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Name Extension
Text Template .tt
ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer .edmx
ASP.NET Site Map .sitemap
ASP.NET Skin File .skin
Report Definition File .rdlc
Web Service Description Language .wsdl
XML Schema File .xsd
Service Description Language .sdl
Visual Studio Add-in definition file .addin
ASP.NET Server Application .asax
Visual Studio Code Snippet File .snippet
Visual Studio Project/Item Template File .vstemplate
XML Document Type Definition .dtd
XML Data Reduced Schema .xdr
ASP.NET Generic Handler .ashx
Resource Script .rc2
Resource Compiler Template .rct
Compiled Resource Script .res
ASP.NET Master Page .master
Web Service Discovery File .disco
Resource Script .rc
ASP.NET Web Service .asmx
ASP.NET User Control .ascx
XML Configuration File .config
ASP.NET Web Service .svc
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
XSL Transform .xslt
Crash Dump File .dmp
Crash Dump File .mdmp
Class Diagram file .cd
Cursor File .cur
Makefile .mk
Interface Definition Language File .odh
Registration Script .rgs
OR Designer .dbml
C/C++ Code Listing .cod
Preprocessed C/C++ Source .i
Export Definition File .def
Typelib Generated C/C++ Header .tlh
Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File .tli
Interface Definition Language File .idl
VC++ 5 Workspace .mdp
Interface Definition Language File .odl
Makefile .mak
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdp
VC++ 6 Project .dsp
VC++ 6 Workspace .dsw
Linker Address Map .map
Assembler Source .asm
eVC 3/4 Workspace .vcw
eVC 3/4 Project .vcp
MASM Listing .lst
C/C++ Header .hxx
C++ Source .cxx
C/C++ Header .hpp
Assembler Source .s
Windows Workflow File .xoml
C/C++ Inline File .inl
C/C++ Header .h
C Source .c
C++ Source .cc
Visual C# Source file .cs
C++ Source .cpp
Include File .inc
Visual Studio Ordered Test file .orderedtest
Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File .testrunconfig
Visual Studio Accessor file .accessor
Visual Studio Test Meta Data File .vsmdi
Visual Studio Code Coverage File .coverage
Visual Studio Test Results File .trx
Visual Basic Source file .vb
Crash Dump File .hdmp
MFC Ribbon Definition XML File .mfcribbon-ms
Visual Studio Shell Isolated PkgDef file .pkgdef
Visual Studio Shell Isolated PkgUndef file .pkgundef
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension Language Pack Manifest .vsixlangpack
Microsoft Visual Studio Extension Manifest .vsixmanifest
Microsoft Visual Studio Command Table Definition File .vsct
Work Item Query .wiq
Server Response File .srf
Visual Studio Test Settings File .testsettings
Visual Studio Code Coverage XML File .coveragexml
XSL Stylesheet .xsl
VC++ Project Filters File .filters
Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set .ruleset
Visual Studio SharePoint BDC Designer File .bdcm
Visual Studio SharePoint BDC Designer Resource Fil .bdcr
Workflow Service file .xamlx
Visual F# Signature file .fsi
Visual F# Script file .fsscript
Visual F# Script file .fsx
Visual F# Source file .fs
Database Project file .dbproj
Visual Studio Performance Session .psess
ASP.NET Web Page (VBHTML) .vbhtml
ASP.NET Web Page (CSHTML) .cshtml
Visual Studio Directed Graph Document .dgml
Visual Studio Generic Test file .generictest
TransCAD Matrix .mtx
LayerDesigner File .layerdiagram
SequenceDesigner File .sequencediagram
UseCase File .usecasediagram
Activity Diagram File .activitydiagram
LogicalClassDesigner File .classdiagram
ComponentDesigner File .componentdiagram
XMTA Document .xmta
Modeling Project File .modelproj
Visual Studio Load Test File .loadtest
Visual Studio Web Test File .webtest
IntelliTrace File .itrace
Visual Studio Web Test Result File .webtestresult
Microsoft Office InfoPath Project File .ipproj
Report Project File .rptproj
Report Definition File .rdl
Analysis Services Project file .dwproj
Analysis Services Project file .asproj
Report Model Definition File .smdl
Report Model Project File .smdlproj
Integration Services project file .dtproj
Visual Studio SQL Server Project .sqlproj
HLSL Source .hlsl
Effect File .fx
AppX Manifest Source File .appxmanifest
Visual J# Source file .jsl
Visual Studio Data Source File .datasource
Visual Studio Policy Description Language File .vspolicy
Visual Studio Policy Description Language Definiti .vspolicydef
Resources File .resjson
Graphics Experiment file .vsglog
HLSL Header .hlsli
Visual Shader Graph file .dgsl
FlexiDATA backup section file .fbx
Visual J++ Project file .vjp
Java Language Source file .java
Visual Studio Coded UI Test Map file .uitest
Microsoft Visual Studio Solution .sln
Visual Studio Database Project .dbp
VisualStudio.Analyzer.Project.1 .vap
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
Active Server Page .asp
Cascading Style Sheet Document .css
Active Server Application .asa
Visual InterDev Project .vip
XML Document .xml
Tabular Project File .smproj
BwgBurn Image File .bim
Active Server Page .cdx
SQL Query file .dtq
Dialogic VOX file .ext
Dialogic VOX file .dbs
Dialogic VOX file .tab
Dialogic VOX file .udt
Dialogic VOX file .viw
Dialogic VOX file .fky
Dialogic VOX file .kci
Dialogic VOX file .lgn
Virtual CloneDrive .udf
Dialogic VOX file .rul
Dialogic VOX file .usr
Diagnostic Session file .diagsession
Active Server Document .jsp
Microsoft SQL Server Query File .sql
Visual Studio Deployment Project .vdproj
Broderbund Web Page Project .web
Fortran Source .fi
FotoPrinter Project .fpp
F90 ファイル .f90
F ファイル .f
FOR ファイル .for
Fortran Hierarchy File .hie
Intel Fortran Project File .vfproj
ANSYS .ad File .ad
Deployment Diagram file .dd
Application Diagram Toolbox Prototype file .dsprototype
Logical Datacenter Diagram file .ldd
Logical Datacenter Diagram Toolbox Prototype file .lsaprototype
VC++ Project .vcproj
System Diagram file .sd
Compiled System Definition Model file .sdmdocument
CXDrive Monitoring Review File .sdm
Visual Basic for Devices Project file .vbdproj
Visual J# Project file .vjsproj
Visual Basic Project file .vbproj
Visual C# for Devices Project file .csdproj
IZArc LIB Archive .lib
Kindle Content .prc
Dialogic VOX file .trg
Fortran Source .fd
Visual C# Project file .csproj
Scrapbook Factory Apron .sap
WiX Project File .wixproj
WiX Include File .wxi
WiX Localization File .wxl
Domain Specific Language Designer .dsl
Domain Specific Language Setup .dslsetup
WiX Source File .wxs
Dialogic VOX file .tdl
Dialogic VOX file .etp
ACT Project .actproj
Tracelog File .tdlog
Visual Designer for OpenAccess File .rlinq
WeBuilder Document .less
CoffeeScript File .coffee
Publish Project File .publishproj
Publish Profile .pubxml
Dialogic VOX file .resx
Oxygene Project File .oxygene
JScript Script File .js
Icon .ico
NTI cdm file .cdm
IconDeveloper File .dll
Dotfuscator Project File .dotfuproj
Notepad++ Document .f95
PVF Project File .pvfproj
Text Document .txt
UnrealScript Include File .uci
UnrealScript Project .ucproj
UnrealScript File .uc
CUDA Fortran Source File .cuf
ウェブビデオ プロジェクト .wip
Dialogic VOX file .suo
tangible architect DSL file .taact
tangible architect DSL file .tacls
tangible architect DSL file .tacmpt
tangible architect DSL file .tasl
tangible architect DSL file .tastate
tangible architect DSL file .tauc
Intel C++ Project File .icproj
F03 File .f03
Microsoft Insight Trace File .wit
MPEG-2 TS Video .ts
Programmable Stitch Creator PAS .pas
eXpressApp Framework model file .xafml
WinCE Catalog File .pbcxml
VS.NET Web Service Dynamic Discovery File .vsdisco
Reegenerator 2008 Template .rgt
BT Common Client Profile .btp
Text Template .ttinclude
MemoryLifter Learning Module .odx
Time and Sales File Type .ets
Weather Defender Layer .layer
BizTalk Project File .btproj
ActivityDesigner File .activity
ComponentDesigner File .component
SequenceDesigner File .sequence
UseCase File .ucd
4nt Batch File .btm
Crash Dump File .kdmp
PowerISO File .mdf
PHP Script .php
Crystal Reports .rpt
Parallel Advisor Result File .advi
Amplifier Result File .ampl
Inspector Result File .insp
Web Service Source file .wsmc
Vulcan.NET Include File .vh
Vulcan.NET Project File .vnproj
LightSpeed Model file .lsmodel
DeKlarit Project File .dklp
DeKlarit Template File .dkt
DeKlarit Project File .gxwp
DevPartner Code Review Session .dpmdb
DevPartner Memory Analysis Session File .dpmem
DevPartner Performance Expert Session File .dppxp
InstallShield MSBuild Project File .isproj
Workbench 2008 Mail Message .eqm
English Query Regression .eqr
Amplifier XE Result File .amplxe
Model Project .mproj
Visual Studio Macro Project (Binary) .vsmacros
Visual Studio Macro Project (Text) .vsmproj
SmartSketch Document .igr
COBOL Project File .cblproj
Dialogic VOX file .vssettings
eCopy Document .cpy
LoiLoScope Project File .lsproj
PPO Document .ppo
HTML Application .hta
HTML Document .htm
StarOffice 5.0 数式 .smf
Microsoft Press Interactive Training Bookmark .cbl
MathType Equation Preferences .eqp
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Program .prg

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