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Name Extension
Microsoft Office Excel 4.0 Macro .xlm
Microsoft Office Excel SLK Data Import Format .slk
Microsoft Office Excel Workspace .xlw
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
Microsoft Office Excel Web Query File .iqy
Microsoft Office Excel XLL Add-In .xll
Microsoft Office Excel Backup File .xlk
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xlt
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xla
Microsoft Office Excel Template .xltx
Microsoft Office Excel Add-In .xlam
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Template .xltm
Microsoft Office Excel Binary Worksheet .xlsb
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
Microsoft Office Excel ODBC Query files .dqy
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xlb
Microsoft Excel Chart .xlc
DV Movie .dif
Microsoft Excel OLAP Query File .oqy
Microsoft Excel OLE DB Query files .rqy
Microsoft Excel HTML Template .xlthtml
Microsoft Excel HTML Document .xlshtml
Microsoft Excel Data Service Document .atomsvc
Text Document .txt
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .xlr
dat .dat
XML Document .xml
Sealed Excel Worksheet .sxls
Sealed Excel Worksheet .sxlsm
Sealed Excel Worksheet .sxlsx
Sealed CSV Document .scsv
Dialogic VOX file .tsv
Sealed Excel Worksheet .s1e
Paradox Table .db
Microsoft Office Access Application .mdb
Microsoft Excel XML Worksheet .xlxml
Dialogic VOX file .tab
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .wks
Orienge Conterra Reports Source File .drsf
CorelDRAW X5 Graphic .wq1
JScript Encoded File .xcl
Kingsoft Spreadsheets ワークブック .et
Active Server Page .cdx
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk3
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .qpw
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
Windows Media Player .xlsmhtml
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
XSL Stylesheet .xsl
Active Server Page .asp
Auer Lizenzaustausch .alf
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wps
OpenDocument Text .odt
XPS Document .xps
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Template .dot
QuickBooks Import/Export File .iif
IconDeveloper File .dll
Steganos Encrypted Data File .edf
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .axls
Outlook Data File .pst
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
vCard File .vcf
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Document .docm
Applix TM1 Excel Worksheet .xdi
Applix TM1 Excel Worksheet .xru
SureThing Office Labeler design .dsn
Thunderbird Document .eml
Microsoft Excel 5.0 DialogSheet .xld
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .123
MyWinLocker Protected File .csvenx
PHP Script .php
Visual Basic Module .bas
Microsoft Office Access 2007 Database .accdb
GIF Image .gif
Microsoft Works Database .wdb
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
Dialogic VOX file .text
iCalendar File .ics
File Association Manager .crtx
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
Presentations X3-Vorlage .prt
WinRAR archive .gz
Bitmap Image .bmp
Rich Text Format .rtf
HTML Document .htm
Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template .dotm
Dialogic VOX file .pip
Cabinet File .cab
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
SPSS Data Document .sav
Quicken Import File .qif
SWF Movie .swf
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
Windows Media Player .downloadhost
iTunes Music Player .plist
Flash AS Communication File .asc
WinRAR archive .lzh
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
WinRAR archive .rar
Caliper Compact Geographic Database .cdf
Microsoft Excel-CSV-Datei .xac
Dialogic VOX file .mmf
HTML Document .html
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Adobe ColdFusion File .cfm
Winamp media file .spc
Dialogic VOX file .odc
IZArc LIB Archive .lib
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk1
XML Schema File .xsd
Screamtracker 2 Module .stm
Text Document .log
MASM Listing .lst
Synchronize your Outlook .spo
Max JSON .json
MHTML Document .mht
Visual C# Source file .cs
Microsoft Works Word Processor .wpt
Windows Script File .wsf
Firefox Document .xht
Media Catalog File .mml
QuickBooks Company Backup File .qbb
QuickBooks Company File .qbw
Dialogic VOX file .exp
PowerArchiver ZIP File .rep
3D Rad Project .3dr
File Association Manager .numbers
Intuit Statement Writer Statement .qsm
File Association Manager .xlv
Dialogic VOX file .tlb
DirectX X-File .x
HP Printer Control Language .prn
Windows Media Player .wmdb
OpenDocument データベース .odb
Compiled Resource Script .res
Outlook Item .msg
Microsoft Office Access MDE Database .mde
Web Service Description Language .wsdl
Nero Digital(TM) Files .nd
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template .ots 1.1 Spreadsheet .sxc
1-2-3 Worksheet .wr1
Report Designer File .srd
There Login Data .tlg
AppleWorks 5 Document .cwk
QVLIB Document .qvl
QlikView Document .qvw
FileMaker Pro 7 Runtime Database .fp7
Dialogic VOX file .odccubefile
Dialogic VOX file .odcdatabasefile
Dialogic VOX file .odcnewfile
Dialogic VOX file .odctablefile
ATEasy System .sys
StuffIt Compressed File .1
Disk Image .do
Minitab Project .mpj
Minitab Worksheet .mtw
Harpoon Game - HDS8 .hpd
Scrap object .shs
Write Document .wri
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
Cube Catalog .cat
QuickBooks Portable Company File .qbm
Quattro Pro X3-Arbeitsmappe .wb3
Contact File .contact
Information Card .crd
Cursor File .cur
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet .bks
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
PNG Image .png
Linker Address Map .map
JPEG Image .jpg
Microsoft SQL Server Query File .sql
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
WMF File .wmf
StarOffice 5.0 表計算ドキュメント .sdc
Virtual CloneDrive .udf
Quicken OFX data .qfx 1.1 Text Document .sxw
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Dialogic VOX file .rts
HTML File .action
Microsoft Works 4.0 Communications .bcm
Outlook Express Mail Box .dbx
ArcSoft Album File .abm
CGIファイル .cgi
ACT! E-mail Message .det
Data .data
AIQ Chart Document .dta
Front Panel .fpd
Dialogic VOX file .axd
WISO Steuer 2010 Datei .t10
Dialogic VOX file .gpi
Google spreadsheet .gsheet
[email protected]@
File Association Manager .menc
Information File .ion
Activstudio Tickertape .tic
OST Package File .ost
Windows Media Player .acs
File Association Manager .cpgz
.BIG File .big
Office Data File .fad
File Association Manager .nick
tcxFile .tcx
HotDocs Auto-Install File .hdi
File Association Manager .h1q
Discus Art Database .opc
Partial Download .partial
Windows Media Player .lwv
Windows Media Player .zfsendtotarget
PowerArchiver File .002
Windows Media Player .h1s
IGSS configuration .elm
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003-Arbeitsblatt .vif
File Association Manager .nk2
ONE Numerics .pxl
Dark Basic Professional Project .dba
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .12
Pro/ENGINEER Versioned File .5
Microsoft Graph 2000-Diagramm .gra
Electronics Workbench 5 File .ewb
602Tab Document .wls
VisiTrax Library .ldb
Audio Comparer Group file .acg
Text Document .cfg
Microsoft Program Group .grp
1-2-3 Worksheet .wk4
Sit StuffIt Archive .sit
IZArc A Archive .a
Westlaw Import File .wlx
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
Windows Media Player .acf
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
WinRAR archive .bz2
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
LabVIEW Control Template .ctt
Microsoft Money backup file .mbf
Reflection Session .rwz
Quicken QDF backup data file .qdf-backup
ラベル屋さんHOME Document .lhd
Application Installer .jad
Google Gadget .gg
Palm Database File .pdb
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .sc2
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .scd
Microsoft Schedule+ Application .sch
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 Datei .ecs
vCalendar File .vcs
Microsoft Visio Drawing .vsd
Microsoft Data Link .udl
VBScript Script File .vbs
Microsoft Office Publisher Document .pub
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
Crystal Reports .rpt
Setup Information .inf
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Addin .ppa
Windows Installer Package .msi
C++ Source .cc
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx

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