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Name Extension
JPEG Image .jpg
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
IrfanView JP2 File .jpc
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
IrfanView CLP File .clp
IrfanView RAS File .sun
IrfanView SFF File .sff
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
JPEG Image .jpe
IrfanView ECW File .ecw
IrfanView SID File .sid
IrfanView G3 File .g3
Multiple Network Graphics Image .mng
IrfanView B3D File .b3d
IrfanView DJVU File .iw44
SGI Image .sgi
SGI Image .rgb
IrfanView DCM File .acr
IrfanView JPM File .jpm
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbmp
IrfanView RAS File .ras
Amiga Paint Image .lbm
IrfanView DJVU File .djvu
IrfanView JLS File .jls
IrfanView XPM File .xpm
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
OmniPage Image File .dcx
IrfanView ANI File .ani
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
Cursor File .cur
WMF File .wmf
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
IrfanView DCM File .dcm
EMF File .emf
JPEG Image .jpeg
Icon .ico
RLE File .rle
Bitmap Image .dib
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
IrfanView DCM File .ima
Portable Bitmap .pbm
IrfanView KDC File .kdc
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
PhotoCD Image .pcd
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
GIF Image .gif
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Paint.NET Image .tga
Paintbrush Image .pcx
IrfanView EXR File .exr
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
Windows Media Photo .wdp
Bitmap Image .bmp
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
PNG Image .png
WebP Image .webp
AutoCAD DXF Image .dxf
HD Photo (JPEG XR) .jxr
PostScript File .ps
IrfanView CAM File .cam
IrfanView SFW File .sfw
Icon Library .icl
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
WinZip File .img
TrueType Font file .ttf
Movie Clip .mpe
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
Video Clip .avi
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
Windows Media Audio file .wma
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
MIDI Sequence .rmi
MIDI Sequence .mid
AU Format Sound .au
AU Format Sound .snd
Movie Clip .mpg
Movie Clip .mpeg
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
IrfanView HEIC File .heic
Wave Sound .wav
QuickTime Movie .mov
IrfanView MED File .med
AIFF Format Sound .aif
IrfanView FSH File .fsh
RealAudio .ra
IrfanView NLM File .nlm
IrfanView NLM File .ngg
IrfanView NLM File .nol
GSM Audio .gsm
SWF Movie .swf
IrfanView LWF File .lwf
IrfanView LDF File .ldf
IrfanView JP2 File .jpf
Dialogic VOX file .cr3
IrfanView IDS File .lds
JUNO-Di Librarian Document .jxl
JPEG Image .jfif
ImageGlass QOI File .qoi
SWF Movie .spl
Subtitle File .psb
Windows Media Player .moff
Able RAWer (TIFF) .raf
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .20
HTML Document .htm
dat .dat
ACDSee Pro 2.5 NEF Bild .nef
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
iCalendar File .ics
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 7.0 Image .cpt
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
Nokia Multimedia Player file .otb
IrfanView .nsl
ACDSee Pro 3 JPEG Bild .thm
MP4 Video .mp4
WinRAR archive .gz
LSM Bild .emz
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
IconDeveloper File .dll
Paradox Table .db
Text Document .log
Movie Clip .mod
PHP Script .php
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .7
SolidWorks Drawing Document .slddrw
Windows Live Mail Mail Message .rss
ACDSee Pro 2.5 RAW Bild .mos
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
MASM Listing .lst
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
Dialogic VOX file .icon
Active X .ocx
QuickTime Movie .qt
Microsoft Office Access Application .mdb
Text Document .txt
LSM Bild .giff
HTML Document .html
GEDCOM file .ged
JPEG Stereo .jps
JPEG File Interchange Format .jif
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
MPEG-4 Audio .m4a
Able RAWer (TIFF) .pef
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dng
Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator Cover File .ezc
Outlook Item .msg
Windows Media Player .chk
Active Server Page .asp
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
CorelDraw Image .cdr
Microsoft Backup File .bkf
Able RAWer (TIFF) .arw
MPEG Video .mpv
KMP - SRT Subtitle File .srt
Thunderbird Document .eml
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspimage
SVG Document .svg
Computer Graphics Metafile .cgm
PICT Image .pict
RealVideo .rv
GIMP image .xcf
Max JSON .json
RealPlayer Presentation .ram
Server Response File .srf
Windows Media Player .msdvd
MHTML Document .mhtml
InDesign XML Interchange Document .inx
Dialogic VOX file .avif
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
Font file .fon
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
CD Audio Track .cda
WinRAR archive .rar
Dialogic VOX file .aps
CD-LabelPrint Document .cld
Microsoft PowerPoint Settings File .pcb
Able RAWer (TIFF) .orf
Windows Media Player Skin Package .wmz
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
Aspire file .crv3d
TurboCAD Drawing .tcw
Image Dowloader Document .imd
File Association Manager .crdownload
Paint.NET Image .pdn
 .mds 1.1 Drawing Template .std
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
Dialogic VOX file .local
BIF Image .wbz
Content Copier Datei .nbu
Dialogic VOX file .ext
Windows Media Player .c2r
WinRAR archive .tar
Adobe.DigitalEditions File .epub
ACDSee Pro 2.5 HDR Bild .hdr
PICT Image .pic
VLC media file (.xspf) .xspf
OpenDocument Text .odt
Movie Clip .mp2v
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
Visual C# Source file .cs
M3U file .m3u
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
MP3 Format Sound .mp2
VLC media file (.mpeg4) .mpeg4
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
Able RAWer (TIFF) .mrw
Able RAWer (TIFF) .x3f
WildTangent PNG File .wpg
BitZipper SWM Archive .swm
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
Windows Media Player .lnk
Scan Tailor Project .scantailor
Windows Media Player .sfcache
HP Printer Control Language .prn
Photo Album .albm
AutoTRAX Design Express Part .part
Dialogic VOX file .mpo
Ringtone .m4r
PhotoStudio File .psf
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
Windows Media playlist .wpl
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
VLC media file (.mpeg2) .mpeg2
MIDI Sequence .midi
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
Configuration Settings .ini
XML Configuration File .config
Clip Organizer Media Package File .mpf
Rich Text Format .rtf
XPS Document .xps
QuickTime Image .qti
QuickTime Image .qtif
Outlook Data File .pst
Microsoft Digital Image Document .mix
Compressed MuseScore File .mscz
CD-ROM (WMA) 編集 .nrw
Windows Media Player .wmdb
ACDSee Pro 2.5 SRF Bild .sr2
E-Transcript File .ptx
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .spp
StuffIt Compressed File .1
PVCNC_Control70 Control .job
GCD Image .gcd
IZArc A Archive .a
Print Shop Project .pdc
Epson Print CD Document .ec4
LPEC Audio .dvf
SnagIt Editor Image .snag
MAGIX Fotoalbum .alb
ACDSee Pro 3 JP2 Bild .jpx
DirectX X-File .x
iClone File .vns
筆まめペイント15 .mlb
RecordNow! save file .pxj
JEF File .jef
RFFlow Chart .flo
Free clipboard file .cl7
BORIS-Superblockdatei .sbl
PC5 Map File .pvm
Dialogic VOX file .cceye
iTunes Music Player .jpg_large
File Association Manager .gfie
アルバムビューアー 配布用アルバムファイル .aae
File Association Manager .ldif
File Association Manager .orig
WavePad 音声編集ソフト .pspscript
X10 and X11 Bitmap .bitmap
APC.PSP .pspframe
Global Mapper Document .opt
PowerArchiver File .008
PowerArchiver File .011
QuickTitler Document .etl
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .2
AIQ Chart Document .dta
File Association Manager .tbn
Lenel Digital Video file .info
InPage Document .inp
TextFX Document .tfx
Simtower File .tdt
SaxII.Document .ids
IrfanView .jpg_118_1342177510
Page File Type .pg
LSM Bild .j
3D Rad Project .3dr
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .rgba
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspbrush
ACDSee Pro 3 IFF Bild .ilbm
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .bw
MAGIX Video .mxv
Paint Shop Pro 7 Browser Cache File .jbf
Bulk Mailer File .bmf
XMind Markers Package .xmp
Print Artist Project .pra
RAR StuffIt Archive .cbr
Windows Media Player .bup
MemoriesOnTV Document .ptv
ATEasy System .sys
GPG Encrypted File .gpg
Windows Media Player .cwm
Dialogic VOX file .art
OmniForm Form .ofm
OmniPage Image File .xif
Broderbund Poster Type .sig
SPSS Data Document .sav
DesignPro54.ZDL .zdl
PaperPort Document .max
Adobe ColdFusion File .cfm
Safari Extension .webarchive 1.1 Presentation Template .sti 1.1 Text Document .sxw
InDesign Markup Document .idml
InDesign Document .indd
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
Windows Media Player .mswmm
Paris Audio File .paf
TrueType Collection Font file .ttc
Windows Theme File .theme
AVCHD Video .mts
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
Contact File .contact
Compiled HTML Help file .chm
Text Document .dic
ADTS Audio .aac
MP4 Video .m4v

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