc
WinRAR archive .gz
OpenDocument Master Document .odm
Include File .inc
TurboTax 2009 Document .tax2009
DesignPro54.ZDL .zdl
QuickBooks Company Backup File .qbb
OpenDocument データベース .odb
Dialogic VOX file .man
OpenDocument Presentation .odp
Active Server Application .asa
Microsoft Graph 2000-Diagramm .gra
File Association Manager .gqsx
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .bks
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
Media Catalog File .mml
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
Disk Image .do
Microsoft Office Excel ODBC Query files .dqy
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presenta .pptm
Business Card Factory 2.0 .bcf
File Association Manager .dmx-info
Quicken Import File .qif
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
XSL Stylesheet .xsl
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide Sh .ppsm
Help File .hlp
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
GEDCOM file .ged
Greeting Card Factory Postcard .fpc
Dialogic VOX file .tsv
Detached signature .p7s
Windows Media Player .mapimail
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .123
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
PDS File .pds
WinRAR archive .rar
OpenDocument Text Template .ott
XML Schema File .xsd
M3U file .m3u
Subtitle File .idx
Advanced Streaming Format File .lsf
Phonebook File .dpb
iTunes Music Player .aca
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .2
Neat Cabinet .nwcab
Vellum Drawing .vlm
eCopy Document .cpy
FTM Family File 2009 .ftm
Microsoft Rights Managed HTML Document .rpmsg
Windows Live Mail News Message .nws
C/C++ Code Listing .cod
WMF File .wmf
vCard File .vcf
JNLP File .jnlp
XFDL Document .xfd
HTML File .action
Dialogic VOX file .tab
Nero Digital(TM) Files .nd
Nero BackItUp圧縮ファイル .nco
File Association Manager .laccdb
Microsoft Word XML Document .docxml
.XLSM file .pages
MyBook BkImage File .mbb
File Association Manager .aiu
Dialogic VOX file .bau
Print Artist Project .pa
Control Panel .cpl
SPSS Data Document .sav
MAGIX Burn Project .mbp
Microsoft Money backup file .mbf
PET package (Puppy Linux) .pet
Quicken QDF data file .qdf
Microsoft Word Backup Document .wbk
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xltx
Express Scribe Dictation File .dct
OpenDocument Drawing .odg
WinRAR archive .7z
Windows Media Player .acf
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
Flash AS Communication File .asc
Safari Extension .webarchive
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xla
Microsoft Office Excel SLK Data Import Format .slk
Windows Backup Catalog File .wbcat
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .wks
Microsoft Office Theme .thmx
Journal Document .jnt
JPEG Image .jpeg
Clip Organizer Media Package File .mpf
Migration Store .mig
Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard .pwz
QuickBooks OFX data .qbo
Dialogic VOX file .wtf
World Wide Telescope Tour .wtt
Microsoft Word HTML Template .dothtml
Dialogic VOX file .mmf
Broderbund Envelope Type .env
Dialogic VOX file .nls
Windows Media Player .lbxlls
AutoTRAX Design Express Part .part
DarkAdapted Presets File .dap
Windows Media Player .acs
使手帳 .nbf
Dialogic VOX file .mui
Dialogic VOX file .desklink
Dialogic VOX file .jod
Windows Media Player .vxd
TurboTax 2010 Document .tax2010
File Association Manager .glox
StuffIt Compressed File .1
IGSS configuration .elm
Windows Media Player .h1s
Dialogic VOX file .usr
MS Organization Chart 2.0 .opx
Kindle Content .azw
FTW Backup File .fbk
jZip archive file .001
Microsoft Excel XML Worksheet .xlxml
Microsoft Money file .mny
Broderbund Half Fold Card .hcr
Windows Media Player .chk
Google SketchUp Model .skp
HP Printer Control Language .prn
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Template .pot
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Design T .potm
XML Configuration File .config
vCalendar File .vcs
Microsoft Office Excel Workspace .xlw
TuneUp Visueller Stil .tvs
Active Server Page .cdx
Installer Package .air
LabVIEW Control Template .ctt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
Registration Entries .key
PostScript File .ps
PhotoStudio File .psf
Dialogic VOX file .ast
Roxio project file .roxio
PowerISO File .ncd
Windows Media Player .prx
Internet Shortcut .url
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
Windows Media playlist .wpl
Information Card .crd
Compiled HTML Help file .chm
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
Windows Script Component .sct
Tax File .tax
T09 File .t09
Print Shop Project .pdc
Scrap object .shs
Broderbund Brochure .bro
TurboTax 2008 Document .tax2008
Security Certificate .cer
Studio-Projekt .template
Open Financial Exchange File .ofx
Colorful Email Style Resource .cmf
AutoCAD DXF Image .dxf
NTI cdm file .cdm
PagePlus Dokument .ppp
Vuze Download .torrent
PassCard File .rfp
WildTangent PNG File .wpg
PageMaker Publication .p65
PageMaker Template .t65
Family Lawyer Document .qfl
AbiWord Document .abw
Shortcut to Microsoft Office Accounting Company .sbc
PerformanceTest Baseline .pt
LPEC Audio .dvf
Password Depot File (.psw) .psw
PowerTab File Format .ptb
Dialogic VOX file .inv
Dialogic VOX file .in_
Windows Command Script .cmd
PMB File .pmb
File Association Manager .ds_store
Pocket Word-Dokument-H/PC .pwd
Delta Percival Source .p
Windows Media Player .acrobatsecuritysettings
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
Maya Binary File .mb
Business-in-a-Box Document .btd
ArcSoft Album File .abm
Dialogic VOX file .odc
File Association Manager .dus
Lotus Freelance 9 Presentation .pal
Tax Document .ta2
EasyPhoto Gallery .gal
Dialogic VOX file .skb
PSSDOS Comms Trace File .ptr
File Association Manager .zl
File Association Manager .zi
address book .bak2
AppleWorks 5 Document .cwk
База данных телефонного справочника .09
Avio 熱画像解析 .tvr
Weather File .wea
ABXDOC File Type .abx
Icarus distortion project .ipd
YUV תמונה .ithmb
Application Manifest .application
Crestron SIMPL+ Source .oem
SimPark File .prk
File Association Manager .gcsx
File Association Manager .mso
File Association Manager .crdownload
File Association Manager .doc#
FileWedge Configuration File .fw
TurboTax 2011 Document .tax2011
File Association Manager .regtrans-ms
File Association Manager .hxe
MikroBitti-asennus .hxh
Application Reference .appref-ms
File Association Manager .avery
[email protected]
Outlook Express Mail Box .dbx
Desktoppaints Animation Files .asw
Mastercam Part File .mcx
MDR4.5 My Drugs .mdr
Winamp media file .spc
NRL Schema .nrl

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