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Name Extension
C Source .c
C++ Source .cpp
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Template .dot
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
C/C++ Header .h
Executable Jar File .jar
Microsoft Office Access Database Wizard Template .mdz
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Template .pot
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Template .potx
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
Server Response File .srf
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
Firefox Document .xht
Firefox Document .xhtml
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xlt
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xltx
Composer 669 Module .669
VLC media file (.ac3) .ac3
Audio Visual Research File .avr
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
VLC media file (.dts) .dts
Farandole Composer Module .far
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Speech Recognition Fil .htk
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
VLC media file (.ifo) .ifo
Compressed Impulsetracker Module .itz
Karaoke MIDI File .kar
VLC media file (.m4p) .m4p
Compressed MIDI File .miz
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
VLC media file (.mpeg4) .mpeg4
Multitracker Module .mtm
NoiseTracker Module .nst
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
Amiga Oktalyzer Module .okt
Paris Audio File .paf
PolyTracker Module .ptm
Portable Voice Format File .pvf
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
Screamtracker 3 Module .s3m
Compressed Screamtracker 3 Module .s3z
Sound Designer II Audio File .sd2
Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard File .sds
IRCAM Sound File .sf
Screamtracker 2 Module .stm
Compressed Screamtracker 2 Module .stz
Ultratracker Module .ult
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
VLC media file (.wv) .wv
Fasttracker 2 Waveform .xi
Fasttracker 2 Module .xm
Compressed Fasttracker 2 Module .xmz
WinRAR archive .7z
WinRAR archive .ace
WinRAR archive .arj
WinRAR archive .bz2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dng
WinRAR archive .gz
WinRAR archive .lha
WinRAR archive .lzh
MPEG-4 Audio File (Protected) .m4b
ACDSee Pro 2.5 NEF Bild .nef
Able RAWer (TIFF) .orf
Able RAWer (TIFF) .pef
PLS Audio Playlist .pls
QuickTime Movie .qt
Able RAWer (TIFF) .raf
WinRAR archive .rar
SWF Movie .swf
WinRAR archive .tar
WinRAR archive .taz
WinRAR archive .tbz
WinRAR archive .tbz2
WinRAR archive .tgz
WinRAR archive .uue
Able RAWer (TIFF) .x3f
WinRAR archive .z
Java Language Source file .java
dat .dat
Express Scribe Dictation File .dct
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
RealAudio .ra
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
RealPix .rp
RealText .rt
SMIL Multimedia Presentation .smi
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
PowerISO File .dmg
Nullsoft Streaming Audio File .nsa
PHP Script .php
PowerISO File .wim
SMIL マルチメディア プレゼンテーション .smil
CD-ROM (WMA) 編集 .nrw
DataPilot Calendar File .dps
jZip archive file .gzip
Kindle Content .tpz
Movie Clip .m2p
GOM Media file(.tp) .tp
GOM Media file(.wmp) .wmp
APC.IVF .ivf
UUSEE Media File .ucf
Media Center file .ape
Media Center file .mpc
ACDSee Pro 2.5 SRF Bild .sr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .arw
IrfanView KDC File .kdc
TarFile .rpm
Miro .pva
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
CPIO archive .cpio
DEB package .deb
UDF package .hfs
Playlist file .mpcpl
StuffIt Archive .lzma
IZArc WAR Archive .war
BitZipper SWM Archive .swm
BitZipper XAR Archive .xar
XVD videos .vg2
テキスト ドキュメント .pmp
Dialogic VOX file .aa
bzip2 Archive .bzip2
split Archive .split
MPlayer file (.pmp2) .pmp2
PostScript Printer Stub .pss
ratdvd file .ratdvd
Starcraft Scenario .scm
Smacker/Bink Media file .smk
媒体文件 (.smpl) .smpl
AdriPSX ILE Saved Game .sts
MPEG Media file .tpr
Other .vp6
Video file - AVI .vp7
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
Meeting File .met
LiteStep theme file .lsz
Virtual Disk .vhd
KaleidaGraph Layout File .qpl
播放列表文件 .ttpl
Kingsoft Presentation テンプレート .dpt
Kingsoft Spreadsheets ワークブック .et
Kingsoft Spreadsheets テンプレート .ett
Hasselblad Raw Image .3fr
Encrypted Zip File .czip
CGIファイル .cgi
BitZipper XZ Archive .xz
酷狗音乐KRC文件 .krc
fat Archive .fat
newlook Command File .nlc
Video file - COF .cof
播放列表文件 .ttbl
可牛相片场景文件 .cnwe
可牛相片场景文件 .neoframe
可牛相片场景文件 .nlf
可牛相片场景文件 .nlf2
可牛相片场景文件 .nlf3
可牛相片场景文件 .ipet
Video File .video

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