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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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Name Extension
HTML Document .lbi
Scrapbook Factory T-Shirt .ste
Microsoft Expression Web 12.0 Dynamic Web Template .dwt
Compiled Visual dBASE Menu Bar .mno
XEVGENXML File .xevgenxml
Punch! Home Design File .pro
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
JScript Script File .js
Active Server Application .asa
Active Server Page .cdx
Active Server Page .asp
Adobe ColdFusion File .cfm
PHP Script .php
Adobe ColdFusion Component .cfc
Active Server Document .jsp
PHP3 Script .php3
Broderbund Label .lbl
Numara Recording File .dwr
Dialogic VOX file .asr
PHP4 Script .php4
XML Document .xml
XML Document .rels
XSL Stylesheet .xsl
ASP.NET User Control .ascx
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
XSL Transform .xslt
Flash ActionScript File .as
HTML Document .html
HTML Document .htm
PHP file .tpl
XML Configuration File .config
PhotoCD Image .pcd
WinRAR archive .gz
Microsoft SQL Server Query File .sql
Text Document .txt
Max JSON .json
VLC media file (.vob) .vob
PHP script file .php5
ISAPI_Rewrite configuration file .htaccess
MHTML Document .mhtml
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Macromedia HomeSite+ File .cfml
dat .dat
Microsoft Office Publisher Document .pub
Netlist .sdf
WeBuilder Document .scss
SWF Movie .swf
Include File .inc
Firefox Document .xhtml
PNG Image .png
iEPGファイル(PL) .pl
File Association Manager .zxp
JScript Encoded File .jse
Windows Script Component .wsc
XML Data Reduced Schema .xdr
iTunes Music Player .plist
Executable Jar File .jar
GIF Image .gif
JPEG Image .jpeg
Firefox Document .shtml
Dialogic VOX file .htx
Blu-ray playlist file .mpls
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
Adobe Acrobat XML Data Package File .xdp
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
Dialogic VOX file .local
Infrared Library .cml
WinRAR archive .tar
Broderbund Web Page Project .web
IrfanView JP2 File .jpf
PHP file .phtml
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
WinRAR archive .7z
XML Document Type Definition .dtd
Cascading Style Sheets File .css1
Cascading Style Sheets File .css2
Configuration Settings .ini
Text Document .log
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
JPEG Image .jpg
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Visual C# Source file .cs
Microsoft Digital Image Document .cta
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
Microsoft Digital Image Document .mix
ACD 3D Settings .3ds
WinRAR archive .rar
Dialogic VOX file .scc
Java Language Source file .java
Quicken OFX data .qfx
Text Document .cfg
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
XML Schema File .xsd
Microsoft Office Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet .xlsm
IconDeveloper File .dll
WinRAR archive .bz2
Bitmap Image .bmp
MHTML Document .mht
Rich Text Format .rtf
Dialogic VOX file .manifest
Banner Maker Pro .bap
Moneydance Data .md
CGIファイル .cgi
Security Certificate .crt
Micrografx Designer/Draw Image .drw
AutoCAD DXF Image .dxf
MAGIX Partition Backup-Datei .mxp
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
Paintbrush Image .pcx
WinRAR archive .tgz
Windows Media Player .docmhtml
Whiteboard File .swb
ASP.NET Web Page (CSHTML) .cshtml
File Association Manager .ftpquota
WebP Image .webp
Dialogic VOX file .mogrt
Dialogic VOX file .soap
Outlook Data File .pst
HTML Document .shtm
DWG TrueView Drawing Standards File .dws
GEDCOM file .ged
Web Studio Web Page .ows
CrazyTalk Project File .ctp
LSM Bild .emz
Dialogic VOX file .resx
Text Document .conf
Windows Media Player .bt!
Slick-C Header File .sh
Quicknote .rem
Dialogic VOX file .axd
XML Document .mcml
Dialogic VOX file .user
SWiSH Movie .swi
Kindle Content .mobi
Dialogic VOX file .ex_
FinePrint file .fp
Access Connections location profile database .loc
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .mdi
C Source .c
Web Service Discovery File .disco
Video Clip .avi
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx
ASP.NET Web Service .asmx
Thunderbird Document .eml
C/C++ Header .h
ASP.NET Server Application .asax
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
Icon .ico
Dialogic VOX file .ast
InDesign Document .indd
Flash JavaScript Command File .jsfl
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Screamtracker 2 Module .stm
Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .xfdf
Visual Basic Source file .vb
Flash AS Communication File .asc
QuickTime Movie .mov
Caspedia Digital Memories Publisher Content Packag .package
Paradox Table .db
SVG Document .svg

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