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Name Extension Extension .oxt
StarOffice 5.0 テンプレート .vor
StarOffice 5.0 プレゼンテーション .sdd
StarOffice 5.0 表計算ドキュメント .sdc
StarOffice 5.0 図形描画 .sda
StarOffice 5.0 マスタードキュメント .sgl
StarOffice 5.0 文書ドキュメント .sdw
StarOffice 5.0 数式 .smf
Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard File .sds 1.1 Formula .sxm 1.1 Text Document .sxw 1.1 Drawing .sxd
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template .ots 1.1 Presentation .sxi 1.1 Spreadsheet .sxc
HTML Document Template .oth 1.1 Master Document .sxg 1.1 Text Document Template .stw
OpenDocument Drawing Template .otg
OpenDocument Text Template .ott 1.1 Drawing Template .std
OpenDocument Presentation Template .otp 1.1 Presentation Template .sti
FileType_en_US_default .stc
OpenDocument Master Document .odm
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Template .dot
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Template .pot
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
OpenDocument Text .odt
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xlt
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
OpenDocument Presentation .odp
OpenDocument Drawing .odg
OpenDocument データベース .odb
OpenDocument Formula .odf
Rich Text Format .rtf
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
dat .dat
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Text Document .txt
Session Description Protocol .sdp
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
STARFAX ドキュメント .sfs Mail Dokument .smd
Dialogic VOX file .scc
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
SimpleCoversheet Barcode Template .xcs
Dialogic VOX file .xcu
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .xlr
CSLU Sound Object .sob
PSoC Designer Application .soc
Actuate e.Spreadsheet Design .sod
Dialogic VOX file .sog
Dialogic VOX file .soh
Offline Explorer Sequencer file .soe
3GPP Movie .sdv
BIF Image .sdg
Dialogic VOX file .bau
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
Microsoft Office Access Application .mdb
WordPerfect X3-Dokument .wpd
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .wks
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
PHP Script .php
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .123
OpenDocument Text .hwp
Media Catalog File .mml
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk1
DV Movie .dif
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
JPEG Image .jpg
XML Document .xml
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
IconDeveloper File .dll
Paradox Table .db
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
Microsoft Word HTML Document .dochtml
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Document .docm
Windows Media Player .wsb
File Association Manager .crtx
Microsoft Office Publisher Document .pub
iCalendar File .ics
File Association Manager .gcsx
S/MIME File .p7m
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presenta .pptm
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Slide Show .ppsx
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Design T .potm
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Template .potx
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template .dotm
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Template .xltm
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xltx
Microsoft Office Excel Binary Worksheet .xlsb
MS-DOS Application .com
Outlook Item .msg
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
SWF Movie .swf
Microsoft SQL Server Deadlock File .xdl
Dialogic VOX file .tsv
Dialogic VOX file .xba
Bitmap Image .bmp
Text Document .log
Sothink SWF Quicker File .sqf
settingseditor Document .settings
Document OmniPage .opd
系统文件 .wiz
XML Configuration File .config
XPS Document .xps
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .qpw
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
Microsoft Office Excel ODBC Query files .dqy
GIF Image .gif
MHTML Document .mht
PNG Image .png
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Microsoft Office Access 2007 Database .accdb
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Microsoft Office Excel Web Query File .iqy
Microsoft Excel HTML Document .xlshtml
Report Document .rpd
SureThing Office Labeler design .dsn
Microsoft Word XML Document .docxml
DesignPro54.ZDL .zdl
Dialogic VOX file .odc
Microsoft Word Backup Document .wbk
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide Sh .ppsm
PostScript File .ps
Text Document .wtx
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
VisiTrax Library .ldb
Outlook Data File .pst
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xla
WinRAR archive .rar
Adobe Photoshop Elements Image .pdd
Active Server Document .jsp
Microsoft Office Access Template .accdt
Tax File .tax
CorelDraw Image .cdr
Microsoft Access Web Application .accdw
Write Document .wri
Microsoft Office Access Signed Package .accdc
Microsoft Office Access ACCDE Database .accde
Microsoft Office Excel Workspace .xlw
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xlam
Microsoft Office Excel Backup File .xlk
Microsoft Office Excel XLL Add-In .xll
vCard File .vcf
Executable Jar File .jar
Microsoft Office Access Add-in .mda
Microsoft Office Access MDE Database .mde
Microsoft Office Access Workgroup Information .mdw
Microsoft Office Access Project Extension .ade
Microsoft Office Access Project .adp
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
Microsoft Office Excel SLK Data Import Format .slk
Server Response File .srf
Compiled HTML Help file .chm
Microsoft Office Excel 4.0 Macro .xlm
AbiWord Document .abw
Dialogic VOX file .art
Dialogic VOX file .inv
Microsoft Excel HTML Template .xlthtml
Microsoft Excel 5.0 DialogSheet .xld
Program .8xp
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .4
Windows Media Player .nwbak
Microsoft Word HTML Template .dothtml
Dialogic VOX file .dbs
FTW Family File .ftw
Windows Media Player .docmhtml
Firefox Document .xhtml
OpenType Font file .otf
LabVIEW Control Template .ctt
Microsoft Office OneNote Section .one
Microsoft Works Database .wdb
Configuration Settings .ini
Help File .hlp
Thunderbird Document .eml
HTML Document .htm
HTML Document .html
WinRAR archive .gz
Disk Image .do
Pagis Electronic Document .lwp
Paradox Form .fsl
Broderbund Half Fold Card .hcr
Max JSON .json
File Association Manager .mso
File Association Manager .crdownload
File Association Manager .doc#
YUV תמונה .arn
Speccy Snapshot .speccy
PowerShell XML .ps1xml
Dialogic VOX file .p5i
Dialogic VOX file .p5p
Broderbund Label .lbl
SVG Document .svg
HP Printer Control Language .prn
GEDCOM file .ged
Microsoft Streets and Trips Map .est
Quicken Import File .qif
Art Explosion Publisher Pro Database .sdb
DVDビデオ編集 .nrd
XFDL Document .xfdl
Dialogic VOX file .usr
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
Kindle Content .mobi
Microsoft Backup File .bkf
FliteMap Document .fcf
InkWriter-Vorlage .pdt
InkWriter/Note Taker/Notizen-Dokument .pwi
TUGZip WinAmp skin archive .wal
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
WinZip File .img
Windows Script Component .wsc
Microsoft Office Access Add-in .accda
Paint.NET Image .tga
Setup Information .inf
Microsoft Office Outlook Holidays .hol
Composite Font File .compositefont
Cabinet File .cab
Microsoft Works Database .bdb
Information Card .crd
Internet Shortcut .url
Text Document .scp
Windows Script Component .sct
LSM Bild .ps1
Windows PowerShell Data .psd1
Windows PowerShell Module .psm1
Microsoft Office OneNote Single File Package .onepkg
Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Table Of Contents .onetoc
Microsoft Office OneNote Table Of Contents .onetoc2

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