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Name Extension
JBIG Image .jbg
Google SketchUp Model .skp
Newforma Markup Session .nmu
Solero OLE Document .solero
Broderbund Fax Cover .fax
CPASViewer .cpasv
Message Log File .mlg
WellSight Log File .hlg
SLG File .slg
MUD.LOG 6 .ml6
STRIP.LOG 6 .sl6
WellSight Log File .hl8
WellSight Log File .sl8
Milestones Professional Schedule .ml8
JPEG Image .jff
JS連続印刷設定ファイル .jpt
ACDSee Pro 3 JPC Bild .j2c
Icon Library .icl
IrfanView ANI File .ani
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
RLE File .rle
Icon .icns
SView5 - PAM .pam
すごピタ! テンプレート .mj2
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
Paintbrush Image .pcx
Cursor File .cur
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
Portable Bitmap .pbm
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
PhotoCD Image .pcd
EMF File .emf
WMF File .wmf
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
IrfanView XPM File .xpm
Portable Anymap Image .pnm
WebP Image .webp
Paint.NET Image .tga
Secure RealAudio / RealVideo File .rms
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
Synchronize your Outlook .spo
Capture Document .cef
CE-Secure Vault .ces
Viewer 8 .jvl
MMF2 Document .mfw
PICT Image .pic
ViewBuilder File .view
Genetica Seamless Texture .gtx
ArchiCAD 3D Model .a3d
Audible Download Helper .ard
ACID Pro 7.0 .acd
Viewer Project .vpz
JPEG Image .jpg
Leapfrog Viewer (64 bit) Leapfrog Scene .lfsc
Wintermute Scene .scene
eCADSTAR Analysis Result File .srdb
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
Leapfrog Viewer (64 bit) Leapfrog Scene .lfview
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
E-Transcript File .ptx
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
Icon .ico
JPEG Image .jfif
Bitmap Image .dib
GIF Image .gif
JPEG Image .jpe
HD Photo (JPEG XR) .jxr
Bitmap Image .bmp
JPEG Image .jpeg
Windows Media Photo .wdp
PNG Image .png
ACDSee Pro 3 RAW Bild .bay
k25 Raw-Image .k25
Dialogic VOX file .cr3
Hasselblad Raw Image .3fr
Dialogic VOX file .iiq
ACDSee Pro 3 MEF Bild .mef
ACDSee Pro 3 RAW Bild .fff
Server Response File .srf
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dng
ACDSee Pro 2.5 RAW Bild .mos
Able RAWer (TIFF) .x3f
Able RAWer (TIFF) .arw
IrfanView KDC File .kdc
ACDSee Pro 2.5 SRF Bild .sr2
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
ACDSee Pro 3 RWL Bild .rwl
Able RAWer (TIFF) .raf
CD-ROM (WMA) 編集 .nrw
Able RAWer (TIFF) .mrw
ACDSee Pro 2.5 NEF Bild .nef
Able RAWer (TIFF) .orf
Able RAWer (TIFF) .pef
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Wireshark capture file .erf
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
Samsung Raw Image .srw
W02Tax File .nd2
LIM images .lim
LIM images .rtt
Crystal Reports .rpt
RivaTuner preset file .rtp
Nero Digital(TM) Files .nd
Nokia Multimedia Player file .evc
EVAアニメーション .eva
DSD audio file .dsf
FAXmaker Fax File .fmk
Hummingbird Basic Action File .ebx
CardScan Database File .cdb
MASM Listing .lst
Viewer G-cluster .gcg
Stimulsoft encrypted rendered report file .ext #1
Stimulsoft packed rendered report file .ext #2
Stimulsoft report file .ext #3
Stimulsoft encrypted report file .ext #4
Stimulsoft packed report file .ext #5
Dialogic VOX file .ext
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
Adobe Audition Impluse File .imp
RocketBook Title .rb
XML Document .xml
EmailSaverXe Backup File .ebk
Testbank file .bok
WiseDimensions 2010 3D Scene .w3s
mb-Ergebnisse .mbfx
mb-Ergebnisse .vwa
mb-Ergebnisse .vwr
桐 外部DB結合表 .xvw
Dialogic VOX file .skb
Power Writer Previously Saved .pwb
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Picture Collage Maker File .pwp
PVCNC_Control70 Control .all
PSSDOS Protocol(s) file. .pts
Shade ドリームハウス.Document .sho
WinImage .dsk
IPIN Viewer Document .ivs
AutoCAD-Layerstatus .las
Tableau Workbook .twb
Dialogic VOX file .art
Video Clip .avi
Windows Media Player .msdvd
PICT Image .pct
MenuPro Menu File .men
Installer Package .air
ATEasy System .sys
dat .dat
SVG Document .svg
Paradox Table .db
IconDeveloper File .dll
MP4 Video .mp4
CadStd Drawing .cad
Boxer Macro File .bm
MicroStation DGN File .dgn
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .301
Paint Shop Pro 9 Image .afx
Paint Shop Pro 9 Image .ncr
Paint Shop Pro 9 Image .wd
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .gem
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .pgl
JEF File .jef
RTi Viewer Session .rtivs
Text Document .log
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
Windows Script Component .sct
WinZip File .img
JPEG File Interchange Format .jif
Amiga Paint Image .lbm
jZip archive file .001
Dr. Halo Image .cut
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbm
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbmp
PostScript File .ps
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
MacPaint Image .mac
CALS Type 1 Raster Image .cals
Pagis Image Document .brk
Pagis Image Document .kfx
Pagis Image Document .lv
X Window Dump .xwd
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .rgba
SCT-Bilder .ct
SVG Document .svgz
CorelDraw Image .cdr
Computer Graphics Metafile .cgm
Micrografx Designer/Draw Image .drw
AutoCAD DXF Image .dxf
Broderbund Calendar .cal
SGI Image .rgb
SGI Image .sgi
ACDSee Pro 3 JP2 Bild .jpx
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .bw
CorelDRAW 12.0 Exchange Graphic .cmx
HP Graphics Language .hgl
HP Graphics Language .hpg
IrfanView CLP File .clp
IrfanView RAS File .ras
GEDCOM file .ged
LPEC Audio .dvf
Write Document .wri
Dialogic VOX file .nls
Layout & Editing .pes
Subtitle File .idx
TransCAD Figure .fig
Visual InterDev Project .vip
Microsoft Office InfoPath Form Definition File .xsf
QuickTime Movie .mov
JScript Script File .js
Impianto elettrico .ie
3DVU Viewer Script .w2g
JEF+ File .jef+
4DEmbroidery.Document.1 .vp3
YUV תמונה .im

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