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Name Extension
Express Scribe Dictation File .dct
mohfile .moh
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
MixPad Audio MixerProject .mpdp
Unhandled Extension Handler Finder .meo
GraphPad Prism 4 Project .pzm
GraphPad Prism 4 Project .pzf
GraphPad Prism 5 XML Project .pzfx
FC Presenter データファイル .pzc
GraphPad Prism Template .pzt
VLC media file (.amv) .amv
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
Internet Video Recording .ivr
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Photostage Project .spj
Bitmap image .bms
Flash Video file .f4v
SWF Movie .swf
VideoPad Project .vpj
VLC media file (.dv) .dv
AR Pro 7 Saved Formula .cpa
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
Print Shop Ready Made .prm
VLC media file (.webm) .webm
Greeting Card Factory T-Shirt .fts
Flexible Image Transport System Image .fits
Flexible Image Transport System .fit
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
Movie Clip .m2v
Movie Clip .m1v
MagicISO Document .iso
MP4 Video .mp4
AVCHD Video .mts
QuickTime Movie .mov
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
Miro .xvid
Windows Media Photo .wdp
CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation .axp
WinZip File .img
VLC media file (.ogv) .ogv
Art Explosion Publisher Pro Document .npp
WinRAR archive .rar
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
DD+ 音頻 .ddp
Compiled Visual dBASE Custom Data Module .cdo
DsgnChkRpt Document .drp
Disketch Project .deproj
Autodesk Project Information .apj
Data Foundation .dfx
VLC media file (.vro) .vro
Movie Clip .mpg
HD Photo (JPEG XR) .jxr
WinRAR archive .tbz
WinRAR archive .bz2
WinRAR archive .bz
WinRAR archive .lzh
WinRAR archive .xxe
WinRAR archive .uu
WinRAR archive .uue
WinRAR archive .tbz2
WinRAR archive .lha
WinRAR archive .tar
WinRAR archive .gz
Cabinet File .cab
Video Clip .avi
WinRAR archive .taz
WinRAR archive .tgz
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
WinRAR archive .z
WinZip File .mim
WinZip File .tz
WinZip File .b64
WinZip File .bhx
WinZip File .hqx
Movie Clip .mpeg
WinRAR archive .7z
Prism Launcher .webapp
WinRAR archive .arj
WinRAR archive .ace
WinRAR archive .r00
WinRAR archive .r01
WinRAR archive .r02
WinRAR archive .r03
WinRAR archive .r04
WinRAR archive .r05
WinRAR archive .r06
WinRAR archive .r07
WinRAR archive .r08
WinRAR archive .r09
WinRAR archive .r10
WinRAR archive .r11
WinRAR archive .r12
WinRAR archive .r13
WinRAR archive .r14
WinRAR archive .r15
WinRAR archive .r16
WinRAR archive .r17
WinRAR archive .r18
WinRAR archive .r19
WinRAR archive .r20
WinRAR archive .r21
WinRAR archive .r22
WinRAR archive .r23
WinRAR archive .r24
WinRAR archive .r25
WinRAR archive .r26
WinRAR archive .r27
WinRAR archive .r28
WinRAR archive .r29
UltraISO File .ixa
Unhandled Extension Handler Finder .ixb
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
Movie Clip .mpe
Movie Clip .mod
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
MP4 Video .m4v
AVCHD Video .m2ts
Windows Media Player .chk
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
IrfanView RAS File .ras
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
PhotoCD Image .pcd
IrfanView EXR File .exr
WebP Image .webp
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .rgbe
PICT Image .pct
Paintbrush Image .pcx
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
Windows Media Player .mswmm
Paint.NET Image .tga
ACDSee Pro 2.5 HDR Bild .hdr
Windows Installer Patch .msp
PDS File .pds
JPEG File Interchange Format .jif
jZip archive file .001
WildTangent PNG File .wpg
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
dav Document .dav
jZip archive file .gzip
dat .dat
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Kindle Content .tpz
Nero BackItUp圧縮ファイル .nco
Corel Print Style .prs
Windows Media Player .sfcache
Executable Jar File .jar
PNG Image .png
Windows Media Player .bup
JPEG Image .jpg
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
XML Configuration File .config
GIF Image .gif
VLC media file (.ifo) .ifo
Disc Image File .tdi
Disc Image File .tdp
Lua Compiled File .luac
Expression Media Catalog .ivc
MagicISO Document .uif
Windows Live Movie Maker Project .wlmp
Wave Sound .wav
MagicISO Document .daa
MASM Listing .lst
PowerISO File .b5i
PowerISO File .dmg
PowerISO File .fcd
PowerISO File .vcd
WinZip File .arc
PowerISO File .p01
PowerISO File .pdi
PowerISO File .bwi
PowerISO File .cdi
PowerISO File .lcd
PowerISO File .ncd
PowerISO File .nrg
PowerISO File .pxi
Ashampoo Burning Studio Image .ashdisc
Ashampoo Burning Studio Project .ashprj
Ashampoo CoverEditor Project .cedprj
MGI PhotoSuite 4 Image .icb
PanoramaStudio Project .pap
MGI PhotoSuite 4 Image .vda
VTPlus Filter .vtf
Lua Program .lua
WinUtilities Document Protector .pfd
xfy Planner Backup File .xpd
JDownloader DLC Container .dlc
JDownloader JDContainer File .jdc
MSE File .mse
JDownloader RSDF Container .rsdf
Messenger Plus! Script Pack .plsc
Messenger Plus! Skin Pack .plsk
ACID Pro 7.0 .acd
ACID Pro 7.0 .acd-bak
ACID Pro 7.0 .acd-zip
EFS File .efs
ACID Pro 7.0 .groove
VLC media file (.mlp) .mlp
nvf .nvf
PowerDesk Encrypted File .pde
UltimateZip file .ear
UltimateZip file .ha
UltimateZip file .pak
UltimateZip Pk3 File .pk3
UltimateZip file .wsz
TORRENT File .btsearch
Text Document .cfg
DM Genie Class File .class
Dialogic VOX file .wtf
Macromedia Authorware 4 AAMfile .aam
Accessibility Wizard Settings File .acw
Briefcase .bfc
Microsoft Backup File .bkf
HyperTerminal File .ht
Media Clip .mmm
Print Shop Project .pcc
Print Shop Project .pdc
Print Shop Project .pdg
Print Shop Project .pho
System Monitor File .pmr
PSZ File .psz
MPEG File .tr
Software Installation Settings .zap
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .123
OpenDocument Text .hwp
PerformanceTest Baseline .pt
Audio Comparer Group file .acg
Serif DrawPlus Drawing .dpa
Serif DrawPlus Drawing .dpp
SegCalc Document .spr
WebPlus Document .wpp
WebPlus Document .wpx
SampleVision file .smp
DAZ Studio Scene .daz
DAZ Script (ascii) .ds
DAZ Script 2 (ascii) .dsa
DAZ Script (binary) .dsb
DAZ Script 2 (encrypted) .dse
Epson Print CD Document .ec4
Microsoft Math Worksheet .gcw
ViaCAD Document .vc3
Bulk Mailer File .bmf
FreeMind File .mm
MindManager File .mmap
XMind Workbook .xmap
XMind Workbook .xmind
XMind Markers Package .xmp
DeltaCad Drawing .dc
Drawing Exchange Binary File (DXB) .dxb
MD5 Checksum File .md5
SFV Checksum File .sfv
AutoSketch Drawing .skf
Synchronize your Outlook .spo
DeltaCad Symbol File .sym
Farb-Faxdokument .cff
IBM EMMS File .sc
Pivot Animation File .piv
Stick Figure File .stk
TIDataEditor Constant .73c
TIScreenCapture Picture .73i
TI DataEditor List .73l
TI Group .8xg
TIScreenCapture Picture .8xi
TI Application Variable .8xv
Scratch Sprite .sprite
TI Group .tig
TIScreenCapture Picture .v2i
TI DataEditor Matrix .v2m
AVC Blu-ray Disc Video .bsf
Cakewalk Bundle File .cwb
Cakewalk Project File .cwp
Line 6 Tone .l6t
CorelDRAW X4 Graphic .csl
OpenRaster Image .ora
Zeepe Application .zpa
Blender .blend File .blend
LPEC Audio .dvf
Greeting Card Factory Announcement .fan
Greeting Card Factory Pop-up Card Craft .fcp
Greeting Card Factory Certificate .fct
Greeting Card Factory Envelope .fev
Greeting Card Factory Label .flb
Greeting Card Factory Note Card .fnc
Greeting Card Factory Photo Card .fpg
Sound Forge Pro 10.0 Project .frg
Greeting Card Factory Sign .fsg
HTML Document .shtm
Vuze Download .torrent
IrfanView DCM File .ima
IrfanView JP2 File .jpc
IrfanView NLM File .nlm
MPEG video/audio stream .m15
MPEG video/audio stream .mpm
SGI Image .rgb
SGI Image .sgi
SMIL .sml
MPEG Layer-3 Audio .swa
AU Audio .ulw
Microsoft Video .vfw
Avid Bin File .avb
Avid Project File .avp
Sorenson Squeeze Project .sqz
BitPim Config File .bitpim
E-Transcript File .ptx
OmniPage Image File .dcx
Flash Document .spa
Shockwave Flash Object .swt
QuickTax 2007 File .q07
Nokia Application Installer Datei .sis
Nokia Application Installer Datei .sisx
qwpfile .pfl
Persona Session .psa
Photostage 1.x Project .ssp
TurboTax 2008 Document .tax2008
Warcraft III Replay File .w3g
AS400 Desktop Icon .as4
Data Transfer From AS400 .dtf
Data Transfer To AS400 .tfr
WAV Audio .bwf
FLC Animation .cel
FLC Animation .flc
FLC Animation .fli
IrfanView SFF File .sff
IrfanView SID File .sid
IrfanView RAS File .sun
IrfanView XPM File .xpm
KidPix 4 Slide Show .kpp
KidPix 4 Image .kpx
Application Installer .jad
Nokia Application Installer Datei .n-gage
Content Copier Datei .nbu
Content Copier Datei .nfc
File Association Manager .nth
Файл приложения Nokia Text Message Editor .vmg
Nokia Application Installer Datei .wgz
File Association Manager .a2theme
Virtual CloneDrive .ccd
AVS Cover Editor file .cov
Virtual CloneDrive .dvd
AVS Media Player Datei .gvi
Virtual CloneDrive .udf
KeePass Password Database .kdb
Open Financial Connectivity File .ofc
BH ファイル .bh
Fgw Document .fgl
GIMP brush .gbr
GIMP brush pipe .gih
IrfanView JP2 File .jpf
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog .lrcat
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Library .lrdb
クイックサーチ ファイル .qsf
GIMP image .xcf
ZOO ファイル .zoo
IncrediMail Content .ime
IncrediMail Content .imf
IncrediMail Content .imi
BlindWrite 6 image .b6t
Miro .anx
Download Accelerator file .daf
Download Accelerator file list .dal
Download Accelerator file .das
File Association Manager .efw
Miro .pva
vsl file .vsl
Nullsoft Streaming Audio File .nsa
PowerISO File .mdf
Sony MicroMV File .mmv
Adobe ColdFusion Component .cfc
Adobe ColdFusion File .cfm
PowerISO File .cif
PHP4 Script .php4
InstallShield project file .pcp
Dr. Halo Image .cut
Phonebook File .dpb
DataPilot Ringtone File .dpm
DataPilot Calendar File .dps
Nero CDカバーテンプレート .nct
Neroカバーウィザードファイル .ncw
Neroジョブ情報ファイル .nji
オーディオCD編集 .nra
CD-ROM (ブータブル) 編集 .nrb
CD-ROM (UDF/ISO) 編集 .nrc
DVDビデオ編集 .nrd
CD-ROM (ISO) 編集 .nri
ミックスモードCD編集 .nrm
CD-ROM (EFIブータブル) 編集 .nrs
CD-ROM (UDF) 編集 .nru
iEPGファイル(PL) .pl
PagePlus Dokument .ppp
iEPGファイル(TVPI) .tvpi
iEPGファイル(TVVI) .tvvi
File Association Manager .vsq
SiteMapper Document .csm
HDMOV File .hdmov
Musicnotes Guitar Guru session .mgt
Digital sheet music .mtd
Microsoft RTC Connection File .rtc
Sibelius Scorch Score .sco
Sibelius Score .sib
DesignPro54.ZDL .zdl
DesignPro54.ZDS .zds
Dialogic VOX file .rvl
BackWeb InfoPak Preview File .bwp
Microsoft Press Interactive Training Bookmark .cbl
Google Earth ETA .eta
Google Gadget .gg
muvee Document .mve
Palm Database File .pdb
Art Explosion Publisher Pro Database .sdb
SnagIt Studio Document .ssd
DWG TrueView Drawing Standards File .dws
Citrix ICA Client .ica
Gap read-only application .rog
TurboTax 2009 Document .tax2009
Virtual Machine Settings File .vmc
Virtual Machine Shell Information .vmcx
AlienFX Theme File .ath
File Association Manager .crysisjmsf
PaperPort Document .max
Source Game Add-on .vpk
Video Effect Package Installer .lva
Video Effect Package Installer .lvf
Microsoft Office Binder .obd
Microsoft Office Binder Template .obt
Microsoft Office Binder Wizard .obz
OpenVPN Config File .ovpn
TurboProject file .pep
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .sc2
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .scd
GOM Media file(.dmb) .dmb
FL Studio score file .fsc
FL Studio channel state file .fst
GOM Media file(.gom) .gom
Gomplayer Skin File .gps
GOM Media file(.k3g) .k3g
Movie Clip .m2p
Perfect Clarity Audio .pca
IrfanView SFW File .sfw
GOM Media file(.skm) .skm
GOM Media file(.svi) .svi
GOM Media file(.tp) .tp
GOM Media file(.trp) .trp
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 .vf
GOM Media file(.wmp) .wmp
Windows Media Player .email
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
Amiga Paint Image .lbm
Lossless JPEG .ljp
Multiple Network Graphics Image .mng
Bookmark File .rfb
Contact File .rfc
Safenote File .rfn
PassCard File .rfp
SearchCard File .rfq
Identity File .rft
CDBurnerXP Data Compilation .dxp
Adobe DRM Activation File .edn
EBX Transfer Data File (7.0) .etd
ACD 3D Settings .3ds
ACD/CNMR Calculated Spectrum .csp
ACD/Forms Library Manager .frl
APC.IVF .ivf
MDL Molfiles .mol
ChemSketch 2.0 Document .sk2
Internet Document Set .its
Liquid Player File .lsl
Microsoft Digital Image Document .mix
muvee Unicode Document .mvex
Preclick PhotoMovieMaker .pmm
Painter Document .rif
SmartDraw Drawing .sdr
SmartDraw Template .sdt
CrazyTalk4 Model File .ctm
CrazyTalk4 Script File .cts
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 Datei .ecl
TerraTec Language Support .lng
Mein Geld Datenbank .tdb
HTML Document .xhtm
GoldSource/Source Engine map .bsp
File Association Manager .crysispsf
カシミール3D 地図データ .dem
File Association Manager .dmx-info
Guitar Pro 3 Tablature .gp3
Guitar Pro 4 Tablature .gp4
Guitar Pro 5 Tablature .gp5
Guitar Pro Tablature .gtp
MAGIX Backup File .mbk
MAGIX Burn Project .mbp
Video Pro X-Project .mvp
MAGIX Partition Backup-Datei .mxp
SPSS Data Document .sav
NTI cdm file .cdm
OmniPage Image File .jb2
vspdfprsrv Document .pj
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .spp
VT Transaction Company .tra
VT Document .vdc
OmniPage Image File .xif
OmniPage Document .xwf
Calendar Creator Document .bcc
Backup4all catalog file .bkc
FinePrint file .fp
Yahoo! Widget XML File .kon
CD-ROM (SecurDisc) Compilation .nbs
DiscSpan Compilation .nds
Nero SoundTrax File .npf
Nero WaveEditor File .nwf
Coffee Document .snp
ShadowProtect Full Image .spf
ShadowProtect Incremental Image .spi
Sudoku Document .sud
MPEG-2 Transport Stream .tod
Yahoo! Widget .widget
Panorama .xxx
Audible Download Helper .ard
WinGlucofacts Professional Patient File .dex
Adbook.Document .ab2
FTM Family File 2009 .ftm
IrfanView DCM File .acr
AviSynth Script .avs
IrfanView B3D File .b3d
IrfanView CAM File .cam
IrfanView CLP File .clp
IrfanView DCM File .dcm
IrfanView ECW File .ecw
IrfanView FSH File .fsh
IrfanView G3 File .g3
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspbrush
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspimage
ACDSee Pro 3 RS Bild .rsb
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
Virtual CD Image .vc4
Virtual CD Image .vc6
Virtual CD Image .vc8
Virtual CD Image .vco
Virtual CD Copy Template .vps
Virtual CD Quick Copy File .vqc
Microsoft Flight Simulator Application .flt
File Association Manager .fssave
Topo USA Project File .tpx
Game Definition File Editor Project .gdfmakerproject
DirectX X-File .x
PAQ8F archive .paq8f
PEA archive .pea
PET package (Puppy Linux) .pet
Pinnacle Game Profiler .pin
PUP package (Puppy Linux) .pup
SLP package .slp
Blaze Media Pro Playlist File .ply
Norstedts Skatt 2008 Deklarationsfil .t08
T09 File .t09
Ashampoo Backup Project .abkprj
Ashampoo Backup Archive .ashbak
家計簿明細 データファイル .kix
銀行明細 データファイル .mfx
DocuWorks文書 .xdw
VQF Audio File .vqf
Gaussian Cube File .cub
Gaussian Cube File .cube
JCAMP-DX File .dx
LanFlow Diagram .edg
IEMBL Nucleotide Format File .emb
Gaussian Input File .gau
MDL Sketch File .skc
RasMol Script File .spt
MDL Transportable Graphics File .tgf
XMol XYZ File .xyz
Musicmatch On Demand file .mmo
RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario File .sc4
RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File .td4
RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Picture .tp4
MediaFACE Project Template .mft
Google SketchUp Model .skp
Garmin GPS Database .gdb
WIBU Control File .wbc
BIF Image .wbz
Microsoft AutoRoute-Europakarte .axe
FotoPrinter Project .fpp
Karsten Bilderschau .kbs
PMF File .pmf
VideoImpression File .vi
Celtx Document .celtx
Tax File .tax
ANSYS .blk File .blk
Bank of America Print Files .bxx
MYOB JustInvoices Database Backup .dbk
HP Graphics Language .hgl
HP Graphics Language .hpg
HP Graphics Language .hpgl
HP Printer Control Language .pcl
HP Printer Control Language .prn
PhotoStory3.Document .wp3
Windows Media Player .3gpp2
VLC media file (.aob) .aob
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 7.0 Image .cpt
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 7.0 Image .wi
TvMap Document .tmd
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk1
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk3
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk4
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition PlugIn .8ba
Ulead Album Thumbnail .ab3
ACDSee Pro 3 APD Bild .apd
CorelDRAW 12.0 Graphic .cdt
Corel R.A.V.E. 3.0 .clk
CorelDRAW 12.0 Exchange Graphic .cmx
CPS File .cps
ACDSee Pro 3 DjVu Bild .djv
HStudio.Document .flx
GEDCOM file .ged
Harpoon Game - HDS8 .hpd
ACDSee Pro 3 ICN Bild .icn
ACDSee Pro 3 IFF Bild .ilbm
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .int
ACDSee Pro 3 JPC Bild .j2c
ACDSee Pro 3 JBR Bild .jbr
ACDSee Pro 3 JP2 Bild .jpx
IrfanView MED File .med
PAR2-Wiederherstellungsdatei .par2
ACDSee Pro 3 PIX Bild .pix
Game Maker File .gm6
Game Maker File .gmk
LPEC Audio .msv
Roblox Place .rbxl
Real Games Package .rgp
Sphere Window Style File .rws
SnagIt Editor Image .snag
Sphere Package File .spk
Compiled Visual dBASE Menu Bar .mno
AVS DVD Player Files .div
eMusic Download Manager .emx
VNCviewer Config File .vnc
ALAC Audio file .alac
Playlist file .mpcpl
Blu-ray playlist file .mpls
MPEG-TS Video File .tps
602Text makro .wpm
Traktor.List .nml
Shortcut to Microsoft Office Accounting Company .sbc
LP Tracks File .trk
HTML File .action
Eraser Task Document .ers
Paint Shop Pro 7 Browser Cache File .jbf
Paint Shop Pro 7 MultiImage Printing File .mip
PGP Encrypted File .pgp
PGP Random Seed .rnd
PGP Private Keyring .skr
TOPO! Explorer Data .tsz
Paint Shop Pro 7 Workspace File .wsp
Liquid(TM) Music Track .lqt
RealOne Recording .rec
AbiWord Document .abw
AbiWord Document .awt
AbiWord Document .zabw
COREL Texture .tex
TheSpringBox Widget .sbw
MAGIX Fotoalbum .alb
SCT-Bilder .ct
MAGIX Video .mxv
Fotoprodukt .pcf
MAGIX-VideoFX .vis
X Window Dump .xwd
JigWin v4 jigsaw files .jss
B5T Image .b5t
DAO Image .dao
Expert Witness Format .e01
GCD Image .gcd
IsoBuster IBP Image .ibp
IsoBuster IBQ Image .ibq
Expert Witness Format .l01
Expert Witness Format .s01
TAO Image .tao
FTW Compact Backup File .fbc
FTW Backup File .fbk
FTW Family File .ftw
TAR StuffIt Archive .cbt
TAR StuffIt Archive .gnutar
TAR StuffIt Archive .gtar
StuffIt Archive .mime
StuffIt Archive .mme
ArcSoft Slide Show File .mmp
StuffIt Archive .ntx
StuffIt Archive .sea
Wave Corrector .ses
Sitx StuffIt Archive .sidx
Sit StuffIt Archive .sit
Sitx StuffIt Archive .sitx
TAR StuffIt Archive .tlzma
TAR StuffIt Archive .ustar
StuffIt Archive .yenc
StuffIt Archive .ync
AutoCAD Sheet Set .dst
Navisworks Cache .nwc
Navisworks Document .nwd
Autodesk Revit Family .rfa
Autodesk Revit Template .rte
Autodesk Revit Project .rvt
IZArc A Archive .a
IZArc BZA Archive .bza
IZArc GCA Archive .gca
IZArc GZA Archive .gza
IZArc WAR Archive .war
IZArc YZ1 Archive .yz1
File Association Manager .sims2pack
Business Card Factory 2.0 .bcf
EditPad Project .epp
i3D File Format .i3d
PageMaker.Plugin .add
PageMaker Publication .p65
PageMaker Publication .pmd
Adobe ®Table 3.0 .tbl
Proximity Dictionary .udc
Web Site Downloader Project .whtt
PowerDesk.Archive .ark
PowerDesk.Archive .dwc
XACT XGS File .xgs
XACT XSB File .xsb
XACT XWB File .xwb
UltraISO File .isz
Chem3D.Document .c3d
Audio Creator Project File .pac
File Association Manager .masseffectsave
Photo Explosion Project Studio Project .lyt
Photo Explosion Album Catalog .pax
Nova Photo Explosion Picture .pex
Dialogic VOX file .tlb
Content Dispatcher Pack .cdp2
VMware virtual machine BIOS .nvram
VMware virtual machine configuration .vmac
VMware virtual machine configuration .vmba
hotfix request file .vmhr
VMware policy .vmpl
VMware snapshot metadata .vmsd
VMware virtual machine configuration .vmt
VMware team configuration .vmtm
VMware team member .vmxf
VMware Console Configuration File .xvm
Solitaire rule .gst
MS Organization Chart 2.0 .opx
Bridge Movie .lin
Bridge Movie .linx
Bridge Movie .pbn
Eraser 6 Task List .ersx
MP3Gain Analysis Results .m3g
ASF Stream Description File .asd
ALZip alz File .alz
ALZip egg File .egg
ALZip ice File .ice
TotalMedia ShowBiz File .tms
ObjectDock .DockZip's contain image files that oth .dockzip
MS4 Map .ms
PowerTab File Format .ptb
Scratch Project .sb
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario .sc6
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game .sv6
TuxGuitar File Format .tg
SmartMusic Playlist File .plst
SmartMusic Accompaniment File .sma
Inventory File Type .idb
Vegas Pro Project .veg
Kindle Content .azw
Recording .irf
MathType Equation Preferences .eqp
settingseditor Document .settings
Password Depot File (.psw) .psw
Zoot Database .zdb
Office 10 Settings file .ops
Yahoo! Music Jukebox File .pcm
XNA Creators Club Game Package .ccgame
GPS Exchange Format .gpx
Structure File .4db
CoreRETAS タイムシート .tsf
Rhino 3d model .3dm
EasyWorship Schedule File .ews
PhotoDVD project .vpd
WinWay Contact Document .con
Crocodile Physics Simulation .cyp
Announcements Letterhead .ltr
Raven Shield Map Files .rsm
Scrapbook Factory Apron .sap
Scrapbook Factory Scrapbook .sbk
Scrapbook Factory Fabric Calendar .sfc
Scrapbook Factory Family Tree .sft
Scrapbook Factory Journal .sjd
Scrapbook Factory Mousepad .sms
Scrapbook Factory Photo Card .sph
Scrapbook Factory Photo Cube .spq
Scrapbook Factory Scrapbook Cover .ssc
Scrapbook Factory Slide Show .sss
Scrapbook Factory Tote Bag .stb
Virtools Player File .vmo
Softex OmniPass Encrypted File .opf
Across crossword puzzle .puz
Nokia Content Copier-file .nfb
Nokia Multimedia Playlist .npl
Nokia Multimedia Player file .otb
OpenMG ファイル .omg
Neo Content .nss
Neo Content .nwp
Retrospect File Backup Set .rbf
Retrospect Client Updater .rcu
Retrospect Disk Backup Set .rdb
Retrospect Device Information .rdi
Retrospect Run Document .rrr
Unicode Text File .utx
Adobe 3D Reviewer Document .prw
Auction Client .amsorm
ATRAC ファイル .aa3
Picture Collage Maker File .pwp
Print Artist Project .pra
Safearchive ShellFolder Class .uea
Army Builder Import File .ab
Army Builder Roster File .rst
Dialogic VOX file .ans
Dialogic VOX file .aps
Dialogic VOX file .art
Dialogic VOX file .bsc
Dialogic VOX file .dbg
64 bit Doubles file .dbl
Dialogic VOX file .dbs
Dialogic VOX file .dl_
DiamondWare Digitized file .dwd
Dialogic VOX file .exif
Dialogic VOX file .exp
Dialogic VOX file .ext
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
Dialogic VOX file .eyb
Dialogic VOX file .faq
Dialogic VOX file .fif
Dialogic VOX file .fky
Dialogic VOX file .fnt
Dialogic VOX file .hhc
Dialogic VOX file .htc
Dialogic VOX file .htt
Dialogic VOX file .icon
Dialogic VOX file .ilk
Dialogic VOX file .inv
Dialogic VOX file .jav
Dialogic VOX file .latex
Dialogic VOX file .man
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
Dialogic VOX file .movie
Dialogic VOX file .mv
Dialogic VOX file .ncb
Dialogic VOX file .nls
Dialogic VOX file .obj
Dialogic VOX file .pch
Dialogic VOX file .rsp
Dialogic VOX file .rts
Dialogic VOX file .rul
8 bit signed file .sam
Dialogic VOX file .sbr
Dialogic VOX file .sed
Dialogic VOX file .sol
Amiga audio file .svx
Dialogic VOX file .sy_
Dialogic VOX file .tab
Dialogic VOX file .tdl
Dialogic VOX file .text
Dialogic VOX file .tsp
Dialogic VOX file .user
Dialogic VOX file .vbx
Dialogic VOX file .vox
Dialogic VOX file .vspscc
Dialogic VOX file .vssscc
GameSpy Arcade Custom Service .apk
WinAce preset file .wpf
xef file .xef
BigPond Downloader File .bpd
Account Manager File Type .acm
Chat File Type .cht
Market Profile File Type .emp
NewsManager Preview File .ens
NewsManager File .ent
Symbol Search File Type .ess
Layout File Type .lay
LEADERS File Type .ldr
PORTFOLIO File Type .por
SUMMARY File Type .sum
TICKER File Type .tkr
Trade Manager File Type .trm
CD-Druckerei 6 - Datei .cdl
Reason Song File .rns
Reason Published Song File .rps
UltraISO File .ui
DigiGuide Channel Extension .dgc
McAfee Vault .vault
Steganos Encrypted Data File .edf
WIBU Control File .rtm
WIBU Binary File .wbb
SiSoftware Sandra Lite Leistungstest .sbt
SiSoftware Sandra Lite Leistungstest .sbx
SiSoftware Sandra Lite Dokument .srr
DVD Flick Project .dfproj
Symantec Image File .iv2i
Symantec Image File .pqi
QuickTax 2008 File .q08
Home Publishing Multimedia Project .mhp
MGI PhotoSuite III Project .pzp
Movie Collection .mvc
QTravel Project File .itm
{D71BD573-AD49-43C8-8BD6-C05186919EAA} .bfg
CorelDraw Image .cdr
Computer Graphics Metafile .cgm
Colorful Email Style Resource .cmf
Expression Design Document .design
Micrografx Designer/Draw Image .drw
Novell GroupWise Item DragDrop .gwi
MPEG File .h264
Remote Control Data File .hcu
Expression Encoder Smooth Streaming File .ismv
Microsoft Image Composer Image .mic
QT File .mjpg
Reflection for HP Command File .rc1
Reflection Connection Settings .rco
Reflection FTP Settings File (6.0) .rfw
Reflection Session .rwz
Program Options File .sdz
String Table .str
TrueCrypt Volume .tc
Kantaris Video File .viv
Expression Encoder Job .xej
Expression Encoder Live Settings File .xel
Expression Encoder Screen Capture File .xesc
Expression XPR Document .xpr
Abekas Image File .yuv
Legacy Genealogy Software .fdb
MPEG video/audio stream .m2a
Windows Media Player .pando
Ulead DVD MovieFactory Project .dwz
InterActual Skin .iti
avast! Skin .aswcs
avast! Skin .asws
FixSite Masthead .fxm
UUSEE Media File .ucf
Quicken QDF data file .qdf
Quicken OFX data .qfx
Microsoft Money backup file .mbf
Microsoft Money file .mny
Open Financial Exchange File .ofx
Quicken Import File .qif
WinZip File .r30
WinZip File .r31
WinZip File .r32
WinZip File .r33
WinZip File .r34
WinZip File .r35
WinZip File .r36
WinZip File .r37
WinZip File .r38
WinZip File .r39
WinZip File .r40
WinZip File .r41
WinZip File .r42
WinZip File .r43
WinZip File .r44
WinZip File .r45
WinZip File .r46
WinZip File .r47
WinZip File .r48
WinZip File .r49
WinZip File .r50
WinZip File .r51
WinZip File .r52
WinZip File .r53
WinZip File .r54
WinZip File .r55
WinZip File .r56
WinZip File .r57
WinZip File .r58
WinZip File .r59
WinZip File .r60
WinZip File .r61
WinZip File .r62
WinZip File .r63
WinZip File .r64
WinZip File .r65
WinZip File .r66
WinZip File .r67
WinZip File .r68
WinZip File .r69
WinZip File .r70
WinZip File .r71
WinZip File .r72
WinZip File .r73
WinZip File .r74
WinZip File .r75
WinZip File .r76
WinZip File .r77
WinZip File .r78
WinZip File .r79
WinZip File .r80
WinZip File .r81
WinZip File .r82
WinZip File .r83
WinZip File .r84
WinZip File .r85
WinZip File .r86
WinZip File .r87
WinZip File .r88
WinZip File .r89
WinZip File .r90
WinZip File .r91
WinZip File .r92
WinZip File .r93
WinZip File .r94
WinZip File .r95
WinZip File .r96
WinZip File .r97
WinZip File .r98
WinZip File .r99
PixieTool Project .pxm
Combivis scope file .sc5
Studio Project .stu
File Association Manager .sv5
Studio-Projekt .template
Advanced Streaming Format File .lsf
Advanced Streaming Redirector File .lsx
Nullsoft Streaming Video File .nsv
Scribus Document .sla
CD-LabelPrint Document .cld
gBurner File .gbp
Document OmniPage .opd
Fichier ImpôtRapide 2009 .q09
Norton AntiVirus Scan .sca
SVG Document .svgz
Media Center file .ape
Belarc Computer Profile .bci
Media Center file .bpl
MediaCenter.15.Pack .mjp
Media Center file .mpc
MediaCenter.15.Playlist .mpl
MediaCenter.15.Subscribe .opml
File Association Manager .r2
DHT URI .dht
Animated Wallpaper .dream
IconPackager Theme .iconpackage
IconPackager Theme .ip
IconPackager Theme .iptheme
Stardock LogonStudio logon .logonvista
Stardock LogonStudio XP logon .logonxp
Theme Manager Suite .mycolors
PowerBackup Archive File .pba
PowerBackup Archive File .pbf
PowerBackup Job File .pbj
RDF File .rdf
wbload Document .wba
AutoHotkey Script .ahk
Text Document .rtx
OpenDocument データベース .odb
Python File .py
Compiled Python File .pyc
Compiled Python File .pyo
Python File (no console) .pyw
Qualcomm PureVoice および拡張可変レート .qcp
StarOffice 5.0 図形描画 .sda
StarOffice 5.0 表計算ドキュメント .sdc
StarOffice 5.0 プレゼンテーション .sdd
StarOffice 5.0 文書ドキュメント .sdw
StarOffice 5.0 数式 .smf
SMIL マルチメディア プレゼンテーション .smil
ストリーミング メディア メタファイル .ssm
StarOffice 5.0 テンプレート .vor
Protean Protease Catalog .ase
Disabled startup file .disabled
Eudora Mailbox .mbx
GrabIt NZB file .nzb
PAR Recovery Volume .p21
Rhapsody 2 Playlist .rpl
Spyware include file .sbi
Spyware supplemental file .sbs
Ulead PhotoImpact Image .ufo
DAMN NFO Viewer file .diz
JPEG Stereo .jps
Dialogic VOX file .mpo
Prodigy Internet Enrollment-Config .pns
The Sims™ 3 Custom Content .sims3pack
avast! license file .avastlic
Winamp Wiedergabeliste .b4s
DeepBurner file .dbr
MPEG-4 File .m4e
MPEG Audio .mpga
MPEG Media .mps
MPEG Video .mpv
NeroVision Dokument .nvc
Audio PlayList .xpl
StationLaunchPad Type .lpd
Dialogic VOX file .mmf
MuseScore File .mscx
Compressed MuseScore File .mscz
MyDefrag Script .myd
Nero BackItUp アーカイブファイル .nba
Nero BackItUp 情報ファイル .nbi
Nero BackItUp テンプレートファイル .nbt
WUFI® Film-Document .fid
Microsoft Office FrontPage Web Package .fwp
Fixlet Pool .fxg
Ghost image file .gho
File Association Manager .ghs
InstallShield project file .ise
InstallShield project file .ism
InstallShield template file .ist
PowerISO File .bif
AI Builder AIC File .aic
LabelPrint File .lpp
Messenger Class .ymg
Messenger Class .yps
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
Amazon Digital Music Download .amz
Audacity Project File .aup
AMR Wide-Band Content .awb
Clip Gallery Download Package .cil
RealAudio .ra
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
RealAudio Protected .rax
RealSystem Skin .rjs
RealSystem Media .rmj
RealPlayer Presentation .rmm
Secure RealAudio / RealVideo File .rms
RealSystem Secure Media File .rmx
RealPlayer File .rnx
RealPix .rp
RealText .rt
RealVideo .rv
RealVideo Protected .rvx
SMIL Multimedia Presentation .smi
Microsoft Excel Chart .xlc
Adobe Content Server Message .acsm
AIM Buddy List File .blt
eFax Messenger Document .efx
eFax Messenger Document .hot
Dynojet PC3 Usb Map File .djm
DZM File .dzm
DZP File .dzp
DZT File .dzt 1.1 Drawing Template .std 1.1 Text Document Template .stw 1.1 Spreadsheet .sxc 1.1 Drawing .sxd 1.1 Master Document .sxg 1.1 Presentation .sxi 1.1 Formula .sxm 1.1 Text Document .sxw
hotfix file .vmhf
VMware virtual machine configuration .vmx
OpenDocument Formula .odf
OpenDocument Drawing .odg
OpenDocument Master Document .odm
OpenDocument Drawing Template .otg
HTML Document Template .oth
OpenDocument Presentation Template .otp
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template .ots
OpenDocument Text Template .ott
Open Virtualization Format Distribution Package .ova
Open Virtualization Format Package .ovf Extension .oxt
P2G File .p2g
P2I File .p2i
PDL File .pdl
Roxio Image File .c2d
Database Project file .dbproj
Dependency Walker Image File .dwi
VC++ Project Filters File .filters
Visual F# Source file .fs
Visual F# Signature file .fsi
Visual F# Project file .fsproj
Visual F# Script file .fsscript
Visual F# Script file .fsx
Sonic Global Image File .gi
Crash Dump File .hdmp
VisualStudio.Analyzer.Project.1 .vap
Visual Basic Group Project .vbg
Visual Basic Project .vbp
Visual Basic Wizard .vbz
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Class Library .vct
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Class Library .vcx
Visual InterDev Project .vip
Flash Document .xfl
Visual CertExam Suite File .vce
VC++ Project .vcxproj
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension .vsix
BGInfo Configuration File .bgi
Apple Mobile Device Configuration Profile .mobileconfig
Apple Mobile Device Provisioning Profile .mobileprovision
Windows Grep parameter file .par
PHP file .phtml
Visual Studio Test Settings File .testsettings
PHP file .tpl
Zoom Player File .zpl
Zoom Player File .zps
Java Language Source file .java
Komodo Project File .kpf
Komodo Package .kpz
MFC Ribbon Definition XML File .mfcribbon-ms
Makefile .mak
Linker Address Map .map
ASP.NET Master Page .master
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
Crash Dump File .mdmp
VC++ 5 Workspace .mdp
Microsoft Office Access Database Wizard Template .mdz
Makefile .mk
Resource Script .rc
Resource Script .rc2
Resource Compiler Template .rct
Report Definition File .rdlc
Compiled Resource Script .res
Registration Script .rgs
Crystal Reports .rpt
Assembler Source .s
ASP.NET Site Map .sitemap
ASP.NET Skin File .skin
Microsoft Visual Studio Solution .sln
Visual Studio Code Snippet File .snippet
.SolitaireSave-ms .solitairesave-ms
Microsoft SQL Server Query File .sql
ExpressLabeler Project File .stx
ASP.NET Web Service .svc
OR Designer .dbml
Export Definition File .def
Crash Dump File .dmp
VC++ 6 Project .dsp
VC++ 6 Workspace .dsw
XML Document Type Definition .dtd
ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer .edmx
MagicISO Document .gbi
C/C++ Header .h
.HeartsSave-ms .heartssave-ms
C/C++ Header .hxx
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
Interface Definition Language File .idl
Setup Information .inf
C++ Source .cpp
Information Card .crd
Information Card Store .crds
Visual C# Source file .cs
Visual C# Project file .csproj
C++ Source .cxx
Microsoft Works Database .bdb
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .bks
BS4 File .bs4
C Source .c
C++ Source .cc
Class Diagram file .cd
C/C++ Code Listing .cod
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx
Assembler Source .asm
ASP.NET Web Service .asmx
3GPP Audio/Video .3gpp
Visual Studio Add-in definition file .addin
ASP.NET Server Application .asax
Microsoft Works Database .wdb
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .wks
ISAPI_Rewrite configuration file .htaccess
Composer 669 Module .669
VLC media file (.a52) .a52
Wireshark capture file .acp
DSMI AMF Module .amf
Audio Visual Research File .avr
Windows Media Audio file .wma
Wireshark capture file .cap
Wireshark capture file .enc
Farandole Composer Module .far
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
Inno Setup Script .iss
Impulsetracker Module .it
VLC media file (.mka) .mka
VLC media file (.dts) .dts
VLC media file (.gxf) .gxf
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
VLC media file (.ogx) .ogx
Amiga Oktalyzer Module .okt
VLC media file (.oma) .oma
Paris Audio File .paf
Wireshark capture file .pcap
Paint.NET Image .pdn
Wireshark capture file .pkt
ProcMon Log File .pml
Printer Migration File .printerexport
PolyTracker Module .ptm
Visual Basic Project file .vbproj
eVC 3/4 Project .vcp
VC++ Project .vcproj
eVC 3/4 Workspace .vcw
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdp
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdproj
Visual Studio Community Content Installer File .vscontent
Visual Studio Community Content Installer File .vsi
Visual Studio Test Meta Data File .vsmdi
Microsoft Visio Workspace .vsw
Web Service Description Language .wsdl
Microsoft SQL Server Deadlock File .xdl
XML Data Reduced Schema .xdr
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .xlr
Exchange Shortcut .xnk
Windows Workflow File .xoml
XML Schema File .xsd
Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File .testrunconfig
Typelib Generated C/C++ Header .tlh
Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File .tli
Wireshark capture file .trc
Visual Studio Test Results File .trx
Text Template .tt
Visual Studio Ordered Test file .orderedtest
Office Search .oss
Pixel Bender Toolkit file .hydra
InDesign Markup Assignment Package .idap
InDesign Markup Document .idml
InDesign Book .indb
InDesign Asset Library .indl
InDesign Assignment Package .indp
InDesignTemplate .indt
InDesign XML Interchange Document .inx
IntelliJ IDEA Project File .ipr
Job Definition Format .jdf
Adobe Fireworks JSF File .jsf
Flash JavaScript Command File .jsfl
Active Server Document .jsp
Registration Entries .key
Dialogic VOX file .kys
HTML Document .lbi
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Label .lbt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Label .lbx
Wireshark capture file .tpc
Wireshark capture file .trace
VLC media file (.tta) .tta
Ultratracker Module .ult
VLC media file (.vlc) .vlc
Flash ActionScript File .as
Flash AS Communication File .asc
FileType_en_US_default .ascs
アスレチックニュース .atn
Visual Basic Module .bas
Cineon Image File .cin
Flash Color Table File .clr
Visual Basic Class Module .cls
Adobe Bridge Collection File .collection
Visual Basic User Control .ctl
LabVIEW Control Template .ctt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container .dbc
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
Microsoft Analysis Server DMX File .dmx
Visual Basic User Document .dob
Rose Script Source .ebs
Multitracker Module .mtm
VLC media file (.mxf) .mxf
VLC media file (.nuv) .nuv
VLC media file (.oga) .oga
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
Screamtracker 3 Module .s3m
Compressed Screamtracker 3 Module .s3z
Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard File .sds
IRCAM Sound File .sf
VLC media file (.spx) .spx
Creative VOC Format .voc
Soundforge Wow 64 Format .w64
Image .wgt
Wireshark capture file .wpc
VLC media file (.wv) .wv
Psion Series 3 .wve
Fasttracker 2 Waveform .xi
Fasttracker 2 Module .xm
Compressed Fasttracker 2 Module .xmz
VLC media file (.xspf) .xspf
Legacy Search Query File .fnd
Dialogic VOX file .act
VPS Static Interference Check Result File(Encrypted) .acv
FileType_en_US_default .adcp
ADOSViewer Document .ado
FileType_en_US_default .adpp
FileType_en_US_default .advs
Adobe After Effects Project .aep
Adobe After Effects XML Project .aepx
Adobe After Effects Project Template .aet
Humid-A-ware Document .ahs
File Association Manager .ahu
Adobe Illustrator Template .ait
File Association Manager .alv
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Application .app
Rose PTL File .ptl
Paradox String List .pxr
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Query .qpr
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
VLC media file (.mpeg4) .mpeg4
Adobe Photoshop Elements Image .pdd
Print Shop-Projekt .pdp
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Project .pjt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Project .pjx
HTML Document .plg
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Program .prg
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .profile
PostScript File .ps
Subtitle File .psb
Music .f4a
AVS Media Player File .f4p
Adobe After Effects Preset .ffx
Flash Document .fla
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .fpt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Report .frt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Report .frx
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Compiled Program .fxp
Rose Model .mdl
Microsoft Analysis Server MDX File .mdx
Job Definition Format .mjd
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Menu .mnt
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Menu .mnx
Microsoft Project Database File (MPD) .mpd
Microsoft Office Project Document .mpp
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Menu .mpr
Microsoft Office Project Template .mpt
Microsoft Office Project Workspace .mpw
Microsoft Office Project Exchange File (MPX) .mpx
SQL Server Profiler - trace definitions file .tdf
Adobe LiveCycle Designer Template .tds
Report Definition File .rdl
Rose Module Diagram .red
RAR recovery volume .rev
Dialogic VOX file .scc
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Form .scx
File Association Manager .shh
Studio Project .sta
FileType_en_US_default .stc
Scrapbook Factory T-Shirt .ste
Dialogic VOX file .suo
Flash Component File .swc
Flash Debug File .swd
Composer Document .cp
Paradox Form .fsl
Paradox Script .ssl
FamilyTreeHeritage Document .ac
FamilyTreeHeritage Document .aft
CubaseLE Project .cpr
AVS Image Disc .icd
XFDL Document .xfd
XFDL Document .xfdl
FlexiSIGN-PRO .sci
OmniPage Image Document .shg
Camtasia video .camv
Identity Finder Results File .idf
TomTom Itinerary .itn
TomTom Binary .ov2
SmartPath Binary .ovr
Zynewave Podium Project File .pod
CD&DVD LabelMaker File .alp
CDLS Document .stp
GSD File .gsd
Scheduled Download List .dnl
Unity scene file .unity
Unity package file .unitypackage
Information Connector File .icf
Scrapbook Boutique Album .sbb
Visual Studio Directed Graph Document .dgml
Visual Studio Performance Session .psess
Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set .ruleset
Work Item Query .wiq
Workflow Service file .xamlx
Rainmeter skin file .rmskin
Spyder2 Curve File .crv
MCP File .mcp
Multisim .msm
HTML Document .hdt
HTML Document .lasso
Music .mt2
Mixcraft 3 Project .mx3
Mixcraft 4 Project .mx4
GLSiteFile .scpt
GLSiteFile .site
HTML Document .ssi
VDJ KaraokeZip File .kz
Mixcraft 5 Project .mx5
Morpheus Animation Layout .aml
DVD Architect Pro 5.0 .dar
Icy Tower 1.4 replay .itr
Moneydance Data .md
Camtasia Studio Project .camproj
Camtasia Recorder Document .camrec
Camtasia MenuMaker Project .cmmp
Camtasia MenuMaker Template .cmmtpl
Zinio Digital Publication .zno
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner Song List .cbs
Packet Tracer 5.1 .pka
Cakewalk Bundle File .bun
omf file .omf
GPG Encrypted File .gpg
Principia Hypothetical Document .hyp
Snapshot Portfolio Document .mif
PGPdisk Volume .pgd
Historical Portfolio Document .phm
Policy Research Document .psv
SA Research Document .ssv
VA Research Document .vsv
BM_SDP Document .bm2
DICOM Image .dicom
SWiSH Movie .swi
SWiSH Project .swp
JNG 画像 .arf
GFI Backup 2009 Task .gbc
Programmable Stitch Creator PAS .pas
Design Center .pem
Layout & Editing .pes
KMP - ASS Subtitle File .ass
KMP's Playlist File .kpl
KMP's Skin File .ksf
KMP -Video File .ofr
KMP - SRT Subtitle File .srt
MAGIX Playlist .plr
MaxBulk .mbm
MarketBrowser Worksheet File .mbw
File Association Manager .pegn
ASU Document .aud
CardScan Backup File .cbk
Dialogic VOX file .asr
Adobe Audition FFT .fft
Adobe Audition Impluse File .imp
Adobe Audition PK .pk
MapPoint template .ptt
CaseMap Send To Plug In .cmp
CaseMap Case Script .cms
CaseMap Portable Format .cpf
Access Connections location profile database .loc
Portable Transcript Format .ptf
Publisher Bundle File .ptz
TimeMap Visual .tmv
Westlaw Import File .wlx
acc Image .acc
Smacker/Bink Media file .bik
DVD2AVI files .d2v
Winamp media file .dsm
DirectShow Media file .dsv
EVO - File .evo
Intel Integrator Toolkit Framework Edition Workspa .itw
PostScript Printer Stub .pss
ratdvd file .ratdvd
Starcraft Scenario .scm
Smacker/Bink Media file .smk
MPEG Media file .tpr
vID .vid
Other .vp6
Video file - AVI .vp7
eMule Collection File .emulecollection
AFP ファイル .afp
FxFoto Viewer Collage .fxf
FxFoto Theme Template .fxt
App Class .iim
Trellix Document Design .tld
Trellix Document .tlx
TablEdit file .tef
Microsoft Reader .fls
Microsoft Reader .lit
RocketBook Title .rb
WISO Geld-Tipp Steuer 2007 Datei .t07
Windows Media Player .downloadhost
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
BethesdaSoftworks Archive .bsa
RivaTuner hardware monitoring log file .hml
Oblivion mod .omod
RivaTuner preset file .rtp
File Association Manager .bsb
Fallout Mod Manager Archive .fomod
NewsStand Reader Text Search Support File .ndx
NewsStand Reader Index File .nsi
NewsStand Reader Document .nsr
Caliper Compact Geographic Database .cdf
Caliper Standard Geographic Database .dbd
ESRI Copy Protected License Information File .ecp
TransCAD Figure .fig
TransCAD Model .model
TransCAD Matrix .mtx
Application Manager File .prj
diaFile .dia
GeoGebra File .ggb
QNE Document .org
Caspedia Digital Memories Publisher Content Packag .package
BootSkin Document .bootskin
Fax Cover Page File .cpe
Right-Suite Residential PE/BE Template .rrt
Bluebeam PDF Revu Remote Package .bfx
Bluebeam Stamp File .brx
Colorful Email EStyle Resource .cme
Google SketchUp LayOut Document .layout
YUV תמונה .vff
AR Pro 7 Saved Formula .apa
AR Pro 7 Saved Formula .cfa
File Association Manager .easm
File Association Manager .edrw
エレコム ゲームパッドアシスタント プロファイル .epr
Autodesk Inventor Assembly .iam
Autodesk Inventor iFeature .ide
Autodesk Inventor Drawing .idw
Autodesk Inventor Project .ipj
Autodesk Inventor Presentation .ipn
Autodesk Inventor Part .ipt
SolidWorks Assembly Document .sldasm
SolidWorks Drawing Document .slddrw
SolidWorks Part Document .sldprt
Val Editor .val
PFS:WindowWorks .wdf
WDL Script .wdl
Fenętre WinDev .wdw
内緒情報 .sec
RGSS 暗号化アーカイブ .rgss2a
RPGVX データ .rvdata
RPGVX プロジェクト .rvproj
Gallery Collection .gallery
Gallery Item .galleryitem
Notebook File .nbk
Notebook File .notebook
RegTidy License .rcx
SMART Video Player Playlist .vpl
Notebook Software Collection File .xbc
Notebook File .xbk
Notebook Software Template File .xbt
HTMLDOC Book .book
moove Downloader and Installer .mpz
ResumeMaker User Profile .rmr
NAME LAND layout file .lyc
EZToon Document .ezt
RoQ Media file .roq
SMV ÊÓƵ .smv
FacetWin Terminal Configuration File .fwt
ムービー クリップ .m2s
Autodesk Image File .als
Dev-C++ Project File .dev
FlexiDATA backup section file .fbx
Maya ASCII File .ma
Maya Binary File .mb
Maya Script File .mel
Prisms Image File .pri
XSI Scene file .scn
SI Image File .si
This is a document file for Paraben's Resume Wizard .wrf
NSIS Header File .nsh
SCB-Archiv .scb
SQX-Archiv .sqx
AutoCAD Standards-Prüfdatei .chx
hotComm Compressed Data .hcc
Recording .lrc
iLinc PowerBoard .pbd
DVD PixPlay Frame .dpg
ImageFolio Document .pof
CDLS Document .cnd
CDLS Document .dtp
迅雷专有下载文件 .td
UT2003 Map .ut2
UT2003 Module .ut2mod
DVD Photo Slideshow Professional Project File .pdm
筆まめペイント15 .mlb
BlueVoda Document .bvp
WISO Sparbuch 2009/2010 Datei .h10
WISO Sparbuch 2009/2010 Datei .s10
SDL XLIFF Document .sdlxliff
SDL Trados Synergy Project .stproj
SDL Trados Synergy Project Template .sttpl
TRADOS Translation Memory .tmw
TRADOStag Document .ttx
UltraISO File .md1
XXE Encoded File - ZipGenius File .xx
QQChessReplayFile .crf
KeePass Password Database .kdbx
Microsoft Rights Managed HTML Document .rpmsg
WCard .wcf
File Association Manager .ds_store
Fujitsu ATLAS 英語抽出ファイル .eng
Fujitsu ATLAS 辞書データ結合ファイル .mrg
Fujitsu ATLAS 対訳結合ファイル .trd
CommView Capture File .ncf
Dragon Age: Origins DLC .dazip
Pocket Word-Dokument-H/PC .pwd
InkWriter/Note Taker/Notizen-Dokument .pwi
Pocket Word-Vorlage-H/PC .pwt
PowerArchiver File .002
PowerArchiver Encrypted File .pae
PowerArchiver ZIP File .rep
Rune Map .run
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z01
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z02
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z03
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z04
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z64
DBT File .dbt
iClone Project File .iproject
Alyuda NeuroIntelligence Network .ann
Shurikenデータダウンロード .dls
Kingsoft Presentation テンプレート .dpt
Kingsoft Spreadsheets ワークブック .et
Kingsoft Spreadsheets テンプレート .ett
MyBookEditor3 ImportFile .mbi
Delta Percival Source .p
SimpleSend Transfer Configuration .ssf
Theme Park Inc Coaster File .cos
Portrait Professional Project .pp
Task Coach File .tsk
AutoIt v3 Script .au3
ToolBook II Book .tbk
Mathcad Document .mcd
Mathcad Document .xmcd
Mathcad Document .xmcdz
Button Document .bti
Qtracker Mapshot Pack .qtm
プリプリまろんfor筆まめオブジェクト .fpf
X3D Document .x3d
TeX DVI file .dvi
MasterCook Cookbook .mc2
MasterCook Favorites .mfv
MasterCook Tips .mtf
MasterCook MealPlan .pln
MasterCook Shopping List .sl
MasterCook Saved Search .src
PoserContent .arp
PoserContent .cm2
PoserContent .cmz
PoserContent .crz
PoserContent .fc2
PoserContent .fcz
PoserContent .hd2
PoserContent .hdz
PoserContent .hr2
PoserContent .hrz
Imagelys Picture Styles File .ips
PoserContent .lt2
PoserContent .ltz
LightWave Object .lwo
LightWave Scene .lws
PoserContent .mc6
PoserContent .mcz
PoserContent .p2z
PoserContent .pp2
PoserContent .ppz
PoserContent .pz2
PoserScene .pz3
PoserScene .pzz
VUE Map File .vue
InterVideo MediaOne Collection File .mws
VLC media file (.xa) .xa
Lotus Organizer 97 GS Datei .or4
mio .mex
mio .mio
Gizmo Launch Document .mpi
Dirac Video .drc
dtSearch Index File .ix
Caligari Rosetta System content .ctx
Caligari Rosetta Recording .rcd
Backer Profile .bac
Mathematica Package .m
Mathematica Notebook .nb
Mathematica Player Notebook .nbp
Combustion Workspace .cws
Buddi Translation .lang
PhotoLine Document .esm
オーガナイザー 97 ファイル .or3
thp ファイル .thp
Acoustica Effect Chain File .aec
Avery DesignPro Document .zdp
3D Home Architect Deluxe File .pl0
3D Home Architect Deluxe File .pl1
3D Home Architect Deluxe File .pl2
Archive WinUHA .uha
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .avc
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .dv4
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .vse
Sony Ericsson Theme File .utz
QuickTitler Document .etl
EDIUS Project File .ezp
宛名職人 カスタムレイアウト .atl
LeechGet FTP Queue .lgf
LeechGet Download List .lgl
Corel Write Document .awp
Corel Write Document .aww
BrainWave Generator File .bwg
RPGXP Data .rxdata
EndNote Filter .enf
EndNote Library .enl
Archived EndNote Library .enlx
EndNote Preferences .enp
EndNote Saved Search .enq
EndNote Import File .enw
EndNote Connection .enz
jGRASP project .gpj
RIS Formatted File .ris
ALShow ASK File .ask
ALShow BMK File .bmk
InstantPlayer Engine, classic encoding .edv
Agree プレゼンテーション .hpt
三四郎 ワークシート .jst
Adobe Captivate Aggregator File .aggr
Adobe Captivate Template .cptl
BBeB Secure Book .lrx
Jigs@w Puzzle 2 .pzl
Adobe Captivate Widget .wdgt
ReGet Deluxe Document .wjr
ExitReality Scene .dae
ExitReality Browser .plx
ExitReality Scene .vrml
ExitReality Scene .wrl
ExitReality Scene .wrz
Blowfish Advanced CS verschlüsselt .bfa
ITN Converter .tk
Create & Print File .clx
Far Cry 2 Map File .fc2map
Java HelpSet File .hs
SAtrust2006 .t06
Microsoft Encarta Researcher Project .erp
File Association Manager .aao
AV PlayList .avl
カシミール3D 地図データ .bil
カシミール3D 地図データ .dim
フォルダ同期スクリプト .fss
カシミール3D 地図データ .msh
カシミール3D 地名ファイル .ndb
カシミール3D 地図データ .xem
BCB プロジェクトファイル .bpf
Microsoft Works 4.0 Word Processor .bps
Maximizer MTI File .mti
Maximizer Transfer Protocol File .mtp
MaxEdit File .mxd
Maximizer XML Format Data File .mxi
Virtual CD Image .xmf
Terminal Emulator .gts
Envoy 7 Document .evy
DVD slideshow GUI project file .dsg
onlineTV 5 Skin .skn
ConceptDraw Document .cdd
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document .cdmm
File Association Manager .cdmt
File Association Manager .cdmtz
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document .cdmz
CDProject.Document .cdpx
CDProject.Document .cdpz
ConceptDraw Workspace .cdw
PASW Statistics UI Builder Document .spd
PASW Statistics Syntax File .sps
PASW Statistics Output Document .spv
PASW Statistics WinWrap Basic Script .wwd
Text Document .lic
XVL Structure File .xv0
P-XVL Geometry File .xv3
BibTeX Database .bib
LaTeX Macros .dtx
LaTeX Document .ltx
LyX Document .lyx
LaTeX Style .sty
Winstep Xtreme .xtreme
STARFAX 送付状 .cvr
CX-Programmerプロジェクト .cxp
KVS Document .kpr
Microchip MPLAB.Workspace .mcw
MLS Document .mls
EZ-Quant regression appplication .mul
PSpice Netlist File .net
OrCAD Capture Lite Edition 9.20 .olb
Orcad Capture Project File Type .opj
PSpice Simulation Output .out
Print Artist .pc
STARFAX ドキュメント .sfd
STARFAX 送付状 .sfo
STARFAX ドキュメント .sfs
PSpice Simulation Settings .sim
Text Document .upd
Text Document .v
VideoStripPoker .vs4
Text Document .xrf
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .tub
DVDCreator Project .ddc
Windows Media Player .meta
Akp Script .akp
Hog Archive .hog
Rs Archive .rs
Wad Archive .wad
DigiOnSound File .dgs
File Association Manager .dus
Pro/E Markup File .mrk
Blu-ray playlist file .bdmv
Paradox Data Model .dm
CED Signal Document .cfs
Mount File .mou
PlanSwift Plan Room File .osx
Text Document .lis
ONE Numerics .pxl
PCLReader .xl
TUGZip Quake archive .pk4
TUGZip WinAmp skin archive .wal
Lotus Freelance 9 Presentation .pal
ShortKeys File .shk
LiveReg-Sitzungsdatei .livereg
LiveReg-Benutzerprofil .userprofile
Cubase 5 Effect Bank File .fxb
X Ship Package .xsp
EasyPhoto Gallery .gal
Find32 Document .f32
Compressed CapXML .capx
Overture Score .ove
WinImage .bwz
WinImage .dsk
WinImage .imz
WinImage .vfd
WinImage .wil
WinImage .wlz
Help Contents File .cnt
Help Project File .hpj
Band-in-a-Box Song .mga
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgf
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgk
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgl
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgm
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgo
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgx
Band-in-a-Box Song .sga
Band-in-a-Box Song .sgb
Band-in-a-Box Song .sgn
PureSync file .psy
SPLASH File .lxf
SCAR Script File .scar
ASUS Security Protect Manager Encrypted File .dmf
Lego Digital Designer LXFML Model File .lxfml
Softinterface Conversion Job File .sii
File Association Manager .dcpf
File Association Manager .sonic
DigitalNotes Document .top
PhotoSuite Album .ctf
Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Image .pp4
Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Image .pp5
Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Image .ppf
Geogrid-Viewer Overlay .ovl
MAL File .mal
Panda3D applet .p3d
ISD .isd
BackupXpress Backup .bck
BackupXpress Project .bpr
BackupXpress Encypted File .cry
AQTESOLV for Windows Document .aqt
CND3DV5 Document .cd2
TurboCAD Drawing .tct
TurboCAD Drawing .tcw
Dialogic VOX file .skb
Filler Document .pff
Gradekeeper Class .grk
Gradekeeper Class .grr
VTP Binary Terrain File .bt
FlashDemo.Document .fdp
Effect File .fx
Sketchpad Document .gsp
Sketchpad Document .gsx
RTD File .rtd
Halliburton Tubing Mechanics .tbm
VP3 Practice .vpp
GAMS IDE file .gms
GAMS IDE project .gpr
Maple 13 Maplet File .maplet
Maple 13 Worksheet File .mw
Living Cookbook Backup File .lcb
AxCrypt Security Wrapped .axx
Game Cache File .gcf
Install Creator Project .iit
Nostromo Loadout .ldt
AddOn Studio Project file .wowproj
Windows Media Player .787
Cashbook Complete Backup File .bk1
TARGET 3001! Project (Backup) .bk2
MPlayer Audio File .shn
Rising AntiVirus QuickScan .rav
Disk Image .do
Disk Image .nib
Disk Image .po
Album .amu
PrintStudio .lms
PrintStudio .lmu
RecordNow! save file .pxj
ACDSee Photo Disc Data File .ddf
ACDSee SEF Archive .sef
Chat File .chat
SpaceTime 4.0 File .st
Fractal Coloring Algorithms .ucl
Fractal Image .ufr
Fractal Parameters .upr
Video Record .awlive
Password Keychain Backup .pkb
Dialogic VOX file .pip
Pyro Data CD Project .pyd
SimSynth Document .syn
DesignCAD 3D Ascii Drawing .dc3
Dialogic VOX file .log1
Kontakt Bank .nkb
Kontakt Instrument .nki
Kontakt Multi .nkm
n-Track Studio Song File .sng
Storm wizard .swz
GenoPro Document .gno
SimCity 3000 file .sc3
CX-Designer Project .ipp
CX-Motion v2 Project File .mci
CX-MNH .mnh
PSSDOS Comms Trace File .ptr
PSSDOS Protocol(s) file. .pts
CXDrive Monitoring Review File .sdm
Neo Content .npt
AJC Directory Synchronizer .dsy
MyPasswordManager.Document .apm
File Association Manager .nbd
MPlayer Audio File .tak
Popims Animation .pim
Sonnet De-embedded File .d
TopSPICE Misc. Commands Document .mis
Sonnet Graph File .sgr
Sonnet Packed File .zon
Marque de base de source .gds
IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool Docume .tp3
Scrapbook MAX! Template .smt
Canvas 7 Drawing .cnv
Canvas 5.x File .cv5
Canvas 3.x File .cvs
EarMaster Language File .lan
EarMaster Tutor .tut
PuTTY Private Key File .ppk
Links 2003 Tourney File .ltf
TarFile .ar
ADONIS e-RAKUOH マスター .edm
ADONIS e-RAKUOH ファイル検索 .eds
ADONIS e-RAKUOH 帳票フォーム .efr
RkFile .rk
File Association Manager .$$$
AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0 Project File .am7
AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0 Project File .apz
AutoPlay Media Studio Button File .btn
MTA File .mta
Bryce 5.5 Scene .br5
Bryce 5.5 Image Export .bri
Bryce 5.5 Texture Preset .brt
Bryce 5.5 Sky Preset .bsk
Bryce 5.5 Leaf Presets .lps
Bryce 5.5 Time Files .tme
Finale Lesson File .lsn
Finale Notation File .mus
OSP File .osp
PhotoPrinter File .ppl
Xtivity Site Mangement File .xft
Design Document .can
CSD File .csd
DSZ File .dsz
ECF File .ecf
EMD File .emd
4DEmbroidery.Document.3 .hus
JEF File .jef
Digital audio file .krz
KSM File .ksm
M2 File .m2
M3 File .m3
M4 File .m4
MIT File .mit
Automatisierte Outlook Sicherung .mot
PC2 File .pc2
PEC File .pec
PHB File .phb
ArtRage Project File .ptg
PTN File .ptn
SEW File .sew
SHV File .shv
T01 File .t01
T03 File .t03
T04 File .t04
T05 File .t05
4DEmbroidery.Document.1 .vp3
FinaleETF .etf
Bryce 6 Scene .br6
FaceShopPro File .fac
Hexagon Document .hxn
ファイルメーカーPro データベース .fp5
Freecell 2006 Incomplete Game .fcl
CC2 Drawing .fcw
Meta Media Video E-Mail .vem
カラリオ年賀 宛名文書 .cna
ムービー クリップ .mo
LabelCreator Pro .c00
LabelCreator Pro .d01
JMP Data Table .jmp
StellaNavigator Ver.8 Document .sns
BwgBurn Image File .bim
Poster File .pos
Unreal Map .unr
Outlook Express Mail Box .dbx
ArchiCAD Solo Project Backup .bpn
File Association Manager .cyw
ArchiCAD Fill Properties Script .fps
ArchiCAD Solo Project Archive .pla
ArchiCAD Team Project Local Draft .plc
WinCatalog Standard Collection .wcat
ArchiCAD Window Library Part .win
Project File .ota
AppKill Document .bdp
CBS download .qdp
Microsoft Picture It! Document .psg
Sweet Home 3D .sh3d
File Verification Database .crc
Winamp media file .umx
桐 フォーム .wfm
ダウンロードNinja Database .nfi
Bibble Work Queue File .work
hcffile .hcf
moffile .mof
Tax Forms .efp
JadSplit Info File .000
WhereIsIt? Catalog Group File .ctg
Directory Opus Command File .dcf
osu! beatmap .osr
osu! beatmap .osz
CueOnline Game Savefile .cgr
CueOnline Shot Savefile .csr
ツカエル経理 バックアップファイル .blb
ツカエル経理 データファイル .blf
Toad MSSQL Data Compare Project .dcp
Datawork Database File .hdb
Corel Print House 2.0 Document .cph
Anim8or file .an8
Instant Gallery Maker Project .igm
Offline Explorer Queue file .wdq
Adobe Download Manager file .aom
Desktoppaints Animation Files .asw
MagicISO Document .vaporcd
1541 Disk Image .d64
C2N Tape Image .t64
astah-professional .jude
Oxygene Project File .oxygene
aac music file .sdi
図脳RAPID15PRO図面 .zsd
ファイルメーカーPro スタイル .fth
FileMaker Pro 7 Runtime Database .iv
Borland Project Group .bpg
F ファイル .f
F90 ファイル .f90
Fortran Source .fd
FOR ファイル .for
TPF ファイル .tpf
CWF .cwf
Secure IE Zipped HTML .zhtml
File Association Manager .adi
Amiga Floppy Disk Image .adz
Amiga Floppy Disk Image .dms
wxFormBuilder Project File .fbp
Amiga Floppy Disk Image .ipf
FrameShowImp Document .lfs
RetroPlatform File .rp2
RetroPlatform File .rp9
Chameleon Clock Wallpaper .wcz
ALSong sab File .sab
DivX Connected Plug-in .zpi
RealMedia File .r1m
GoLinkUp Player Document .xds
Game Maker 8 Backup .gb1
Interwise Participant .vcr
StatView Dataset File .svd
BASIC Stamp Source Code .bs1
BASIC Stamp Source Code .bs2
Family Historian Chart .fhc
Family Historian Fact Set .fhf
ChessBase old format .cbf
ChessBase Database .cbh
ChessBase Compressed Database .cbv
ChessBase Theme classification .cp3
ChessBase Theme classification .cpn
Auer Lizenzaustausch .alf
File Association Manager .setup
WinISD Document .wid
Media Center file .jtv
GeoDraft Document .gdf
Geo WellPlotInfo .xwp
Nemetschek Allplan File .fil
Nemetschek Allplan File .ifc
VxViewer .vvf
Simtower File .tdt
ScriptMaker Document .sm
HotDocs Form Template File .hft
OptionScope Workbook .osc
LW4 Document .lw4
File Association Manager .s02
StarUML Project .uml
Hyplay Skin .hsk
Windows Gadget .gadget
DiagramStudio Document .dsd
eBahn Content File .ebn
Toad Query Builder File .tsm
Report Builder Shared Dataset .rsd
360desktop Panorama .360
RTS Document .ral
Deployment Diagram file .dd
Quartus II Archive File .qar
Quartus II Project File .qpf
System Diagram file .sd
XLIFF Translation File .xlf
REFNViewer Document .xzfx
PCStitch Stitched Font .stf
EXACT Lock File .lck
FileType_en_US_default .pbg
Pure Data .pd
E-Run 2.0 Script File .ebs2
E-DataAid 1.x File .edat
E-DataAid 2.0 File .edat2
E-Merge 1. x File .emrg
E-Merge 2.0 File .emrg2
E-Prime 2.0 PackageFile .epk2
E-Studio 2.0 Experiment File .es2
E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File .startupinfo
AudialsOne Wunschliste .a1wish
XML Query Language .xq
XML Query Language .xql
XML Query Language .xquery
DSPlayer associated file .ave
RationalPlan XRP File .xrp
UltraISO File .vdi
UltraISO File .xmd
Articulate Quizmaker Quiz .aqm
Articulate Quizmaker Quiz .quiz
File Association Manager .jg4
EdiLus - ACCA software S.p.A. - All Rights Reserved .edl
Light Project .lgt
Compucon EOS Document .fdr
Ots File List .ofl
Flypaper Effect .fpe
POV-Ray scene file .pov
text/tm .tm
ProfiCADPPD Document .ppd
Index .hhk
Lipikar Document .luf
MM3D Model File .ms3d
Adobe Encore DVD Project .ncor
MCS ファイル .mcs
Ewisoft Project File .ewp
ROUTE 66 Routedocument .rou
Icon .icns
.wsi .wsi
JSH Image .jsh
AudioSoft Parameter File .aip
Extended Renoise Song .xrns
LabVIEW LLB .llb
3D Movie .3mm
TfD Document .tfd
FlexiSIGN-PRO .scv
LoiLoScope Project File .lsproj
SDX 楽譜ファイル .sdx
Serif 3DPlus 2.0 .3d2
Graph Modeling Language .gml
Graph Markup Language .graphml
Graph Markup Language (Zip-Compressed) .graphmlz
File Association Manager .mart
Tableau Packaged Workbook .twbx
Graph Modeling Language (XML) .xgml
Y Graph Format .ygf
File Association Manager .yka
File Association Manager .vbw
Project 64 .n64
Hacha .0
Fichier découpé avec Xtremsplit .xtm
File Association Manager .mp_
HNMasterEJ Ver.3.0 Document .hme
Dames1 Document .dam
File Association Manager .nb7
Movie File (MPEG) .mpg2
KeyText data .kt3
DarkAdapted Presets File .dap
PROMT Archive Dictionary .adc
LSM Bild .apng
LSM Bild .apx
LSM Bild .blp
LSM Bild .emz
LSM Bild .epi
LSM Bild .fxs
LSM Bild .gry
LSM Bild .ipl
LSM Bild .j
AIMP2: Compressed Tracker Module .mo3
LSM Bild .mrc
LSM Bild .p7
LSM Bild .pm
LSM Bild .ps2
LSM Bild .pwc
LSM Bild .pxb
LSM Bild .sr
LSM Bild .tm2
LSM Bild .vga
LSM Bild .wic
InfoViewer .ifs
NetImmerse/Gamebryo Animation Manager File .kfm
Money Manager File .mm6
Aulux Barcode Label Deluxe File .bar
CyberGestion .cm
Xbase++ project .xpj
ForeUI Plot .4ui
Business Card .lbc
QUALCOMM Hex Image .hex
DriverGuide Toolkit file .dgt
TransMagicDocument .session
Vokator Document .sva
File Association Manager .cmap
メモリダイアル・マスターFile .mdd
QRコード・マスターFile .qrm
AVS Video Editor Project .vep
HiJaak Image .pdw
NoLimits Track File .nltrack
IrfanView IDS File .lds
File Association Manager .hit
Synchro project plan .sp
Aircrew Diary .ald
Aircrew Engineer's Logbook .ale
Business Stationery Pro Document .lbs
KiSS Document .cnf
Shuriken動作定義ファイル .aaf
Windows Media Player .kgb
File Association Manager .mu3
File Association Manager .mux
MyNovel revision .myr
Mystica Image .mys
サイボウズ リマインダー スキンファイル .crs
yBook .brn
Disk Explorer Pro Database .ded
File Association Manager .irs
PRO100 library element .meb
PRO100 project .sto
ディズニーはがきワールド2007 名刺 .hbc
ディズニーはがきワールド2007 カレンダー .hcl
ディズニーはがきワールド2007 アイロンプリント .hip
OASYS2文書 .fmt
WK2 File .wk2
Bentley MicroStation Design .sht
E-Studio Experiment File .es
Segments .seg
602XML Form .fo
Laszlo XML .lzx
Relax NG Compact Syntax Schema .rnc
Relax NG Full Syntax Schema .rng
602XML Form .zfo
W32 file .w32
Dialogic VOX file .ssw
FlashDevelop AS2 Project .as2proj
FlashDevelop AS3 Project .as3proj
FlashDevelop Snippet File .fds
Java project Document .jpr
File Association Manager .pset
Go Problems .prb
私暦時間割表ファイル .wgs
Project (Oasis montaj) .gpf
Disc Works Audio Burn File .dwa
EnCase Case File .case
·çÀ×Ó°Òô²¥·ÅÁбí .fl
PepakuraDesigner .pdo
TheRecord Session document .trs
Séquence de blagues de Farces & Attrapes .fas
FASTA File .fasta
MegAlign Project .meg
SciEd Primer .pd4
SeqBuilder Sequence .sbd
SeqMan Assembly Project .sqd
Dialogic VOX file .gpbank
RISAFloor File .rfl
Taccel .tac
Media Center file .jts
DocuSign Envelope .dsx
WISO Steuer 2010 Datei .t10
BIF Image .sdg
DITA Document .dita
DITA Map Document .ditamap
DITAVAL Document .ditaval
NRL Schema .nrl
NVDL Schema .nvdl
XQuery Document .xqm
XQuery Document .xqy
Activstudio Recorder Flipchart .flr
Macromedia Project File .apf
Macromedia HomeSite+ File .cfml
Macromedia Tag Definition .vtm
Macromedia Validator Definition .vtv
RGS-CardMaster Database File .drg
Front Panel .fpd
Enterprise Architectプロジェクト .eap
CoReports RSX Document File .rsx
Password Commander Template File .tmpl
CFPASFF Document .pdr
CFPASFF Document .per
TatukGIS File .dt0
TatukGIS File .dt1
TatukGIS File .dt2
TatukGIS File .e00
TatukGIS File .toc
File Association Manager .blz
Rebro 図面 .reb
VIZ Render Scene .drf
.BIG File .big
Dungeon Keeper 2 Level .kwd
ImageWalker Class .iw
ImageWalker Class .iws
SharpFiling Cabinet Link .sfl
Digital Audio File .bpm
Mac Disk Image File .sparseimage
Fichier Fax .sfx
Quicknote .rem
FreshBrew Model .fbm
Flypaper Model .fpm
PROFFIX Listen Export (alt) .ple
Tableau Extract .tde
Tableau Workbook .twb
Derive Worksheet .mth
Karaoke CD+G Creator Document .pk2
Battery Kit .kt2
ReCycle 1.x Document File .rcy
ReCycle REX File .rex
ReCycle REX2 File .rx2
ALGOR Legacy FEA Model .esx
eCopy Document .cpy
Powersoft.Report .psr
Blue Iris Video .bvr
Winamp media file .hmi
Winamp media file .mss
Winamp media file .xmi
SPX Studio .xs
Font File .fot
JPEG Image .jfi
File Association Manager .bxl
EmailCampaign EMC Message .ecm
AutoTRAX Design Express Project .project
Documento Tisystem .tis
ScanScope Virtual Slide .mrxs
Knowledge Module (Knodule) for the KnowledgeWorkshop application .xpk
Newton Experiment File .ex
Newton Problem File .pb
Dialogic VOX file .axd
Sketch Template File .skx
ITT Rom File .itt
idpkFile .idpk
Alphacam Turning Macro .atm
CVCatE Document .cvc
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 Image .cpx
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 Image .fmv
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 Image .jtf
Project file for LabelMaker by Stoney Creek .wlp
PPC Keyword Generator .ppc
CorelFLOW 3.0 Diagram .cfl
Video file - COF .cof
Video file - XQT .xqt
File Association Manager .cpgz
NJStar Document .njx
Paint Shop Pro 9 Image .afx
OfficePrinter Document .bct
Paint Shop Pro 9 Image .ncr
LETS-FontACE-Lite.Document .ffd
岩盤柱状ファイル .gan
HiJaak Image .cg3
Windows Media Player .prel
Winamp media file .rsn
Winamp media file .zst
SBS 3D Garagendesigner .g3d
SBS Bausoftware ASDRAW .lbu
Web Manga Document .wmga
iLEAP Document .lp2
GoldWave Document .afc
3ds max custom user interface layout file .cui
3ds max image file list .ifl
3ds max keyboard file .kbd
BMX Document .bmx
Max JSON .json
Windows Media Player .lrtemplate
Preference Settings .prefs
sqlite database .sqlite
Dialogic VOX file .crwl
DVgate Motion Record List File .rlf
Forecaster3 Plan File .frc
NIF File .nif
Nestopia iNES File .nes
BiZZdesigner Model .xmb
File Association Manager .cox
Value Line Document .alt
vShop .vsh
WEM File .wem
QlikView Document .qvw
Civ3QE Document .biq
TorqueScript File .gui
Houdini hipnc file .hipnc
LightWave 3D .ls
Houdini otl file .otl
Houdini picnc file .picnc
Print Artist .bc
openCanvasイメージ .oci
openCanvas1 イメージ .wpb
WinWAP for Windows .wml
DIALux Document .dlx
Project 64 .usa
Project 64 .v64
FotoShow-Project .fsb
地図スタジオ .jcz
Union Office Format .uof
帳票定義体 .pxd
File Association Manager .xsx
Record Song File .record
TBBackup Parameterdatei .tbp
Deed File .mbl
Lotus Organizer File .or2
Projekt Program Projektant 3D - Dom i Ogród .vag
ERwin File .er1
IGC flight document .igc
Web.Location .webloc
PowerList台帳ファイル .dwl
Axure RP Pro 5.6 .rplib
Axure RP Pro 5.6 .rpprj
FX Graph 3 Graph .fg3
EFILive Tune .tun
STDUViewer TCR File .tcr
CodeWarrior Workspace .cww
Day Document .day
Corel Ventura 7.0 Publication .vp
MGCSoft File .mgcb
Muzip macro .mum
File Association Manager .sbv
Dialogic VOX file .pek
Resource Files .tlk
Chinese GB File .gb
Navigator Illustration Case .csx
Conference Information File .rdx
Text Document .gitignore
Macromedia Director Protected Cast .cxt
Macromedia Director Resources .skl
Adobe Director Shockwave 3D .w3d
Adobe Xtra 32 .x32
HGTV Project .rwp
Bryce4 Scene .br4
eBook for YanCEyWare Readers .ybk
ProFile 1999 T3 Autosave .at3
File Association Manager .nb0
Interwise Participant .vcm
OEB Container File .oeb
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document .pvd
Utimaco SafeGuard® PrivateDisk Volume .vol
UME Phone Book .pbb
DeepAnalysis ebay research report .da2
File Association Manager .ax
TurboIRC Skin .ski
TurboIRC Macro .tmc
使手帳 .nbf
Express File .iwz
Bryce 7 Scene .br7
APC.ARW .ocr
Recipe Center Database .rcs
iSeries Connection Configuration File .ndc
Cadwork 2DR listing .bdr
Windows Media Player .joined
Badboy Document .bb
Allegro Common Lisp source file .bml
OpenCL Source .cl
Allegro Common Lisp source file .lisp
Internet Location Service .uls
Atari 8-bit Disk Image .atz
File Association Manager .tfa
ZET Black Box .bbz
Card Vault Deck File .dck
Voxler Network .voxb
.AEX .aex
WidgetMe Templates .wgf
WidgetMe Custom Projects .wgp
File Association Manager .yml
InPage Document .inp
StarCraft II Script File .galaxy
StarCraft II Map File .sc2map
StarCraft II Mod File .sc2mod
StarCraft II Scene File .sc2scene
GreekFlashPro Document .gfp
File Association Manager .fmz
IAPI2M32 .ft
Butler Advantage XE .adv
MyBook BkImage File .mbb
UVX File .uvx
地図行政区 .adm
MAX's Snippet .bcs
MTG Online Deck .dec
MTG Online III Deck .dek
Neo Dif-File .neo
CHVAC Project .chv
CATALYST Translation Toolkit .ttk
AOL Instant Messenger Launch .aim
TeXnicCenter Project .tcp
C:\Program Files\MDPT\MDPT.EXE,0 .esp
Heidenhain File .hh
HoN Modification .honmod
unInstallShield Log File .isu
Catia V5 Part Document .catpart
Catia V5 Product Document .catproduct
File Association Manager .fol
Dialogic VOX file .off
Crestron SIMPL+ Source .oem
Quantium SuDoQ Template .sdq
Coffee Document .tag
BioPlot's molecule template file .tn1
Dark Basic Professional Project .dbpro
Cimex Design .bf
xml bookmark file .xbel
Compucon EOS Document .ref
File Association Manager .save
TeX Package File .tpm
UnrealScript File .uc
HlKickO Document .rdo
Information Card .hds
BBeB Book .lrf
Help & Manual Project .hmxp
Help & Manual Project .hmxz
Tronan Macro Launcher Application .mma
Phun Scene File .phn
Phun Scene Package .phz
Module File .dbm
Module File .wow
Delphi Form .nfm
Selteco Photo Lab Image .phl
Intuit Statement Writer Appearance .qss
DrawiT File .dit
Slick-C Header File .sh
AVG Diagnostics file .avd
Adobe Flash Builder 4 Project Library .fxpl
DeviceLock Enterprise Manager project .anm
3DCC Color Scheme .3dc
File Association Manager .dox
Marimba Castanet Channel .chn
Binary .gba
Screeny 3 Projekt .sp3
·ÉÐűíÇé°üÎļþ .ffl
File Association Manager .pnach
FreeStyler Backup File .fbf
File Association Manager .wtd
File Association Manager .s4m
Artlantis Object File .aof
BirthdayRemember - Datei .brf
MMF2 Document .mfw
SimPark File .prk
PHP script file .php5
Lenel Digital Video file .info
KeyShot Document .bip
PhotoVCarve.Document .pvc
Cut3D file .v3d
Raybook file .ray
Amaya Files .xtl
Gooddy Words .gws
Virtual Score File .vs
File Association Manager ._eml
Xilinx ISE Project .xise
Erlang source file .erl
Erlang header file .hrl
MuPAD Program .mu
Arles Image Web Page Creator .arl
Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator .mask
Labels Unlimited Premade Files .pmj
SimCity 3000 Building Architect building set file .bst
Vir Files .vir
Electronics Workbench 5 File .ewb
Multisim 10 Project File .mp10
Multisim 11 Project File .mp11
Multisim 7 Project File .mp7
Multisim 9 Project File .mp9
Multisim Compressed Project File .mpzip
Multisim 10 File .ms10
Multisim 11 File .ms11
Multisim 7 File .ms7
Multisim 8 File .ms8
Multisim 9 File .ms9
MyScript NOTES file .notes
Simply Accounting Data File .csi
File Association Manager .hki
書庫ファイル .ish
Design Document .od
FS Document .pdz
おまかせ君データファイル .amx
CadStd Drawing .cad
Mortgage Solver 3.3.9 .mrt
KDDI au Music Port ABF .abf
W02Tax File .fd2
W02Tax File .id2
2003 Lacerte Tax Client .tc3
Image File .gcm
OpenDocument Präsentation .fodp
OpenDocument Tabellendokument .fods
OpenDocument Text .fodt
XPressUpdate Herstellerdatei .vnd
File Association Manager .qpt
QuarkXPress Web Document .qwd
QuarkXPress Book .qxb
QuarkXPress Document .qxd
QuarkXPress Library .qxl
QuarkXPress Project .qxp
QuarkXPress Template .qxt
Expression Project .exd
テキスト ドキュメント .adu
Geschäftsbuch .bkp
Partnership Tax Return .tp0
LSM Bild .pfi
Adobe Premiere Project .ppj
MPEG Video Wizard Title .wbt
EagleEyeOS Professional SLT Export File .ese
Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6.0 Chart .af2
Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6.0 Chart .af3
マップ ショートカット .llx
Data Collection File .dca
TelNet98 Session .etx
CorelDRAW X5 Graphic .wq1
Dialogic VOX file .wq2
DECAdry Labels Document .dp1
Minitab Project .mpj
Minitab Worksheet .mtw
LView Pro Image File .lvp
LView Pro Web Gallery .lvw
MET'S 3D Banner Ver5.3 .m3d
MET'S G.CREW Ver.8.0 .md2
Global Mapper Document .opt
Inspiration 8 Document .isf
Sealed Acrobat Document .spdf
Sealed HTML Document .stml
COMODO BackUp file .cbu
MyDatabase Document .edb
ProVenture Stationery Document .pvs
DLS-3 Account Information .dsc
Harpoon Game - HDSD .hpi
Harpoon Game - HDSF .hpk
Harpoon Game - HDSG .hpl
B's DVD Professional Project File .dfp
MapInfo Workspace .wor
REAPER Project File .rpp
MySQL Workbench File .mwb
Fichier de vérification .sha1
TPT Image Factory File .ifp
Snapshot Image file .sna
FlexiDATA backup report file .fbr
WinFlex Document .wfc
MidRadio Skin File .mrs
YUV תמונה .dol
Animake-Datei .abp
BYOND Map .dmm
STG MGI PhotoSuite II Image .stg
Business Card Maker 32 Document .bcd
Video easy-Projekt .mvy
Simulation Sub-Circuit .ckt
CAMtastic NC Drill Binary Data .drl
Altium EDIF Document .edi
CAMtastic Bottom Solder Mask Gerber Data .gbs
Simulation Piecewise Linear Description .pwl
Digital Waveform File .so
TARGET 3001! Project .t3001
Altium Script Document .tcl
Almanac Config File .alc
Personal Knowbase Document .kno
Easy CD Creator Project .cl5
PHYLIP File .phy
YUV תמונה .imt
HotPotJQuizFile .jbc
Marc Binary Model File .mud
Stykz Figure .styk
Stykz Document .stykz
ICONICS TrendWorX32 Trend Display .twt
Actify SpinFire .3D WorkSpace .3d
Dark Basic Professional Project .dba
Japanese Text File .old
SoftMap Document .svs
TextBridge Document .txd
NWC Text .nwctxt
IBM Lotus Notes Link .ndl
IBM Lotus Notes database .ns2
IBM Lotus Notes database .ns3
IBM Lotus Notes database .ns4
IBM Lotus Notes database .nsf
ToolBook II Specialist .spb
Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator Cover File .ezc
File Association Manager .dgb
EO Design File .dis
Dialogic VOX file .mui
Print Artist Project .pa
Paychex Report Manager .pym
Paychex Report Files .pyx
The Journal - Backup Archive .jbk
Cubasis VST 4 Arrangement File .arr
LexisNexis NoteMap Outline .cnm
Filter Graph .grf
Treppenmeister Treplux Planung .grl
RealOne Metafile .rom
CD Art Display Skin .cskin
Business Expense Tracker file .bet
MediaMan Collection File .mmc
Embroidery File .cem
EO Font File .dfont
Capture One Session .col
Dialogic VOX file .iip
Dialogic VOX file .iiq
EccoPro .ecc
EccoPro .eco
Sothink SWF Quicker File .sqf
dad File .dad
AlphaZip tar.gz archive .targz
ArcGIS Map Package .mpk
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .113
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .256
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .264
File Association Manager .cache
YUV תמונה .ph
Navicat for MySQL Structure Synchronize Profile .nps
Chess Game .pgn
Dialogic VOX file .vsprops
HotDocs Answer Library .hal
HotDocs Library File .hdl
HotDocs Form Document .hfd
URL:Eye Protocol .eye
Adobe InDesign 坶恅璃 .idlk
すごい位置合わせ Document .tpd
AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0 Project File .am5
CSLU Rapid Application Developer Canvas .rad
SoundFont .sf2
CSLU Sound Object .sob
Atom Feed .atom
Intelligent Audio File .iaf
3D Rad Project .3dr
Omnic Spectral Files .spg
GrabIt BNS file .bns
Reference Manager Output Style .os
Reference Manager Data File .rmd
Dialogic VOX file .bau
Dialogic VOX file .xcu
Report Document .rpd
Fujitsu ATLAS 日本語抽出ファイル .jpn
MPEG Video Wizard DVD Project .wbd
Viewer G-cluster .gcg
TMX Translation Memory .tmx
SimCopter User city File .scu
Report Designer File .letter
Corel Photo House Image .ccx
R+I Schema .rpa
Picaboo Archived Album .boo
Frames Animation .vbd
Quartus II Block/Schematic File .bdf
Maxwell Material File .mxm
Movienizer Database File .dmo
Wave Audio Album .wvl
APC.BMP .2bp
APC.FLT .msk
APC.RLA .rpf
PC5 Map File .pvm
Videoraptor Plugin .aplg
Media Center file .tivo
Tracking The Eye Registration File .tte
Windows Media Player .xst
万能ワードレジスタ ファイル .dpd
Compressed Update List .ulz
Citysurf Data Markup Language File .dml
LexmarkPhotoCenter.Document .wki
CorelCHART! 5.0 Chart .cch
Msia File .dlg
Msia File .lif
The Logo Creator Document .tlc
Brain File .brain
F-TOOLファイル .ftl
DiscCopy3 Document .idc
Terrapin FTP Server File .svr
Parasolid Binary Transmit Document .x_b
LandOfTheDead Level .dz
PressRelease Document .prp
SystemUp 2009 Profil .sup
StructRSR .rsr
eComic .cb7
Drawgraphic ドキュメント .fda
インストールファイル .ci
Alphacam Stone VBA Project .asb
LogoMaker Doc File .lmk
MagicScore Files .sfb
Speech Recognition Grammar Compiler Document .srg
BobCAD20.7 Drawing .cct
BobCAD20.7 NC .cnc
InfoStore node file .isn
MyLifeOrganized Data File .ml
NRG Raw Data File .a00
NRG Raw Data File .a01
NRG Raw Data File .a02
SDR iPack Parameters .ipk
NRG Raw Data File .rwd
Data .data
Genetyx Parallel Editor Index File .gid
WinSQL ER Diagram .wer
WinMount image file .wmt
C-GEO View .cgp
MemoryLifter Learning Module .odx
Acronis True Image Backup Archive .tib
Saved Previous Version of Document .bk
Screenwriter Script .scw
Timed Backup for the Screenwriter Document .tmb
Navin' You Basic Package .nvi
MobileLink Package .poi
Heroes 3 Map .h3m
O File .o
Diagram .ddd
Diagram template palette .ddt
Greeting Card Studio Document .gcdp
MPEG File .vc1
Tree5 File .uds
Employee Planner File .epf
Madori Data File .mwd
3Dマイホームデザイナー図面 .n3d
Thème adsl TV .ats
Sothink SWF Easy File .gla
MatchWare Mediator Document .md8
3D Designer Wohnung .bvh
Radlight Skin .rls
ADX Audio File .adx
AFS File System .afs
Album File .aph
Draw Document .awg
Advanced Grapher document .agr
Dariush3D .d3d
File Association Manager .kdi
Map Maker drawing .dra
Sigel Professional Label Document .sls
gpsPhotoTagger.Document .itx
Otrkey File .otrkey
Furcadia Objects Extended File .fox
Furcadia Extended Shape File .fs2
Sierra LandDesigner 3D Design .3dl
Vokabel file .gls
Hero Lab Import File .hl
EasyBCD recovery & stage files .efi
EasyBCD recovery & stage files .mbr
Easy CD Creator Document .cl4
Startup/shutdown logo set (Multimedia Xplorer) .mxl
Synfig Composition File .sif
PenOffice Document .ink
Nuendo2 Document .npr
Banner Maker Pro .bap
nMacro Project .nmp
File Association Manager .mrimg
Family Historian TreeFile .fh
Family Historian Diagram .fhd
Eclipse Document .rpj
BrioQuery Document .bqy
BrioQuery Connection File .oce
MXML ファイル .mxml
Gravis Preference File .grb
TSTREAM File .tstream
ニ、ニ、モホマキーイラーー・ .pgi
LTspice Symbol .asy
DataLoad File .dld
File Association Manager .pkh
PokerStat (pokerstars) Document .pks
Kinetic File .kin
Kinetic Template .ktp
MMF2 Document .mfa
AllMyNotes.document .ddb
Sonicfire Pro Project File .seq
Sealed Word Document .sdoc
SCENE Package .cip
WorldsPlayer WORLD File .world
Blog Post File .post
PowerX ActiveImage ベースイメージファイル .aiv
w06tax File .td6
Peggy Project .peg