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Name Extension
Blu-ray playlist file .bdmv
HDMOV File .hdmov
MPEG4 file .mpv4
Movie Clip .m2p
Blu-ray playlist file .mpls
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
MPEG-TS Video File .tps
EVO - File .evo
Playlist file .mpcpl
VLC media file (.ifo) .ifo
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
VLC media file (.ogv) .ogv
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
GOM Media file(.trp) .trp
GOM Media file(.tp) .tp
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
VLC media file (.webm) .webm
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
VLC media file (.amv) .amv
Movie Clip .mp2v
Flash Video file .f4v
Movie Clip .m1v
Movie Clip .m2v
AVCHD Video .m2ts
AVCHD Video .m2t
MPEG-2 TS Video .ts
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
RealOne Recording .rec
MP4 Video .mp4v
Movie Clip .mpv2
AVCHD Video .mts
Movie Clip .mpe
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
Video Clip .avi
sView Video .mk3d
HEVC Video .hevc
ALAC Audio file .alac
3GPP Audio/Video .3gpp
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
MP4 Video .mp4
RealPix .rp
Movie Clip .mpg
KMP -Video File .ofr
SMIL マルチメディア プレゼンテーション .smil
SMIL Multimedia Presentation .smi
Movie Clip .mpeg
GOM Media file(.wmp) .wmp
Miro .pva
RealText .rt
RealPlayer Presentation .rmm
VLC media file (.dv) .dv
RealAudio .ra
FLIC file .flic
Smacker/Bink Media file .smk
FLC Animation .flc
FLC Animation .fli
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3gp2
VLC media file (.mxf) .mxf
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
MP4 Video .m4v
Media Center file .mpc
VLC media file (.wv) .wv
QuickTime Movie .mov
VLC media file (.tta) .tta
VLC media file (.dts) .dts
Media Center file .ape
Smacker/Bink Media file .bik
MPlayer Audio File .tak
VLC media file (.oga) .oga
PLS Audio Playlist .pls
VLC media file (.mka) .mka
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
Music .ofs
APC.IVF .ivf
VLC media file (.ac3) .ac3
APL Audio Datei .apl
MediaCenter.15.Playlist .mpl
MPEG video/audio stream .m1a
MPEG video/audio stream .m2a
Opus Audio Codec .opus
TarFile .rpm
VLC media file (.spx) .spx
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
MPEG Media file .tpr
RoQ Media file .roq
Winamp media file .dsm
DAZ Script 2 (ascii) .dsa
DirectShow Media file .dsv
dat .dat
DVD2AVI files .d2v
VLC media file (.3ga) .3ga
ratdvd file .ratdvd
Flash Video file .iflv
Dirac Video .drc
VLC media file (.mlp) .mlp
VLC media file (.aob) .aob
RealVideo .rv
M3U Audio Playlist (UTF-8) .m3u8
MPEG-4 Audio File (Protected) .m4b
ADTS Audio .aac
SWF Movie .swf
MPEG-4 Audio .m4a
Blu-ray 3D Video File .ssif
Windows Media Audio file .wma
AIFF Format Sound .aifc
AIMP2: Compressed Tracker Module .mo3
Winamp media file .umx
Multitracker Module .mtm
WinXDVD RMA Files .rma
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
CD Audio Track .cda
Movie Clip .mpa
AIFF Format Sound .aiff
AIFF Format Sound .aif
M3U file .m3u
MIDI Sequence .midi
Other .vp6
MIDI Sequence .rmi
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wm
MP3 Format Sound .mp2
Wave Sound .wav
Video file - AVI .vp7
Virtual CloneDrive .dvd
mv2 File .mv2
Video File .mv1
Video File .video
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .asx
QuickTime Movie .qt
DSD audio file .dff
DSD audio file .dsf
Windows Media Audio shortcut .wax
MIDI Sequence .mid
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .wvx
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .wmx
AU Format Sound .snd
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .264
dav Document .dav
AU Format Sound .au
Impulsetracker Module .it
Fasttracker 2 Module .xm
Screamtracker 3 Module .s3m
Flash Document .fla
PowerISO File .vcd
MPEG Media .mps
Ringtone .m4r
GIF Image .gif
MagicISO Document .iso
MPEG Video .mpv
Windows Media playlist .wpl
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
Windows Live Movie Maker Project .wlmp
Bitmap Image .bmp
Partial Download .partial
MPlayer Playlist File .fpl
Nullsoft Streaming Audio File .nsa
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
Audio PlayList .xpl
WinRAR archive .rar
Movie Clip .mod
VLC media file (.m4p) .m4p
Vuze Download .torrent
Text Document .txt
Windows Media Player .pnf
Windows Media Player .wmdb
Windows Media Player .bup
PNG Image .png
HTML Document .htm
MPEG-4 File .m4e
PowerISO File .nrg
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Text Document .log
PostScript File .ps
RealPlayer File .rnx
WinRAR archive .7z
AMC Movie .amc
RealAudio Protected .rax
PostScript Printer Stub .pss
XVD videos .vg2
AVC Blu-ray Disc Video .bsf
MPEG-4 Movie .mpg4
CSF file .csf
Qtracker Mapshot Pack .qtm
Secure RealAudio / RealVideo File .rms
Session Description Protocol .sdp
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
RealSystem Secure Media File .rmx
VLC media file (.vlc) .vlc
Windows Media Player .mswmm
FRx DrillDown File .frd
AviSynth Script .avs
テキスト ドキュメント .pmp
Windows Media Player .lex
AutoTRAX Design Express Part .part
IconDeveloper File .dll
JPEG Image .jpg
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
VLC media file (.mpeg4) .mpeg4
PDS File .pds
KMP - SRT Subtitle File .srt
VLC media file (.vro) .vro
jZip archive file .001
ThreeDimSim script document .thd
DTS/DTS-HD .dtsma
File Association Manager .dtshd
DVD 音频 .dvda
DD+ 音頻 .ddp
MPlayer Audio File .shn
Fichier découpé avec Xtremsplit .xtm
ストリーミング メディア メタファイル .ssm
Media Center file .mp+
Windows Media Player .chk
WinZip File .img
PHP Script .php
MacPaint Image .mac
Microsoft Office Project Document .mpp
MPEG-2 TS Video .tts
Assembler Source .s
LSM Bild .ps1
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
WMF File .wmf
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Flash AS Communication File .asc
Adobe.DigitalEditions File .epub
WinZip File .mim
Sonic Global Image File .gi
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Miro .xvid
PhotoStory3.Document .wp3
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
JDownloader DLC Container .dlc
Windows Media Player .qtx
PowerArchiver File .002
PowerArchiver File .003
PowerArchiver File .004
Paradox Table .db
DarkAdapted Presets File .dap
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
Doom 3 / Quake 4 demo .demo
File Association Manager .crdownload
File Association Manager .ddat
Max JSON .json
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .480

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