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Name Extension
XrML Digital License .xrm-ms
XSL Stylesheet .xsl
Pinned Site Shortcut .website
Partial Download .partial
MHTML Document .mhtml
MHTML Document .mht
SVG Document .svg
Firefox Document .xhtml
Firefox Document .xht
GIF Image .gif
HTML Document .htm
HTML Document .html
Microsoft Visio Document .vsx
Microsoft Visio Document .vtx
Microsoft Visio Document .vdx
Microsoft Visio Stencil .vss
Microsoft Visio Drawing .vsd
Microsoft Visio Template .vst
XML Document .xml
Microsoft Visio Document .vstm
Microsoft Visio Document .vssm
Microsoft Visio Document .vstx
Microsoft Visio Document .vssx
Microsoft Visio Document .vsdm
Dialogic VOX file .vdw
Microsoft Visio Document .vsdx
XEVGENXML File .xevgenxml
XML Document .rels
Macromedia Flash Paper .mfp
Integration Services Configuration .dtsconfig
Microsoft Infotech Storage System File .itss
Internet Document Set .its
SVG Document .svgz
XPS Document .xps
HTML Document .shtm
Screamtracker 2 Module .stm
Firefox Document .shtml
HTML Document .fdh
HTML Document .lph
InterTrust SPOP .spop
ACD/HNMR Calculated Spectrum .hsp
Sibelius Scorch Score .sco
Sibelius Score .sib
GIF Image .gfa
Autodesk DWF Document .dwf
SWF Movie .swf
dat .dat
HTML Document .plg
Computer Graphics Metafile .cgm
HTML Document .chtml
HTML Document .ssi
HTML Document .ihtml
HTML Document .lasso
HTML Document .hdt
HTML Document .hdtl
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
HTML Document .lbi
Virtools Player File .vmo
JPEG Image .jpg
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
TurnTool Scene .tnt
Macromedia Authorware 4 AAMfile .aam
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
PNG Image .png
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
ExitReality Scene .wrz
Application Manager File .prj
ExitReality Scene .wrl
ExitReality Scene .vrml
Dialogic VOX file .htx
JPEG Image .jpeg
Create & Print File .banctp
Create & Print File .bizctp
Create & Print File .calctp
Create & Print File .carctp
Create & Print File .cerctp
Create & Print File .cftctp
Create & Print File .faxctp
Create & Print File .hcrctp
Create & Print File .lblctp
Create & Print File .letctp
Create & Print File .notctp
Create & Print File .sigctp
Create & Print File .stictp
Create & Print File .ttz
Create & Print File .webctp
Create & Print File .broctp
Trellix Document .tlx
Create & Print File .envctp
Create & Print File .nwsctp
Create & Print File .pcrctp
Create & Print File .tshctp
CrazyTalk Project File .ctp
Create & Print File .clx
JPEG Image .jpe
MediaCenter.15.Subscribe .opml
HumanConcepts Organization(7) .ovx
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
IconDeveloper File .dll
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
Max JSON .json
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
CPC Image Document .cpi
CPI Batch Download .cpidl
CPI Batch Job .cpijob
JEDMICS C4 Image Document .c4
JEDMICS C4 Image Document .ct4
CPC Image Document .cpc
JFAX Image Document .jfax
CALS Type 1 Raster Image .cals
Portable Anymap Image .pnm
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
Broderbund Calendar .cal
eFax Messenger Document .jfx
Portable Bitmap .pbm
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
Icon .ico
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
IrfanView DJVU File .djvu
iCalendar File .ics
ACDSee Pro 3 DjVu Bild .djv
IrfanView SID File .sid
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
WinRAR archive .gz
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
ACDSee Pro 3 JP2 Bild .jpx
Thunderbird Document .eml
Band-in-a-Box Song .mg2
Band-in-a-Box Song .mg3
Zipped SwiftView File .zhp
WebP Image .webp
Adobe.DigitalEditions File .epub
WinRAR archive .rar
Citrix ICA Client .ica
Active Server Page .asp
eLynx zipped PCL .elx
ACOBO File .acb
CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer Document .ccs
Text Document .txt
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
RealPlayer Presentation .rmm
QuickTime Movie .mov
Windows Installer Patch .msp
Outlook Item .msg
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
MASM Listing .lst
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Windows Media Player .sfcache
Global Mapper Document .opt
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
Windows Media Player .mapimail
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
Rich Text Format .rtf
PHP Script .php
XPS Document .oxps
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
Executable Jar File .jar
Digital sheet music .mtd
Outlook Data File .pst
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
Palm Database File .pdb
MS-DOS Application .com
Sealed GIF Image .sgif
Sealed JPEG Image .sjpg
Sealed QuickTime Movie .smov
Sealed QuickTime Movie .smp1
Sealed QuickTime Movie .smp4
Sealed PNG Image .spng
Sealed HTML Document .stml
Sealed XML Document .sxml
Sealed Acrobat Document .spdf
Quicken QDF backup data file .qdf-backup
P-XVL Geometry File .xv3
WinZip File .r36
WinZip File .r37
WinZip File .r38
WinZip File .r39
WinZip File .r40
WinZip File .r41
WinZip File .r42
WinZip File .r43
WinZip File .r44
WinZip File .r45
WinZip File .r46
WinZip File .r47
WinZip File .r48
WinZip File .r49
WinZip File .r50
WinZip File .r51
WinZip File .r52
WinZip File .r53
WinZip File .r54
WinZip File .r55
WinZip File .r56
WinZip File .r57
WinZip File .r58
WinZip File .r59
WinZip File .r60
WinZip File .r61
WinZip File .r62
WinZip File .r63
WinZip File .r64
WinZip File .r65
WinZip File .r66
WinZip File .r67
WinZip File .r68
WinZip File .r69
WinZip File .r70
WinZip File .r71
WinZip File .r72
WinZip File .r73
WinZip File .r74
WinZip File .r75
WinZip File .r76
WinZip File .r77
WinZip File .r78
WinZip File .r79
WinZip File .r80
WinZip File .r81
WinZip File .r82
WinZip File .r83
WinZip File .r84
WinZip File .r85
WinZip File .r86
WinZip File .r87
WinZip File .r88
WinZip File .r89
WinZip File .r90
WinZip File .r91
WinZip File .r92
WinZip File .r93
WinZip File .r94
WinZip File .r95
WinZip File .r96
WinZip File .r97
WinZip File .r98
WinZip File .r99
WinZip File .r30
WinZip File .r31
WinZip File .r32
WinZip File .r33
WinZip File .r34
WinZip File .r35
Dialogic VOX file .art
Paradox Table .db
Internet Shortcut .url
Sealed GIF Image .s1g
Sealed HTML Document .s1h
Sealed JPEG Image .s1j
Sealed PNG Image .s1n
Sealed QuickTime Movie .s1q
Sealed XML Document .s1x
Sealed QuickTime Movie .s11
Sealed QuickTime Movie .s14
Sealed Acrobat Document .s1a
Sealed 3DF Document .s3df
Sealed CSF Document .scsf
Sealed TIFF Image .stif
GameSpy Arcade Custom Service .apk
XVL Structure File .xv0
V-XVL Geometry File .xv2
ATEasy System .sys
MagicISO Document .iso
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
Lizardtech IRL Image .irl
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Template .dot
HTML Document .xapp
Bitmap Image .bmp
Art Explosion Publisher Pro Database .sdb
MP4 Video .mp4
SureThing Office Labeler design .dsn
JNLP File .jnlp
Text Document .log
Nero Digital(TM) Files .nd
Quicken QDF data file .qdf
Windows Live Movie Maker Project .wlmp
Microsoft Office Publisher Document .pub
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
IrfanView HEIC File .heic
TurboTax 2017 Document .tax2017
There Login Data .tlg
WinRAR archive .tar
IrfanView ANI File .ani
Cabinet File .cab
OST Package File .ost
Microsoft Backup File .bkf
Configuration Settings .ini
QuickBooks Company Backup File .qbb
Windows Media Player .chk
VLC media file (.webm) .webm
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
Dialogic VOX file .htw
WinRAR archive .r10
WinRAR archive .r11
WinRAR archive .r12
WinRAR archive .r13
WinRAR archive .r14
WinRAR archive .r15
WinRAR archive .r16
WinRAR archive .r17
WinRAR archive .r18
WinRAR archive .r19
WinRAR archive .r20
WinRAR archive .r21
WinRAR archive .r22
WinRAR archive .r23
WinRAR archive .r24
WinRAR archive .r25
WinRAR archive .r26
WinRAR archive .r27
WinRAR archive .r28
WinRAR archive .r29
WinRAR archive .r03
WinRAR archive .r04
WinRAR archive .r05
WinRAR archive .r06
WinRAR archive .r07
WinRAR archive .r08
WinRAR archive .r09
WinRAR archive .r00
WinRAR archive .r01
WinRAR archive .r02
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .asx
Windows Media Player .lnk
WinRAR archive .7z
Able RAWer (TIFF) .arw
Movie Clip .mpg
Installer Package .air
Dialogic VOX file .tlb
XSL Transform .xslt
Windows Media Player .386
DWG TrueView Script .scr
Dialogic VOX file .sol
WordPerfect X3-Dokument .wpd
OpenDocument Text .odt
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xltx
Windows Installer Package .msi
PLS Audio Playlist .pls
Windows Media Player .zfsendtotarget
IEMBL Nucleotide Format File .emb
WinRAR archive .lzh
Dialogic VOX file .vssettings
SiteMapper Document .csm
Chemical Structure Markup Language File .csml
Gaussian Cube File .cub
Gaussian Cube File .cube
Gaussian Input File .gau
iTunes Music Database File .itl
JCAMP-DX File .jdx
Mopac Input File .mop
JCAMP-DX File .dx
IEMBL Nucleotide Format File .embl
RasMol Script File .spt
MDL Transportable Graphics File .tgf
XMol XYZ File .xyz
Actify SpinFire .3D WorkSpace .3d
MDL Molfiles .mol
MDL RXNfiles .rxn
MDL Sketch File .skc
JScript Script File .js
Cursor File .cur
AVCHD Video .mts
Dialogic VOX file .tsv
TurboTax 2019 Document .tax2019
PAR Recovery Volume .p12
Dialogic VOX file .usr
Server Response File .srf
InDesign XML Interchange Document .inx
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
XML Configuration File .config
Flash AS Communication File .asc
XView Class .3dg
Active X .ocx
GEDCOM file .ged
iTunes Music Player .plist
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
Microsoft Infotech 5.1 Storage System File .its51
IZArc LIB Archive .lib
PowerISO File .dmg
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
CD Audio Track .cda
TurboTax 2016 Document .tax2016
RSLogix 5000 XML File .l5x
Roxio VideoCD Layout .vcl
Windows Media Player .acf
Microsoft Office Access Application .mdb
Setup Information .inf
Google Earth KMZ .kmz
Write Document .wri
FTM Family File 2009 .ftm
Dialogic VOX file .local
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
Address Book File .wab
Safari Extension .webarchive
Active Server Page .cdx
PostScript File .ps
Adobe Content Server Message .acsm
VLC media file (.ifo) .ifo
XML Schema File .xsd
Microsoft Office Access Template .accdt
Dialogic VOX file .desklink
Dialogic VOX file .exp
SWF Movie .spl
URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol .www
System Monitor File .pma
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
TurboTax 2018 Document .tax2018
Windows Media Player .acs
S/MIME File .p7m
Safari Download .download
MonexMarketStation .msrt
iTunes Music Player .aca
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
Visual C# Source file .cs
Windows Command Script .cmd
Video Clip .avi
MP4 Video .m4v
XMind Markers Package .xmp
HTML Application .hta
Compiled Resource Script .res
Windows Media Player .downloadhost
MS Infotech 5.0 Storage System .its50
TurboTax 2015 Document .tax2015
Dialogic VOX file .api
AFS File System .afs
STARFAX ドキュメント .sfs
Text Document .dic
FTM Backup File 2009 .ftmb
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .xlr
vCard File .vcf
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
PVCNC_Control70 Control .job
Quicken Import File .qif
Assembler Source .s
MSInfo Configuration File .nfo
Google SketchUp Model .skp
Compiled HTML Help file .chm
Tax File .tax
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
AFP ファイル .afp
TurboTax 2014 Document .tax2014
.XLSM file .pages
PIMG ImageDecodeFilter Class .pimg
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Document .docm
Microsoft Money file .mny
Vuze Download .torrent
Quicken OFX data .qfx
QuickBooks Company File .qbw
ExitReality Browser .bxwrl
ASF Stream Description File .asd
Nero BackItUp圧縮ファイル .nco
Alphacam AlphaEdit VBA Project .aab
AutostartAdministrator-Sicherung .aas
Windows Gadget .gadget
Google Earth KML .kml
Diagnostic Cabinet .diagcab
MPEG-4 Audio .m4a
Dialogic VOX file .dl_
ExitReality Scene .wrlgz
Windows Media Player .bup
Windows Batch File .bat
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
PICT Image .pic
TRL Document .t19
Kindle Content .prc
Moneydance Data .md
PUP package (Puppy Linux) .pup
Business Card Factory 2.0 .bcf
avast! license file .avastlic
File Association Manager .crdownload
Windows Media Player .pnf
PassCard File .rfp
Netlist .sdf
Active Server Application .asa
C/C++ Header .h
Dialogic VOX file .dir
HTML Document .htmeroom
Ots Playlist Template .otm
Registration Entries .key
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 Datei .ecs
Windows Media playlist .wpl
Contact File .contact
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xlb
Dialogic VOX file .text
Windows Media Player .wmdb
JNG 画像 .arf
HTML Document .xhtm
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
AutoCorrect List File .acl
WinZip File .img
Microsoft RTC Connection File .rtc
VLC media file (.m4p) .m4p
X3D Document .x3d
File Association Manager .laccdb
Layout & Editing .pes
OpenDocument Master Document .odm
WinRAR archive .z
ExitReality Browser .plx
ExitReality Browser .bxplx
Apple Device Application File .ipa
PhotoStory3.Document .wp3
Icon Library .icl
IGES Files .igs
WinRAR archive .tgz
vCalendar File .vcs
Text Document .cfg
Dialogic VOX file .dbg
WinZip File .hqx
DSMI AMF Module .amf
ExitReality Scene .dae
Windows Media Audio file .wma
JPEG Image .jfif
PHP file .phtml
VisiTrax Library .ldb
Microsoft Office OneNote Section .one
PHP Script .phtm
File Association Manager .dhtml
HTML Document .dhtm
Paint.NET Image .tga
Sit StuffIt Archive .sit
IZArc A Archive .a
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Template .pot
MPEG-4 Audio File (Protected) .m4b
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
PowerISO File .lcd
Windows Live Mail Mail Message .rss
Dialogic VOX file .man
Windows Media Player .docmhtml
Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .fdf
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .sch
Broderbund Poster Type .sig
Windows Media Player .aw
Windows Media Player .acrobatsecuritysettings
DYMO Label File .label
Real Games Package .rgp
Microsoft Money backup file .mbf
TurboTax 2020 Document .tax2020
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
File Association Manager .crtx
HP Printer Control Language .prn
Blender .blend File .blend
Microsoft Program Group .grp
Wireshark capture file .cap
Virtual Disk .vhd
Dialogic VOX file .tab
System Monitor File .blg
Caspedia Digital Memories Publisher Content Packag .package
{D71BD573-AD49-43C8-8BD6-C05186919EAA} .bfg
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
StuffIt Archive .mime
Visual Basic Module .bas
backup File .bak
DirectX X-File .x
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xlt
Dialogic VOX file .skb
File Association Manager .avery
TurboTax 2010 Document .tax2010
Windows Media Player .mswmm
TurboTax 2021 Document .tax2021
File Association Manager .w02
Virtual Machine Shell Information .vmcx
temp .log2
Java Language Source file .java
Help File .hlp
SPSS Data Document .sav
Windows Media Player .vxd
File Association Manager .nk2
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Slide Show .ppsx
TrueType Font file .ttf
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .scd
PDS File .pds
DLL .rll
Microsoft SQL Server Query File .sql
Composite Font File .compositefont
WMF File .wmf
Google Gadget .gg
iEPGファイル(PL) .pl
Apple Device Software Update File .ipsw
Antenna file .xmpl
HiJaak Image .dxn
WinZip File .arc
Dialogic VOX file .scc
Registration Script .rgs
Visual Basic Source file .vb
Nero BackItUp アーカイブファイル .nba
File Association Manager .propdesc
Dialogic VOX file .mui
AutoCAD DXF Image .dxf
RealAudio .ra
PHP3 Script .php3
Microsoft PowerPoint Settings File .pcb
Wireshark capture file .acp
qwpfile .pfl
Dialogic VOX file .vbx
Dialogic VOX file .aps
Windows Script File .wsf
Binary .gba
Microsoft Rights Managed HTML Document .rpmsg
QuickTitler Document .etl
LSM Bild .emz
MIDI Sequence .mid
Paint Shop Pro 7 Browser Cache File .jbf
OpenDocument Presentation .odp
Microsoft Update Standalone Package .msu
Visual Basic Class Module .cls
筆まめ文面ファイルタイプ .fwb
Windows Media Player .swu
iTunes Database File .itdb
Visual C# Project file .csproj
FTW Family File .ftw
Print Artist Project .pra
Dialogic VOX file .ans
QuickBooks Portable Company File .qbm
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx
LabelPrint File .lpp
Wave Sound .wav
Microsoft Office Access 2007 Database .accdb
Paris Audio File .paf
Microsoft Office InfoPath Form Template .xsn 1.1 Text Document .sxw
HD Photo (JPEG XR) .jxr
Windows Media Player .wsb
Data .data
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
WinRAR archive .ace
VLC media file (.ac3) .ac3
AMR Wide-Band Content .awb
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer .vnu
アルバムビューアー 配布用アルバムファイル .aae
Dialogic VOX file .ext
QuickBooks OFX data .qbo
Microsoft Works Database .wdb
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
File Association Manager .properties
Sunrise XP Update Report .sxr
CSLU Sound Object .sob
Acronis True Image Backup Archive .tib
TRL Document .t18
Windows Media Player .msdvd
Windows Backup Catalog File .wbcat
Legacy Search Query File .fnd
Dialogic VOX file .avif
Neat Data File .nwdb
Windows Media Player .xlsmhtml
File Association Manager .efw
Dialogic VOX file .in_
File Association Manager .mydocs
BlueStacks Android Package File .xapk
Open Financial Exchange File .ofx
Neat Cabinet .nwcab
Dialogic VOX file .jod
Photostage Project .spj
Kindle Content .azw
Interface Definition Language File .odl
Amazon Digital Music Download .amz
PyScripter project file .psproj
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .p10
jZip archive file .001
C Source .c
4DEmbroidery.Document.1 .vp3
WhereIsIt? Catalog Group File .ctg
JEF File .jef
Crash Dump File .dmp
PaperPort Document .max
OpenDocument Drawing .odg
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
Security Certificate .cer
Windows Media Player .h1s
AutoTRAX Design Express Part .part
Windows Media Player Skin Package .wmz
Animal Database .gpd .cr
TurboTax 2012 Document .tax2012
Outlook Express Mail Box .dbx
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
Windows Media Player .blackhawkstriker2savedgame
unispim wordlib file .uwl
E-Transcript File .ptx
Flexible Image Transport System Image .fits
Dialogic VOX file .m14
Paintbrush Image .pcx
Registration Entries .reg
M3U file .m3u
MPEG-2 Transport Stream .tsa
ees Document .xpt
File Association Manager .ex4
Windows Media Player .nwbak
3D Rad Project .3dr
Dialogic VOX file .bau
VBScript Script File .vbs
Adobe ColdFusion File .cfm
AutoHotkey Script .ahk
Microsoft Word HTML Document .dochtml
TRL Document .t17
OpenVPN Config File .ovpn
AutoCAD Sheet Set .dst
StampsDotCom InternetPostage Application .stamps
Microsoft Excel XML Worksheet .xlxml
History Log .hst
Trade Manager File Type .trm
Internet Video Recording .ivr
Open Virtualization Format Distribution Package .ova
Active Server Document .jsp
TurboTax 2009 Document .tax2009
Dialogic VOX file .aax
IncrediMail Content .imn
internet explorer .com/
Disk Image .do
pc matic .0-setup[1]
4DEmbroidery.Document.3 .hus
BUDS Update File .fc
MemoryMixer 3 Album .sb3
JBIG Image .jbg
JBIG Image .jbig
ATEasy Driver .drv
Crystal Reports .rpt
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presenta .pptm
Export Definition File .def
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Template .potx
Dialogic VOX file .pfc
BIF Image .wbz
Media Center file .bpl
ebdlFile .ebdl
RIS Formatted File .ris
PowerShell XML .ps1xml
QuickBooks Import/Export File .iif
HTML File .action
Microsoft Office Access Project .adp
Media Catalog File .mgc
ストリーミング メディア メタファイル .ssm
Windows Theme Pack .themepack
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .wvx
Adobe Audition XFM .xfm
ACDSee Pro 3 IFF Bild .ilbm
Microsoft Flight Simulator Application .flt
Panorama .xxx
QNE Document .org
Microsoft Office Theme .thmx
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template .dotm
ACDSee Pro 2.5 NEF Bild .nef
Infrared Library .cml
ムービー クリップ .mo
Solid Package File .pkg
Public-key encrypted file .fcm
TurboTax 2011 Document .tax2011
WinRAR archive .bz2
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
Dialogic VOX file .sbr
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .123
MYOB JustInvoices Database Backup .dbk
Dialogic VOX file .nls
Greeting Card Factory Greeting Card .fgc
SCT-Bilder .ct
Dialogic VOX file .pip
VMDK File .vmdk
iTunes Music Player .qtr
Zoner Viewer Document .*
Windows Media Player .xst
Dialogic VOX file .xcu
File Association Manager .mso
File Association Manager .hxs
Dialogic VOX file .htc
GPS Exchange Format .gpx
Visual InterDev Project .vip
Media Catalog File .mml
Dialogic VOX file .heics
Outlook Bar Shortcuts .fav
Miro .xvid
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
Chrome HTML Document .mhtm
File Association Manager .adi
Toad MSSQL Data Compare Project .dcp
SimpleSend Transfer Configuration .ssf
EasyBCD recovery & stage files .efi
File Association Manager .hxa
QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File .qbx
Greeting Card Factory Stationery .fsn
Unity package file .unitypackage
Application .exe
Source Game Add-on .vpk
PowerISO File .wim
DAMN NFO Viewer file .diz
Dialogic VOX file .mmf
P2G File .p2g
My IMA Application .imk
Origin Module Pack File .opk
Text Document .conf
CX-Programmerプロジェクト .cxp
Discus Art Database .opc
File Association Manager .hxc
File Association Manager .hxe
File Association Manager .hxk
File Association Manager .hxt
Dialogic VOX file .xaf
VrmlViewer Object .xof
File Association Manager .h1q
602XML Form .fo
Microsoft Office Project Document .mpp
Web Service Discovery File .disco
Cube Catalog .cat
FTW Backup File .fbk
Vectric Aspire Clipart File .3dclip
File Association Manager .pkpass
C/C++ Code Listing .cod
Microsoft Office Access Workgroup Information .mdw
Express Scribe Dictation File .dct
MPEG Audio .mpga
IGSS configuration .elm
Text Document .m12
360zip .hxw
TK8 Safe password database .tks
360zip .hxi
TRL Document .t14
MikroBitti-asennus .hxh
360zip .hxq
360zip .hxr
Windows Media Player .rollercoastertycoon3platinumsavedgame
Windows Media Player .nbak
Windows Media Player .qtx
MySync Address File .msa
Control Panel .cpl
Hallmark Card Studio Project .hmk
PagePlus Dokument .ppp
PowerISO File .mdf
QuickTime Movie .qtl
Able RAWer (TIFF) .raf
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .profile
Text Document .wtx
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog .lrcat
CorelDraw Image .cdr
Flash Video file .f4v
Yahoo! Widget .widget
TurboTax 2008 Document .tax2008
Dialogic VOX file .fif
Dialogic VOX file .inv
Shortcut to MS-DOS Program .pif
Microsoft Office Access ACCDE Database .accde
WinZip Zipx File .zipx
Detached signature .p7s
Opus Audio Codec .opus
EFJohnson Radio Options File .opi
Application Manifest .application
5DQDCreator.Document .4qb
File Association Manager .numbers
QuickTime Movie .mqv
Windows Media Player .email
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
Autodesk Revit Project .rvt
TurboTax 2013 Document .tax2013
Wireshark capture file .erf
Messenger Class .ymg
QuickTime Movie .qt
Dialogic VOX file .mailview
Filler Document .pff
Dialogic VOX file .resx
SEW File .sew
XBRL Instance .xbrl
Ringtone .m4r
Blocking Passcard File .rfx
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
XPS Document .dwfx
iTunes Music Player .jpg_large
XML Document Type Definition .dtd
Linker Address Map .map
Microsoft Office Excel Binary Worksheet .xlsb
FTW Compact Backup File .fbc
AbiWord Document .abw
Dialogic VOX file .bcp
Dialogic VOX file .bsc
Kindle Content .mobi
Open Playset .playset
RivaTuner hardware monitoring log file .hml
TarFile .rpm
.AEX .aex
Web.Location .webloc
LSM Bild .pfi
DMM電子書籍ファイル .dmmb
X3D 3D World, XML encoding .x3dz
Does Time Heal? .uccapilog
File Association Manager .hmt
File Association Manager .jsx
Dialogic VOX file .odc
BERNINA Embroidery Software Design File .art50
File Association Manager .cache
UltimateZip file .wsz
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspimage
Norman Data File .ndf
GSD File .gsd
XFDL Document .xfd
XFDL Document .xfdl
WebPlus Document .wpp
OpenType Font file .otf
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide Sh .ppsm
Windows Live Mail News Message .nws
Movie Clip .mpeg
StarOffice 5.0 文書ドキュメント .sdw 1.1 Text Document Template .stw
Intel PROSet/Wireless AutoImport File .p50
Integration Services Deployment Manifest .ssisdeploymentmanifest
Audio Comparer Group file .acg
Windows Media Player .lex
ExpressIt Player v2 File .3dp
KMP - SRT Subtitle File .srt
Microsoft Excel 5.0 DialogSheet .xld
URL:Ares protocol .arlnk
CorelDRAW 12.0 Graphic .cdt
Internet Communication Settings .ins
HP Graphics Language .hpgl
Photostage 1.x Project .ssp
Microsoft Graph 2000-Diagramm .gra
インストールファイル .ci
Writer's Cafe Scrapbook File .wcs
Information Card .hds
HTML Document .av
EXACT Lock File .lck
SongFrame Song File .song
Bentley MicroStation Design .sht
HTMLDOC Book .book
File Association Manager .ds_store
SecurID .sdtid
Guide Letter or Document .gdoc
[email protected][1]
Vectric License file .vlicence
File Association Manager .fmp12
OS_Upgrade .8xu
File Association Manager .command
DynaCAD 図面 .dcz
REQ File .req
X3D 3D World, classic encoding .x3dv
X3D 3D World, classic encoding .x3dvz
Обменный текстовый формат векторной карты .txf
PSpice Netlist File .net
Finale Notation File .mus
PCStitch Stitched Font .stf
地図行政区 .adm
Thème adsl TV .ats
Nokia Application Installer Datei .sis
IrfanView DCM File .dcm
Dialogic VOX file .hhc
BitZipper SWM Archive .swm
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
Crash Dump File .mdmp
Include File .inc
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3gp2
SMIL マルチメディア プレゼンテーション .smil
CD-ROM (ISO) 編集 .nri
Broderbund Envelope Type .env
Microsoft Digital Image Document .mix
Windows Media Player .prx
Able RAWer (TIFF) .pef
ADTS Audio .aac
C++ Source .cc
Microsoft Office Access MDE Database .mde
Windows Media Photo .wdp
Dialogic VOX file .fnt
IrfanView RAS File .ras
GIMP image .xcf
OmniPage Image File .dcx
Calendar Creator Document .bcc
HP Graphics Language .plt
HP Graphics Language .hgl
HP Graphics Language .hp
HP Graphics Language .hpg
Belarc Computer Profile .bci
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .6
MyDatabase Document .edb
Image Bookmark Document .ibk
ArchiCAD Solo Project Archive .pla
ResumeMaker User Profile .rmr
StuffIt Compressed File .1
Mathematica Package .m
WebM Audio File .weba
Apabi Document .ceb
WOWSL file .wowsl
File Association Manager .doc#
Qtracker PlayerWatch Skin .qts
Pagis Electronic Document .lwp
MetaQuotes Language 4 file .mq4
File Association Manager .pptmhtml
Windows Media Player .lrtemplate
AccuTermInternetClient2k2.ATInetCli .atsn
AccuTermInternetClient2k2.ATInetSafeCli .atss
Theme Manager Suite .suite
TIFF, page-per-file .svt
HP Printer Control Language .pcl
DM Genie Class File .class
Gartrip data file .wp
Virtual CloneDrive .udf
PowerDesk.Archive .ark
DeltaCad Symbol File .sym
MD5 Checksum File .md5
EasyLanguageDocumentFile .eld
TradeStation Workspace .tsw
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
DVDビデオ編集 .nrd
G-code toolpath .gcode
Windows Media Player .jsonlz4
File Association Manager .nupkg
Nero BackItUpドライブアーカイブファイル .nda
Windows Media Player .chuzzledeluxesavedgame
Visual Basic Form File .frm
VLC media file (.ogv) .ogv
Movie Clip .mp2v
ASP.NET User Control .ascx
Dialogic VOX file .pch
SUMMARY File Type .sum
PrintMaster Project .pmx
MAGIX Fotoalbum .alb
Dialogic VOX file .dxr
eWallet Document .wlt
Raven Shield Map Files .rsm
Lua Program .lua
Slick-C Header File .sh
Adobe Xtra 32 .x32
dav Document .dav
Windows Media Player .reapeaks
Hacha .0
File Association Manager .nb7
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .2
Flexible Image Transport System .fit
Popims Animation .pim
Mastercam NC Files .nc
Subtitle File .idx
Free Opener association .dropbox
TRL Document .t15
MIDI-OX SysEx .syx
BS Contact VRML/X3D Control .bskey
Dialogic VOX file .mailhost
FastChords Song .crl
宛名職人 住所録 .ata
Corel Calculate Document .aws
Test file .tst
FormDocs Extension .fdx
Geogrid-Viewer Overlay .ovl
BitZipper XZ Archive .xz
CGIファイル .cgi
TQSLCert file .tq6
Intelligent Audio File .iaf
Report Designer File .report
PepakuraDesigner .pdo
FormTool Document .ftf
sqlite database .sqlite
Lenel Digital Video file .info
MWM-Libero Projekt .lbo
Virtual CloneDrive .ccd
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
Microsoft Easy Assist Connection File .eas
Dialogic VOX file .aa
Dialogic VOX file .fky
Dialogic VOX file .jav
Greeting Card Factory T-Shirt .fts
Microsoft Access HTML Document .mdbhtml
Zynewave Podium Project File .pod
CDLS Document .stp
Music .mt2
Dialogic VOX file .sy_
WISO Geld-Tipp Steuer 2007 Datei .t07
Microsoft Office OneNote Table Of Contents .onetoc2
JScript Encoded File .jse
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
Adobe Acrobat XML Data Package File .xdp
Sonic Global Image File .gi
Disabled startup file .disabled
Python File .py
eFax Messenger Document .efx
Windows Media Player .loaded_0
Windows Live Hotmail .com/?rs=1
NOMEDIA File .nomedia
Anki deck package .apkg
File Association Manager .amxd
GIF Image .gif-backup
SVG Document .svg-backup
Microsoft Visio Document .vst-backup
Qualcomm PureVoice および拡張可変レート .qcp
Microsoft Word HTML Template .dothtml
VLC media file (.xspf) .xspf
AU Format Sound .au
C/C++ Header .hxx
Contact Group File .group
TraceArt Project file .tap
Greeting Card Factory Web Album .fwa
Tax Document .ta9
Dialogic VOX file .dos
筆王住所録ファイル .fzd
RDF File .rdf
AVG Diagnostics file .avd
iTunes Music Player .modd
HG2F Download File .z2f
Dialogic VOX file .props
topx .topx
Google spreadsheet .gsheet
HTML Document .mt
BS Contact VRML/X3D Control .bswrl
DD+ 音頻 .ddp
File Association Manager .gqsx
Dialogic VOX file .secstore
Resources File .resources
SecretHolderによって暗号化されたファイルです。 .shx
tcxFile .tcx
foobar2000 Component .fb2k-component
bblFile .bbl
Rhino Plug-in .rhp
JadSplit Info File .000
JEF+ File .jef+
Lotus 1-2-3 9 Smart Master .12m
Approach View File .apr
Business-in-a-Box Document .btd
LaTeX Document .ltx
筆まめペイント15 .mlb
StuffIt Encoded File .pf
DLS-3 Account Information .dsc
Microsoft Word XML Document .docxml
Shareaza Collection File .co
File Association Manager .save
ScanScope Virtual Slide .afi
サイボウズ リマインダー スキンファイル .crs
Adobe Fireworks STL File .stl
Quicken QDB data file .qdb
Coffee Document .snp
UltimateZip file .pak
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 7.0 Image .cpt
PowerArchiver RAR File .01
Dialogic VOX file .csa
Dialogic VOX file .latex
Dialogic VOX file .htt
Navisworks Document .nwd
COREL Texture .tex
Oblivion mod .omod
Migration Store .mig
NoiseTracker Module .nst
Windows Live Call .wlcshrtctv2
Windows Theme File .theme
Resource Script .rc
File Association Manager .dmx-info
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .qpw
Windows Media Player .polarbowlersavedgame
ACDSee Pro 2.5 HDR Bild .hdr
AMC Movie .amc
M3U Audio Playlist (UTF-8) .m3u8
Windows Media Player .afg
SVG Document .adobexml
土木積算システム ATLUS REAL Evo .lbf
Cantax FormMaster 2020 Document .t20
Vectric Gadget package .vgadget
Dialogic VOX file .mogrt
Windows Media Player .849c9593-d756-4e56-8d6e-42412f2a707b
Representative Console .brcs-washnet
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
Adobe Photoshop Elements Image .pdd
Windows Media Player .penguinssavedgame
AVG Diagnostics file .avgdx
InstallShield project file .mst
Messenger Class .yps
Rating System File .rat
Visual Basic Project file .vbproj
MagicISO Document .uif
Windows Media Player Skin File .wms
Wireshark capture file .trace
Text Document .exc
Information Card .crd
Dialogic VOX file .user
Caliper Standard Geographic Database .dbd
BootSkin Document .bootskin
Thunderbird Document .wdseml
GCD Image .gcd
File Association Manager .sims2pack
Media Clip .mmm
T09 File .t09
MPEG video/audio stream .mpm
Broderbund Web Page Project .web
Quicken QDT data file .qdt
Streets & Trips Template .stt
Security Certificate .crt
Security Certificate .der
Dialogic VOX file .p5i
Sealed Word Document .sdo
Aspire file .crv3d
File Association Manager .mrimg
Reference Manager Data File .rmd
R+I Schema .rpa
Subtitle File .sub
Text Document .lic
CED Signal Document .cfs
AxCrypt Security Wrapped .axx
Check List Pro Document .clt
File Association Manager .moi
Internet Exploere .com/questions/43jda-i-need-the-tuner-board-for-my
Akelius Dokument 2007 fil .ldw
MarketBrowser Launcher .xpy
ASP.NET Web Page (CSHTML) .cshtml
TrashReplay .replay
AIQ Chart Document .dta
Windows Media Player .qdat
VentaFax Delivery Schedule File .vfs
VersaCheck 2002 .vdf
Plugin do Discador Digerati .plugin
File Association Manager .sqm
File Association Manager .qel
[email protected]
Total Commander Packer Plugin .wcx
FileWedge Configuration File .fw
Dialogic VOX file .sqw
Windows Media Player .db-journal
CDADJ ファイル .cdadj
PCB Region .rgn
PTN File .ptn
aac music file .sdi
Band-in-a-Box Song .mgu
Imagelys Picture Styles File .ips
CS ChemFinder Document .cfx
PowerArchiver File .002
VMware Virtual Image File .sv2i
AolCoach GTCoach Engine .atr
Argumentative File .axl
COMODO BackUp file .cbu
SDR Patch File .ptc
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .10
License key for RamDisk/RamDisk Plus .ssc_rdrp_key
Winamp media file .spc
使手帳 .nbf
Adobe Acrobat PDFXML Document .pdfxml
String Table .str
AnyDVD Registration Key .anydvdhd
Broderbund Banner .ban
Norstedts Skatt 2008 Deklarationsfil .t08
Celtx Document .celtx
exefile .sims2skin
Autodesk Revit Family .rfa
TheSpringBox Widget .sbw
Army Builder Roster File .rst
OMS2 File .oms2
Caliper Compact Geographic Database .cdf
Windows Media Player .lbxlls
SonicWALL Global VPN Client Document .rcf
Dialogic VOX file .sed
DocuWorks文書 .xdw
Microsoft Works Database .bdb
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .bks
BlogThis data file .blogthis
3GPP Audio/Video .3gpp
Creative VOC Format .voc
VLC media file (.a52) .a52
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .wks
MPEG-2 TS Video .ts
Microsoft Data Link .udl
PHP4 Script .php4
Safari Extension .safariextz
PowerISO File .nrg
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
MAGIX Burn Project .mbp
PICT Image .pict
MacPaint Image .pntg
LabVIEW Control Template .ctt
Skype files .skype
Report Definition File .rdl
RealMedia HD .rmhd
File Association Manager .nv2
File Association Manager .hif
File Association Manager .kodu
3CXPhone for Windows Configuration File .3cxconfig
Media Center file .heif
OS_Upgrade .tco
IPython Notebook File .ipynb
Dialogic VOX file .cson
Movavi Video Suite 17: Edit Video .mpack
Free Editor association .lrv
Estimate File .estimate
fix outlook .eaiaiqobchmiolbgzez-2aivspv-ch1k9ww2eamyasaaeglvh
Able RAWer (TIFF) .x3f
Visual CertExam Suite File .vce 1.1 Drawing Template .std
OpenDocument Text Template .ott
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dng
GIMP pattern .pat
Able RAWer (TIFF) .orf
Adobe Fireworks JSF File .jsf
MacPaint Image .mac
Able RAWer (TIFF) .mrw
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 .vf
SmartDraw Template .sdt
eLecta Live 6 Recorded Session .el6
jZip archive file .gzip
Saved Game .civ4savedgame
Nero BackItUp 情報ファイル .nbi
Web Service Description Language .wsdl
XAML Browser Application .xbap
Microsoft Office Access Add-in .accda
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Template .xltm
PolyTracker Module .ptm
C++ Source .cpp
.MahjongTitansSave-ms .mahjongtitanssave-ms
Microsoft Common Console Document .msc
RocketBook Title .rb
Dialogic VOX file .obj
Account Manager File Type .acm
MCP File .mcp
Retrospect Run Document .rrr
Password Depot File (.psw) .psw
PowerTab File Format .ptb
BitZipper XAR Archive .xar
Broderbund Label .lbl
IncrediMail Content .imi
Reflection Menu Settings .rmu
Google Gadget .ggc
CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation .axp
ACDSee Pro 2.5 SRF Bild .sr2
RoboDemo Template .rdt
Compucon EOS Document .fdr
UltraISO File .vdi
私暦カレンダーファイル .wgc
Deed File .mbl
Chinese GB File .gb
InPage Document .inp
File Association Manager .fol
MyBook BkImage File .mbb
Harpoon Game - HDSF .hpk
The Journal - Backup Archive .jbk
Exp+ HTML Document .htmlfile
Genetyx Parallel Editor Index File .gid
Remotedesktop Document .rdp
Chess Game .pgn
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .219
Parasolid X_T Files .x_t
ArcSoft Album File .abm
楽々はがき 住所録 .jsr
Vbox Helper Application .box
NTF MediaFACE Document .ntf
Dassault Systemes 3D XML File .3dxml
File Association Manager .easm
Fujitsu ATLAS 辞書データ結合ファイル .mrg
This is a document file for Paraben's Resume Wizard .wrf
VASSAL Module .vmod
WDL Script .wdl
RPGXP Data .rxdata
三四郎 ワークシート .jsd
ToolBook II Book .tbk
SimSynth Document .syn
Lotus Freelance 9 Presentation .pal
moffile .mof
SHV File .shv
Karaoke for DirectX .cdg
Dassault Systemes 3D XML File .3dx
FX AccuCharts My Market Watch Document .bmm
File Association Manager .pit
Dialogic VOX file .cakewalkstudioware
SystemView File .svu
Songworks file .sw2
File Association Manager .itc2
QJPG Image .qjpg
File Association Manager .fpos
Cyberduck Bookmark .duck
File Association Manager .itc
TRL Document .t16
Pages3D Document .qsd
Emu ESi Bank .esi
Account Xpress file .acx
File Association Manager .orig
Logbook Document .lgb
CLF Distribution file .cf2
YUV תמונה .ithmb
Arles Image Web Page Creator .arl
ev101 Document .ver
File Association Manager .glox
File Association Manager .id
MMF2 Document .mfw
File Association Manager .mpq
Visual dBASE Popup Menu .pop
Dialogic VOX file .icm
Preferences Configuration File .pref
PlanCAD-L dessin .plf
Sealed Word Template .sdot
Sealed Email Message .seml
Sealed PowerPoint Template .spot
Sealed PowerPoint Presentation .sppt
Sealed Excel Worksheet .sxls
Sealed Excel Template .sxlt
Icarus distortion project .ipd
Application .8xk
Sealed Excel Worksheet .s1e
Sealed PowerPoint Presentation .s1p
Sealed Word Document .s1w
Source Insight Recovery File .rcv
Burner file .upg
VirtualBox Extension Pack .vbox-extpack
File Association Manager .sr0
Sealed MP3 Audio .s1m
Sealed JPEG Image .sjp
Sealed Email Template .smlt
Sealed MP3 Audio .smp3
Embroidery.Document .be
File Association Manager .fbw
squashfs Archive .squashfs
Pan Chart Gallery Definition .pqg
FasType Typing Tutorial Typing File .typ
Mail to internet .com%2fdp%2fb00426c57o%2fref%3dpe_117190_19801380_
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bradford\ClickFORMS\Tools\Orders\OrderProcessor.exe%1 .xap
File Association Manager .browser
GameFinder Video file .tlv
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .526
Sticky note .spn
PEC File .pec
LabelCreator Pro .c00
SmartMorph animation .smo
ツカエル経理 データファイル .blf
TUGZip WinAmp skin archive .wal
Pro/E Markup File .mrk
PSpice Simulation Settings .sim
BibTeX Database .bib
Dialogic VOX file .log1
n-Track Studio wav peak file .npk
CSD File .csd
PowerArchiver ZIP File .rep
PowerArchiver ZIP File .z06
ConceptDraw Document .cdd
PASW Statistics UI Builder Document .spd
Maya Binary File .mb
iLinc PowerBoard .pbd
DVD Photo Slideshow Professional Project File .pdm
Punch! Home Design File .pro
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .259
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .4
MicroStation DGN File .dgn
SVCD2DVD Project definition .s2d
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .113
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .154
MotionArtist.Document .fmd
EurekaLog file .elf
Sunrise XP List .sxl
TatukGIS File .e00
系统文件 .wiz
QUALCOMM Hex Image .hex
YUV תמונה .npm
File Association Manager .setup
Sealed Word Document .sdoc
Microsoft Streets and Trips Map .est
Broderbund Post Card .pcr
Broderbund Scrapbook Page .sbp
DeLorme Map File .saf
SGI Image .sgi
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .spp
VLC media file (.vro) .vro
DEB package .deb
PAR2-Wiederherstellungsdatei .par2
Print Shop Project .pdg
JDownloader CCF Container .ccf
Scrap object .shs
SIDEXIS.Document .nge
PageMaker Publication .p65
PageMaker Publication .pmd
SnagIt Editor Image .snag
AutoSketch Drawing .skf
Scrapbook Factory Scrapbook .sbk
Retrospect File Backup Set .rbf
Microsoft File Transfer Manager .dlm
ActivInspire Flipchart .flipchart
Spyder2 Curve File .crv
Paradox Form (Delivered) .fdl
Preset Manager 2.0 .sfpreset
Microsoft Reader .lit
VLC media file (.amv) .amv
AVS Slideshow Maker Project .shp
Design Center .pem
CardScan Database File .cdb
Movie Clip .mod
Outlook Item Template .oft
.ChessTitansSave-ms .chesstitanssave-ms
ADTS Audio .adts
XrML Digital License Package .slupkg-ms
Microsoft Office Access Runtime Application .accdr
Visual Studio Test Results File .trx
Text Document .scp
Microsoft Visual Studio Solution .sln
RealArcade Game Installer .rgi
Glary Utilities Splitted File .gfs 1.1 Formula .sxm
VMware virtual machine configuration .vmx
RealSystem Media .rmj
Secure RealAudio / RealVideo File .rms
DesignPro54.ZDL .zdl
TerraTec Language Support .lng
Presentations X3-Präsentation .shw
Painter Document .rif
SmartDraw Drawing .sdr
PerfectScript .wcm
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .wb1
Microsoft Word Addin .wll
Microsoft Office Project Exchange File (MPX) .mpx Extension .oxt
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template .ots
PHP file .tpl
Application .8ek
Windows Media Player .pz
SolidWorks Assembly Document .asmdot
File Association Manager .vmsg
Blurb Book Project .blurb
Internet Shortcut .tvlink
Pdlpad Document .pd_
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .403
FileMaker Pro 6.0 Runtime Database .lax
File Association Manager .an1
Efficient Macro Recorder Files .emr
File Association Manager .crypted
Potter Fire Panel Configuration File .fpcf
VF3 Document .vf3
TurboTax 2019 File .tt19
PixInsight Process Icons File .xpsm
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .480
File Association Manager .rpyb
Windows Media Player .thumbdata4-1763508120
X3D 3D World, archive .x3a
.sh3d file .sh3t
PhotoPad Image Editor .jpg!d
[email protected][1]
[email protected][1]
[email protected][1]
[email protected]
Roxio Image File .c2d
WinZip File .mim
Visual Studio Data Source File .datasource
Flash Component File .swc
Flash Document .fla
InDesign Document .indd
WinRAR archive .arj
Audio CD Track .cdda
Video Pro X-Project .mvp
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .wb2
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
Real Metadata Package .rmp
Audacity Project File .aup
PowerISO File .ncd
StarOffice 5.0 図形描画 .sda
オーディオCD編集 .nra
.SolitaireSave-ms .solitairesave-ms
.PurbleShopSave-ms .purbleshopsave-ms
Wireshark capture file .trc
XML Data Reduced Schema .xdr
Microsoft Word Backup Document .wbk
Wireshark capture file .enc
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xlam
Psion Series 3 .wve
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
Paint.NET Image .pdn
ADTS Audio .adt
.HeartsSave-ms .heartssave-ms
Microsoft Office Excel Web Query File .iqy
Journal Template .jtp
AVCHD Video .m2ts
Access Connections location profile database .loc
Fallout Mod Manager Archive .fomod
Market Profile File Type .emp
Simple Sudoku File .ss
Photo Album .albm
File Association Manager .desktop
VA Research Document .vsv
ActiveHomePro Document .ahx
Scrapbook Factory Tote Bag .stb
Neo Content .nwp
Scrapbook Factory Embellishments .seb
settingseditor Document .settings
Inventory File Type .idb
Dialogic VOX file .icon
Web Site Downloader Project .whtt
Fotoprodukt .pcf
Print Shop Project .pso
pcls ProjectFile .pcs
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk4
QuickBooks Web Connector Configuration File .qwc
WAV Audio .bwf
FLC Animation .cel
OmniPage Image File .xif
Download Accelerator file .daf
Application Installer .jad
Content Copier Datei .nbu
KeePass Password Database .kdb
AviSynth Script .avs
Broderbund Brochure .bro
Windows Media Player .dvdfab6
MediaCenter.15.Pack .mjs
Fichier ImpôtRapide 2009 .q09
MUSHclient World .mcl
Autopano File .pano
Cablescan Test Program .eht
DSPlayer associated file .ave
System Diagram file .sd
Dialogic VOX file .p5p
AVS Video Editor Project .vep
DarkAdapted Presets File .dap
LSM Bild .mrc
Site Map Pro File .myo
TatukGIS File .dt2
ALGOR Legacy FEA Model .esx
Dialogic VOX file .axd
VISLB file .vislb
File Association Manager .cox
Text Document .gitignore
Text Document .gitmodules
File Association Manager .yml
Morrowind mod .mmod
File Association Manager ._eml
Crestron SIMPL+ Source .oem
QuarkXPress Project .qxp
W02Tax File .od2
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .170
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .151
Image Builder Format .ibf
RealOne Metafile .rom
Capture One Session .col
Paychex Report Files .pyx
Japanese Text File .old
DataBaseProfessional Document .esd
WinFlex Document .wfc
NRG Raw Data File .a00
Banner Maker Pro .bap
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .34
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .5
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .264
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .3
HotDocs Library File .hdl
PC5 Map File .pvm
TMX Translation Memory .tmx
AutoCAD Font Map .fmp
Bricscad Macro file .mcr
StuffIt File List .scs
3dsMaxDesign character file .chr
DesignCAD DCD Drawing .dcd
hotComm Document .hcs
Fujitsu ATLAS 英語抽出ファイル .eng
PowerArchiver File .009
Maya ASCII File .ma
SolidWorks Assembly Document .sldasm
Notebook File .notebook
Theme Park Inc Coaster File .cos
CDMenuPro Metafile .cdmp
ALShow ASK File .ask
File Association Manager .nbd
AJC Directory Synchronizer .dsy
WinAIR Forms Form File .waf
Lotus Freelance 9 Content Master .smc
WinImage .dsk
BwgBurn Image File .bim
ArchiCAD Team Project Local Draft .plc
Chrome Extension Installer .crx
AAA Logo Project File .al8
ArcGIS Layer Package .lpk
AllWebMenus Menu .awm
52DISKL オート変換ファイル .aut
Adr_Book File .adr
NBIB Formatted File (PubMed) .nbib
File Association Manager .sc4desc
File Association Manager .azw3
FileMaker Pro 12 Runtime Database .fmpur
notx .notx
Google presentation .gslides
File Association Manager .adml
TimePassages Chart File .chw
Application Depot Delivery Job 2.0 .apdjob
File Association Manager .xp3
Dialogic VOX file .obs
TaxCalc SA 800 2003 - Backup .pb3
PSM Document .collab
Windows Media Player .ewc2
Diaform Data .xdd
Video File .qm
File Association Manager .idv
AT見積 データ .t21
CraftArtist Project .craft
Microsoft Localization Studio .lcx
File Association Manager .temp
Replay Document .rpy
Windows Media Player ._jpg
Nokia BTS Manager Event Log .mai
BIX-Programm-Datei .bix
TRL Document .t13
Dialogic VOX file .sfk
Capture Document .cef
DirectModel Document (.jt) .jt
AtEase3D album file .cva
OrangeCD Web Template .dax
File Association Manager .diskdefines
Pensione Fondo FERROVIE STATO .ff
andrew's pic .iphoto
WinRail Benchwork .bdm
File Association Manager .w
GenuTax taxpayer file .gt1
Hackman Watches File .wtc
File Association Manager .rfo
Tax Document .ta1
CadFaster|QuickStep File .step
Financial Data Calculator Command Set .fcc
Reflection for IBM Session .rsf
File Association Manager .rmbak
Humorous Greeting Card Factory Announcement .han
File Association Manager .gcsx
PicoScope data file .psdata
File Association Manager .pez
TWMail Parameter File .tmi
Preview Systems mbox File .mbox
LogiCola Score .lc
Text Document .m16
Windows Media Player .lwv
Workflow File - IBM Rational Portfolio Manager .pmo
RUMBA Batch File Transfer .ftb
Windows Media Player .ob!
YUV תמונה .pi2
YUV תמונה .thb
Paquet Builder Project .pbp
FileMaker Pro 7 Runtime Database .fp7
Visual Lighting Roadway File .rwt
Genbox Chart .gct
Data Loader2 Document .wzd
LJ SRS Lesson Package .lsb
Influence Diagram .ind
Vokabelheft .vhf
Encrypted Ben Text File .bnx
UWCC Document .pen
PBZ encrypted file .pbz
File Association Manager .lwtp
PHPFormWizard Project .pfw
NGS.Document .hqf
File Association Manager .mzz
DeviceInstaller File .lxi
NOAA .kap
pomqmV3 Document .bal
CL8 File .cl8
LoxoneConfig.Document .backup
BluBox .blu
Xconq Game Module .g
3B File .bbb
werkkzeug1 exported file .kk1
MBS Clip .mbs
Adobe InDesign 梓暮僇 .idms
NÜRNBERGER FFPBplus-Angebot .ffb
jpeg .2af
jp .jp
ModelBrowser Document Database .mbd
File Association Manager .sv$
RLEditor Document .prl
Dialogic VOX file .wxml
VisSim Diagram .vsm
Sealed Word Document .sdocx
FetionProtocol .ftn
IDA (64-bit) Database .i64
DFU File .dfu
Life32.LifeFile.2 .l
File Association Manager .asi
File Association Manager .lock
File Association Manager .liveupdate
Renishaw Calibration Data File .rtl
ABTDOC File Type .abt
ABXDOC File Type .abx
SAS System Data Set .sas7bdat
Qt Phrase Book .qph
快捷方式 .mss4
Dialogic VOX file .ffm
Windows Media Player .prproj
[email protected][1]
[email protected][1]
File Association Manager .fzip
QuickPractice Backup .qpb
lstx .lstx
File Association Manager .update
File Association Manager .cfge
Packet F .fgd
File Association Manager .asec
Petroleum Experts RESOLVE .rsa
e-Guard P7x file .p7x
Winamp media file .jhtml
系统文件 .qdt1
系统文件 .qdt2
系统文件 .qdt3
系统文件 .qdt4
系统文件 .qdt5
系统文件 .qdt6
Mindsystems Amode Solution File .ame
風神ファイル .hzf
TrophyImage.rvg .rvg
Ashampoo Slideshowstudio HD 2 .sedprj
SmartGenealogy .sgy
Windows Media Player .pm$
弥生顧客 04 データファイル .cd1
GT-COOL3D Document .ghx
Dialogic VOX file .mailablistview
Internet Explorer .ie8
快捷方式 .ms4
TRUMPF-Flg .flg
AFFIRM data file .fir
Apexv5.Document .ax5
BallSwapper File .bss
File Association Manager .regtrans-ms
lor Document .lor
Quake Menu Script .menu
File Association Manager .vpx
Legends of Zelda Quest .quest
Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines Version 6+ .wr6
Clickomania NG game .cng
File Association Manager .ldif
IntelliTrack License File .license
Norstedts Skatt 2006 Jämkningsfil .j06
Windows Media Player .ocdf
Windows Desktop Theme Pack .deskthemepack
DLsite Viewer ファイル .dlst
File Association Manager .0xe
iTunes Music Player ._ipod_control
File Association Manager .fcstd
COMFile Configuration File .c2f
File Association Manager .at5
Fantom-G Editor Document .fge
File Association Manager .tx_
File Association Manager .sww
KG-UV6 Radio Data .kguv6
LSM Bild .mil
RFFlow Chart .flo
LinkSurvey Document .lss
SW file .sw
SEO SpyGlass Project File .spy
Exam Document .ef
Air Attack Authentication File .aaa
Christian Greeting Card Factory Labels .clb
ZipForm Desktop Transaction .zfx
StuffIt Zip Archive .zip2
Papiro - Computo metrico .elc
Easy Bridge Game .brd
AppKill Document .bdp
File Verification Database .crc
Poster File .pos
Directory Opus Command File .dcf
osu! beatmap .osz
CAD Draw 8 Zeichnung .mkd
Primtext-Bibliothek .pab
PlanSwift Plan Room File .osx
Text Document .upd
Text Document .xrf
Rs Archive .rs
File Association Manager .dus
OrCAD Capture Lite Edition 9.20 .olb
CyberGyro Secret Target File .cst
Amiga Floppy Disk Image .adf
BitComet Unfinished Download File .bc!
MyPasswordManager.Document .apm
PrintStudio .lmu
Sonnet Packed File .zon
Canvas 7 Drawing .cnv
TarFile .ar
RkFile .rk
Bryce 5.5 Leaf Presets .lps
ECF File .ecf
F16 File .f16
Storm wizard .swz
GenoPro Document .gno
PSSDOS Comms Trace File .ptr
CND3DV5 Document .cd2
TurboCAD Drawing .tcw
Band-in-a-Box Song .sgu
ASUS Security Protect Manager Encrypted File .dmf
Softinterface Conversion Job File .sii
HttpSvr Document .hsc
MyInvoices & Estimates Deluxe files .mied
[email protected] Puzzle 2 .pzl
Corel Write Document .aww
RGSS Encrypted Archive .rgssad
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .
Babylon Dictionary .bdc
PagePlus Book .ppb
GIZMO Gadget Installer .gir
柿木将棋棋譜 .kif
C:\Program Files\VideoViewer\videoPlayer\VideoPlay .dv4
Qtracker Update .qtp
MasterCook Cookbook .mc2
MasterCook MealPlan .pln
PoserContent .crz
Task Coach File .tsk
SimpleCoversheet Barcode Template .xcs
PowerArchiver ZIPX File .zx01
Kingsoft Presentation テンプレート .dpt
Testbank file .bok
Windows Live Sync Placeholder .p2p
FormDocs Data .fdd
カシミール3D 地名ファイル .ndb
SMART Video Player Playlist .vpl
内緒情報 .sec
SolidWorks Part Document .sldprt
NAME LAND layout file .lyc
XSI Scene file .scn
LOGO!Soft Comfort Drawing .lsc
PowerArchiver File .020
PowerArchiver File .031
DiMAGE Messenger Photo .mdm
Design File type .clo
mystrategy Model .msf
Embird Color Palette .edr
Dialogic VOX file .odccubefile
Dialogic VOX file .odcdatabasefile
Dialogic VOX file .odcnewfile
Dialogic VOX file .odctablefile
AutoCAD XREF Log .xlg
Enterprise Guide Project .egp
PagePlus Document .ppx
MovieEditorPrj .mep
ACIS SAT Files .sat
Visual Staff Scheduler Document .vsc
Maxwell Material File .mxm
URL:Eye Protocol .eye
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .30
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .303
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .304
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .314
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .33
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .29
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .43
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .46
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .7
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .8
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .80
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .9
TSTREAM File .tstream
JPG; File .jpg;
Saved Previous Version of Document .bk
Timed Backup for the Screenwriter Document .tmb
Tree5 File .uds
Employee Planner File .epf
HO_CADpaoファイル .hoc
GradeQuick Grade Book .gbk
Msia File .lif
STG MGI PhotoSuite II Image .stg .tw
Harpoon Game - HDS9 .hpe
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .11
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .18
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .155
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .20
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .207
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .21
おまかせ君データファイル .amx
Tracktion archive file .trkarch
Geschäftsbuch .bkp
Coffee Document .tag
Compucon EOS Document .ref
TeX Package File .tpm
EasyBoot File .ezb
PHP script file .php5
Adobe FrameMaker Document .fm
BeadTool Palette .btc
BirthdayRemember - Datei .brf
assembly source code .com_
assembly source code .exe_
vShop .vsh
Windows Media Player .hd
Preference Settings .prefs
Alphacam Turning VBA Project .atb
Update Planit License .upl
Battery Cell .cl3
IntelliGolf Import .gdx
FlashDevelop AS3 Project .as3proj
FlashDevelop Macros File .fdm
FlashDevelop Snippet File .fds
LSM Bild .vpb
LSM Bild .j
SDX 楽譜ファイル .sdx
Graph Modeling Language .gml
Uncompleted iGetter Download .iget
IMViewer Document .imm
PRO100 project .sto
text/tm .tm
Icon .icns
Report Builder Shared Dataset .rsd
StatView Dataset File .svd
Document OmniPage .opd
Projet MyDVD .dmsd
Media Center file .mpc
MediaCenter.15.Playlist .mpl
Stardock LogonStudio logon .logonvista
Legacy Genealogy Software .fdb
Legacy Wall Chart .lwc
Windows Media Player .pando
NTI cdm file .cdm
APC.IVF .ivf
Reflection Command File .rcl
IrfanView DCM File .ima
IrfanView CLP File .clp
Download Accelerator file list .dal
IncrediMail Content .ims
IncrediMail Content .imc
魅せる!グラフメーカー .jgd
IrfanView JP2 File .jpf
一太郎 文書 .jtd
DiscSpan Compilation .nds
ShadowProtect Incremental Image .spi
Broderbund Business Card .biz
VT Transaction Template .trt
CSF file .csf
ACDSee Pro 3 ICN Bild .icn
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition PlugIn .8bf
QuickBooks Accountant Change File .qby
PMF File .pmf
QuickBooks Form Template File .des
QuickBooks Report Template File .qbr
UltimateZip Pk3 File .pk3
Dialogic VOX file .wtf
OpenDocument Text .hwp
RAR StuffIt Archive .cbr
Zip StuffIt Archive .cbz
StuffIt Archive .ntx
i3D File Format .i3d
Audio Creator Project File .pac
Photo Explosion Album Catalog .pax
VMware snapshot metadata .vmsd
Pivot Animation File .piv
CorelDRAW X4 Graphic .csl
Roblox Place .rbxl
Serif DrawPlus Drawing .dpp
DAZ Script (binary) .dsb
Sphere Package File .spk
Xtranormal State Project File .state
Greeting Card Factory Photo Card .fpg
602Tab Document .wls
AbiWord Document .awt
RealOne Recording .rec
Dialogic VOX file .mv
Powerboard .ipb
Scratch Project .sb
SmartMusic Playlist File .plst
ALZip alz File .alz
CoreRETAS タイムシート .tsf
Rhino 3d model .3dm
PhotoDVD project .vpd
WinWay Contact Document .con
Announcements Letterhead .ltr
Office 10 Settings file .ops
Scrapbook Factory Craft .sra
Scrapbook Factory Slide Show .sss
Tax Document .ta6
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner Song List .cbs
Packet Tracer 5.1 .pka
Titan Backup Task .tbt
Band-in-a-Box Song .sg2
OmniForm Data .ofd
Right-Suite Residential PE/BE Template .rrt
Google SketchUp LayOut Document .layout
Spyder2 Target File .tgt
Dialogic VOX file .rul
8 bit signed file .sam
QuickTax 2008 File .q08
Movie Collection .mvc
Keyboard Express Macro file .kex
Holiday Lights Bulb .bul
Roxio File Backup Index File .rfi
LanFlow Diagram .edg
BethesdaSoftworks Archive .bsa
PostScript Printer Stub .pss
ratdvd file .ratdvd
Starcraft Scenario .scm
Portable Transcript Format .ptf
Westlaw Import File .wlx
CaseMap Send To Plug In .cmp
Embird Registration Password .klc
Movie Clip .m2v
Journal Document .jnt
Microsoft Office Access Report Shortcut .mar
.MinesweeperSave-ms .minesweepersave-ms
Microsoft Office Outlook Profile Settings .prf
EMF File .emf
AIFF Format Sound .aif
AIFF Format Sound .aiff
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
Wireshark capture file .pkt
Wireshark capture file .pcapng
VLC media file (.oma) .oma
Inno Setup Script .iss
TrueType Collection Font file .ttc
Microsoft Office Excel Workspace .xlw
VSTO Deployment Manifest .vsto
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdp
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdproj
VC++ Project .vcproj
Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .xfdf
Disc Image File .tdp
Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File .tli
Report Definition File .rdlc
Visual Studio Code Snippet File .snippet
Audio PlayList .xpl
OpenDocument データベース .odb
GrabIt NZB file .nzb
MPEG-4 File .m4e
Spyware supplemental file .sbs
PowerISO File .vcd
VideoPad Project .vpj
RealPlayer File .rnx
RealVideo .rv
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
Google Earth ETA .eta
Google Gadget Manifest .gmanifest
Movie Clip .m2p
Mein Geld Datenbank .tdb
TuneUp Anmeldebildschirm .tls
Presentations X3-Runtime .pqf
CrazyTalk4 Script File .cts
Guitar Pro 4 Tablature .gp4
Extended Pay Format .xpf
Media Catalog File .mmw
Adobe Acrobat Batch PDX files .bpdx
Dialogic VOX file .ast
Adobe After Effects Project .aep
ACDSee Pro 2.5 ABR Bild .abr
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Report .frx
AutoCAD Menu Template .mnu
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Label .lbx
PDL File .pdl
Apple Mobile Device Configuration Profile .mobileconfig
VisualMill Part File .vmp
WinZip Multi-User Registration File .wzmul
Windows Media Player ._playmusicid
SongPro 5 Database .spdb
tpr update .tpru
Windows Media Player .database_uuid
Windows Media Player .log-20181220
Windows Media Player .timestamp
Dialogic VOX file .appxbundle
Application .8ck
iTunes Music Player .log-20181226
らくちん位置合わせ印刷2文書 .iid
ShareVault Document .svpdf
IAO2 Audit File .iao2
Windows Media Player .vng_meta
Windows Media Player .log-201894
Windows Media Player .log-2018922
C:\Users\mattt\AppData\Local\Programs\Cisco Spark\CiscoCollabHost.exe .webex
GMA File .gma
Windows Media Player .log-201892
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .593
File Association Manager .wrpl
UMF Mod .umfmod
.mgsvr .mgsvr
Niagara Web Launcher .nwl
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition .kt
Paprika Recipe File .paprikarecipe
Paprika Recipes File .paprikarecipes
Connection Client File .connect
RoboDK Tool .tool
OnePager Template .tat
Zoom Recording File .zoom
20I File .20i
15I File .15i
V2 File .v2
Video Suite: Edit Video .mepx
Dialogic VOX file .opdownload
File Association Manager .jp1
File Association Manag