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Name Extension
Sitx StuffIt Archive .sitx
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
Sit StuffIt Archive .sit
WinRAR archive .rar
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
Dialogic VOX file .dir
Dialogic VOX file .dxr
Dialogic VOX file .snk
AR Pro 7 Saved Formula .cfa
File Association Manager .oam
WinRAR archive .ace
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
IQANsimulate file .isa
Executable Jar File .jar
Visual Basic Form File .frm
Adobe WorkFlow Files .awf
ArchiCAD Window Library Part .win
Flash AS Communication File .asc
Flash Color Table File .clr
Flash JavaScript Command File .jsfl
Flash Component File .swc
Adobe SWC PPDF .ppdf
WinRAR archive .taz
jZip archive file .001
MagicISO Document .iso
WinRAR archive .7z
Kindle Content .tpz
jZip archive file .gzip
GSM Audio .gsm
Dialogic VOX file .wlpginstall
Dialogic VOX file .wlpginstall3
Adobe Acrobat PDFXML Document .pdfxml
Windows Media Player .acrobatsecuritysettings
Audio CD Track .cdda
MPEG-4 Audio File (Protected) .m4b
VLC media file (.m4p) .m4p
Session Description Protocol .sdp
Windows Live Mail News Message .nws
PICT Image .pic
PICT Image .pict
MacPaint Image .pnt
MacPaint Image .pntg
Windows Media Player .qht
Windows Media Player .qhtm
QuickTime Image .qti
QuickTime Image .qtif
MacPaint Image .mac
QuickTime Movie .mqv
PICT Image .pct
Sound Designer II Audio File .sd2
VLC media file (.dv) .dv
VLC media file (.ac3) .ac3
AMC Movie .amc
Photostage 1.x Project .ssp
Thunderbird Document .eml
File Association Manager .accft
Streets & Trips Template .stt
ExpressIt Player v2 File .3dp
XrML Digital License .xrm-ms
AVG Diagnostics file .avgdx
Icon .ico
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
PhotoStudio .cm12rcmlayoutevent
PhotoStudio .cm12rcmlayoutevent1
PhotoStudio .cm12rcmresourceloader
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
IrfanView DCM File .ima
IncrediMail Content .imc
DV Movie .dif
PhotoPrinter File .ppl
Libronix Update Script .lbxupd
WinZip File .hqx
Firefox Document .shtml
Disabled startup file .disabled
Spyware exclude file .sbe
Spyware include file .sbi
Spyware supplemental file .sbs
Internal informations .tnfo
Usage tracks include file .uti
Usage tracks supplemental file .uts
Safari Download .download
Safari Extension .safariextz
Safari Extension .webarchive
Video deluxe arrangement .mvd
Dialogic VOX file .tsp
WinRAR archive .tgz
WinRAR archive .z
WinRAR archive .gz
Neroジョブ情報ファイル .nji
Neroジョブテンプレートファイル .njt
Digital sheet music .mtd
Hörbuchzusammenstellung .nab
Nero Jukebox Audiozusammenstellung .nrj
Nero BackItUp アーカイブファイル .nba
Nero BackItUp 情報ファイル .nbi
Nero BackItUp テンプレートファイル .nbt
Nero BackItUp圧縮ファイル .nco
Nero CDカバーテンプレート .nct
Neroカバーウィザードファイル .ncw
Nero分割ファイル .nc_
Nero BackItUpドライブアーカイブファイル .nda
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .p10
WinRAR archive .tar
AVG Diagnostics file .avgdi
Dialogic VOX file .resx
Windows Live Mail Mail Message .rss
MP4 Video .m4v
Microsoft Excel 5.0 DialogSheet .xld
MPEG-4 Audio .m4a
ASP.NET Server Application .asax
ASP.NET User Control .ascx
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx
ASP.NET Web Service .asmx
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Class Diagram file .cd
Resource Script .rc
Resource Script .rc2
Resource Compiler Template .rct
Report Definition File .rdlc
Compiled Resource Script .res
ASP.NET Master Page .master
ASP.NET Site Map .sitemap
ASP.NET Skin File .skin
ASP.NET Web Service .svc
Wireshark capture file .trc
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdp
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdproj
Windows Workflow File .xoml
Database Project file .dbproj
MFC Ribbon Definition XML File .mfcribbon-ms
Visual F# Source file .fs
Visual F# Signature file .fsi
Visual F# Project file .fsproj
Visual F# Script file .fsscript
Visual F# Script file .fsx
File Association Manager .tb0
tProject Data File .tfp
Watermark File for VisualWatermark .vwm
tulox-Komplettbackup .tfb
Thrulogic Solution File .tfs
Dialogic VOX file .user
Dialogic VOX file .vspscc
Dialogic VOX file .vsscc
Dialogic VOX file .vssscc
Visual Studio Directed Graph Document .dgml
IntelliTrace File .itrace
Visual Studio Performance Session .psess
Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set .ruleset
Work Item Query .wiq
Workflow Service file .xamlx
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
eVC 3/4 Project .vcp
VC++ Project .vcproj
eVC 3/4 Workspace .vcw
XML Schema File .xsd
Typelib Generated C/C++ Header .tlh
Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File .tli
Makefile .mk
Crash Dump File .mdmp
VC++ 5 Workspace .mdp
Registration Script .rgs
Assembler Source .s
Interface Definition Language File .odh
Interface Definition Language File .odl
C/C++ Code Listing .cod
C++ Source .cpp
C++ Source .cxx
Export Definition File .def
Crash Dump File .dmp
VC++ 6 Project .dsp
VC++ 6 Workspace .dsw
C Source .c
Assembler Source .asm
Makefile .mak
Linker Address Map .map
Interface Definition Language File .idl
C/C++ Inline File .inl
MASM Listing .lst
C/C++ Header .h
C/C++ Header .hpp
Visual Studio Add-in definition file .addin
C++ Source .cc
C/C++ Header .hxx
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
Crash Dump File .hdmp
VC++ Project Filters File .filters
Visual Studio Shell Isolated PkgDef file .pkgdef
Visual Studio Shell Isolated PkgUndef file .pkgundef
VC++ Project .vcxproj
Microsoft Visual Studio Command Table Definition File .vsct
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension .vsix
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension Language Pack Manifest .vsixlangpack
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension Manifest .vsixmanifest
Palm Database File .pdb
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
Dialogic VOX file .bsc
Dialogic VOX file .exp
Dialogic VOX file .ilk
Dialogic VOX file .ncb
Dialogic VOX file .obj
Dialogic VOX file .pch
Dialogic VOX file .sbr
settingseditor Document .settings
IZArc LIB Archive .lib
Dialogic VOX file .vssettings
Dialogic VOX file .xsc
Dialogic VOX file .xss
Windows Media Player .pnf
PhotoStudio .agathachristieperilatendhousesavedgame
PhotoStudio .virtualvillagers4thetreeoflifesavedgame
GOM Media file(.wmp) .wmp
Microsoft Visio Drawing .vsd
Microsoft Visio Template .vst
Microsoft Visio Document .vtx
Microsoft Visio Document .vdx
Screamtracker 2 Module .stm
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Microsoft Office Access Database Wizard Template .mdz
Microsoft Office Access Table Shortcut .mat
Cabinet File .cab
Gartrip data file .wp
PDS File .pds
WinRAR archive .uu
WinRAR archive .uue
MPEG-4 File .m4e
MPEG Media .mps
HTML Application .hta
Text Template .tt
WinRAR archive .tbz2
WinRAR archive .lha
WinRAR archive .lzh
WinRAR archive .arj
WinRAR archive .bz2
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
Vuze Download .torrent
BackWeb InfoPak Preview File .bwp
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
APC.IVF .ivf
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
Windows Media playlist .wpl
MIDI Sequence .midi
Windows Meeting Space .wcinv
Windows Meeting Space .wcinv-ms-p2p
Subtitle File .psb
RealAudio .ra
Express Scribe Dictation File .dct
IrfanView MED File .med
IrfanView LDF File .ldf
IrfanView LWF File .lwf
IrfanView JP2 File .jpf
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .sc2
iEPGファイル(PL) .pl
SGI Image .rgb
SGI Image .sgi
IrfanView KDC File .kdc
WinZip File .img
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .profile
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .p50
Paint.NET Image .tga
RLE File .rle
Dialogic VOX file .act
Single Document Setting .dvs
LPEC Audio .msv
LPEC Audio .dvf
Microsoft Flight Simulator Application .flt
Google Earth ETA .eta
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .dvr
WavePad Sound EditorDatei .dart
MPlayer Audio File .shn
Microsoft Graph 2000-Diagramm .gra
Windows Media Player .vxd
Spyder2 Curve File .crv
Spyder2 Target File .tgt
筆まめワードエフェクタ12 .mfe
Caligari Rosetta Recording .rcd
IZArc YZ1 Archive .yz1
IZArc BZA Archive .bza
IZArc GCA Archive .gca
IZArc GZA Archive .gza
Macromedia Flash Paper .mfp
Windows Media Photo .wdp
VLC media file (.spx) .spx
VLC media file (.oga) .oga
Portable Bitmap .pbm
RealOne Recording .rec
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
IrfanView CLP File .clp
Microsoft Money file .mny
EasyPhoto Gallery .gal
BitZipper TXZ Archive .txz
BitZipper XZ Archive .xz
Windows Media Player .386
Winamp media file .zst
TarFile .tlz
File Association Manager .mars
Photo Explosion Project Studio Project .lyt
Print Artist Project .pra
File Association Manager .lz
Zstandard compressed TAR archive .tzst
PayCycle Import File .pcif
WordPerfect X3-Dokument .wpd
AIM Widget Package .awi
PowerISO File .ncd
PowerISO File .nrg
WinZip Zipx File .zipx
WinRAR archive .xxe
PhotoCD Image .pcd
Paintbrush Image .pcx
IrfanView EXR File .exr
PostScript File .ps
WinRAR archive .tbz
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
WinRAR archive .bz
Firefox Document .xht
Firefox Document .xhtml
Integration Services Deployment Manifest .ssisdeploymentmanifest
Creative VOC Format .voc
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
Roxio Image File .c2d
Sonic Global Image File .gi
PowerISO File .b5i
PowerISO File .bif
PowerISO File .bwi
PowerISO File .cdi
PowerISO File .cif
PowerISO File .dmg
PowerISO File .fcd
PowerISO File .lcd
PowerISO File .mdf
Sony MicroMV File .mmv
miniDVD編集 .nmd
CD-ROM (MP3) 編集 .nr3
オーディオCD編集 .nra
CD-ROM (ブータブル) 編集 .nrb
CD-ROM (UDF/ISO) 編集 .nrc
DVDビデオ編集 .nrd
CDエキストラ編集 .nre
CD-ROM (ハイブリッド) 編集 .nrh
CD-ROM (ISO) 編集 .nri
ミックスモードCD編集 .nrm
CD-ROM (EFIブータブル) 編集 .nrs
CD-ROM (UDF) 編集 .nru
ビデオCD編集 .nrv
スーパービデオCD編集 .nsd
PowerISO File .p01
PowerISO File .pdi
PowerISO File .pxi
PowerISO File .vcd
PowerISO File .wim
HFS CD編集 .nhf
FL Studio project file .flp
Movie Clip .m2p
GOM Media file(.trp) .trp
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
Koala Paint Image .koa
Lossless JPEG .ljp
Multiple Network Graphics Image .mng
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbm
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbmp
Dr. Halo Image .cut
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
Ashampoo Burning Studio Image .ashdisc
Coffee Document .snp
AviSynth Script .avs
SmartDraw Drawing .sdr
Dialogic VOX file .vox
Windows Media Player .bup
IZArc A Archive .a
YUV תמונה .arn
Lotus Freelance 9 Presentation .pal

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