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Name Extension
QuickTime Movie .qtl
Sound Designer II Audio File .sd2
Windows Media Player .qht
Windows Media Player .qhtm
AMC Movie .amc
QuickTime Movie .mqv
DV Movie .dif
VLC media file (.dv) .dv
QuickTime Movie .qt
VLC media file (.ac3) .ac3
GSM Audio .gsm
ADTS Audio .adts
3GPP Audio/Video .3gpp
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3gp2
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
ADTS Audio .aac
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
MP4 Video .mp4
Session Description Protocol .sdp
Audio CD Track .cdda
QuickTime Movie .mov
MPEG-4 Audio File (Protected) .m4b
VLC media file (.m4p) .m4p
MP4 Video .m4v
MPEG-4 Audio .m4a
AIFF Format Sound .aifc
AIFF Format Sound .aiff
AIFF Format Sound .aif
MPEG-4 Movie .mpg4
FLC Animation .fli
FLC Animation .flc
FLC Animation .cel
Microsoft Video .vfw
MPEG video/audio stream .m1s
MPEG video/audio stream .m1a
AU Audio .ulw
MPEG video/audio stream .mpm
SMIL .sml
MPEG video/audio stream .m15
MPEG video/audio stream .m75
MPEG Layer-3 Audio .swa
MPEG Video .mpv
SMIL Multimedia Presentation .smi
SMIL マルチメディア プレゼンテーション .smil
3GPP Movie .sdv
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
Qualcomm PureVoice および拡張可変レート .qcp
SMIL .m3url
WAV Audio .bwf
StarOffice 5.0 数式 .smf
Karaoke MIDI File .kar
GIF Image .gif
Video Clip .avi
AU Format Sound .snd
AU Format Sound .au
Movie Clip .m1v
Movie Clip .mpa
Movie Clip .mpg
Movie Clip .mpeg
MIDI Sequence .midi
MIDI Sequence .mid
Wave Sound .wav
M3U file .m3u
MP3 Format Sound .mp2
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
MPEG video/audio stream .m2a
Dialogic VOX file .rtsp
PLS Audio Playlist .pls
MPEG-4 File .m4e
Dialogic VOX file .movie
QuickTime Movie .moov
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
SWF Movie .swf
Windows Media Audio file .wma
dat .dat
Qtracker Update .qtp
Windows Media Player .bup
Windows Media Player .msdvd
VLC media file (.ifo) .ifo
Windows Media playlist .wpl
Qtracker PlayerWatch Skin .qts
iTunes Music Player .plist
Icon .ico
Windows Media Player .mswmm
QuickTime Update Package .qup
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
M3U Audio Playlist (UTF-8) .m3u8
Dialogic VOX file .rts
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
Ringtone .m4r
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
MagicISO Document .iso
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
iTunes Music Player .qtr
Windows Media Player .qdat
Windows Live Movie Maker Project .wlmp
Sony MicroMV File .mmv
Windows Media Player .qtx
Paradox Table .db
Movie Clip .mod
XML Document .xml
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
Windows Media Player .qpa
iTunes Music Database File .itl
AVCHD Video .mts
PowerISO File .dmg
Windows Media Player .prproj
WinRAR archive .rar
IconDeveloper File .dll
Audio PlayList .xpl
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .dv4
Dialogic VOX file .rvl
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
CD Audio Track .cda
Bitmap Image .bmp
AVCHD Video .m2ts
Flash Video file .f4v
Thunderbird Document .eml
QuickTime Image .qti
QuickTime Image .qtif
MacPaint Image .mac
PICT Image .pct
PICT Image .pic
PICT Image .pict
MacPaint Image .pnt
MacPaint Image .pntg
Microsoft Data Link .udl
Movie Clip .m2v
WordPerfect X3-Dokument .wpd
Camtasia Studio Project .camproj
JPEG Image .jpg
This is a document file for Paraben's Resume Wizard .wrf
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .dvr
Audacity Project File .aup
PNG Image .png
MP4 Video .mp4v
Movie Clip .mpe
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
AVCHD Video .m2t
WinRAR archive .gz
Windows Media Player .meta
DarkAdapted Presets File .dap
Dialogic VOX file .dxr
Text Document .log
HTML Document .htm
Active Server Page .asp
MPEG-2 TS Video .ts
OpenDocument Master Document .odm
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
RealPlayer Presentation .rmm
Subtitle File .idx
EZToon Document .ezt
Smacker/Bink Media file .bik
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
Registration Entries .key
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
FlexiDATA backup section file .fbx
Windows Media Player .prel
Vegas Pro Project .veg
Text Document .txt
Apple Device Application File .ipa
Creative VOC Format .voc
RealPlayer File .rnx
iEPGファイル(PL) .pl
Windows Media Player .ilj
Hackman Watches File .wtc
Pro/E Markup File .mrk
WhereIsIt? Catalog Group File .ctg
HDMOV File .hdmov
AviSynth Script .avs
Flash Document .fla
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Internet Video Recording .ivr
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
Microsoft Visio Template .vst
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .asx
HTML Document .html
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
PostScript File .ps
Paint.NET Image .tga
AVS Video Editor Project .vep4
SGI Image .sgi
SGI Image .rgb
Dialogic VOX file .aa
Dialogic VOX file .jav
Dialogic VOX file .man
Truevision TGA Image .targa
Movie Clip .m2p
MPEG Audio .mpga
MPEG Media .mps
Windows Media Player .386
omf file .omf
AutoTRAX Design Express Part .part
MAGIX audio studio MP3 Project .hmp
AVS Video Editor Project .vep
File Association Manager .crdownload
PHP Script .php
Vuze Download .torrent
カシミール3D 地図データ .dem
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
VLC media file (.vro) .vro
Dialogic VOX file .mv
Windows Media Player .chk
WMF File .wmf
Portable Bitmap .pbm
PhotoCD Image .pcd
PDS File .pds
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Movie Clip .mp2v
MASM Listing .lst
JScript Script File .js
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Movie Clip .mpv2
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .wvx
Registration Entries .reg
MIDI Sequence .rmi
Windows Media Player .prx
SWF Movie .spl
WinRAR archive .tar
WAVE Audio File .wave
Sonic Global Image File .gi
WinZip File .img
iTunes LP .itlp
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
LPEC Audio .dvf
Windows Media Player .3gpp2
PaperPort Document .max
Nero BackItUp圧縮ファイル .nco
GOM Media file(.wmp) .wmp
Real Metadata Package .rmp
Panasonic Native Format .n3r
Media Center file .tivo
Windows Media Player .wmv-
File Association Manager .imovieproj
Windows Media Player .moff
iTunes Music Player .modd
File Association Manager .ax
使手帳 .nbf
Lenel Digital Video file .info
ライト ドキュメント .bom
PowerArchiver File .002
PowerArchiver File .005
Cakewalk Play List .set
ATEasy System .sys
SmartPath Binary .ovr

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