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Name Extension
Wireshark capture file .apc
Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Speech Recognition Fil .htk
Inno Setup Script .iss
Portable Voice Format File .pvf
IRCAM Sound File .sf
Psion Series 3 .wve
Dr. Halo Image .cut
muvee Document .mve
Video Effect Package Installer .lvf
QT File .h261
QT File .nut
String Table .str
PixieTool Project .pxm
Truevision TGA Image .targa
IrfanView CAM File .cam
PMF File .pmf
HStudio.Document .flx
Scrapbook Factory Photo Card .sph
ATRAC ファイル .aa3
iEntertainment Launch File .ien
Layout & Editing .pes
FLIC file .flic
Smacker/Bink Media file .smk
TimeMap Visual .tmv
Video file - AVI .vp7
PD Pro Document .lyr
Postscript Font .pfa
Postscript Font .pfb
RoQ Media file .roq
Chess Assistant for DOS .bfi
Movie-PhotoPrint ファイル .bmv
ACD FotoAngelo project file .fap
STARFAX ドキュメント .sfd
SPLASH File .lxf
Sonnet Project File .son
4DEmbroidery.Document.1 .vp3
Video file - AVI .vp5
Karaoke for DirectX .cdg
S&M monitoring data .snm
Text Document .conf
EO Font File .dfont
CorelMOVE! 5.0 Animation .cmv
TIFF Bitmap .g3f
TIFF Bitmap .g3n
ProFile 1999 T3 Autosave .at3
DeviceLock Enterprise Manager project .anm
Lenel Digital Video file .info
Audio & Visual Recording .vsr
すごピタ! テンプレート .mj2
File Association Manager .mpq
YUV תמונה .p64
QuickPlay media file .xmv
Copernic Engine Package .cpk
CAK File .cak
8SVX .8svx
iNTERFACEWARE Chameleon Message Definition File .vmd
anim .anim
TrySim-Machine .san
Rugrats Print Shop Project .rso
QuickPlay media file .xwma
hsbCAD DXA file .dxa
H263 File .h263
GOM Playerメディアファイル(.duk) .duk
4XM File .4xm
CDXL File .cdxl
G722 File .g722
V2 File .v2
YOP File .yop
File Association Manager .aea
File Association Manager .caff
File Association Manager .mvi
IRCAM File .ircam
Machine Update .xma
DFA Destiny Unit Card File .dfa
Dialogic VOX file .nist
C93 File .c93
EPDF File .epdf
GDV File .gdv
IMAGEEN File .imageen
JV File .jv
MV8 File .mv8
PDFA File .pdfa
RL2 File .rl2
TGQ File .tgq
TGV File .tgv
VQA File .vqa
SVG Document .svgz
JPEG File Interchange Format .jif
Paris Audio File .paf
Archive .qcow
Archive .qcow2
Archive .qcow2c
File Association Manager .scap
BulkZip archive .cramfs
Archive .ext2
Archive .ext3
Archive .ext4
DesignCAD 2D Ascii Drawing .dc2
UltraISO File .vdi
DataBaseProfessional Document .esd
TextBridge Document .txd
TarFile .ar
Solid Package File .pkg
ASU Document .aud
FreeFileViewer TMP File .tmp
MPlayer Audio File .shn
VMDK File .vmdk
GSM Audio .gsm
Text Document .cfg
backup File .bak
WinZip File .b64
AviSynth Script .avs
Broderbund Calendar .cal
OmniPage Image File .dcx
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
Multiple Network Graphics Image .mng
Pyramid encoded TIFF Image .ptif
CALS Type 1 Raster Image .cals
vID .vid
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbmp
GOM Media file(.k3g) .k3g
GOM Media file(.skm) .skm
FLC Animation .flc
FLC Animation .fli
SGI Image .rgb
IrfanView DCM File .dcm
IrfanView JP2 File .jpc
MGI PhotoSuite 4 Image .vda
Print Shop Project .pcc
Serif DrawPlus Drawing .dpx
ACDSee Pro 3 PIX Bild .pix
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .rgba
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .bw
GIMP image .xcf
Miro .pva
Other .vp6
テキスト ドキュメント .pmp
DICOM Image .dicom
MyPasswordManager.Document .apm
MPlayer Audio File .tak
MPEG File .vc1
QuickPlay media file .eac3
JUNO-Di Librarian Document .jxl
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
Dialogic VOX file .act
Adobe Photoshop Elements Image .pdd
ACDSee Pro 3 RAW Bild .cs1
jZip archive file .gzip
Executable Jar File .jar
squashfs Archive .squashfs
fat Archive .fat
ntfs Archive .ntfs
bzip2 Archive .bzip2
SWF Movie .swf
PHP Script .php
MPEG File .h264
ACDSee Pro 3 JPC Bild .j2c
MGI PhotoSuite 4 Image .icb
Broderbund Fax Cover .fax
IrfanView XPM File .xpm
SGI Image .sgi
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
Cineon Image File .cin
Flexible Image Transport System Image .fits
Magick Image File Image .miff
Subtitle File .psb
QuickTime Movie .qt
GOM Media file(.trp) .trp
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
Portable Bitmap .pbm
Portable Anymap Image .pnm
PICT Image .pict
TarFile .rpm
rdc Raw-Image .rdc
Dialogic VOX file .aa
StuffIt Archive .lzma
BitZipper XAR Archive .xar
DEB package .deb
PowerISO File .wim
PhotoCD Image .pcd
PICT Image .pct
Paintbrush Image .pcx
Paint.NET Image .tga
JPEG Stereo .jps
OmniPage Image File .xif
VLC media file (.mlp) .mlp
VLC media file (.tta) .tta
VLC media file (.oma) .oma
Soundforge Wow 64 Format .w64
VQF Audio File .vqf
VLC media file (.xa) .xa
Dirac Video .drc
thp ファイル .thp
VLC media file (.amv) .amv
Smacker/Bink Media file .bik
VLC media file (.wv) .wv
Fasttracker 2 Module .xm
RealAudio .ra
VLC media file (.rmvb) .rmvb
Screamtracker 3 Module .s3m
Creative VOC Format .voc
VLC media file (.spx) .spx
Impulsetracker Module .it
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
VLC media file (.mxf) .mxf
VLC media file (.nuv) .nuv
Apple Core Audio Format .caf
VLC media file (.dv) .dv
Composer 669 Module .669
VLC media file (.gxf) .gxf
Qualcomm PureVoice および拡張可変レート .qcp
Rhapsody 2 Playlist .rpl
Expression Encoder Screen Capture File .xesc
Nullsoft Streaming Video File .nsv
Media Center file .mpc
Flash Video file .f4v
FinalMediaPlayer RM File .rm
VLC media file (.dts) .dts
Media Center file .ape
GOM Media file(.tp) .tp
Microsoft Office Access Module Shortcut .mad
Microsoft Office Access Table Shortcut .mat
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Microsoft Visio Template .vst
XML Configuration File .config
Visual Basic Source file .vb
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
IrfanView EXR File .exr
jZip archive file .001
BitZipper TXZ Archive .txz
WinZip Zipx File .zipx
WinRAR archive .rar
WinRAR archive .bz2
WinRAR archive .taz
WinRAR archive .tbz
WinRAR archive .tbz2
WinRAR archive .7z
WinRAR archive .lha
BitZipper XZ Archive .xz
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
VLC media file (.mka) .mka
AMR Narrow-Band Content .amr
MediaFile (.raw) .mdc
sView Video .mk3d
Dialogic VOX file .avif
Dialogic VOX file .cr3
Dialogic VOX file .heics
Dialogic VOX file .heifs
Media Center file .heif
IrfanView HEIC File .heic
Opus Audio Codec .opus
HNM File .hnm
LSM Bild .apng
Account Manager File Type .acm
Virtual Disk .vhd
dat .dat
WinRAR archive .tar
WinRAR archive .tgz
WinRAR archive .z
WinRAR archive .lzh
WinRAR archive .gz
WinRAR archive .arj
Cabinet File .cab
Microsoft Office Word Template .dotx
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
Kantaris Video File .viv

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